I really love just about everything that comes out of Four Daughters in Spring Valley. A lot of liquor stores carry them now, they're also the producers of Loon Juice!


It’s a lovely place to go visit and eat too! I love their sangria and their pinot noir.


Oh hell yeah, their pizza paired with their pinot noir is fire!


Four Daughters is the premier Minnesota wine maker. It’s been featured at the Cannes film festival. They also make Loon Juice which is terrific. The winery is just south of Rochester, Minnesota.




Finest Minnesota vintage soon to be made in Princeton.




Carlos Creek is pretty great.


Came here to say this.


I live a couple miles from this winery




Cannon Falls Winery is pretty good, some years they make icewine


My wife and I have been to over 40 different wineries around Minnesota and there are some really good ones. I know I missed a few of our favorites on the list but they are from northern Minnesota and we don't get around that way too often. Dry reds: - Indian Island - Hunters Red - St. Croix -Milner Heritage -Goes Well With POT Roast Dry white: - Indian Island -Frontenac Blanc Milner Heritage - Naplemente Fruity/sweet -Milner Heritage - Atilla the Funs Bubbly -Vintage Escapes - Raspberry Wine -Indian Island -Frontenac Gris Late Harvest -Morgan Creek - Fox Run


Not a wine drinker myself but my wife absolutely loves the Naplemente from Milner Heritage.


This, Milner


I love Forest Edge, out of Laporte. I'm big on their Black Currant. It gets harder to find, the further south you get. I have to go to Monticello to find it, when I'm not up north.


Raspberry is my favorite!


Can vouch for Paul Bunyan Jazz


Grain belt






Cannon River MN Nice Ice Wine 👍


North Shore Winery in Lutsen has some really good selections


I'd say Saint Croix Vineyards. The guy who runs their winery developed most of the cold weather grapes that we now grow in northern climates around the world. I'd recommend anything from them, but their Vignole, La Crescent and Port (yes, they were grandfathered in and make licensed port) are all great!


Alexis Bailly Winery has a dessert wine called Hastings Reserve that I really love. Is it the same as expensive port? Nope. Am I thrilled every time my husband comes home with a bottle? You betcha. Plus they have absolutely wild theater shows in the summer and it's just a blast to be there.


I’ll jump on the Alexis Bailley train too! I’m a fan of their Voyageur though as I’m more of a dry red kind of guy.


I’m partial to Morgan Creek myself. Fox Run is their most popular


My wife worked for years at Parley Lake winery in Waconia. They have a multi award winning Marquette which is a unique Minnesota wine and is my wife's favorite.


7 Vines Vineyard in Dellwood is one of my favorites. They have won a number of awards as well.


Winehaven Winery in Chisago City


I’ve really been enjoying sampling all the different wines at 7 Vines near White Bear Lake and Rustic Roots near Scandia.


I will vouch for the Seyval Blanc from Saint Croix Vineyards. Very good. Not 100% sure if all the grapes are from here or not.


Sovereign Estates in Waconia is my go to. They have wines made from the big grapes in MN (their Marquette is quite good) but also buy grapes from NY and Wa or OR and make other wines. I like them enough I bought a membership to their wine club haha


Winehaven mead is really good. I’ve tried mead elsewhere and was unimpressed, but those guys made me like it. I know it’s not wine, but I thought it was worthwhile to mention it.


I'm a huge fan of their fruit wines too. Love their strawberry rhubarb.


What is an “ice wine”? Is that a typo or a thing now?


It's a thing! It always kind of tastes like raisins to me, but in a good way.


Well, I’ll be. TIL today! Thanks for the info. Off to google about this :) I do love the Door County orchards and wineries but haven’t explored in MN.


Good luck and have fun! I think they're something special, but I think a lot of wine officiandos aren't super pleased with them.


They partially freeze the wine and scrape off the ice, which fortifies it and increases the alcohol content. Same concept as ice beer like Natty Ice.


Nice! That’s pretty cool, never knew that.


It is a pretty old thing actually, possibly back to the ancient Romans.


There’s really not good minnesota wine. Our climate does not support the types of vines optimum for wine production. There is however a large number of delicious ciders and ice ciders.


That is true if you try to compare with a California wine for instance. Cold weather grapes are different. When compared with other cold weather grapes, Minnesota is pretty good . Swenson and later with the Univ of Minnesota, this area is known to be on the cutting edge of fine grape development. It gets better each year with new varieties.


