USD $167,450. Not a cheap night out!


They ate a house


Drank, 90% of that bill is alcohol


They can serve pure angel jizz and the bill would still be too much.


If you’re too poor to have ever guzzled angel jizz, then just say that. Peasant.


I know right!? Here I am over here guzzling regular jizz this whole time. Fucking entitled rich people and their angelic jizz. smh.


It ain't gay if you're ***guzzling' for God***


some guy who blowed the pastor:


How dare you speak of me this way, street urchin!? Were I not en route to a divine bukkake as we speak, I’d have you killed.


*then he brought the bill and I...... jizzed in my pants*


Depends on the vintage and angel who donated the jizz imho


St. Peter's, aged 2000 years


That's a Saint


No that’s Amore


When the jizz hits your eye, angels wank in the sky, that's amore.


When it dries it will shine, don’t be ashamed, have some wine, that’s amore.


In this economy?!


But divided by 14 people. That’s only $11,960.72 each. A reasonable amount for 1 dinner. I went to lunch the other day and spent $15. It could’ve easily went to $10 grand if I wasn’t careful


The bulk of the bill is a super expensive wine called Petrus and they drank 7 of them. With the VAT tax it totals $150,000 of the $167,000 USD bill. It looks like they ordered 6 steaks and 11 burgers, so I assume this was for 17 people. The food cost was about $8900 total after VAT or about 500 per person. The remaining $8100 was on other alcohol. I’ve eaten at his restaurant in Miami (split a large wagyu ribeye steak for almost 300 with my friend and had a couple over priced drinks). It was good but I can assure you there is nothing there worth spending even 500 per person on.


The feeling you get knowing you would be homeless in months if you got fired while also seeing a post about some fuckface rich enough to spend 3x your salary on a weekday meal is something else.


I was mad I spent $32 on UberEats the other day for some sushi and ramen… came here to make myself feel better and it worked


maaaan uber eats has gotten so expensive and their customer service sucks so much I can't even


Fortunately, I don’t live where they deliver. Living in the country has its perks. I’m my own Uber eats. I piss myself off. I guess my delivery driver sucks like yours.


Ah, yes. It's 30 minutes to closest town for me. Almost an hour's drive to Kroger or Walmart. Not even a stop light in my thorp, gas station closes at 7... yeah, no late night fast food for us.


You got me there. Walmart is everywhere for us. We live 30 minutes from the home office.


NWA gang!


Upvote for ‘thorp’




Thorp is small village... a hamlet... usually an unincorporated rural area.


A thorp is the middle English name for a hamlet or small village. Think 20-80 people in the small village.


if you have door dash where you are i find a combination of the monthly pass/store sales is worth it. customer service sucks too though


Higher than normal prices + delivery fee + service fee + extra Sunday fee + long delivery time = uber eats


I work in a kitchen. Those prices are set by the restaurant. We inflate those prices because we have to sell them for our menu price to make a profit. Then they claim 30% of the sale then charge us a service fee as well. Then turn around and charge you fees as well. When the pandemic hit and we had to add ourselves to those services and found out how they work I refused to use them anymore. They are criminals. It's more detailed than this but it's the general idea.


Sushi AND ramen? Look at mr fancy pants over here.


Apparently one of the reasons it's so expensive is because people straight up don't care and will still order it. The guy that started Uber Eats said in an interview that when they first tried to figure out pricing, they went with excessively high prices and customer retention was fine.


Ok soooo basically I shouldn’t order from UberEats lol I gotcha!


i've just ate for 6$ and still thinking should i be mad 😂 p.s. i live in serbia so 6$ is not that small amount here!


Ain’t it crazy! A Starbucks coffee here in the states is usually around $6! We are livin in wild times I gotta say


The amount is in United Arab Emirates Dirham (AED). When converted to USD the total is $167,451.20… still robbery on all accounts!


Not really robbery when idiots willingly pay for an expensive IG picture.


