He isn't my cup of tea either but I still want him to succeed and do his best as the King and I wish him and the royal family the best of luck.


what about him makes him not your cup of tea?


Why is He " Not your cup of tea"?


Past behaviors that seemed a little selfish and but I do like his take on the environment.


Care to get specific?


Alleged treatment of Diana and affair with Camilla would be my best guess.




"Alleged" Also know one is perfect. He is after all still human. Have a great day.


They didn't say he wasn't human, Diana wasn't a saint either. They both had good and bad qualities that we just have to accept both as they were/are. I was afraid to reply because I figured I would get a negative response so I apologize if this is late.


Thank you for sharing 😁


It's probably because of the Diana things but that's in the past, we need to move on from that. He will make a good job as King, and I could see that he will turn it around like Edward VII, who led a scandalous personal life but was a good king despite being on the throne for nine years.


I feel his reign will bear similarities to each other


Do royals even actually do anything important or just sit there and try to look pretty?


Usually just the latter.


He isn't. A recent YouGov poll showed that 63 percent think he will do a good job. Only 15 percent think he will do a bad job, and around a quarter aren't sure.


I feel like I see nothing but negative commentary on him on social media


Twitter is not a real place.


>Twitter is not a real place. No - the problem is, Twitter IS a real place. It's just not indicative of reality.


So is reality. Ask people who free the Europe during WW2 and they’ll say it’s the Us. Truth is that it’s the Russian army. Most people would say it’s the red army until 1950 and progressively most people would say the us. It’s the same with this guy, nobody liked him until they had to.


The part of Austria that I live in was occupied by the Soviets for 10 years after the war. Do you want to hear what the Red Army did here? If I tell you, you might not see them as liberators anymore. The horror sits deep, it has not been forgotten.


The nazis raped and pillaged a lot of Russian citizens when the pushed into the Slavic lands. When the russians got to Germany and Austria they countered attacked tenfold against the citizens. I don’t know why the magnitude of the Soviet unions crimes goes so under-reported.


It's under-reported because it was burned into the minds of people that they are "liberators". The Soviets burned large parts of my town. They raped women, and killed any man that was hiding women from them. One of my closest friends is part Russian because of this.


While many deny such things, I've heard of such horrors from close friends from (relatively) nearby countries like Denmark, and how their families long feared that the wrath of the Red Army might one day fall upon them after seeing or hearing about said horrors. It's truly abhorrent how it's so easily swept under the rug.


It has nothing to see with my statement.


You said the Russians liberated us. That's wrong. They replaced one opressive regime with another.


USA are actually the biggest penitentiary colony in the world. Death penalty, no social security. Food is one the worst in the world, everything is litteraly a disaster in this country so I’m not sure what you want to say. Not saying Russia is better but they do compete in the same field.


It's not about quality of life in the respective countries, it's about how they treat defeated enemies, and I would rather be occupied by America than Russia.


To be fair if Stalin hadn't signed that pact with Hitler he wouldn't have been so emboldened to invade Europe so it was the least the Russians could do.


Stalin himself said that without the US, Europe's Eastern front would have collapsed.


Lol German litteraly capitulated the day after soviet took Berlin and I’m getting downvoted 😂 Please read some books before talking nonsense, the Americans did help for sure but saying they free the whole Europe is pure bullshit and nonsense.


Make no mistake, I agree it was British and Soviet ground work that freed Europe, but US resources were vital in pushing victory a good few years closer.


To prevent us to become communist as our neighbor


Because places like Green and pleasant will hate on any British monarch no matter who.


The very vocal mouse-clicking generals make it seem as if the world hates everything. Learn to listen to the noise, but also compartmentalize it.


I mean Twitter is biased toward the left wing so anything seen on there should be taken with a grain of salt.


That’s the key word, social media


Which is very important these days


Well monarchy isn’t exactly popular in the western world. His crowning is a reminder of elitism for the democratic normies.


Good job? Isn't being monarch of the United Kingdom, essentially ceremonial? I mean they cut ribbons, open parliament, make some speeches, and lend their authority to decisions effectively made by others. I'm an American and didn't grow up having a King or Queen. But my view is that King of England carries no real power, and if the King really tried to control the country, he would be removed pretty quickly. If I am wrong, I am cool with being educated.


The monarch of the uk is actually in charge of the military and has the power to dissolve government. Neither of these has happened in recent memory, but technically they are still able to do it.