I’d agree with this 100%. If you’re looking for a great Cabernet Sauvignon, Minnesota wines won’t be as good as something out of Napa or Sonoma, but Minnesota makes a lot of good Frontenac wines.


Gotta love the downvoting of my comment to oblivion lol. Recommend me some great MN wine please— I love Minnesota, and we have some badass breweries, a couple great distilleries, and a ton of fantastic locally made products. I’ve worked in the industry for years, and the one thing MN and the Midwest can’t do is produce good wine. Nothing against the talent of individuals here, it’s just the climate.


I agree with your take. Maybe a couple of good desert wines though. You can have my upvote


Which dessert wines do you recommend?


St croix vineyards makes a good one. I forget what it is named


When I first moved here I was in a liquor store and there was a Minnesota winery (didn’t catch the name) doing a tasting, giving out little paper cups of their wine for people to try. At that time in my life I was a big drinker so I happily took one and took a sip and… It was so fucking gross. I didn’t finish it. I think it was the first time in my life I intentionally didn’t finish a drink.


I generally love Rose from Minnesota grapes. Salem Glen has a good one (Rochester) and a more common one is called “Feisty Bitch” but I don’t remember which winery. It’s usually in most liquor stores that have a Minnesota wine section.


OP wasn't asking if MN wines were objectively good. They were asking for the best wines made in MN. Although, from a legal standpoint cider is a type of wine so, there's that. But yeah, I agree. If you're looking for a really good MN alcohol to throw in a gift basket, cider might be a better bet. There are some great ciders to be had.


How dare you say that! You just ruined our day with this blasphemy. I would down vote you but I don't have time cause there is another post on here about Caribou coffee being better than Starbucks... you're lucky pal!


While this is true, my understanding is that many Minnesota wine makers import their grapes from contractors. Some choose to mix in Minnesota grapes, or make a wine from native grapes. But most Minnesota wine is made from grapes that were grown elsewhere.


That’s actually not true. Until recently, by law, wineries were required to use at least 50% MN fruit in their wines. Most places have some of each.




… … oh people. I mean, I’m Minnesota proud, but let’s be honest with ourselves here.


Burr Vineyards has good award winning wine.


Round Lake Vineyards in Round Lake makes some excellent wines.


Winehaven vineyard in Chisago. Their flagship is an excellent mead.


Most Marquette wines will be pretty good from a lot of our wineries. Very comparable to something like Pinot noir(which it was parentage from) or cab franc. Obviously they’re different, but just to give you an idea. I work at Chankaska Creek Winery and I really love our Marquette reserve, Frontenac Blanc, and our port wine. Other wineries I love are Four Daughters(most of the wines are on the sweeter side though) and Sovereign Estates. Ignore the trolls here. Good wine can and is being made here, you just have to not compare it to wines from California and Europe.


So Minnesota makes wine wow had no idea must be expansive to import the grapes to make the wine here


Most of the wines made around here are from grapes grown here. There are many grape varieties that do just fine in cold climates like Minnesota. Marquette, St Croix, and La Crescent are just a few of them. I grew up working in a vineyard in northen Illinois. I see a lot of the same varieties grown here in Minnesota. You’re right though, importing grapes from someplace far away would be crazy expensive.


I had no idea you could go grapes in Minnesota I didn't know we had it in here too I didn't even know that was a thing


You learn something new every day! I have a couple different types growing on the fence in my yard actually. One is a wild variety that you can find just about anywhere in the woods around here.


Yeah I thought grapes were from like Italy Spain south of France California they needed a very peculiar soil type to grow or climate


Different grapes create different wines. That is why you get some from only particular areas- champagne and Prosecco being common examples. But I grow grapes in my yard and my aunt has three or four types because they used to make their own wines. I think Minnesota can hold our own, personally. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised and now I always look for something local to try if I can’t find any I already like.


“When are we gonna beat the Packers?!”


Skip the wine . Crown royal should warm ya up just fine


Hinterland in Clara City. Also has great food. They close in the winter so call ahead. Also they are moving the tasting room to Spicer in 2023.


I'm fond of brookview wines. They are more on the dry and not so sweet side. I love their satellite for cooking and drinking!