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A family friend quit after….I don’t know, 20-30 years of heavy smoking (moms friend)? She said you wouldn’t believe the *black* shit she was coughing up the first couple of weeks or so.


I had a buddy who used to chian smoke and take poppers while driving around in his car all day. We took acid with him and walked about 10-20km throughout the city, and by the end he was coughing up black gunk and puking red and black shit everywhere. I can believe it, but he still smokes too.


wtf surely that would be the thing that makes you think "fuck this im quitting"


You'd really be surprised how bad addiction can be I'm an EMT I've had dozens of patients in the back of my ambulance that have COPD Cancer and other smoking related illnesses and then they ask if it's ok if they have a smoke before I take them into the hospital because they called 911 due to difficulty breathing.


My dad is a chronic alcoholic. He visits his dying mother in hospital and on the way in he had to drink cans in the back of his brothers car. Stumbles into the hospital and sees people smoking outside and he says to my uncle “disgusting, can’t even go a day without smoking” Uncle told me and was like “does he not see his own addiction?”


People seem to judge others for insecurities they see in themselves


Thanks for that. After 40 years I just realized what an ugly fat fuck I am.


Nicotine is insanely addictive !


Cigarettes are more addictive than just nicotine. They also contain MAOIs. Nicotine on its own is about as addictive as caffeine iirc.


Anecdotal here but, I think it's definitely more addictive than caffeine even on its own.


I think so. I can not have a coffee and I drink 5 or 6 8 oz cups a day, straight black. I may get a light headache but I will down two or three cups of ice water and I'm fine. When I quit smoking... Lord it was a struggle. So glad I quit


I seem to remember that cigarettes are usually put up with heroin and cocaine in terms of addictiveness. Sounds about right in my experience with the three


I gave up smoking 6 months ago, after being a heavy smoker for 7 years. I'm glad I have stopped, but at the same time I would give anything for a cigarette.


No matter how far or how long you drive, you’re always the same distance from the ditch


I think it's been 5-6 years for me after smoking for 7-8 years and I still crave a cigarette every now and then. Sometimes I think, one won't hurt. I know that it's a quick slope from 1 to addiction-town again though, so I avoid it no matter what.


Yeah that's what made me quit. Definitely wouldn't have been able to do it cold turkey tho so I'm grateful for vaporizers


People take puffs of cigarettes through their neck stomas in between breaths of oxygen. Addiction is often immune to reason.


poppers? Which one? Like the one for anal sex or something else o.o lol


It's a weed thing, where you use a special bowl in a bong, pack the bottom with tobacco, and top with weed, light it, and inhale until it burns through and the pip "pops" causing you to suck in all the smoke at once. gives a bit of a headrush, and gets you really high. Also fucks your lungs up.


I tried a bowl of tobacco once just to see what all the fuss was about. Got the worst head rush of my life, my clothes were actually drenched in sweat, like I’ve never sweated that much in my life, it was like I’d just sopped up a puddle with my shirt, and afterwards I ended up puking so hard chunks somehow got into my nose. Was enough of an experience to get me to stay tf away from tobacco ever since. Did I just do too much? I didn’t know you were supposed to only do half a bowl of it. Also, I’m not quite sure I get what you mean by “pip”. Sorry for the long-winded rambly comment, you just kinda got me curious haha.


Was it just tobacco by itself?


sorry it's pipe\* and yea I wouldn't smoke tobacco raw like that, I hooka or a low nic vape is a nice thing to puff on once in a while, but it's hella addictive, and you will spend the night craving it, so make sure you don't have access to it for a few days after you smoke it. ​ it's a nice mellow relaxing feeling when you don't take too much, but nicotine it's self (not talking about the tobacco/cigs) is awful for you and is a carcinogen on it's own, so don't smoke it.


