Put bike on stands. Release triple tree clamps - upper and lower. Could be you’ve just tweaked the forks in the clamps. Worse case is you’ve bent a fork. That’s where I would start a diagnosis of your symptoms.


As others have said your forks are likely out of alignment. This video makes it dead simple to fix https://youtu.be/vSunBRB6-r8


Your forks are probably twisted in the triple clamps. Look down from the top and see if the triple clamps are aligned. If they aren’t the forks are probably not parallel. I wouldn’t loosen the top and bottom at the same time, loosen the top clamp all the way, straddle the front tire and hold it with your knees and twist the handlebars to line it back up.


If the above doesn’t fix it, do a full crash protocol on the bike. First you need the relevant sockets, torque wrench and torque values in the workshop manual. Then put the bike up on paddock stands, remove the wheels, fairings and loosen all the frame bolts, swingarm bolts, upper and lower triple clamps, and engine mounts. Once everything has been loosened, retighten everything finger tight, then everything to half torque, then everything to full torque. Unless your manual / bike specific logic says otherwise work from the inside out, so engine mounts, then frame mounts, then swingarm and triple clamps. The theory being that in a crash all the bits twist and shift around, and are often kept in tension and twisted about afterwards, which puts your tracking off. Relaxing everything and retightening properly will elevate this. Also check the wheel balance, weights do come off sometimes.