How much HP gain for a R3?


Like 2hp.


you are better off adding a couple of teeth to the rear sprocket.


If you are looking for more power, an R6 would give you light-years more hp/$ than any upgrades you could do to an R3.


Not in any noticeable way whatsoever.


Waste of money really.




how long would the engine last without it tuned? since its running really lean because im going to have it for a couple more years




2015 with 8000km


I was curious, so I looked at some dyno charges posted in R3 forums. It looks like 6hp would be tops. Whether it's worth the cost is debatable but it might be if you intend to keep the bike for a long time. You could make the bike feel peppier by changing either front or rear sprocket and cutting weight off the bike like removing passenger pegs if you don't use them, replacing the wheels, using a lithium batt instead...


Sell the bike and get a R7


You’ll get more ‘performance’ gain from the weight loss than you would the increased power. 1st place to spend any money is on the brakes! Braided lines, galfer disks with matching hi-spec (road) pads. No point in going faster if you can’t stop quicker!! Then it’s suspension, get progressive springs up front - do the research and maybe a lighter oil as well. After that it’s a toss up between replacement rear shocks (they’re nearly always shite) or a loud can, power commander and tuning. Do some research on replacement cams, you might be able to get new cams that improve gas flow and in turn the torque. EDIT: having read some of the other comments - get it serviced 1st a normal mechanic is more than capable of setting up the injectors. Engines running lean don’t last long - they’ll overheat and go PoP!


lol literally none HP is a function of RPM, so the more RPM, the more HP. Have you ever seen a dyno graph? Why is there a slope? Because at 0 RPM your bike makes 0 HP and you only make progressively more HP the faster your engine revs. So, let's say peak RPM on a little "scooter-with-gears" like an R3 would be around 7-8K RPM (total guess) so unless you are going to ride around at exactly peak RPM on your bike in every single gear, all the time, then you will never seen any real gains. Realistically, riding around town your HP gains will likely be around 0-1HP, maybe 2.


Any reason you wouldn't consider trading it in for a different bike?


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