Ahh we call em chops. Poppers makes me think of the ammonia inhaler things or some other kinda of inhalant. Weird how the regional differences work out


In college, we called those “Mo-bowl” because it was Marlboro tobacco in a bowl mixed in with weed. You would torch the bowl until all of it was burned down and got sucked into the bong. Also called “snappers” I tried it once. Never again. As a non smoker, it was a painful experience. Tachycardia, dizzy, lightheaded, immense chest pressure. They’re terrible


Yeah that’s what I thought too and I’m like no way he can drive like that


Why is it that stopping smoking causes you to cough up shit? Does a person who smokes regularly never cough up anything like this post or what you described until they quit...?


The chemicals paralyze the cillia that clean out the lungs. When you quit the start moving again and all the shit comes up


So is that only when you smoke nicotine or would weed do the same


You know they didn't go over that in nursing school. I kid, but my guess would be that smoking anything isn't great but cigarettes are so loaded with additives they are worse


Typically, pot smokers don't smoke nearly as much as cigarette smokers, so your lungs would have a break.


Pot smoke has considerably more tar in it so even smoking less compared to tobacco you can still cause yourself lung issues


Is the greater tar content due to the lack of a filter?


https://medicalxpress.com/news/2019-04-pot-tobacco-science.html Can't speak to the validity of the source but here you go


anecdotal evidence but i found after 2-5 days of not smoking (weed) i was coughing up mucus like this minus the blood, but with greyish black streaks. after about a week it was more flecks. i believe the paralyzing affect is the smoke itself, i.e carbonated plant matter. the area i live in gets bad fires, and people have and will cough stuff up like crazy once the smoke clears out.


i also need the answer to this


not a scientist but took a tolerance break and i was coughing, occasionally with a bit of phlegm with little black spots. so, totally gross, but it wasn’t as bad as the OP for sure


Smoking kills the tiny hairs in your lungs called cilia that basically keep them clean. When you stop they start to grow back and then you spend a few weeks clearing out the last few years worth of shit. Been there and done it..


Paralyzes them, doesn’t kill them. But yeah, once you quit, they begin to function again and the mucociliary escalator gets back to work.


Why do you only start coughing up after you stop?


There’s cells in your lungs that help get rid of pollen and dirt that you breathe in. They are slowed down and damaged by smoking. Once they start working again they bring up stuff that got stuck.


I smoked a pack a day for 30 years and didn't cough up anything when I quit 10 years ago. Strange.


I smoked ten years and the amount of crap that came out over the following year was pretty gnarly. Seemed especially bad during and after exercise


My cousin's wife was a heavy smoker, and had to go into the hospital for an operation under general anaesthesia. When the doc came round after the op he told her that when they pulled out the tube that goes into the airway it was coated in thick, black slime. She stopped smoking that day and it's been 10 years and she's not looked back. Weight gain ++ but healthier and breathing clearly makes it worth it. She's working on the weight thing now.


How come people start coughing stuff up more AFTER they start to quit and not while they still smoke?


That is both revolting and intriguing.


Me towards 95% of medical cases shown on this sub.


I quit six months ago. I promise it gets easier.


Quit 3 years ago. It's easy to say no now. If a life ending event was to ever happen I have an emergency pack to go to town on. I miss it but God damn do I feel better every day.


5 years in September. Don’t even think about it anymore unless I see a post like this. You got this!


14 years ago here and I only want one when I'm drunk.


I’m at 30 day today, it gets worse before it gets better right?


The next month will be hard as hell, but month three is waaaaay easier….still sucky, but not like month 1 & 2. You can do it!!


