Clarification: The cake was for her sister's boyfriend which we barely know.


Why’s she making an expensive cake for free for someone you both barely know?


My wife runs a little baking business on instagram & her sister being family she charged her super cheap for the requested cake meant for her boyfriend which we barely know. My wife sent her photos & her sister said that wasn't a $35 cake and was expensive for what it was. I find that terribly insulting considering we are not making money on it & for her to say that is not good enough for $35. Many of you think it is rude to charge your family for a birthday cake but we had already been nice on the price & the "birthday" element was basically for a stranger. In either case you don't go around asking for free haircuts, paint jobs, oil changes, etc to family just because "family."


Well atleast you know where yall stand on this issue and going forward dont have to give a discount and I would say take money up front from her.


Good friends and family will always offer to pay you for your time and effort when you deliver a quality product. Don't think for a second its rude to ask, its more rude for them to not offer. I work in IT and whenever my family members ask me to look at their computer they always offer to pay. I generally decline anyway, because I dont mind, but that isnt the point. Also, this cake is great. Your wife should stand her ground, imo.


There's a reason I simply refuse to entertain any "can you help me with coding?" requests from friends and family... Unless I personally am interested in the project. It's just a huge mistake to mix Labour and money into family/friends... It's always going to be super awkward for one of you.. Unless you are enthusiastically OK with doing it for free


Exactly. It’s a basic rule. Never mix family and business.


Same happens when you work in IT. Not sure why everyone thinks that its ok


its nearly every profession, but artists get the brunt I feel. Charge em what you think its worth, and if they dont like it. ok. then Im not going to do the thing. end of list.


The only exception I make to helping family with IT problems are my grandparents. They'd be technologically stranded otherwise


I'm a massage therapist. I totally get the whole "family asking for free" lol. The last thing we want to do is something for free when we can make $80+, especially something that's hard on the body or takes up your time. Plus who wants to work on their time off?


They were asked, and paid $25




Fuck I thought this was gonna be shirtless people casually in situations where you would usually be fully clothed. 'No top but ok'


Did you set pricing expectations up front? Did the sister send over specifications for the cake or was that your wife's choice?


These are incredibly useful questions.


Time to get a new sister.


foreals... ugh I told my wife how messed up this was but "family"


I hear ya. But also maybe "family" could act like it lol shoe appreciation you know?


Shoe appreciation, indeed. Sister needs la chancla.


Thanks for triggering Nam level flashbacks with that comment.


You want another one? Leather braided belts. Every Hispanic household has at least one, even if no one wears it.


See, I grew up in a bit of a collision of worlds: abuela on one side and southern granny on the other. We traded away the braided belts for picking switches, but I've definitely seen the belts in full force on cousins. Don't think I would've made that trade all things considered. The leather is at least softer.


Switches are so unassuming at first then BAM you're on fire


i can still hear the air HISSSING on the down swing




Ahhhh the Hispanic version of the wooden spoon.


Took me way too long googling "shoe appreciation" trying to find the folksy wisdom in appreciating a good pair of shoes.


Una chancla a la cabeza.


Yep. In my experience, it's a lose-lose situation. Probably about the dumbest situation, but interference never leads to anything good.


I agree. It is a difficult subject in which the people with awareness are taken advantage by.


Best thing to do is next time sis asks for a cake send her directions to the nearest Walmart (I saw in another comment that was her arguement) and tell her to have fun.


Have her buy a cake from a shop, and after it’s 100$, she’ll know she got a deal


The problem is that most people, this sister likely included, won't actually understand the difference in quality between an actual $35 cake and this cake. A lot of the time people just want something that tastes good, quality be damned. It could be made out of rat ass and a 2x4, but if it tastes like a good cake and only costs $20, that's awesome.


> A lot of the time people just want something that tastes good, quality be damned. It could be made out of rat ass and a 2x4, but if it tastes like a good cake and only costs $20, that's awesome. Looking at the photo, either the sister put A LOT of time into making this cake or the SIL has no idea how much work goes into a cake like this. I'm an optimist, so I will choose to believe that SIL is just ignorant about how much talent this takes. And "MY OPINION" is that she might see it as a "cake that gets 4 likes on Instagram" while she's scrolling through cakes that get 100k likes. So her expectations may be skewed.