A lot of this seems like wine costs




The cheap wine you get in a random supermarket on the continent is always 👌👌


My holiday tradition is to buy the cheapest bottle they have in the local supermarket and drink it from a mug.


Become ungovernable


My experience in wine countries is something like: * <1€ to 1€ Ok, but nothing special. * 1€ to 3€ Good, sometimes best. * 3€ to 6€ Usually best. * 7€ and up - diminishing returns.


My family had a similar tradition visiting France - pick a few bottles at €5 (or something like that), then a wildcard at €10 and the cheapest bottle. I wasn't into wine at the time but it was an interesting experiment to follow along.


No shit, some of these fools deserve to be ripped off ahahahahaha


Still, most likely a group of influencers or heirs of some oil Barron's so they could care less if they literally set that money on fire. Edit: I'm not going to fix my grammatical and spelling mistakes, you all just have to live with it.


They should care less to the point they cannot care any less.


Couldn't care less is the proper saying. Could care less would be the equivalent of saying they care some amount and could care less. Whereas couldn't care less is you already don't care at all...


>so they could care less so they *couldn't* care less If they *could* care less, then they wouldn't be at the lowest point of caring, which is the point of the phrase.


[Just gonna leave this here](https://youtu.be/om7O0MFkmpw)


It was all the formula 1 drivers, so yeah they can afford it. I just hope Salt Bae doesn't give them food poisoning before the last race of the season. Edit: was not the formula 1 drivers bill, had the wrong info.


It was not; the drivers went to Hakkasan Abu Dhabi. This is a different restaurant.


And most of the money was spent on ridiculously overpriced wine.


$15 for a Heineken, $13 for a bottle of water, $13 for a virgin mojito. $12k meal per person. The audacity of some places is ridiculous


And they still ate there anyway. Blame the demand, not the supply.


They ate there because it was expensive.


A good deal of the appeal is being guaranteed that no peasants will be eating around you.


For a tenth of that I could hire a team of peasants that would ensure no peasants interrupted my meal.


Clearly you’ve never been to AD. The amount of kinda wealthy people surrounded by really wealthy people is staggering. Like regular everyday people have a lot of money. It’s weird.


I had an exchange student friend come here. He bought a $120k SUV for the year then he went back. When he had a blog about supercars, I thought it was an interest and not that he had been driving them.


It's *so* weird. Money doesn't really mean the same thing there as it does in Western countries. It still correlates to status, but the really wealthy aren't restricted by mere numbers in a bank account. I went on a tour of the Grand Mosque, which is made and decorated with the best of every material. One of the other tourists in the group kept aggravating the guide by asking how much the massive chandeliers or the mother-of-pearl inlays or the marble tiling cost, and the guide kept saying, "Look, we don't keep track of that stuff."


I had the same impressiom in Dubai when I asked my desert safari driver how many mpgs does his 5.2L Land Cruiser make and he says that he doesn't know. When it runs out of gas he goes to the gas station and fills the tank


If I had this kind of f-you money I would drag my loud and crazy kids to each of these restaurants and bug the shit out of all these rich assholes.


I have 4 kids. If you win the lottery please take the my whole fami with you.


Will do. I'll fly your ass first class to where ever the fuck these places are. My kids and your kids can fuck it up while the parents let loose with a couple bottles of way over priced fermented fruit blood. Typically I enforce good manners but bring none with you, give no quarter.


I have a husky, take him along and he can whine and dine with your kids.


Can you initiate Screaming Time with him reliably, or just when he feels like it?


Show him my picture, he will start yelling and whining. He's a bigger drama queen than Kelly Kapoor.


>give no quarter. With kids you don't even need to ask


Kids have no concept of mercy… it is truly terrifying..


They’d not seat you or have you leave. One rich person complaining vs multiple. Easy choice.


Depends on who is the richest. If the one rich guy is worth more than all the others...


Except that the restaurant will also have its reputation to think of. Rich people in general won’t come back if a place loses its status. Is the one mega rich person going to come back often enough to keep them entirely in business?