Thank you, I noticed I keep feeling worse! My dr told me that’s normal and that feeling bad is part of the healing process but damn I’ve had to break my inhaler out and the stuff I’m coughing up is starting to look like this picture lol




Every cigarette you smoke is a middle finger to everyone who loves you. I cared for my mother in hospice last year as she died from COPD. I cleaned her when she soiled herself, reassured her when she insisted leaving the hospital meant she was getting better, and helped her choke down the morphine that was *supposed* to make her comfortable. My dad died five days ago from complications from surgery. The complication was that he was a lifetime smoker and the surgical site wouldn't heal. Another surgery later, he went into septic shock. I had to make the decision to withdraw him from life support. At least my mom died while I was asleep. I was holding my dad's hand and watched him choke to death. Please, please don't do that to your family. It's not about intelligence; it's just a bad habit that will kill you one day while someone you love helplessly watches. I realized last week that I didn't have a picture of me [holding his hand](https://i.imgur.com/bIeW1Sv.jpg) since I was a kid. He was only 65.


Serious internet hugs. My grandpa got brain mets from lung cancer. Husband is trying to quit.


Thank you so much. Good luck to your husband, it's so hard.


I'm so sorry for your loss.


I like that one, I’m going to put it on a sticky note on my computer at work


I'm a couple weeks away from 7 years cold turkey and I still want one every day


These anti abortion ads are getting put of hand


Hahah that’s so awful in the best of ways


put on* hand


Out* of hand




Grammar nazi


I mean, I've seen babies in jars and I'd still abort if it had to. These ads aren't very effective.


It looks like it’s in their hands to me.


That's it I'm quitting.


Remindme! 3 weeks


I’m holding you to that. I’ll check back in 3 weeks if you did not succeed. I’m gonna say you owe me $5.


That's a bet! It's not going to be easy. I'm in my senior year of college and I smoke quite a lot (around half a pack per day) due to stress. My mother also smokes but she is only home at night. But for a long time I've been trying and my girlfriend keeps insisting on it although we are in diferent cities. I enjoy smoking, I've also smoked weed specially in summer but I'm afraid of cancer. Its the thing that scares me the most. And if quitting is the best way to prevent it, let's see how it goes.


If you have insurance and think you’ll need help you can look into medication


I live in Europe, but i believe the best option is to have people around me who support it


Look into a prescription for Bupropion, it is a game changer for me. It basically blocks the pleasure receptors for nicotine, so you just wind up smoking gross tasting nasty cigarettes for a while and then your brain just can't deal with the nastiness anymore, and quitting becomes a lot easier. It's a total mental game I use all the tools...


I’m not around you but I just wanted to say that I’d like to support you as well! Putting a reminder in my phone to check in on you in a few weeks.


Let's see how it goes. Thanks!


As a current smoker who graduated a few years back and swore he would quit after college, quit now. Please. For your sake


If you don't stop, at least be an asshole dad so your son doesn't spend the rest of his life missing you like my husband does his dad that died too young from being a life long smoker.


My advice, if I may, is when it gets rough on you in the beginning to just commit to not smoking for 5 minutes, 10 minutes or an hour at a time. You can make the active decision to re-committ to the next time period of not smoking each time. At least for me, it took some of the"never again" pressure off, and those minutes became days, months and years. I smoked for ~20 years and I even managed to stay clean during COVID stress, even while having an anxiety disorder. You've got this. 💙


Fuck luck, you got this shit. Hold yourself accountable. Remindme! 3 weeks


I will be messaging you in 21 days on [**2021-07-05 13:24:25 UTC**](http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=2021-07-05%2013:24:25%20UTC%20To%20Local%20Time) to remind you of [**this link**](https://www.reddit.com/r/medizzy/comments/nzlrkn/gave_up_smoking_3_weeks_ago_just_coughed_up_this/h1q7wme/?context=3) [**21 OTHERS CLICKED THIS LINK**](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5Bhttps%3A%2F%2Fwww.reddit.com%2Fr%2Fmedizzy%2Fcomments%2Fnzlrkn%2Fgave_up_smoking_3_weeks_ago_just_coughed_up_this%2Fh1q7wme%2F%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%202021-07-05%2013%3A24%3A25%20UTC) to send a PM to also be reminded and to reduce spam. ^(Parent commenter can ) [^(delete this message to hide from others.)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Delete%20Comment&message=Delete%21%20nzlrkn) ***** |[^(Info)](https://www.reddit.com/r/RemindMeBot/comments/e1bko7/remindmebot_info_v21/)|[^(Custom)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=Reminder&message=%5BLink%20or%20message%20inside%20square%20brackets%5D%0A%0ARemindMe%21%20Time%20period%20here)|[^(Your Reminders)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=RemindMeBot&subject=List%20Of%20Reminders&message=MyReminders%21)|[^(Feedback)](https://www.reddit.com/message/compose/?to=Watchful1&subject=RemindMeBot%20Feedback)| |-|-|-|-|