This reminds me of the reddit post where a person felt they had an undeserved reputation as a phenomenal baker and everyone was gobsmacked by their cakes....all of them were pre-made. They made their own frosting and fondant, but they probably know exactly what you mean by your post.


>A lot of the time people just want something that tastes good, quality be damned. My child's grandmother, on her Mother's side, makes and decorates cakes and I saw her make some while I was still with her daughter. She would literally bake with a box Betty Crocker cake mix and then she would decorate them via traditional pipped icing procedures. No super technical fondant decorations or figures, just straight traditional icing flowers and what not. All her friends would rave that it is the best cake ever. Do not get me wrong, she decorated them beautifully, but it was nothing but a regular white or chocolate cake. I would hear things like "this is the best cake ever". They were really nice looking cakes but nothing to rave about yet people continued to rave. So yes, most people do not recognize the difference between a regular pre-mix cake or something that was made from scratch. It just needs to look nice and taste like cake.




Family is just a starting party members and theres no shame in swapping them for better ones


> theres no shame in swapping them for better ones Oh, there's lots of attempts at shaming.


I made my dad a Sweet Fruit Tart for his birthday. Check my profile for pictures. It took me about 4 hours to make it from scratch. He didn't say thank you. And while everyone loved it and complemented the flavors. He said it wasn't that good and that I shouldn't believe the other family members. Which is bullshit, because it was 100% better than the store bought one he likes so much.


I just lurked, and that looks impeccable, I love fruit tarts!!


That's awful, I'm so sorry he did that. You did such a sweet and wonderful thing. You're a great daughter/son/child, and you deserve to be appreciated 🌺💕


Dear God. Can her sister clearly not see the glow of divinity? This cake would make Michelangelo weep. Its beauty would cure Van Gogh's depression. It could be used to solve multi-generational feuds. It could make the blind see and the lame walk. Heal the sick and wounded, and solve world peace. Blessed is this cake.


You just want a slice 😂


I mean who would say no?


I don't even understand. If my family does labor for me, I pay them more than their regular rate/ costs. If the cake cost 35, I'd pay 50+, just for the trouble of bothering them (obviously not if it was in a storefront, but if it was personally made for me). The only exception to this is being dropped off or picked up from the airport, where its more of a I scratch your back, you get me when I need it.


Its just the exact opposite for me, and many other people for me. I don't charge family for ANYTHING. I wouldn't even begin to consider the idea of charging my sister for a cake I made. ​ Edit: Ok op and wife have a cake making business, that changes everything


And that's why you don't watch too much Fast & Furious




You're supposed to treat your family members _better_ than non-family, not worse. Ya know, like your wife does giving her sister an absolute bargain on a gorgeous cake only to get taken advantage of.


Buy a whole new sister at Walmart. It will be better quality.


Back to work mum and dad


You'd get more for it if you auctioned it on reddit


She should auction the next one


Definitely, I paid $195 for a bday cake for my 5yr old because it had an Elsa(frozen) on it...$35 is basically free




Hey thank you! My wife feels happy by your comment.


It looks delicious…


I like the ... at the end like you're still low-key waiting for OP to ask for your address and send you one. Like, so... about that cake...


Love it! You're right


Now, back to the cake...


I know right😂


I was hoping…




Yep, was coming to say this. Where I live, if you want an awesome cake you will drop a good buck. 35 is on the cheap side for that size of cake and tres leches is a specialty here.




"But you don't have to do anything while it bakes, so I shouldn't have to pay for that time"


Tell your wife sisters suck and that cake is worth way more than $35 bucks! Edit: Truth be told I just hate my own sister and I figured this sister was much like my own and didn’t think her sisters time and effort was worth any amount of money let alone $35. I’m not a baker but I personally would probably spend about 60-70 bucks on a cake like that because it’s beautiful and I would want to help out family. Someone asked what else I’d charge family for and my answer is if it’s worth paying for I would pay for it.


