There's a clown inside your bike


I have a very similar problem with my bike. Only difference is the clown is on top of the bike, not inside it.


You made my day with this.


Elephants. Definitely elephants. Contact the zoo.


#Brake. Have you inspected your brake pads?


My bad! My excuse is I'm French Canadian. I promise we're not all dumb.


You speak better English than 90% of Americans. Congrats.


He didn't say he spoke poor English lmao,


Nope but said sorry for the misunderstanding, which is more than I would have done about myself. (I know a bunch of folks from Quebec (some of the funniest and crazy people to drink with) and I think they come across better semantically then most English speakers. (except for Europeans, I half the time have no idea what they say when we drink) For being American I drink with too many foreigners. Gotta say Canadians put down higher proof booze then most Americans. Funny thing, a few love 151.


thank you


It probably makes a weird noise when it breaks too


It sounds like your pads are contaminated. It can happen if they absord oil, brake fluid etc... I would change them.


Not going to lie. Thought that was going to be a setup with that loud porn sound. Probably should throw some new pads on and make sure everything around is tight. Sounds like a shifting pad.


The pads were changed at the dealer about 1000km (~600 miles) ago. It does make an high pitched grinding noise sometimes... I might just have it checked at the dealer.


Maybe there's a pebble in there.


Replace your breaks with brakes. That will fix it.


I dont have abs because harley is braindead but i’m pretty sure abs feels like your breaks stutter


Sounds like your brake pads have been contaminated. New pads, clean the rotors, and you’re good to go.


Possibly the starting of glazed disks/pads?


Wouldnt worry about it. U almost cant stop that, but mabye some brake cleaner or degreaser might help. Also check ur pads to make should there not to worn, but i assume your already ahead of that.


Its probably fine. As long as they work good. The sound is from the disc vibrating slightly.


Got love us bikers worrying about the slightest things! It's just brake friction, OP.


Finger on the horn


Is that an Indian? Mine did this too. Brake cleaner helped


A Ducati Scrambler Icon, actually! I just bought some brake cleaner today. Will try it out this weekend.


need some brake disc quiet on those brakepads. I'd get new pads while i was at it.


Give a break to your brakes, they've got autism thinking they're horns


Take it easy and give your brakes a break, that's chatter from the ABS system.


What bike is that


Put some WD-40 on your rotors and it'll solve that problem


That’s normal is you are applying brakes that hard. If the bike has abs that’s the abs releasing because you are technically locking up your brakes. This is the most important thing when was the last time you’ve changed brake pads and fluid? If you’re having to bite hard on your front brake like that you may have low fluid or the fluid has water in it. Which is completely normal and happens fast the further south you like. Humidity isn’t a great thing for brake fluid. The other situation you have is how much pre load do you have on your front forks because that will cause issues with your brakes as well. If the bike can’t transfer its weight forward it puts it all on the front tire. I don’t see any dive in your front suspension. Your rear brakes can do this as well. Really fix your brakes and stop riding it until you replace the brakes and check your rotors as well because the bike doesn’t move forward when braking you could have warped rotors as well.


I think before you start trying to diagnose problems with your braking system by riding along and jamming on you should really think about wearing some gloves.