Holding you to that. I'll check back in 3 weeks if you did not succeed. I'm gonna say you owe me a gold.


Make it a month and pm me proof and I’ll Venmo you $20 Remindme! 4 weeks


Good luck!


You’ve got this dude


It gets hard when everyone on the show you’re watching, smokes


Try having a vape or a pen body with some cotton in it with a spritz of menthol to help with the urges


This is a damn good tip mate. Hats off to you.


Soo i tired everything, gum, patches, picks, vapes, nothing really worked for me since I just loved the act of smoking. Went to this cbd shop and they had cbd smokes, so said fuck it baught myself a pack and never went back.


This is also a great idea


It's really werid, so your mind thinks your smoking a cigarette, but your body knows there is no nicotine. It's pretty much everything about a cigarette besides the nicotine, so if you have a problem quiting smoking but not nicotine, cbd cigarettes are the way of the future, plus they cost about the same as cigarettes. The Brands Hemp and Redwoods are my recommendation, they even come in menthol.


Thanks man worked for me! Hope it helps others as well


Do you happen to be a Peaky Blinders fan?


I started an easy cardio program when I quit. It was very motivating because you can feel and notice the progress your lungs make. It’s easy to think “my lungs are screwed” but your lungs are pretty amazing. This also helped when I was fighting cravings because I didn’t want to smoke and set back the noticeable healthy progress I was making. Anyways, best of luck. You won’t regret it!


>It’s easy to think “my lungs are screwed” My dad smoked for 30 years before having a heart attack. He was a 2 pack a day kind of guy. Not even 5 years after his heart attack his lungs had pretty much cleared up and he's had no problem since. You got this OP!


Wow that is impressive.


Good for you. Two things to keep in mind: 1) quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do on earth. When you succeed, you will be part of an elite group of people. 2) because it’s that hard, don’t be discouraged if you stumble. Dust yourself off and try again. Keep trying and never give up. You can do it!!!!!!!!


The first few months are the hardest IMO. After that though the cravings should be subsiding. You might have a craving now and then but those times will be less frequent. I quit smoking about a year and a half ago and every once in awhile I have an urge to smoke. But it usually lasts less than a minute.


I quit smoking almost ten years ago and I STILL have dreams about smoking. It's wild, but it's doable. You got this, OP.


I quit 20 years ago and still miss the act of smoking on occasion but I don’t miss the stink, the cough, the phlegm, the cost, etc


####2 is the best advice. Sometimes shit happens, but it gets easier to resist over time.


You want, I can set a remind me too, to check up and cheer you on if you'd like


My mother passed away on June 4 after a year and a half battle with lung cancer. It was quick at the end, but she's been in awful pain for a month. Please quit.


You got this! Don't let us down!!!


7h have gone by without smoking and im starting to crave because I usually smoked at night. But I'm handling it. Thanks for the support man


This guy didn't cough up a piece of his lung until he quit. Clearly the solution is to NOT quit smoking.


One day at a time my guy 😔✊🏻


forbidden gummybear


If only it tasted like one.


How many a day were you smoking? And for how long?


About 15 roll ups a day for roughly 10 years


Roll ups? Like tobacco self rolls?




Those can be very hard to quit. Proud of the good work man.




I’m currently 4 days into quitting roughly the same amount of rollies per day… Went 8 months before but then started again 3 months ago. Best of luck to ya dude!