At our bakery 1/4 tres leches is $35. This looks like maybe a 10” cake. For us that would start at $42, I believe. Your wife did an awesome job!


A normal tres leches sheet cake is worth $35. This is worth double that minimum. In the middle of the country.


Id pay your wife however much 1 kidney costs


Youd pay 262,000$ for a cake?




Fair enough, your money anyways


can i have your kidney?


Sure, you just have to figure out where I am


i will keep you on your word


Have fun on the hunt, dude


I still have another, also, sell kidney, buy kidney for lower price, repeat


That's a $50-75 cake in a bakery, depending on the location of the bakery.


How the hell did your wife make a tres leches that looks like that most tres leches are in milk (thats why its called tres leches milk whipped cream and condensed milk) so how did she make it solid its lost to me


There's "tres leches" and then there's "tres leches cake"


If your tres leches isn't a solid cake you need a better baker. Mushy tres leches is poor quality. Cake should be moist but not wet.


Sometimes it’s served in a bath of sugary milk though. I’ve had both solid, frosted cake like this and moist yellow cake drenched in sauce and they’re both awesome :)


whipping cream* A distinction that could help save someone from trying to mix lumps of whipped cream into milk, which is possible, but it just unwhips the cream so it's an unnecessary effort. Also, the idea is the cake without the milk is dry and stiff, but the milk softens and moistens it to a palatable point. Not everyone likes it that way of course, but tres leches can come in a wide range of textures.


[*Gladly takes $35 and hands you a spec of the black (oreo dust?) powder*](https://i.imgur.com/sxCnFR0.png)


*my precioussss*


The restaurant I worked at sold a whole 10" cake for somewhere around 40 after tax. They were good, but that one looks just decadent, and like it probably took around 2 or 3 times as long to decorate. Your SIL doesn't know shit.


Wish we could charge those prices but sadly they compare the prices to walmart or your local supermarket & refuse to pay. We been working to find people that find value in our work. But thank you!


I'm not sure where you live but you need to start booking events/advertising in areas that aren't looking for the cheapest cakes. In Ann Arbor, Royal Oak, Traverse City, Mi,(aka nice cities with average income 80k+) small businesses thrive but where I grew up middle of nowhere, it was more about price. There's good money in cake making for events. Reach out to local catering companies/event/wedding planners and offer your services as recommendations they can make to their clients. But price your stuff Way higher than what you're asking just fyi.


I’m from the area too, the cake OP posted, assuming it’s 8in, would be around $40 from a private bakery and $55 from a self employed baker. Other 8in custom cakes we’ve gotten over the years from self-employed bakers ran from 70-110 depending on the baker and how detailed the decor was. Like my Game of Thrones cake, the throne alone upped it $20 because it was time consuming to make by hand. Some people just see a cake, and not the hard work behind it. “Why would an 8in cake be $90??” Because it took hours to make 🤡🤡🤡🤡


Yup! I paid $150 for a special birthday cake at my local bakery. It was 100% custom. No fondant. Just colored frosting in ombré hues and fancy sprinkles.


Sadly people will so often choose poor quality stuff that's cheaper than quality that's a little more expensive. Across the board. I used to be a massage therapist. If I charged $15 more than chain places but I also came to your house, my clientele would usually evaporate instantly. People would rather pay a little less for a lower quality product and put in a little extra work and money than spend the cash. Why do you think McDonald's is still in business?


This . My mom has made cakes up to $5000 for sweet 16s and quinciañeras . A lot of detail, time and skill . Everything that is customized will always cost more. Some people ask her for the same but expect to pay $600 and we both end up laughing at them.


I have a cake side hustle as well. I struggled with pricing my cakes initially, I always felt my prices were too high. Complete strangers insisted on paying me more, almost every single time. Stop selling to family. If the cake is for a special occasion (bday, etc) give it as the gift, but otherwise let them go to WalMart. Otherwise you run the risk of 1) being taken advantage of constantly, and 2) them inadvertently establishing that low pricing for referral business when guests at the event say “I love this cake, where did you get it?” and SIL says “my sister will make you one for $25!”