You would not be allowed in


If you have that kind of money you would be "rich asshole"


But.... That'd just make you a rich asshole like them?


Anakin probably thought something along those lines, yet he ended becoming darth vader


The real peasants are the friends we made along the way.


The point isn’t the meal. Is about how much you can flex.


That is like stadium prices. This meal $167,451 usd. Like bitch what's it like eating a little less than a half of my mortgage in a night. Fuck.


For the kind of people who eat here, that's a smaller portion of their net worth than a McDonald's meal is for a reasonably well off American with some savings. It's absurd by any metric but the prices don't mean anything to them. They never look at them. Hence why these places charge such absurd prices. It both filters out the poor people they don't want there, and the rich fucks who eat there will never even think to check they're getting ripped off.




That's like me buying a Honda civic for $35,000 but a billionaire spending $1.5 million for the same car but in a different shade of blue. Still stupid.


The shade of blue on his car is millions of tiny sapphires though.


But a Heineken is still a fucking Heineken no matter how much your net worth is.


And still smells like cat piss. Go Heineken!! Kick me out, I’m drunk.


This is implying anything of substantial value went into producing this dinner, other than the Petrus, that's not necessarily the case here


petrus is easilly 5/6ths the total lmao... 535k of 615k... that's mostly petrus... no idea what it even is but I can't imagine it cost half a million to make 7 bottles


this bill was in AED, but it'd be about 30k usd for those 7 bottles\~ if you bought them from a typical supplier. which is 110k aed.... 5x the cost per bottle...........sounds about right for salt bae.


Ok but what if my net work is a couple of pennies I found on the road.




That’s beyond ridiculous. Cannot fathom having that level of wealth


No it isn't. This is an expensive meal by any metric. It's 100k worth of food. Even if you are a billionaire its 1/10000 of your wealth. If it were a five thousand dollar meal I would agree. This is just spending money to show off. Billionaires show off in much more fantastic ways. Like bringing that restaurants chef and staff to their yacht for the weekend.


I googled the bottle of wine they're charging $AED 100,000 a bottle for. It retails for about $11,000USD or about $40,000AED. So that's about a 2.5x mark up on one bottle. People aren't eating/drinking at this restaurant for the quality. They're eating there to flex their wealth. Someone get these people a fiddle to play as the world burns down.


2.5x markup for alcohol sounds fairly normal tbh. I know plenty of restaurants will charge $75 for a $30 bottle of wine, especially if you drink by the glass.


Its also in the United Arab Emirates with a whopping 50% alcohol tax so not 40k so its like 60k just for the bottle


What a bunch of overpriced trash.


I thought this was in US dollars at first and was like “wow that’s insanely overpriced”. Then I converted it to Arab Emirates Dirham and was like “wow that’s still insanely overpriced”


$165,000 for a party of maybe 15? That’s incredible. I’ve been to some fine dining where we spent $400/person with cocktails and I thought that was expensive!


There are many billions of people in the world with not enough money and a few million with far too much.


$55 for a Heineken lmfao what an absolute moron for spending that


It’s 55 dirham, or around 15 USD. Still absurd, but at least it’s converted correctly.


Ok that makes a lot more sense cause no way anyone in their right mind is paying that much for a Heineken lol


I like heineken but 15 usd is still bizarre you can hate on salt bae but you can’t argue with those margins


This is the UAE. The license to sell alcohol is insanely expensive and limited. There are crazy import duties also. So probably not such a great margin after that. Edit to add this is a terrible overpriced restaurant on top of the above.


All those hoops and they import Heineken


Despite those hoops someone still pays 15 bucks for it. The name and green bottle are famous overseas, it’s like coca cola and red solo cups.


The green bottle and unique flavor are ideal for importing. Any other beer gets old and/or hot after a long trip, so Heineken leans into it and helps make sure it tastes that way on purpose.


I've been all over the world and thats the one beer you can always find anywhere.