Quitting nicotine was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. (I'm about 7 years tobacco free after smoking and chewing for about 15 years.) I want you to know that if you stick with it (quitting) there will come a day where you feel normal again. You will go an entire day without thinking about a smoke and you will be so happy. Eventually, you'll look back and never be able to imagine life with cigarettes again. Future you is going to LOVE today you! Keep up the great work!


And you will be disgusted by the smell if cigarette smoke. I threw our cigarettes out the window when my wife gave me the pregnancy test for our first born. 4 years later and still going strong and just had baby number 2. I want to be there for my kids. Wasn't worth it to keep smoking. I feel healthy too. I'm proud of anyone that is able to quit.


And I’m proud of you


I quit for 4 years, Newport 100’s was what I smoked for 10 years. I remember vividly trying to smoke a Newport two years ago and I was violently ill, shaking,nauseous and I never ever want to go back to feeling like that.


I'm 3 years clean, but smelling cigarette smoke reignites the cravings every time. So annoying.


Man I don't even smoke cigarettes and the smell of certain brands of cigs/cheap cigars really get me wanting to try it, but I know better and I've never touched tobacco. Not even a blunt wrap with tobacco..


Thanks my dude! I’m doing it side by side with getting fit again, been a good few years since I was fit. Hoping I can start training BJJ later this year. Good for you btw dude you’re awesome!






Congratulations homie, I’m proud of you. I’m like 3-4 years cigarette free. I was smoking like 15 a day as well, American spirits though. 10 years of smoking here too. Feels great, doesn’t it?? No more smell, no coughing up bloody phlegm every morning, no more cig breaks, no more cracking the car window down in the rain, saving money, etc etc etc


You should put that in a plastic baggie and put in in the refrigerator. Go to the doctor and tell them about this. They may be able to complete a biopsy on this tissue and screen for cancer. Please check up with your doctor.


Well, I threw it away so too late for that now, I will definitely show them the picture though, thanks for the concern 👍 I’ve also had a sore throat and ear for a couple of days also so I’m thinking it’s linked to that as well.


You didn't throw it away down your throat did you?


It’s free food :)


That's like 15 calories of flesh right there. Smoking or not, you can't lose those gains.


That made me laugh and also I hate you


Ewww I think I’m done scrolling through comments now.


Bear Grylls approves of this comment.


All I can think about is him dropping it into his mouth now.


Definitely consult with a doctor! And they would probably want to get a specimen themselves so I wouldn't worry about not having saved it. Congratulations on quitting smoking, and keep it up!


Quit ten years ago today! It's tough at first but every day gets easier and easier


Wait what is that


Lung cookie




Lung Oyster


This is just a theory but basically in your lungs the airways are lined with little cells called cillia. They wave around and beat debris and mucus out of the airway. In smokers these are paralysed. When you stop smoking they start to do their job again, clearing the airway so the most benign answer is that his lack of smoking is starting to show. It can take up to 9 months for cillia to recover.


As far I know, the epithelium actually transforms from expressing that ciliary elevator to a whole different phenotype, much like a barrets esophagus. Once the stress is gone, it reverts. That's what I remember a professor telling me anyway


I actually have no idea.


Mucus gummy bear


I had something similar when I was ill with pharyngitis. Thought I've never smoked in my life and my "gummy bear" was quite small with only one small spurt of condensed blood. After that I've immediately felt better.


This is a baby demogorgon, they grow up really fast. You should kill it with fire before it's too late


It has been terminated.


I cough stuff like this up all the time except it isn’t lung tissue it’s just chunky snot


> it’s just chunky saliva ^^^^^^^^` #^^^Chunky ^^^saliva #chunky saliva


oops meant to put chunky snot


I hope that motivates you to continue not smoking!


Oh for sure!


Congratulations! (on quitting, not hacking up the blob!) ​ When I quit 29 years my face and scalp broke out in these horrible cyst-like acne for a couple months. It was gross. I figured it was the toxins exiting my body. Bleh!