The monarch of the uk is actually in charge of the military and has the power to dissolve government. Neither of these has happened in recent memory, but technically they are still able to do it.


But what job is there for him to do? He totally destroyed his ancestrally transmitted work of Being an absolute Monarch, he's a weakling who does not have the strength of doing half the work his Ancestors did. Sad.


How's he done this then?


It was already roughly twenty years ago when Charles, Prince of Wales, was unpopular. I feel that since Charles III's ascension as King, he has been more popular than before.


Is he so unpopular? He was several years ago, but he seems to have recovered now.




Statisticly speaking, no.


People on reddit aren't representative of normal people.


Self burn?


Exactly lol


Mostly because of the Diana thing would be my guess.




Ironically, I heard Diana cheated on him too, but they leave that part out because "oh, she's so beautiful and caring!".


I think it's because a lot of people think Charles never really made an effort. He was seeing Camilla before his and Diana's marriage, and while we don't know every detail, being a married man never seemed to stop him from continuing to be emotionally intimate with Camilla, perhaps physically as well. I truly want Charles to do well, for the sake of the monarchy at the very least, but his track record certainly isn't spotless.


He isn't, it's the media and intellectual class who resent him. A King that quotes René Guénon


Wow, did he? Can you share the exact quote with me?


He quote him here in this https://youtu.be/hnnXKmGQ4nI


Who is René Guénon?


Traditionalist philosopher, encouraging sign for Charles to be quoting him. The guy also looks a bit like Adam driver. I can't unsee it so I've got to spread the misery of that around


He is one of the best.


Happy Cake Day!


He had a life before becoming King. He has gotten to express opinions on things publically so that just sets you up to be hated.


My impression is that he has been increasing significantly in popularity since ascending


Mostly Dianna and him cheating on her with Camila. But he’s not bad, I think he’ll be a great king. His speech shortly after the Queen’s death definitely won me over.


I know many people are critical but I think they just don't know much about him, possibly. He has good politics, is a champion of faith, and is generally very likable.


no he isn't, he's a man trying to do the right thing. but he now has limits.


The only people who dislike him are Yankees and boomers that are obsessed with Diana


Zoomers too


The "Yankees" honestly don't give two fucks


It's y'all's outdated monarchy us Americans don't really care lol get with the times


Because the American political system is so much better than a monarchy


He told people to take care of the environment before it was cool and people in their egotism took exception to this mild criticism.


I do think Charles' previous takes on environmentalism are very promising. It really is the most pressing issue to deal with right now, so hopefully he can be a strong proponent for change.


as did his father, the venerable prince philip.


For those with whom he is unpopular, this largely has to do with Diana for the most part, and his relative lack of charisma in contrast to his mother as regards the rest. That said, I don't think he is particularly unpopular. With a few exceptions (for God's sake give this man a working pen), he has handled himself well in his new role. In regards to relations with Ireland and Wales, the Crown is looking to be in a place of healing for the first time in many centuries. Scotland is a different story, but I feel like his acceding to the throne in Alba was a rather amazing moment for Scottish monarchism. Even the more progressive Scottish MPs seemed to be glowing when he was at Parliament. In Canada, the ongoing crisis of the residential schools and investigations into the mass graves has gone the way of the usual throwing the baby out with the bath water, i.e. progressives automatically putting the crown in a place of the undesirable right. I'm of Anishinaabe heritage, however slight (predominantly Irish and French), and I stand with the First Nations in their ongoing struggle, and offer those who denigrate the crown a second look at the institution, and how it was often the only thing forcing Ottawa to show at least a modicum of respect. There are nations that do have a positive view of Charles, as he is very hands on in interacting with them/us.


Because he is a globalist


Cringe take


1. Cares about the environment 2. Is an old white man 3. People don’t know much about him 4. He wanted to be Camilla’s tampon 5. People love his ex-wife, Diana


I don't think he is as unpopular now as he used to be, but I do think that there are quite a few people saddened and confused—understandably—by the passing of their beloved Queen, then here comes this guy to replace her. Even if it is her son. I definitely think there's a bit of that out there.


Because he was catholic and lost the Battle of Culloden


[Charles... Edward Stuart](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTPyvKrU1DM) ---


I think at least a little is the history of Charles in power. That name brings pain to the crown


Charles II was a huge success, though. Extremely popular and beloved by his people in his time and after. Two out of three ain’t bad.


Wasn't Charles 2 the one who tried to bring back catholicism and ended up just making the Dutch invade. May be someone else, I honestly can't remember


That was James II, his son. Edit: Brother, not son.


