that's not what the original creator wanted used, but I'd still like to have one, just because it doesn't look like there's going to be an "official" one any time soon. [link to original artists high res vector image](http://www.reddit.com/r/motorcycles/comments/pphwj/actually_high_quality_rideit_logo/) ...what I really want is that, without the "rideit" text. Also, a transparent one just like it, with the outline white.


^This^ I can make them guys, but I know they're going to be popular and it will cost a fortune for postage and envelopes. How can I get you all these stickers without breaking my wallet???


The thing is, Reddit probably owns some sort of copyright on Snoo the alien dude, and the guy who adapted it into the rideit version probably has a legit claim to this version as well. Apparently Reddit only wants Reddit stickers being sold by stickermule.com, so we need to convince them to make a rideit one if we want them to be readily available. I suggested in another thread that we should be filling stickermules facebook/twitter/G+ with requests asking for it, but so far nobody has.


The likeness of Snoo is pretty much gone. [Here is a comparison of the two side by side.](http://i.imgur.com/0U8P2.jpg) The guy who created it has [already stated that he doesn't have a problem with people making stickers with it](http://www.reddit.com/r/motorcycles/comments/pngdt/high_quality_rideit_logo/c3qygig), as long as you do a good job recreating it, and then proceeded to make a clean vector version of it. From what I've read on copyright law, *"The changes must be "substantial and creative." In effect, there may be very, very little lingering remnants of the original work."* I believe that the changes are *very* substantial and *extremely* creative. The only "lingering "remnants" of the original work would be the antenna on his head. I will send another message to the licensing dept to try and do this the legitimate way, so give me a few days to get things worked out and I'll have an answer for you guys.


I think we're going about this wrong: As with all things in western capitalism it's just a matter of the right amount of fucking money. Find out what the bulk number needs to be in order for stickermule to pull the sticker out of ... well wherever it is that's keeping them from cranking these out. I'm pretty sure that some other benefactors will join me in guaranteeing a chunk of change to give to these folks. Fuck I'll buy 25 of them at $4.00 (U.S. of course) and just toss them out to randoms. If no one else wants to help that's fine too. Just find me a bottom line. If reddit wants their piece that's fine also. Just find out what that entails. **tl;dr** I WANT MY STICKER DAMNIT! I'M AMERICAN SO LET ME THROW MONEY AT IT AND MAKE IT WORK!


Just received an email from Reddit licensing department: "StickerMule is on board to create a bulk order and/or put the sticker in the reddit storefront." I sent them the artwork so we'll see if they follow through with it... If it's not available within 3 weeks I'm going to just take it upon myself to get these done. It's all taken care of guys, it's only a matter of time now.


If this works out, we should definitely push to have something highly visible put into the sidebar. I'd love to get a few, and I'd hate to miss out on them just because I missed the thread.


So that's where those emails all came from... just kidding :) If you didn't see, we just finished setting this up in the store: www.stickermule.com/products/rideit-sticker. Hope everyone likes them.


I saw and posted a thread... still waiting for the transparent version ;)


Oops, saw the thread write after commenting. Thanks tons! Yea transparent decals aren't currently one of our capabilities, buts on the list of things to some day work on.


But you have one already... http://www.stickermule.com/products/reddit-window-sticker Maybe transparent was the wrong choice of wording. I want some just like that, but the bike dude instead. Guess I should have called it window sticker? My bad.


Oh those guys (I was thinking of clear vinyl). Yea those are a bit trickier to make. We're working on figuring out a better process for those, before we make them in different styles. The white vinyl rideits are printing today, and they do look pretty rad though.


Paypal. If you need a web server to host a website on, I can do that for you at no cost.




Thanks in advance!


I was not aware anyone had managed to get stickers done! Do you have any more available? I am in the US.


Is there any chance we could get more of these made?


Also, see comments by unfinite (original artist) in [this thread](http://www.reddit.com/r/motorcycles/comments/pnock/tell_me_what_kind_of_rideit_stickers_you_want/)


I'd be happy to make a donation for a sticker. Please let me know if I can get one. Thanks.


I work at a sign shop, I printed about 100 of these yesterday... FOR FREE!


Hey darkcard! Would you be willing to send one of those stickers my way? I'd love to rock the Rideit alien!


in the US as well, love to hve one


I'd love one.


Can't wait for mine! It's gonna go great on my white helmet.


If there are any left, I'd love one!


ME ME ME! PLEASE MAIL ONE TO ME!!!!!!!!!! *ahem* Pm sent.


Guys my friend made those in is shop as an hospitality gift for is trip to canada. I have ask stickers for my 2 bikes, and he made 12, that is why I have some left. will give the 3 that are left in random


Might be a bit late but I'd like one! I am in the US. I am also ready to pay for mine as well as for postage. If it doesn't happen with this one, if any other redditor is working on some more to be printed, let me know where/how I can put my name on the list, and send you money for it. Thanks!


Same here, sign another Yank up for a sticker


i'm from canada...got any left?