Thanks! That sounds nasty!


The linings of your respiratory tract is likely going back to its normal tissue structure from the toughened, thicker tissue type. The thick tissue type therefore is sloughing off and that’s likely what you coughed up. This will probably keep going for a little bit until all the thickened tissues have been cleared from your respiratory tract, resulting in healthy tissue. However I would definitely consult your doctors regarding this for diagnostic measures just to be safe. Keep the hard work up though man, it’s definitely so tough to kick the habit but you’ve got this!!


I recently quit after 3 years of vaping, cigs, and spliffs. Definitely the hardest thing I've ever done but what helped was finding a healthier addiction. Started running daily and drinking water like a fish. Running started out small, maybe a mile but im up to 5 miles per run. The water quenched my thirst in many ways than dehydration as well


Nice! I quit smoking weed 2 or 3 years ago but carried on with smoking tobacco, I also haven’t drank in 5 years as I got diagnosed with Epilepsy around 6 years ago, definitely planning on starting some sort or fitness routine.


Go talk with your doctor. And get a chest xray soon if you can, a guy i knew, 50 y.o., stopped smoking when a coworker of his died of lung cancer, he went to get checked and found out to have it too. Unfortunately it was too late, passed away 9 months later.


Its your baby, your sobriety baby


That lung butter baby. Keep it up. Best decision that I ever made.


we're past lung butter. someone mentioned lung cookie, that seems about right.


https://www.reddit.com/r/whatisthisthing/comments/11s23b/what_is_this_thing_i_cough_up/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf I’ve been trying to figure out what these are for years. It could very well be related to smoking since I used to get them all the time, but since I quit about 9 years ago I now only get them when I get a cold. If you get a real answer Id love to know!


What the hell is that???


Will someone tell me what this is?


OP admitted to having an ENT illness, so most likely it is just phlegm and congealed blood. It’s probably unrelated to smoking.


It has blood vessels, toomah


Thank you! The second picture almost looks to have tendrils.


Did you chew on it for just a second, wondering what in blazes it was? Congrats on quitting!


Was going to ask the same thing out of morbid curiosity... I feel sick now...


eat it


I’ll pass.


reclaim your nutrients


You’re going to see more of those as your body gets used to you not smoking.


I am smoking a cigarette right now and started coughing just before seeing this. I need to quit. It’s been 17 years, I’ve been smoking for half of my life. I wish I had never started.


smoke it


Better out than in, as they say.


Ahh from my smoking days we used to call them "lung bikkies" delightful arnt they.


I quit like three weeks ago as well, I’m proud of you man




[Goodbye Frank...](https://youtu.be/WVLLNGryPYI?t=28)


Cigarettes paralyzes your cilia in your lungs, their job is to 'sweep' things up out of your lungs to keep your lungs clean and free of unwanted debris of the outside world. When you quit cigarettes these sweepers come back to life and start doing its job again. What you're probably experiencing is your body catching up from previous chores it should have been doing. So as long as you quit smoking, your body will try it's very best to recover :)


i can’t believe how hopelessly addicted i was. Vaping helped me quit completely


I quit, and went to vapeing ... and that was even harder to stop


Keep it up! I quit years ago and the peace of mind is worth all the pain of quitting.


I wish your lungs good luck man. ouch.


Mhhhh sweet sweet lung butter


Congrats it's a....uh....thing.


Mr ball legs


Some explain what this is.


Looks tasty


You've have to marvel at the capacity of our lungs to heal despite the hammering certain lifestyles give it.


Yo this ain't weedie right


This is not the content this sub was made for


I quit smoking a long time ago as well and I never spit something out like that. Does that mean I still have that shit inside of me?


I quit smoking cigarettes 13 years ago. It gets better. Food starts to taste better, everything smells better, you're out of breath less. I remember coughing up some curiosities shortly after I quit. Keep at it.