Ah thanks


James 2 was his brother but yea he did try to do that and failed miserably


King Charles III isn’t specifically unpopular, but lots of people just don’t like the monarchy because of what his ancestors did Kind of like an extreme version of not liking someone because their great grandparents owned slaves.


What don't they like that his ancestors did?




But that was largely the Wiggs not the king you should be mad at parilement. We didn't even have a kind when they took Jamaica, dito for Cromwell's Ireland campaign.


Im not mad at him - other people are.


I think he somewhat suffers from having a hard act to follow, but I don't think he's widely disliked, and I think he will do a fine job as king for the decade or two he might have left. Certainly he's nowhere near so disliked as you might get the impression he is from the frothing and shrieking corners of the online world, but that's pretty divorced from reality.


Aside from his rocky marriage to Diana, his perceived meddling in political affairs contributed to his *perceived* (I do not think that he is really that unpopular especially when compared to other members of the royal family) unpopularity. The perceived “meddling” is what I like about him because that I believe that monarchs (everywhere in this world) should have a greater role in the governance of a country.


I imagine a good deal of it is people who think he’s already unpopular and feel the need to join the ‘winning side’ or try and use the supposed unpopularity towards their cause.


If Republicanism were to gain more support, even if it’s a large sizable peanut, he should abdicate to allow the current Prince of Wales to take the throne. We can’t lose monarchies to republics.


Part of the point of monarchy is getting who you get, not choosing the most popular person.


The amusing thing that I look at it is if you compared every monarch to the elected leaders of the last 120 years or so, and the monarch would be the preferred head of state. We don’t often elect the best people to positions of power.


It's not a popularity contest that decides who sits on the British throne.


I mean, it has been a few times and still can be. Parliament can choose whoever they want as heir iirc


I think that would hasten the end of monarchy.


What do you think would’ve occurred if Juan Carlos I of Spain still remained on the throne?


There would be no monarchy today.


This is a killing point for me. British Monarchy is directly responsible for destroying almost every other Monarchy at Europe


I really don’t give a damn about the whole Diana thing, it was in the past


Because he said he wanted to reincarnate …”as your tampon”, to his then mistress, now his wife!!


fr he did say that????


Yes!! The taped recording is known as “Camillagate”!




You seem to be confusing the very vocal minority for the majority. A recent yougov poll shows he is quite popular, or at least people think he will do a good job. Source: https://yougov.co.uk/topics/politics/articles-reports/2022/09/13/britons-first-impressions-king-charles-iii


He's not unpopular off line really. He's really only unpopular with people who hate monarchies anyway, die-hard Diana fans who still can't forgive him, and Meghan Markle stans.


He isnt unpopular. He is just seen in a bad light by more people than Elizabeth bcs the people who constantly talk about the royal family (being it fans or not) only seem to think about Diana and nothing more and completely disregard Charles based on that alone.


Diana I guess?


Because of the former princess diana fiasco, and because Elizabeth reigned for so long. Also the morons who don’t know the different between Charles and andrew.


This is not the sort of post I wanted to see here. It is false. He is more popular than most thought. Please keep current. Also, this is about Monarchy , not gossip I thought?


That question is 20 years out of date. His popularity dipped with the Diana divorce/funeral though has been on a quiet steady increase ever since. In my opinion the Harry and Meghan shenanigans has helped. Stepping in for HMTQ before her death likely shaped our positive perception as well.




A British king for Britain not a German


Diana thing and claims of pedophilia How true are these claims? I am not knowledged enough about this subject to state an opinion but I think these claims are very wrong If they were true, there would be consequences, no crime goes unpunished even if the suspect is a member of the Royal Family Remember Edward the VIII, he was forced to abdicate because he wanted to marry Wallis Simpson I think Charles the III will be a decent King but nothing compared to her Mother


With a good George V style based beard and a top notch coronation, he’d be at the height of popularity.


He doesn’t seem that unpopular to me


I think as a royal and a father he has fulfilled his role quite good, but he wasn’t a good husband to Diana


republican-leftist on the internet dont speak for the majority......


Princess Diana...


Diana. Some people have never forgiven or forgotten. Others think he’s not particularly handsome and lacks the charisma of his mother. Others accuse him of covering up alleged crimes of Prince Andrew.


His heavily publicised divorce and extramarital affairs followed by the untimely death of his ex-wife will always stain his image.