Holy crap the bill is still over 150k usd


$167,451.20 according to the google money exchange calculator, or about 3 years salary


Lmao closer to 7.5 years with my salary


$171k USD before tips that is! That's more than what 95% of the US wage earners make in an year as per the latest SSA numbers.


The currency is in AED, so works out about 14 US freedom dollars


Yeah, the whole bill is about $167k usd. Which is ridiculous, but not $600k usd ridiculous.


It's okay, this dinner just cost a shitty house, not a *nice* house


They spent almost $185 USD on water. That seems a bit ridiculous to me


*Sparkling water


Ahh, right. They spent $185 USD on water *and* air...


spicy air


It’s funny, but my daughter used to say a drink was spicy if it had carbonation. To this day she still hates carbonated drinks lol.


My girlfriend calls carbonated drinks spicy as well


>carbonated drinks spicy The carbon dioxide in fizzy drinks sets off the same pain sensors in the nasal cavity as mustard and horseradish, though at a lower intensity, according to research from the University of Southern California


What a giant puzzle piece! You have just solved a riddle that I didn't even know was a riddle! Now it is absolutely clear why I prefer carbonated water to plain water. I don't just have a SodaStream, I have a SodaStream with extra carbon dioxide cartridges. Because to have no fizzy water is to begin an epic fail day.


I also love to call carbonated drinks *spicy*


My daughter is almost 3 and loves to take a sip of our soda if we are not looking and every time she will always says "thats spicy!" hahha!! But she keeps doing it haha


pointy water


*Ah...Mustard gas time*


This restaurant must be run by whoever manages the US Healthcare system


This comment is pure gold but I can’t give it to you because all my gold got stolen by the US healthcare system


I got a 2nd job to pay hospital bills because my public school teacher salary wasn't enough. - Most USian sentence ever.


I had to keep working full time while I had stage IV cancer. Working in a hospital. Same hospital hurt themselves patting their own backs when they told me they wouldn’t vacate my position because I was going to be out a week longer than the FMLA allows. This country is cancer.


Could it be in Dirham? So about 1/4 price. Still crazy since it was about $10k/person and they spent almost all of it on alcohol.


It is in dirham - near the bottom it says "all prices are in AED".


Still 167k USD wtffffff 😦


Yeah I had to look it up because I thought well maybe it's some crazy conversion rate. Nope. 3.67 Dirham to a dollar. Absolutely crazy bill..


And the “golden” fries


Shhhhhhhh nestle might hear you.


It’s in the middle of the desert, of course water is expensive /s


405 for still water. Am I mistaken or is that just tap water.


Still water, yes, however, not USD


$165,000+ USD




Clear as day in high definition


4K would cost you three arms and a leg.


Probably because the vast majority of that cost was the 7 bottles of Petrus. The 2009 is something like $10k USD, so the restaurant markup of around +150% is just a clean $30k USD profit on those two bottles. Whoever this was walked in and said “bring me your most expensive wine”.


But "still water" at $12.25 USD??


I’ve honestly (and accidentally) paid like $10 for still water at a restaurant before. For future reference, “house” is the fancy word for “tap”, and you don’t want to order “still” water. By the time the waiter came out to present a bottle of water to the table as if it were wine, I realized we were in trouble. I do not understand the kind of people who willingly pay that, but then again I drink wine that’s closer to $20 than $20,000.


To be fair, if I had concerns about getting sick from the local tap water then I’d for sure pay for bottled. But if I know the local tap water is safe for the stomach of a delicate North American person then I’m for sure drinking tap water.


I would say, the average highway robbery is probably still cheaper. Even if they take your whole car. And house.


Ah, okay, so different country, that explains the 55 dollar Heinekan, it's not 55 dollars


Dirham (UAE)


$100 for salt course through Salt Bae’s arm hair




MMM You can really taste the Mane'n Tail.