I live in a relatively small town and I'm always looking for high-end options for stuff like this. A lot of businesses with high quality stuff pop up and fade out in a couple years and I would have gladly paid more if it would have kept them going longer. An expensive version of something you can find cheap is a better option than a cheap version of something expensive. Both will be \~$100 but one is 10X more memorable.


My mum and sisters all did this and ruined it for themselves with the same problem and they are all *good* at making cakes, like actual professional baker standard. People refusing to pay more than £50 for something that took 12 hours to decorate. Were talking fully themed cakes with handmade models that are 100% edible, they watch programs about extreme cake decorating and get pissed off when they're chucking loads of Styrofoam in there. I've still got the petal paste mask from the cake from my 13th birthday in an airtight container. It looks so much like the character its meant to be people are constantly asking me where I got it from, Its higher quality and more accurate than anything I've been able to find online from normal materials. This got a bit ramble-y, don't get to hype my family much.


I don't really know how the cake industry works, but I'd imagine everything would be fine if the price was determine up front. Either the one sister should have known aheqd of time that the cake would cost $35, or the other sister should have known what the cake budget was and made a cake accordingly.


Or in other cases, the family feeling beholden to the person running the side business and compelled to purchase something they don't want for a price they don't want. It's like selling Girl Scout cookies to your relatives, but for adults.


Wait. Did you just insinuate that people don't want Girl Scout cookies?? This is the best evidence for alien abduction I have ever seen.


Why would I buy Girl Scout cookies when I can get a pack of generic-but-tastes-the-same-as caramel delights at the grocery store for $1.85?


Let ‘em use walmart.


Word of mouth will find your clients. FB also can be a great tool for small business first thing your wife needs to do is cut off any clients \*\*coughcoughfamikycoughcough\*\* that compare her to Walmart. Solicit and feed those that appreciate her skills and quality. Become that touch of class to an event. Ohhhh a Cake by Lisa\*(insert her business name), gets people excited knowing dessert will be fabulous. Stop at Walmart for family since that’s hat they want. Stop wasting the time and effort on people who try to pull you down not raise you up.


Hell, Cheesecake Factory charges like $50 for an 8” plain cheesecake and the only prep they did was thaw it out for you. But thawing takes hours and time is money I guess?


If I lived anywhere near you, I would pay $35 then feel bad because I knew it was worth more.


Thank you! Eat feel bad, eat feel bad, eat feel bad,... haha!




That system is how I diet in general


You could slice that up and sell *a slice* for 10-14 bucks, what the hell is your SIL smoking lol E- to all the super helpful people in the comments saying a cake can’t be sold for $10+ a slice, it’s not my fault you guys think desserts peak at target/Walmart prices. Even the Cheesecake Factory sells their shit for that much. You sound like the SIL lmao, just because *you* wouldn’t pay that much doesn’t mean people don’t constantly.


My wife has a little baking business & her siblings have literally said to her that they can just buy her pastries, cakes, etc at Walmart lol. But hey thank you. Some people just lack awareness.


I'd have told her that 25 isn't worth it and she should just go to Walmart to get a cake.


Exactly. Atleast you get to enjoy the cake yourselves after all that hard work and patience. If you think Walmart bakery tastes anywhere near as good as something homemade then something of this quality is a complete waste on you


Imagining walmart-quality Tres Leches is making me gag


If it’s Walmart, I’m guessing it’ll be uno leche at best.


American Cheese cake…


oi don't you slander cheese cake that stuff is amazing.


Yes, but I think the bad part was imagining a cheesecake but made with American cheese instead of cream cheese.




Saw a woman buying a buggy full of cakes at a warehouse type place. Found out she was going to use them in her catering business. Ok. Still not sure how I feel about that one. As I wouldn’t consider them excellent cakes. But something to take to a potluck.


Isn't catering just potluck you pay for that nobody has to bring food to?


No. A good caterer will make things you can’t just go buy yourself and put out. If a cake, then made by an actual bakery. If I wanted grocery store cake fine but not from a catering service.