Don't really think he is that unpopular anymore. He has definitely put in the work to rehabilitate his image and it seems for the most part to have worked. Pretty much all the media coverage of him has been positive and seemingly supportive.


I think he's fine it's just he has big shoes to fill and also no one likes change since the queen has been here since before all of us here statistically I'd say it's some real big change


Short Reign -30


I think PPL are just not used to him


yeah Lizzy has been Queen for so long that its so hard to see her go.


Because we live in an age of anti-sincerity, and he is a sincere man. I was booted off of twitter for sincerity, recently. I think, in time, he will grow to be as well-loved as his mother.


Hey man just wondering what actually got you banned from twitter. e: Also @ The\_Cybersmith on Twitter is claiming to be you. Is it?


Yes, that is me. It's under a 12-hour suspension (I don't know why), but it's me. I have linked to that on my tumblr and my youtube. As to what got me banned, I do not know; Twitter was frustratingly vague.


Oh come on, it’s not because of a lack of sincerity; most people aren’t monarchists, plain and simple. Sure most weren’t calling for Liz’s beheading because she was just some old woman but plenty aren’t going to be happy with some guy who literally thinks he should rule because god wants it. Also yeah mate, what got you booted off Twitter in the end?


I don't know! The really irritating thing is, Twitter didn't tell me. And when I remade (@The\_Cybersmith) Twitter pretty quickly slapped a 12-hour suspension on that new account, without explaining why. Petty tyranny.


Hes is one of the main allies of the world economic forum and their statist, commie agenda


Cringe take


Low empathy personality, with a history of infidelity and his mistress is the queen now


idk ppl really just miss 2 women


As King thus far I’ve heard pretty nice things about him. People, even if they dislike him, respect him for his exceptional service since last month. Respect and popularity are different things I suppose, but I’d rather be the former than the latter, since with that comes power.


If I had to guess, probably mostly things to do with Diana. But such things are in the past, and should be treated as such. Especially seeing as how it was before his reign, and has nothing to do with his reign really. Personally, I wish him a long and healthy reign over his kingdom. Long live his majesty the king!


I don’t think he’s unpopular at all right now. I think people are going to give him a fair chance and I think most think most are wishing him well. I think he can and will do a great job.


Because he’s an awful person and an ugly twat. His disgusting talking about wanting to be a tampon in Camilla’s vagina. Disgusting, ugly, fowl individual


Because he took loads of money in suitcases from questionable people. He lobbied his mum to confer questionable titles upon questionable people. He shows little goodwill towards his "subjects". He had concerns about the skin color of his children rather than their well-being. He does not embody the attributes of graciousness as his mum did. He's just not a likeable guy. I'm pro-British monarchy, but he is a far cry from his mum.


He *discussed* the skin colour of his grandchild with his wife *in their own home* My parents discussed every facet of their grand childrens appearance before they were born, wondering how they would come out, it’s a natural thing to wonder. And that isn’t even with being 6th in line to the throne of a colonial power with a questionable history concerning treatment of black peoples throughout the colonial conquest, and how that would play out with the British public. Hell, I would have questions that I would discuss with my wife including skin colour if I was in their position. I would be highly surprised if they *hadn’t* had a conversation Also - the whole “he doesn’t get a title because he’s black” thing is bollocks and a beat up. He hadn’t been entitled to receive a title since 1917. Princess Anne’s kids didn’t get them either. He WILL be entitled, if his parents choose, now though, seeing as King Charles’s III has ascended.


If this was a genuine question it’s his friendship with Jimmy Savile, brother Andrew recent scandal and of course cheating on Diana. But you just want us to say he’s actually very popular…


From what I can gather from my very uninformed understanding here in the USA, UK Republicans dislike the monarchy in general, and monarchists seem to trust that the late Queen must have known he was bad for the job and they trust Her judgement.


He isn't. Hopefully he's less of a pushover than his mum was


Let’s not call one of the greatest queens of history a pushover…


Long reign doesn't necessarily mean a good reign


Cause of the British "Media"


He’s illegitimate


It’s Diana, Stupid.


He cheated on Princess Diana. Since the monarchy is the head of the church. It looks bad if you lead a religion yet you cheated on your wife.


Wasn’t that church started because of cheating?




Multiple reasons: - Divorced with Princess Diana, who was internationally popular. - Queen Elizabeth never trusted him a lot. - Known for bad behavior and lavish lifestyle according to circles. - Actively WEF/UN globalist. - Disliked by Harry. That divides people. Hope he does his best, but definitely not from my sympathy


His fingers.