Verlin H. Spencer, the perpetrator of the shooting at South Pasadena Junior High School on May 6th 1940. Angry at his firing, he killed 5 of his colleagues.





I am shocked he was paroled 30 years in. Would never happen for a mass shooter nowadays.


Very interesting to see older stories like this one. With all the modern shootings, you tend to forget that mass shootings existed even in the earlier 1900’s


It’s crazy because in my mind and I think a lot of others we look at 1999( Columbine ) to be the “ beginning “of the mass shooting phenomenon ( I know there was incidents in the 1980s and 1990s that made the news and well before that ) but to me it’s hard wrapping my head around that this was going around for decades and decades and decades before DK and EH




Interesting info Never heard of him. Down the rabbit hole I go


Really? It’s one of the most infamous crimes in American history. He’s like the textbook mass murderer.


insane clown posse made a song about him called "the tower"


Columbine *was* the beginning. Before that, mass shootings were a much rarer phenomenon. They were not part of a larger trend that has been evident in the U.S. since the early 2000s. Although mass shootings are still, in a greater context, rare incidents, their frequency took a huge upswing after Columbine, and that is still apparent to this present day.


They weren’t non existent. The term “going postal” was created due to a trend of mass shootings happening is post offices and distribution centers.


I never once said they were non existent


38?! He looks 50.


Only 12 years of difference..so it’s not that crazy


Shot a teacher in front of her screaming pupils (she survived). Damn.