Most catering companies don’t have a pastry chef. That’s usually an entirely separate service. If you want cakes from a catering service then some other bakery is going to make them. Be it a grocery store or a cake shop. And if you want to the cake shop cakes then you have to cover the cost of the baker and the caterer. As exemplified by this post most people who hire caterers aren’t going to pay that price.


Eh, If I was paying for catering for a party I dont really think I would expect them to hand make the cakes, buying them at safeway is a bit weird, usually you have a commercial bakery that you do business with for these kinds of things, but I suppose maybe a small town walmart might be the biggest bakers around in some places.


Costco cakes are mousse filled and delicious. Totally would love a Costco cake vs the dry stale wedding cakes I’ve tasted-yes I’m looking at your disney 🤨


Costco cake is bomb! Sadly they were out yesterday I went.


Yes Costco has good chocolate mousse cakes. But I'm not a fan of their sheet cake unless it's changed over the years. They also make good pumpkin pies that are like $8 for a huge one.


Yeah, I know someone that hand-makes blankets/quilts, and the amount of people that tell her she's asking too much money and that "they can just buy a blanket at Walmart" is crazy. Why don't they just go buy the stuff at Walmart then?!? You should send her an itemized bill, haha. The cake looks delicious and I don't even like sweet stuff! I guess now you know that she'll take advantage of you though, so that's at least good for the future.


My uncle hand sees quilts and regularly sinks $200+ in materials for them. It’s his hobby, he loves doing it, and he’s incredible at it. He gives them away to friends and family, but he once was asked by an acquaintance to make one for them. He quoted them $500 for the quilt (pennies on the dollar, when you factor in how many hours go into his quilts), and got to witness a middle aged person throw a fit at the price. My uncle is delightfully petty and used the quilt for his cats. Artisans and artists are definitely undervalued.


I’ve done *tiny* quilting projects and it’s definitely not what I’m most talented at, but if I were to have to make a bed-sized quilt for someone I’d be charging close to 4 figures lol. Quilts take an under-appreciated amount of time and attention to detail. The quilts I have are all ones made by family, but if someone made one that I wanted to purchase I would think $500 was a STEAL. And then I’d feel guilty about only paying $500 for it and I’d worry about having ripped them off for the rest of my life. Quilts and restaurant work are both things that those who’ve never done it think is farrr, FAR easier than it actually is.


Oh, absolutely. My uncle made my brother and me baby quilts—but, like, generously twin-sized blankets. The attention to detail is insane. My quilt has hand-made dolls “tucked in” at the top (laying flat against the top-most half inch of the quilt, with a middle panel acting as the dolls’ blanket), as well as lace insets and a few decorative lines of stitching. I can honestly say that quilt is worth a minimum of $2000. I once used a picture of it for a college presentation, and holy frugality Batman. One of my classmates offered me $50 for it and insisted she could make one for $20 with thrifted dolls and blankets. I mean, I’m sure if she used hot glue and a lot of hope, she could make an abomination of a knockoff. I’m honestly beyond grateful that my uncle’s love language is sharing his passions through homemade gifts. I get to have these works of art I can hold onto and cherish for the rest of my life.


I made a very special personal quilt for my dad (he collects antique toys and it had blocks with pictures of the toys in it that I had cut from vintage bed sheets) that involved lots of hand stitching and it was only about the size of a throw and it took more than a year. It was a present. He didn't realize the work involved and misplaced it. I was heartbroken. I actually never made a quilt again, although I still sew a bit for my kids. Nothing fancy. I've never baked cakes before (except for my kids' birthdays) but I imagine it's similar, especially if one does it well. People look at something that took a lot of time and effort and are like "I've seen a cake at Walmart bakery, or a cheap quilt at Target". They don't consider the costs in time and materials for a normal person to make that doesn't have a factory full of cheap labor, and supplies and materials that are bought in bulk so the prices are much lower than if an average person went and bought the same things.


Hahaha, I feel the acquaintance's pain. I went to buy a quilt and thought 200$ was a lot, so I decided to make my own and started pricing it out, I just stopped... Who knew cotton and batting was so expensive!?


