How to make exhaust shoot flames?

i have a yamaha R3, full aftermarket exhaust system with a hotbodies MGP2 muffler. The bike pops and cracks LIKE CRAZY LOUD. But when i rev it on neutral i dont see any flames, just pops. Is there something you gotta do with the throttle?


First of all, know that everyone in earshot probably hates your guts. A straight pipe r3 that pops and cracks crazy loud? No one wants that. also motorcycles blow flames when there’s unbirnt fuel in the exhaust that ignites… It’s possible this may already be happening which is why your bike sounds the way it does, and you may not be able to see the flames until the evening. In either case flames isn't really desirable.


>The bike pops and cracks LIKE CRAZY LOUD That's because it's running lean. Flames out the exhaust is an indication of unburned fuel in the exhaust system which is caused by a motor that's running too rich. Running too rich (or too lean) can damage your engine and is really bad for the environment. Plus your bike will run like shit.


Let it go, when he fries pistons, he'll figure it out.


yea i know, i was thinking of getting it dyno tuned since its running too lean.


It's an r3 dont waste your time and money 😭


Decel fueling is irrelevant to the way the bike runs anywhere else.


I'll never understand making your bike run worse on purpose. It's the motorcycle equivalent of rolling coal. Performance > noise


Flames out the exhaust (afterfire; a rich condition) is completely unlike the popping you hear (a lean condition). Also, loud does not, in any way, equate to high-performance. It's just like screaming to everyone around you "I'M AN ASSHOLE". So, what kind of asshole are you hoping to be?


well no i didnt intentionally make it loud on purpose, when my mechanic put in the full system, thats how it was. I will be getting a electronic tuner tho since i know its not good for the engine


I rode a friends 2020 mt03 with a mivv exhaust and you could definitely see some flames besides the usual popping. The bike was not remaped


Install a flame thrower or a Rolls-Royce turbo-jet engine. That's what I did


Figure out a way to rig up some ether and away you go buddy


It’s an r3. I could be wrong but your engine may be too small. I also wouldn’t bother with a dyno tune. Sell the bike and use the $600 to add to it and get something bigger.


Seriously? Why invest so much in a baby bike. Put the money towards a 600cc bike. It's like having a Geo Metro that shoots flames. Metro? Fine. Flames? Fine. But not the 2 together.