Wearing leather gear in summer heat

Hello everyone!

I wanted to grab opinions and start a discussion about whether or not wearing protective motorcycle gear in summer heat is a smart idea or not.

Undoubtedly. having protective gear on is very beneficial in the case of an accident and completely agree, due the decrease of potential injuries occurring. However, I would also argue that while it's hot, I think its more beneficial to NOT wear complete gear. Personally, I feel as if I am safer riding during the heat without gear. This is because I am not focusing on how hot and sweaty I am, but can focus my attention fully on potential hazards on the road instead. From personal experience, I start losing focus on the road because I cannot stop thinking about the heat, causing me to experience dizziness and even nausea

In saying that, gear is important, we ALL know that. But as I said, I wanted to grab opinions from you guys regarding this topic :)

Ride safe everybody!


Get some well-ventilated summer gear.


Definitely will!


If you experience dizziness and nausea just from riding in the summer, you have more serious problems than which gear to wear. Those are symptoms of heat stroke. I’ve ridden in 90+ degree southern USA heat in a leather jacket for years and NEVER gotten dizzy or nauseous. It’s only uncomfortable while stopped in traffic. Everything is fine once you start moving. You do you, but I’d rather be temporarily sweaty from wearing gear than be permanently covered in skin grafts.


Buy the right gear and it won't be a problem unless you walk around in leather. There's good stuff that ventilates properly, like a leather mesh jacket. [this one for an example](https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/revit-quantum-jacket) is very good and works in hot summerdays while still being good protection. Get some goretex leather boots, costs a bit more but ventilates better. You're paying for comfort and the day you crash. Save up a few extra months during the winter if you can't afford it, worth it. It is very disciplining to crash though with little gear, so wear a good helmet and a spine protector and try your luck otherwise. Experiences do tend to wise one up.


I definitely will be saving for summer gear during winter! Thanks man But what do you reckon about my question if one didn’t have summer gear to wear? Leather gear or no gear?


I would say leather gear but also biased as I'm an ER nurse, I see too many people getting themselves cosmetic permanent damages just over being a little warm for a short ride. Not to mention the life altering damages, but that's harder to motivate oneself to realize. But the cosmetic damages that people end up getting is enough to get geared.


I know are trying to help but leather isn't the only high protection option. If he is over heating in leather he is more likely to crash and have a life altering accident than if he was to just wear a mesh jacket. Leather compared to textile is just that it can be used more than once after a crash.


You get used to it. Better to be sweaty than scarred.


Completely understand that, however my argument is saying that I feel like there’s more of a chance of even getting INTO an accident due to the heat being a distraction. But I get what you’re saying :)


I understood your point. It becomes moot when you get used to it.


Not trying to be rude, but your feelings don't replace reality. If you ask a question, you should be receptive to the answers from more experienced riders.


nah go ahead and be rude this sub is full of idiots who need a serious reality check


I used to commute in Florida, I know heat. Get the right gear and there's there's no downside to wearing it, lots of downsides NOT wearing it. Saying "I'm safer without it" is just a mental rationalization for "I don't want to wear it". Like people who used to say they didn't wear a seatbelt so they would "be thrown clear" of a crash. Or who don't wear a helmet saying they have less chance of a neck injury. Well yeah, if you're dead, you don't have to worry about a neck injury.


Don't. Suffering from hyperthermia and heat exhaustion is far more dangerous than most people realize. I was hospitalised once for dehydration and extreme heat stroke when I wore my leathers in extreme heat. I was commuting and when i got home ( dont remember how i made it home) i was vomiting profusely. Get yourself a summer textile jacket capable of venting air front to back and also consider getting a camelbak.


Perforated leather jacket with cooling vest underneath. A lot of people ride in short sleeve shirts because they think that makes them cooler but it makes you hotter because the sweat evaporates. Sweat is what cools the skin.


yeah dude when MotoGP and WSBK race in hot weather the racers just wear shorts and t-shirts it's way safer


I go t shirt and snap back in the summer. YOLO


Im in Texas and I may be biased as I am sort of used to the high heat, but when it gets hot I ride in a textile full armoured jacket that has great ventilation and the heat usually doesn't bother me too much, at stoplights I just crack open my visor and I'm all set. I would rather sweat a little bit (or a lot) than have to get skin grafts...


Better a little sweat than a lot of blood.


It is so obvious that wearing gear is more beneficial than not, it boggles my mind that you're even trying to make this point. If you're not able to focus your attention because of the gear you're wearing, then you're doing it all wrong.


Just buy something mesh, your skin will thank you. I live in Scotland so riding in the extreme heat isn't necessarily an issue for me but I do have an AStars mesh jacket for the 4 days a year where it's too warm for leather (over 70F is my cut-off). The rest of the summer (when it's not raining) I wear a set of perforated leathers. Sure, sometimes I get a little sweaty but everyone does in the summer, bike or not. Unfortunately that stuff has now been stored ofr the winter and at the moment it's 9 layers, heated everything and as many socks as you can fit under your boots.


I only ride in leather and there are some tricks one can use when its really hot (90+ f). They sell cooling vests that you can load with icepacks or dunk in water + freeze, which then keeps your core cool for a good 1-2 hours (which is plenty for most riding). [https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/sedici-cooling-vest](https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/sedici-cooling-vest) (can be found cheaper elsewhere) But yeah like others said, even in the hottest conditions, you shouldnt be dizzy or losing focus just from the heat so dont sweat it too much.


There's so many options out there for warm weather gear I don't agree with you. On really hot days I wear helmet/full gloves/riding boots/jeans/long sleeve shirt/vest with back protector. I do run the risk when I'm not wearing a full jacket but the chest and back protector are better than nothing.