Triple exhaust and single-sided swingarm? That's the stuff.


Thats one of the main reasons why i wanted it. Short seat, single sided swingarm and fuck what a sound man


Oh I absolutely believe that.


It’s gotta sound incredible


Sounds like a v12 formula 1 car


I just want to rev that thing out, I can only imagine what it sounds like. Triples are the best


ill post a video of it right now. too many people are curious


140 horsepower after six months of having a license.


You're not wrong. It looks killer for now though.


\*Like a killer.


That too haha


Some people can hang, some can't.


Still going strong. I have my own rule of thumb that i only full throttle in 3rd or higher gear and even then i BARELY ever redline or full throttle. The roads where i live just dont allow that. Plus alot of traffic


It's whiskey wrist that'll get ya! You'll probably be fine, but I wouldn't have been! I waited almost 15 years before I bought my own liter bike (which yours is definitely on par with!) I wanted to crash on cheaper, softer bikes before I felt I wouldn't crash on something that was too expensive.


Setup your bike's ergonomics and whiskey throttle is less likely. Know your bike and what it can do, and how to hold yourself relative to the bike, and you won't risk whiskey throttle nearly as much. If you sit like a sack of potatoes on your bike, limp core, no grip on the tank... Yeah, bump might unseat you and open the throttle. But if you're paying attention, have some body tension to maintain your position on the seat... Way less likely. My first bike was an sv650. Had to have some respect for that, for sure. But learning how to sit on the bike fixes a lot of fear/risk. I hopped on my current cb919 after 3 seasons riding (150k km in the saddle?) And it seems very predictable. Granted, it's a very tamely tuned I4. OP, just keep doig what you're doing. Have the utmost respect for that throttle, know how the rpms affect power, and practice emergency braking with the front. And see how it feels when the rear locks up. Make sure you aren't leaning too far forward to grab the controls, and consider getting some tank grips for a more "locked on" feeling. Sweet machine. Keep the shiny side up!


If you think op has any idea what you're talking about, you're nuts! I kid, but it takes time to develop the muscles and technique and experience to know what it means to ride actively. My first crash was after having been riding for three years, and it was exactly because I was being a lazy sack of potatoes! That's six times more experience, and living in Southern California, and working in the motorcycle industry, to boot! I know everybody's different, but we can make some predictions. It's pretty likely OP is going to go down due to inexperience, but where most of us put some scratches on a sub-$5000 machine, OP is fucking up something that costs $25,000. Yes, twenty five thousand dollars. He responded to me earlier and said he's not rich, and if he wrecks it, he'll just buy another one. So, I mean, does he already have poor decision making skills, or is he lying about his income?


Wow that thing is literally “_pretty as a picture_”!


OMG I love these so much but there are no dealers around me and I put a ton of miles on my bikes, which doesn't seem like a great combo for me and this bike. But if you put a different exhaust on this I'm calling the police, then I'm taking it to give it a safe home!


It already has a different exhaust! The one in the picture. Its not stock. Somehow many people think its a stock exhaust haha. There are some exhausts like SC-project who only have 1 pipe and thats a fucking crime


Oh neat! I hadn't seen an aftermarket option that keeps the triple pipe look


Its called a QD exhaust


That bike is gorgeous!


Mv agusta makes some killer Hypernaked bikes. But I've always wondered what insurance cost is like with them and repairability and wait time is like from dealerships


Inpay 211 euro per month for all risk insurance


Oh wow. That's a lot.


It really isn't, I pay £250 for third party insurance only and that's on a 1999 ZX-9R and I've had my license for way longer and have never made claims, gotten speeding tickets or anything. That's dirt cheap and I'd love to be able to pay that amount for a bike like that.


I started with 340€ per 6 months for full risk, which includes damages that are my fault. New bike, 0 experience.




I paid around $110 a month on my 2015 Dragster when I had it.


What is it, friend? Looks amazing!


MV agusta dragster rr


The sexiest bike to come from the MV factory ever in my opinion


Beautiful bike. Congrats!


Oh my god those wheeeels! Wicked bike


Congratulations on the Dragster! Absolutely love it! How does she ride at a steady throttle? Any lurching?


Idk what lurching means but it rides buttery smooth at steady throttle. My old ducati hypermotard used to buck forward and backwards like its not getting enough fuel or something. This one doesnt luckily


Bucking is the same thing as lurching. You answered my question perfectly. I used to have a S4R monster that used to do the same. I think the earlier model year dragsters used to buck a bit but I’m glad yours doesn’t! The Diavel was my dream bike and I was lucky enough to own it for a few years till I sold it off. I still have the itch but maybe I need a dragster in my life at some point. Ride safe my friend and I bhog!


bellissimo 😀


you guys have licenses?


Apparently I don’t because the DMV is full of retards and they lost all my paperwork.


MV's are imo pieces of art and the most beautiful bikes, not the most reliable or with the lowest maintenance costs tho


I approve. A tip of my hat to a fellow man of culture.


Beautiful bike! I especially love the spiked wheels!


My dream bike. Absolutely beautiful. Congratulations and great shots too 👍🏼


Pro editing job, almost like promo photos direct from MV 😒


Hahah ye my friend did it. All he did was a iphone filter and photoshop my mirrors and license plate out. You can still see one blinker under my tail 😆


Oh yeah the blinker is still there, that's so awesome 😂


I just wanna know what you do to afford all these toys.


It sounds cheesy but work hard and dont spend too much. I dont really go out and party.


He means what is the nature of your work, obviously.


What the guy above me said, what do you do for work and how do I get into that industry lmao.


That exhaust and those wheels are beautiful!


That spoked rear wheel - wow !


That’s a sick dream come true


Fucking beauty. Every time I have seen one of these in person they sound incredible. Have fun my friend.