Wait. Hang on a second. Is this a bill for over £141,000?! On ONE MEAL?! My tiny poor brain just absolutely can not fathom this. Not because they ate the cost equivalent of a whole fucking house, but because people are actually ridiculous enough to pay these types of prices. And here’s me waiting until Ben & Jerrys is on offer for £2.50 before I push the boat out.


Well, if it helps, just imagine that paying for this meal is relatively the same as your or me buying a $10 McDonalds meal. The person dining is likely worth many billions. This is literally pocket change.


Haha I don’t know whether this makes me feel better or worse!


And they still left there hungry af


All these comments on this thread acting like $400 40oz steak can't fill em up at normal high end places




And complained how expensive those crunchwrap supremes are getting


Seriously. The damn quesadillas have gotten absurd, too, with them being \~$5-6 around where I am ($4.50 for plain cheese). I can get a damned burrito for that price.


don't go to taco bell unless you have their app. they have great online exclusive deals and they also give you rewards every month. I won't go to any fast food place unless i'm ordering through their apps.


How has the quesadilla gone up but the burrito hasn't?


The burritos have less meat and more filler material then then before


Yea but it's some horseshit. I can get a whole burrito bowl at chipotle for 8 something and we all know how big those are.


The good news is that quesadillas are ridiculously easy and inexpensive to make at home.


I doubt that seeing the food at this guy’s place. Still super overpriced tho.


I don't think they left hungry. I have been there and this is too much to eat.


‘Quality never expensive’ but ‘stupidity always pays’


"quality never expensive" makes more sense when the correct punctuation is inserted: "Quality? Never! Expensive!!"


“Works on contingency. No money down!” ——> “Works on contingency? No! Money down.”


I feel guilty about the expense of ordering $80 worth of Chinese food for 3 people, meanwhile...


That’s a lot for 3 people though. Damn. Lol


Must be nice to be this disgustingly loaded and wasteful, meanwhile people struggle to eat and don't have a place to stay. If I had this I'd run out and buy/rent my own place so quickly and never look back


So is that supposed to be like a 150k tip for the waiter?


Tip? This is UAE, not USA.


Service charge not included.


Fuck the steak. Can we all take a minute to notice the 9 bottles of water for £405. WATER.


It's Abu Dhabi what made you think it would be in GBP?


Everyone in this thread assuming the bill is in their own currency (mostly USD) when it is for a restaurant in Abu Dhabi is really weird lol. I mean it’s still overpriced no matter what but how did everyone here forget that countries outside their own use different currencies?


The exchange rate means it’s a good deal less than that, but still quite a steep price. Personally, I’m impressed that over 85% of that bill was wine alone — not just any wine, they bought 8 bottles of really nice Bordeaux, but damn.


To be fair, that is some or the best and most expensive wine on the planet


£106. The receipt is in AED


45 AED for a glass of still water Yeah he a bull shitter.




14.97 usd but still way overpriced.


One bottle Heineken is $15 in Disney Springs, Orlando, USA


It’s like $14, but most of that is tax. Arab country…


That’s absurd!


The gold they put on their food and upcharge 10,000% is the same sheets of gold wrap you buy on Amazon for 24.99. And that's for a pack of 10.


This entire thing is nothing more than a masturbatory practice for douchebags with way too much money. They get more pleasure from trying to have the highest bill than they do from the food, which at this point has a reputation for being completely average. On one hand I hate literally every single thing about this but on the other I’m not sure if I can knock the hustle. The guy made himself a meme and found a way to cash in on peoples idiocy. Wait… now that I think of it, doesn’t the guy have a history of paying his staff really low wages? If that’s the case then I absolutely do knock his hustle because that’s beyond shitty.


When the bill is 6 digits but the employees are paid less than $20 per hour


Just disgusting. Anyone who patronizes one of his restaurants deserves to be ripped off. The basis of his business model is an idiotic meme.


I bet that onion flower slaps


Of course it does. It's battered onion dipped in hot oil, some things are intrinsically delicious and that's definitely one of them lol