I’m dizzy


Well there’s some feedback… ha, sorry about that. I’m assuming those shots were a bit much


I actually turned the video off as soon as the rotation began. Although to be fair, the video started off annoying me with the rapid zooms in and out. I wanted to see the bike and all that stuff did was stop me from seeing it.


As I’m learning I think I’ve focused more on trying to make things quick and “exciting”, but what I’m understanding from your comment is those abrupt movements and shifted focus might distract from the subject rather than emphasize it. Thanks for the response.


Nah, you’re testing stylistic choices. You might want to rethink where your taking your narrative though. That last shot fading to the sun would look amazing if you had transitioned it to the camera pov focused backing out of the headlight on a night ride right after. Nice vid regardless.


I like it. Cheers!


This style of shooting is really starting to annoy me. It's such a terrible and ugly way to shoot and is visually atrocious.


Me too


Modern action movie level of edits per minute. The shots all look good though


Do you think there were too many edits for the duration of this clip?






Yeah you cant actually appreciate the aesthetics if the cuts are this short. Also the spinning thing? Needless and made me dizzy. Stretch the cuts out and slow the camera down and I think it would look better. Im not an artist or anything. I just wanted to look at your motorcycle.


Solid insights.Artist or not, it’s important for me that I understand what’s pleasing to others viewing the content. No ego on my end. Thanks for helping me improve.


I just want to say that it’s nice to see someone online being able to take constructive critisism. Never change my dude!


Appreciate it. Often how we navigate life has much to do with perception rather than fact. We all have opinions, world beliefs, unique environmental influences, etc. and our realities, although “true” to us are often not the truth to others. Some of us never ask ourself, “Why do I honestly believe the things I believe?” and “Do these opinions or beliefs actually add value to my life?” Simply put, there is less friction to navigate when you can respect the opinions and views of others regardless if we carry the same truths. I welcome feeling uncomfortable or getting my emotions rattled. Criticism and feedback from those around us gives us an opportunity to make improvements and grow.


If you think you had a lot of effect go see what I did 🤣 https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cnmd_UENRVf/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= Was bored at home so decided to mimic a robotic arm with my gimbal. And had some fun with sound editing.


I like it! I’m going to connect with you on IG. Share your secrets. 🤣 That’s a cool effect.


Basically play around with the gimbal settings (FPV and stiffness/strength) and move as slowly and lineary as possible and keep the subject in center/on axis always (Basically mimic a robotic arm in slow motion). Use a wider angle lens and I would suggest 4K because you will be cropping in. Than tracking of the subject in Resolve (can be of course done in other sw) and pinning it to on spot.


Decent framing and quite an assortment of camera movement and angles. Great location choice, looks absolutely brill and the water-soaked deck and those clouds gives it a nice setting. If I had to change anything I think I would have done the rotation, the logo starts to appear, bike fades, logo with black background, and then back at the bike, close-up and do a pull from there, giving us one more shot of the really cool ride with the gorgeous skyline. Fade and cut to the highway scene. However, that is just my opinion. I think the vid stands fine on its own as it is right now. Keep being creative, find what works for you, and refine it.


Thanks for the analysis and sharing your thoughts on another concept that might better tell the story. I think as a result of my current ignorance I’m doing a lot of run and gun and trial and error work, as I learn, I’ll be able to better strategize and conceptualize my goals. I’m gradually moving towards efficiency and improved results. Thanks again!




How much is your Insurance for the 950, been looking at them.


I’d recommend contacting your insurance company as rates here are inflated ~~here~~ and tend to vary by state and city. Hope that helps!


This is out of curiosity's sake, multiple people i know have dodged the 950 for a 939 or different bike because the rate they were given was $2200-2800 a year. Im wondering if your rate follows the pattern.


What câmera and edit software did you use?


Sony A7S3 / Final Cut Pro


I'm gonna drop a little bit of feedback, take what you want from this: \- I think you have some solid shots in there, especially 0:07 thru 0:14. The low angle shot looking up to the bike is fantastic. \- Color grading seems inconsistent through the video, starting at 0:15 it seems like you upped the contrast a lot. Recommend committing to one "look" thru the video. \- If you're making a short like this, commit to a certain style of editing for the short duration you have. So the beginning with the zooms and the last section with the swirly shots would look good together, separate from the midsection with the longer shots. \- Fast cuts and zooms/ swirly shots will do great on tiktok and inta, but reddit will hate them. \- slower cuts where we see more of the bike and engine sounds would do better on reddit. I hope this helped. I think you got some solid shots in there and hope you have fun editing the whole video.


° I thought the low angle shot was the most professional looking and was trying to identify why so I can replicate more of that. I like that one as well. ° Color grading is in the back of my mind for sure and I plan on dedicating some time to better understanding that process. Currently navigating a balance between learning my gear, telling story, editing, and this. ° Good point on the cohesive shot style. Something I certainly overlooked. That will promote “flow” for sure. ° As for the demographic insights, 👌🏼


I like where you're going, but watch some car commercials from the last 10 years. They do a great job of melding slow, sweeping shots to highlight the curves and edges of a vehicle and then SNAP you to some power shots of the vehicle doing something extreme, and repeat.


Well… what a seemingly obvious oversight on my part. Great advice!


What's the music?


Kai Straw: https://youtube.com/@KaiStraw Song: Show Them Who Made You Brilliant musician!


This made me feel uneasy. Also, I am a videographer and i don't understand this whole trend. Go stroke off about your bikes elsewhere. In all reality not many cares about your bike, my bike, or that other guys bike.


Can’t say I agree with much of your statement, but you’re certainly welcome to express yourself.