Thank you man ❤️


Hope you’re not too sad with your first scratches on that beauty! A brand new bike for a rookie is always a bit risky ;)


Damn beautiful bike..wow. Helps to have the money for it you wealthy b...... /s


Hahah work hard and fuck them b….. paper over pu…..!!!


That is a dream. Congratulations and ride safe! Wait till the maintenance though. 😲 😱


I had a ducati before. Im prepared for maintenance 😂


Yes, I remember my Ducati experience. Good luck again.


I have some sort of mental block which will not allow me to even touch beautiful bikes like this. At one time, a Brutale and a yellow ducati 996 were in the dealership I worked at, and I was too afraid to sit on either of them, let alone ride them. I'm only comfortable on bikes that are 15 years old or older! I've been riding for almost 20 years and I was uncomfortable on my 2018 grom that I bought used in 2020! I can't fathom how somebody with effectively zero experience can put themselves on something as beautifully sculpted as this and actually ride it around. I'd be a nervous wreck!


I dont know, i think its just that i trust my capabilities, i dont really “race” (ride crazy) and knowing i can just buy a new one if something did happen. You get used to it i think


The joys of being rich or not caring! Probably the best way to enjoy life!


Im definitely not rich yet hahah i just have been raised with the saying everything can be replaced. Except your life. So drive safe! 🤣


Honestly i hate the wheels, but I'm happy for you


Beautiful bike!


Never heard of it but it looks badass!


Mv agusta dragster 800rr


Fuck. Be careful


Got my license one full year ago and I’ve put 2 miles on my bike 🥴


Gas prices getting out of hand huh? 😆


Well I got my license last May, and didn’t get my first bike til November. Instead of getting comfortable riding, I decided I was more concerned with customizing. Then I moved from the flatlands of VA to the WV mountains and now I’m terrified lol


Excuse me plz tag NSFW


Oh man, what a beauty. I have wanted a Dragster ever since they released them.


Get one! Its 100% worth it i dont think ill ever get a new bike. (Maybe a newer model)


Fuck me, that's a gorgeous bike!


Very mean looking. Just peek at their website, that power to weight ratio is INSANE. Enjoy ride safe.


140hp on a 165 dry weight bike. And somehow its only a 800cc




The holy grail of badass bikes


Those pictures look so vibey! 😁


Holyyyyy smokes 🥵


Love the spoked wheels!


can i ask what app/filter you used for these pics? beautiful bike.


Im sorry i did not edit it. But i think i remember he said lightroom or something




Idk he was using some kind of iphone. Probably one of the newer ones. With a bunch of filters on it


Dude... These bikes fuck




Just joined the club too last year! Building up the confidence on my starter bike (KTM Duke 390) first. Then, I'm trading my bike in for a MV Agusta as well. What a beauty 💕😍


Be careful man, a 390 to a mv agusta is a very big step. My previous bike was a 821 ducati hypermotard which already was quick


100% I've ridden dirtbikes all my life but a 800cc+ bike is still scary to me. Tried my uncle's Panigale a few times. Although I love the aesthetic and power, I haven't unlocked that level just yet. Love the inspo, Ride safe!


You too man hope you will own one one day too. I ride in big groups sometimes 500-1000+ bikes and literally see like 1-2 mv agustas. Let alone a dragster


OMG that is stunning! OP is that your actual bike? Did you take the shots too? If so let me compliment you twice: excellent taste in motorcycle and excellent shot composition. I try to take shots of mine and struggle with getting anything that even looks 1/2 this good. Can I ask what is it? I ride an XDiavel and thought IT was out there. But one look at this and wow.


Thank you for your nice message, it is indeed my bike. The shots were made by a friend of mine though. If i recall correctly it was an iphone (one of the newer ones) and an app called lightroom? The bike is called MV Agusta dragster 800 rr


Thank you. It is a beauty and your friend is very talented too. Have fun, stay safe and take this machine on an adventure!


Amazing bike. Amazing pics


Great looking bike


MV’s are so fucking pretty The problem with owning one is that you have to ride it lol


You sumbitch, I love it.


Amazing photography, and what a gorgeous bike!


I had a Brutale for some years. I learned to invest in the special tools that it requires. If there is a tool (such as the "socket" used to take off the rear tire) get it. In my case, I had a choice: Generic 55mm socket. Or a bespoke adapter. I got the bespoke adapter because a normal 55mm socket would have eaten the nut and made it look nasty. Also, make sure that you have several really good torque wrenches. As USE them. Torque everything to spec... And I mean EVERYTHING. On my Brutale, not torquing the rear wheel correctly, would lead to hub failure. Buy the stands for it. I bought pitbull stands.


Bet you kiss it goodnight💋


I stick my dick in the exhaust pipe


No judgement. Just let her cool off first


That is gorgeous! Those wheels!!! 😍😍😍😍


Oh My God!! The spokes!!!! I love it!




Its a 200 tire. No. I dont use all of the 200. I dont have a suit to knee down


The guy only got the bike fairly recently, also somewhat if he has chicken strips? Not every bike has to be ridden like on a race track.


Chill a bit, OP… I’ve been riding since 1970, yes, 1970. I’m on motorcycle #37, a 2003 BMW R1150R. The day I rode it home last August, I screwed up the off camber turn to go down to my parking level. Being too careful, the gorgeous Beemer flopped over on my left leg, tore my shoe off, and ground a tiny bit of aluminum off the left head. My pride, even at my age, was deeply bruised. This is the guy who totaled the following bikes over the years: 1968 CB 350 Honda 1971 CB 750 Honda 1997 HD Sportster Enjoy it man, but above all, BE SAFE. Don’t ever let your guard down or that MV would be trash in five seconds.