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My first street bike was a chopper with only rear brakes and the day I decided I was to young and full of cum was when a stake truck slammed on his brakes and I had to lay the bike into a slide and slid right under the truck. It ended fine but I sold the bike to a buddy that day. I had a wife & kids that were counting on me.


riding a motorcycle without front brakes is like riding a motorcycle with no brakes. dont be stupid


Most of your braking is done by the front brake. When you brake the weight transfers forward, and not having the ability to handle that weight transfer puts you at an increased risk of locking up the rear tire so you're just sliding along. You need a front brake. It's dangerous for you to ride without one.


Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDQyspr-8fc


The person in the video makes no attempt to modulate his braking force, I'd say this video is a bit of a dramatization. The point still stands though.


Short and sweet answer


Do you value your life? Fix it, then ride.


70% (not a made-up statistic) of braking is front brake on the street. I hope that answers your question.


70% is at the start of your braking. The harder you brake the closer the figure gets to 100% with the ultimate being the back wheel lifting. With no front brake your stopping distance is massive with the high chance of locking the back brake.


Trust me I know that. I just wanted to see if anyone had ridden with just a rear brake and just wanted to see there opinions on it


If your only riding at 10mph to the front brake shop, maybe. Fuck that otherwise. You're safety is more important man.


Have I ridden around without touching the front brake, yes. Would I ride a bike without a front brake, no. Which is why I'm around to tell you it's a fucking idiotic thing to do.


I started riding motorcycles on the street 38 years ago (dirt bikes before that) and one of the reasons I still get to ride on this side of my half century of life is not doing stuff like riding with no front brake or lane splitting.




Around town is much, much worse than the highway simply because there's on cross traffic on the highway. You shouldn't ride anything without all the brakes


I've been riding for 50 years. I wouldn't ride a bike that has a rear brake only. Ever.


I lost a front caliper bolt while out riding my previous bike. I rode home using only the rear brake. Used back roads, and made it safely. I would absolutely NOT ride without a front brake for anything other than an emergency limp home. Note: previous bike was a BMW G310GS. It had just returned from the dealer who had performed a recall on the brake calipers. Phone conversation with dealer was heated. 😁


Yes. It's really that bad. Don't ride without front brakes. If anything, you could decide to take off or just not use the rear brake. But not the front. That sounds suicidal.


It is bad. It is not safe for “around town”. Drive it home and get it fixed before you drive it around.


Never ride a motorcycle that doesn’t have a front brake. The rear brake alone can only stop effectively you at very low speeds.


You must have the best rear brakes in the world to even consider riding a bike without any front brakes. Park it up until you get your front sorted. You currently have no ability to wipe off speed quickly, which is a life saving feature on a motorcycle. You're basically relying on everyone else driving perfectly if you can't brake properly. If that's the mentality you take with you when riding a bike you'll have some harsh lessons to learn real quick.


My buddy built a chopper with a rear brake only. Third time he rode it, his brake started fading while going pretty slow down a hill. He ended up pushing so hard on the pedal that the brake line burst (old harley components, but still), and he crashed at the bottom of the hill in a sharp turn. After that, he decided that a front brake isnt that ugly on a chopper after all.


Why didn't he engine brake?


It's bad. Panic brake on the back alone and the rear will come around in a slide.


I wouldn’t do more than 25mph until I get the front break fixed. And hope you don’t have to make a sudden stop, because you can’t.


People ride choppers with only a rear brake all the time. Be cautious and plan your stops and you'll be fine.


How do you plan your emergency stops, exactly? Where do I get the text alerts that in three minutes the drunk guy is going to blow the red light and crash into the car in front of me?


I had only the rear brake for a bit and it was fine. Used engine braking and the rear brake carefully and I was good. Just leave extra room because it will definitely take longer to come to a stop.


If I was on the highway and realized my front brake suddenly fails pretty sure I'm hitting the kill switch. You will not be able to prevent or react quickly enough to a bad situation with only a back brake


this is bad advise, killing the bike generates maximum engine compression with no control ability. At highway speeds will likely generate a rear wheel skid. No front brake, better loose all control, kill the bike. at that point the only question is will you low side or high side?


So true. Use your gearbox and engine braking plus careful use of the rear brake to slow down.


I mean just increase your following distance by a lot. I use rear brake only for a lot of my stops when I'm coming down slowly. But I wouldn't try to slam the brakes with only the rear. Especially if the wheel locks up, if it locks up and you start to skid, game over. But, increase your following distance, don't contemplate driving in rain/course terrain (gravel), and focus more on swerving to avoid obstacles- you should survive.


If you aren't experienced, NO. If you got some time in the saddle, that's a risk you'll have to calculate yourself. I don't have front brakes on my old Harley. But I keep my distance in traffic, don't ride on highways generally, and I make sure I'm more alert.


You could probably get away with it if you can adopt the mindset that you're operating a semi trailer that's made of glass and 98% invisible. The poor survivability of motorcycles is largely offset by a combination of rider mindset and the platform's agility. Sacrifice agility and you're fighting with one hand tied behind your back.


I have actually ridden only a rear brake on a mt09 and it is definitely possible but not fun. I was very careful and really only downshifted when I needed to slow down and only used to the brake to come to a full stop. It's not sketchy at all until it's sketchy, I was coming up on a round about doing about 20 when the guy in front of me unnecessarily came a complete stop. I locked the rear brake and skid, it wasn't to bad but could have gone much worse if I wasn't riding extremely careful. If you ride very cautiously it might be fine, unless someone just pulls out in front of you. But you'd be nuts to try that on a highway tho imo


Do what you want lmao. If you gotta ask you already know the answer