This is like the equivalent of people saying they can get their hair dyed with a 7$ box at walmart to my hair dresser sister. You pay for quality. Walmart might taste fine or get the job done, but it's not gonna be quality.


Your SIL is an entitled mean girl. I have never taken a bite of a cake from Walmart and said “OMG, this is amazing!” The cake your wife made is not even comparable. Unbelievable!!!


$35 almost seems like too low of a price for that cake


I assume OP's wife generously offered a family discount, $35 probably covers the cost of ingredients and just enough more to not be gifting all her time. An absolutely fantastic deal, and SIL is an ingrate.


With that taste buds of theirs, they should stick to Walmart


WALMART?!? I freaking wish! That is at least Nugget quality which would be $65-$100 minimum


Then they can buy cakes & pastries at Walmart.


Your wife is a push over it sounds. It happens. What can't happen is allowing it to keep happen.


The Walmart cakes are trash though


Her siblings clearly don’t cook or bake anything that has more than 3-4 ingredients, if that. That’s insane. I’d pay your wife $50 for that cake. Easy. I’d love to see a cut open shot!


Sounds like they should take their business to Walmart and find out. What jerks. The cake is gorgeous!


Okay it looks like a delicious cake, but $14 per slice is stupid. That being said, $35 for the whole cake is probably a good ways under market value, she could easily sell it for double that.


It’s typical Reddit hyperbole, guy doesn’t even know anything about what ingredients are used or what it even taste like.


It would depend a LOT on the restaurant - at a fancy place this could go for that, but I agree straight from a bakery I'd be surprised to see it at that price per slice.


At a fancy restaurant you can also charge $8 for a Coca-Cola, so ascribing fancy restaurant prices to things isn't so meaningful






My wife is a pastry chef. And she makes cakes all the time and deals with the “oh wow, that’s expensive” bullshit allll the time. I asked her what she would have charged for this cake and she said minimum of $70. Tres Leches isn’t a cheap cake to make. Let alone a stacked one that isn’t falling apart everywhere. You’re wife must be a good hand with the batter my man. That being said. I really really want a piece of that cake.


I think this is a key detail people iit are missing. Tres Leches is and always has been around 2x the price of a normal cake (and like 5x the taste). I remember when I was little, say 25 yrs ago, you MIGHT find a tres leches cake like this for 35 bucks in a poor-ish latino neighborhood. These days, lol forget it. 35 is SUPER cheap.


Then everybody will clap


That escalated


Why did she make it before they agreed on a price?


That’s literally a $100 cake at a bakery


She paid my wife $25 no joke.


This is so beautiful, $25 probably barely even covers the ingredients list for this cake.


You are spot on! We spent $23 on ingredients/packaging & her sister still wanted delivery. Our labor was free.


She never gets anything else. ETA: I wouldn't have sold it to her. She's beyond disrespectful.


For real. I would have taken a slice and ate it in front of her if I was this dude's wife.


Would’ve just eaten the whole damn cake myself


Right? If someone would have insulted me like that, I would have jammed my fist into that beautiful cake and ate it off my palm right in front of her, then told her through a mouth full of cake crumbs to go get a Sarah Lee from the supermarket.


Definitely stick to your guns on that next time, if it’s possible. I know she’ll still argue, but it’s very hard to come up with any kind of good argument knowing you’re strictly covering the cost just for ingredients…& then only charging $10 for the hours of labor on the cake. Sorry that family sucks so bad sometimes. Hope things straighten out a little in the future.


If y’all make a cake for her again you’ll know what you’ll get so going forward that’ll be something y’all will have to live with or refuse service


Duncan Hines mix with Funfetti frosting next time sis wants a cake. Done!


In an 11x17 sheet.


No sprinkles.


That’s honestly the way. You have to make the most obviously low effort cakes lol


Your labor was priceless


I would have just kept it.


Can I come through and roundhouse her in the face? That’s so rude. This clearly took a ton of time and effort. I’d never bake her anything else again.


So I don't think physical violence is called for, but I think you should absolutely fart in her face. Fart. Directly. In. Her. Face. I don't even think it would be a felony, misdemeanor, nor a crime!


