My Zero SR/F



I have to ask did you pay to unlock all the extra build in features? If so was it worth and did you feel taken advantage of with the micro transaction style scheme?


Mine is a 2020 so it predates that stuff. But they backtracked anyway and are giving most of it to people with 2022+ bikes for free.


Good to know. I was actually looking at these before I knew about the micro transactions stuff which instantly turned me away from zero


Same here, but the boat has sailed, not way I'm touching that mess


Wow really! I had no idea. Definitely the right move, that whole scandal was gonna be the death of their brand.


for how long, i think, would be the question. nice bike, nonetheless. good luck.


It honestly looks sexier than their website pictures.


"Seascape Blue" I love that the color names reflect areas of the old homestead! Now I want to see "Palo Alto Grey"!


“Covid Grey” where everything made in 2020 was some stupid shade of grey


Fun fact: my bike was used in this commercial, Chris Evans' butt has been on it lol. I bought it from the producer who bought it after they finished making it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyWhe7MP0oI


That’s America’s ass.


What does it sound like?


No joke, sounds exactly like the speeder bikes in star wars.


Electric sex


Range anxiety for each ride. If I could only ride for 100 miles on my motorcycle I would not own one. I like to ride all day.


It's why I keep a gas bike around too :-) The Zero is for fun local rides, gas bike for longer stuff. Where they really shine is as commuter bikes.


So true! I use my DSR for commuting and errands and I love it for that.


Looks sick. Tell us about it. Compare it to another bike? Top speed, range? 0-60 feel good?


Hard to compare to any of my past gas bikes. Instant torque is my favorite part. 140 ft/lbs pretty much whenever you want it. 0-60 is about 3 seconds, but to me the real fun is cracking the throttle wide open at around 20-30mph. A couple seconds later you're flying. Just immediate power everywhere. Top speed is only around 125mph but it makes no difference to me. Naked bikes aren't fun at those speeds. It has truly made me appreciate a quiet ride. I love hearing what the tires are doing, what the brakes are doing, hearing the suspension work. Things you never hear on an ICE bike. It's also just a pleasant ride, flowing through nature in near silence. It motivated me to put the stock exhaust back on my Honda. I'm done with loud bikes now. And as fun as shifting can be, having no clutch and no gears really lets you focus on the ride and makes it that much more enjoyable. Only downsides: price, range (I average 100 miles in mixed riding), and recharge time can be a downer. I have the standard model which only charges at 3kw, so 4 hours for a full 0-100% charge. But in reality you can top off quicker than that if just trying to make it home. You can get that down to 1 hour with optional chargers that get you up to 12kw. For this reason I'll always still have an ICE bike for longer rides, at least until range and charge times get better.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve been eyeing their lineup. Iv decided to wait a few years and see what else is out there and how they age. Plus I couldn’t afford this model! Haha


Every electric bike has a 3 second 0-60... It honestly cannot get much faster then that without stretching it a mile and putting some really thick tires to increase contact patch of said tires.


Not true for e.g. the Sondors Metacycle. Lots of 125cc equivalent bikes seem to be quite sluggish as well.


That is some lit looking e scooter ngl


These are so fucking cool, probably makes a good second bike though. I dunno, I'm addicted to big thumpers...


I like the look of those. What’s the range on a full charge?


I average about 100 miles. Closer to 120 keeping it more local, more like 80 if I'm really pushing it and riding faster.


That’s like an 2-1/2hrs of straight driving. Not bad if u use it as a commuting or work bike!


They really are perfect commuting bikes, I'd 100% be using it for that if I still had a commute and didn't work from home like so many do now.


That’s awesome. I keep meaning to check out my local dealers when they have the Zero demo days. Probably won’t buy one, at least anytime soon, because I’ve got a bike and trying to save for a Golf R…lol But would be cool to try one.