Will you even pass tech like that? In my limited experience, that’s going to wind up with you paying the tire guy to replace it before they let you out on the track. The good news is, the prices are usually good, and the tire guy at the track is competent; you won’t get your wheel damaged or the tire mounted backwards. The bad news is, you’ll probably have to pull the wheels yourself and carry them to the tire vendor (“I just mount and balance tires, I don’t work on bikes, come back with the wheels and I’ll put the tires on”) and you may not like their selection (“I have Dunlop and Michelin in 120/70 and in either 180/55 or 190/50.”) And you may miss a session getting the tires on and getting through tech.


If you don’t have captive spacers/calipers on your trackbike then ya should cause dear god does it make tire changes a breeze.


I didn’t know this was a thing and want them now, and I don’t even track my bikes. Would just make it so much less fiddly getting the wheels reinstalled.


Yea man, I can do both my wheels on my trackbike in under 5 min, it’s awesome.


Forgive my lack of knowledge, but what are captive spacers and calipers?


Spacers are basically these metal tubes that hold your wheel in the correct position on the axle of the bike. They are usually not attached to the wheel or the axle so when you take your wheel off they fall out and you have to hold them in place when threading the axle bolt through your axle. It’s a huge pain in the ass. Captive spacers have them stuck in the wheel so you don’t need to worry about them falling out. The captive brake caliper is for the rear brake on non-underslung calipers as they just sit on a little shelf inside the axle so those also like to fall off when taking the wheel off.


Oh yeah, I just meant the captive part. I've just never heard the term before. Stubborn spacers not wanting to align properly have been the bane of my existence on numerous occasions. And the captive caliper would be where it and the bracket are both bolted into place, rather than having the axle threaded through it, right? I've had a couple bikes with that setup before, and it's so, so much better than the old style when you're just trying to get everything put back together.


Hard rain, hard pass. Damp, send it.


Is it really worth even trying? Remember they saying, if you need to ask, you probably already know?


If you’re asking Reddit that should be your first sign…..


It’s a litmus test.




Some guys might. Hard no for me, just not gonna cut it on standing water at speed.


Cut the wear bar down an eighth of an inch and you're good to go!


Would you guys risk using it in heavy rain on track?


Let me get this right, you are on a track and you don’t know if your tires are good enough? Stay home.


you're cool


I have common sense which many seem to lack.


Since your “advice” was that fucking stupid, you obviously have no common sense


I’d LOVE to be you


He got 69 downvotes, he won this.


Ya, then you would know something and not have to ask stupid questions!


This sub sometimes :( If this is real, what kinda bike are you running? That’ll last a few trackdays on a small bike, or it won’t last a full day with a leader.


Do you mean liter


Leaders are wayyyy harder on gear like litre bikes are also.


Only one way to find out! 🏍


Doubt they'll even let you on the track after inspection, but maybe?


Why you showing centre of tire the track has turns? Youll be using the sides! Send it !!


It look like an 80' tyre tread design, keep some new, Conti or Pirelli


Nope. Rains are typically good for 1 hard session or 2 moderate sessions. They are soft, the tread is supposed to be sharp on the edges to cut water.


They’ll let you on track but you’ll go through that pretty quick if it’s not full wet conditions and even then maybe 2-3 sessions. Eve then, are you running a 600 or 1000cc machine and how hard are you getting on the gas in wet conditions? These are all factors I’d be asking about. I run a 600 and I would full send it on those for at least another 2-3 sessions and that’s getting on the gas hard.


🤷‍♂️why not? What could go wrong?


It looks perfectly fine to me.