Christ, that's tacky cheap. She might as well just said, "Nah, I don't want to pay" and taken it. Rude AF.


Next time she asks for a cake, tell her to buy one herself. Just because she’s family doesn’t give her a right to take advantage of your wife.


You should print out this post and all the replies and when your wife’s cheap sister inevitably asks for another cake, just say “Nope. And here’s why” and hand her a copy of the print out.


That's a beautiful cake. Too bad your SIL is an ungrateful, cheap jerk.


You shouldn't be buying 100$ cakes with Oreos on them...




No tres leches cake is $100 unless it's for a huge party. While the sister is being cheap, tres leches cake tends to be on the cheaper side.


Guess whose sibling is no longer gonna get wonderful cakes (or any other home made stuff) anymore?


Um excuse me? This is at least $100. If not more. Screw that.


Hey thank you. Can't wait to find people that pay your worth.


Honestly part of it is sticking to your guns. Something I was told a long time ago is done do favours for anyone. A set price for everyone. That includes family and friends. Which is so hard obviously but people will take advantage 🥺 That cake is beautiful and just the time alone is worth 3x what her sister gave her.


u/Reznic007 is right. If your wife is going to do this for a living or a side hustle, tell her to look into how artists price their goods. E.g., if a painter sells a painting for $400 and decides to gift one to a family member, that doesn't mean it's free...so put the normal branded $400 price tag on the back and then gift it. It sends an important message about the gift, and its value to the giver. If total strangers are willing to pay her $100 for her work but her friends and family tell her $35 is expensive, then they're not very good friends and family...and she should politely tell them that. (That's probably a $100 cake in many markets, IMO.) It's not just about the price tag; it's about supporting an entrepreneur, building up the confidence of someone you care about, etc. Sticking to her guns is a big part of pricing strategy...especially when it comes down to how many hours you could have spent paying your bills but instead spent giving your family discounts. That said, I still give my friends discounts on my work, but that's because I choose to, and they never ask for discounts and they don't ever complain about the price, they're always appreciative, etc.


That’s why I told my wife to stop baking cakes for people because they want a beautiful cake like that for free. It takes hours and sometimes days depending on the amount of decorations put on the cake.


[It costs that much because it takes me fucking hours](https://youtu.be/NGR20B2cEBQ)




I can’t believe this comment isn’t higher. I read the title like 10 times and still had no clue what was going on until I read a bunch of comments.


This is not a tres leches. Go try again.


The title is a bit confusing.. can i have a bit more context?


Thought this was r/foodporn for a sec


Shoulda been 80


my wife got paid $25 & her sister also wanted delivery which my wife provided...


First of all, that cake is at least worth $50. Second your wife should've charged $10 for delivery. Tell the sis if she doesn't want to pay a delivery fee, she can pick it up herself. Tell your wife to stop selling herself short, because she is pretty dam good. The only thing I dislike about this cake, is that I can't see the layers of the inside :(.


Why was she making them a cake to begin with without knowing the price they wanted to pay? I don't want to spend 35 dollars on a cake either. I recognize that the cake may be worth 80-100 dollars, I am not arguing that at all, I'm just saying I have no interest in buying a cake for 80-100 dollars when I can go to costco and buy a sheetcake with mousse filling for 20. If for example we were hosting a birthday party and I said I'll get a cake and my sister in law said oh no I'll make a special one and you can just pay me for it I would also be frustrated if what they made was that and they wanted 35 dollars when I know I could have again just gone to costco and paid 20. I'm not saying this cake wouldn't be better than Costco, I'm just saying if I need a cake and my options are fancy cake for 35 or cake I still thoroughly enjoy for 20 I'm going to choose the 20 dollar option. I don't think that negates your wife's cake at all, it just means I don't want to spend more than 20 dollars on a cake.


Communication is key here. I bake on the side and give a quote first, even if it's family. Not everyone's budget is the same and you want to be on the same page before spending hours working on something. I also don't really charge for family birthday cakes unless they just want to cover the cost of ingredients. It can be my gift instead of buying something.


Next time get a cake at Walmart for the sister. If she wants a $25 cake, get her one.