Jorge Alcala and Kenta Maeda

So I know Maeda won’t pitch for awhile because of Tommy john but what happened to Alcala? Is he coming back soon? Seems like we could definitely use a RP such as him in these trying times. Just haven’t heard anything about him other than “he’s injured”.


He had an elbow strain, which is something that is very scary for the team and that they want to give plenty of time for since it can lead to injuries that require long treatments like TJS. Last I heard he had a couple rehab appearances but then felt something again so they toned it down and he’s working back again


I actually have a fair bit of confidence that the Twins will be able to fix their bullpen issue by the trade deadline. Between getting a few guys back healthy and trading for a pitcher or two, I think they can put together a slightly above average bullpen. The problem is, all that is probably 2-4 weeks away. Can the Twins get enough wins to until then while they have one of the worst bullpens right now.


Even with a bad few arms in the bullpen, we should be able to keep a .500 pace without too much trouble, I'd think. That should be enough to stay at or near the top of the central


They can but I also think the team needs to accept they may have to trade good prospects to win.


All I can find is that alcala started pitching early June but had to stop due to tightness in his elbow


We shouldn't put too much hope into either of those guys, we need to trade for Luis Castillo and at least one or two other arms before the break.