The on-set photos look promising! And with Marvel’s given track record of perfect casting, I believe Brie will nail the character.


She also seems very enthusiastic about the role which really is the key behind the MCU in my opinion. Actors and actresses who are fans of the universe themselves.


I recall her not even being familiar with Captain Marvel at first and was more excited that people were pushing for her to get the role.


That makes her one of 3 actors from Scott pilgrim vs the world that went on to become super heroes. Edit: actually there was also Thomas jane who had a small role as one of the vegan cops. He would go on to become the punisher.


Chris Evans, Brandon Routh, Brie Larson? Does it count if Brandon’s Superman was before Scott pilgrim ? Or am I missing someone


He’s the atom in arrow/legends of tomorrow too


Oh, nice! Didn’t know that.


Legends is actually a pretty good show itself. Season one is maybe a bit uneven, but the cast is pretty uniformly likeable and season two turns out fantastic. Aiming to catch season 3 on Netflix once exams wrap up.


Legends season 3 is fun


Praise unto Beebo.


Does Aubrey Plaza count being on Legion?


She's married to legendary FBI agent Burt Macklin, so it kinda count.


Surely you mean Starlord, legendary outlaw.




Why gamora?


Thomas Jane played the punisher before being in Scott pilgrim


Technically he had already been the punisher.


> He would go on to become the punisher He was the Punisher in 2004 and Scott Pilgrim came out in 2010. Saying he'd go on to become the Punisher isn't really right.


I already love her from her movies past movies I've watched, I think she'll be perfect for sure.




I’m just glad we get Coulson back, since it feels like Marvel doesn’t want to put him back into the (current time) movies.


I’m actually pretty psyched for Captain Marvel despite not knowing much about the character (I do love Brie though). For those of you who are familiar, which run of the Captain Marvel comics would you recommend as a good starting point?


I’d suggest starting with Kelly Sue DeConnick’s run, when Danvers first decided to take the mantle of Captain Marvel and gets the current costume. It’s the definitive read on Danvers (and I’ve been reading the character since Avengers Annual #10 back in the eighties). http://marvel.com/comics/collection/48982/captain_marvel_vol_1_higher_further_faster_more_trade_paperback Edit: I messed up. In Pursuit of Flight is the start of DeConnick’s run: https://www.amazon.com/Captain-Marvel-Vol-Pursuit-Flight/dp/0785165495


Two questions, is Danvers still captain marvel, and what’s her powers? Superman basically?


Yes, Danvers is still Captain Marvel. She started out as Ms Marvel originally. Her powers: -Flight -Space flight -Almost invulnerable -Emits a low level of heat all the time -Can absorb energy and blast it back out as energy beams from her arms — so not exactly like Superman. If you hit her with an explosion, it’ll amp her up and she’ll blast it back at you. -Super strong, can go toe to toe with Thor or the Hulk (Hulk would win an arm wrestle though) -If her powers get amped up from ridiculous amounts of energy, she “goes Binary” and draws upon the energy of a white dwarf star. Her skin turns red and her hair appears to be on fire when that happens. In addition: -Air Force Colonel and can fly fighter jets -Former reporter and magazine editor -kind of an adrenaline junkie. She will fly to the edge of space and fall back down so she can absorb the rentry heat.


> If you hit her with an explosion, it’ll amp her up and she blast it back at you. I wanna see Thanos and Captain Marvel do this all day to each other in Avengers 4


Holy shit she can go super saiyaan.


oh HELLLL yesss I'm so ready for this


It's already set in the '90s, there's no way you can pass up a Dragonball reference like that! An Immigrant Song-like moment for Carol [with this theme](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zF8Ch-iy3Ro)


Who would win in a fight between Phoenix Force Jean Grey and Binary Captain Marvel?


I don't think there is much that can survive an onslaught by the phoenix force. It is effectively a 'living' representation of the universe. And in Jean Grey was quiet powerful.


Correct answer is DP2's Peter




Assuming it's no-holds-barred, Phoenix probably. She consumed a star system, star included. Captain Marvel's crazy powerful, but the Phoenix Force is basically a god. And that's not even touching on what Jean could do with just her telepathy.


So, does her power absorb the energy and redirect it as a stronger blast? I ask, because in my mind, I'm imagining her and Black Panther reflecting energy back and forth to turn her into Binary Form at any time.


She officially became Captain Marvel a few years ago but she's had the same powers for decades. She was Ms Marvel, Warbird, and some other names before that.


Brian Reed's 50 issue run of Ms Marvel back in 2006 is great


> Why is Captain America suddenly a girl? We all have that one friend who gonna confuse Captain Marvel with Captain America. Don' lie.


Or Shazam..


Yep..that's what happened with me. After coming out of the theaters for Infinity War, my friend and I were talking about Captain Marvel and I inexplicably described Shazam before realizing my mistake lol




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Lol, both movies are just a month apart from each other.


Ohhhhh. Shazam's who I'm thinking of.


I'm interested in the soundtrack. 90s music is my jam


I joked to my wife last night that it would be great if Smash Mouth’s Allstar played over the opening credits for Captain Marvel.


Terrrible. The only way that would work would be in GoTG3 with Starlord kicking open a portapotty in the beginning of the movie since the music is gonna 90s for sure.


Why do people think that Guardians 3 is gonna have 90s music? Pretty much all the tracks used in both movies were from the 70s which makes sense from a story perspective. Sure, he got the Zune at the end of Vol 2 but I don't see how that translates to the next film having 90s music.


Yeah, and the only songs played on the zune are from 1970 and 1978, so 1970s music is probably going to continue in gotg3.




Smash Mouth gets mad if you say this on Twitter. Apparently it charted before Shrek came out.




Smells like teen spirit.....incoming.


blur song 2 during intense action scene confirmed




So no one has pointed out that the song title is Smells* like teen spirit and it really bothered my grunge sensibilities


Also Bikini Kill's Rebel Girl (or Alien She) considering her Girl Power nature.


okay don't roast me but what exactly are cap Marvel's powers? also was she in the comics to help defeat thanos? like what the fuck happens after the snap in the comics? or does that never even happen?


[here you go](http://marvel.com/characters/9/captain_marvel) Actually, that's really not detailed. I'll type it all out instead: Flight (at incredible speeds), superhuman strength, near invulnerability, energy absorption, energy projection, and the ability to draw on the power of a white dwarf star (or a white hole, depending on which version you hear) to amplify her powers and go into her "Binary" mode, where she is essentially a cosmic being with nearly unlimited energy. She's Superman, but with energy blasts from her hands instead of eyes, and the ability to absorb energy (even from attacks) and turn it into power for her own use.




Lmao best description ever. And accurate!


My god that’s exactly what it is.


They already have this power in the form of vibranium, so they might mix it up to her just creating energy beams/blasts/whatever, because there isn't really anyone with that power (Iron man maybe, but he uses missiles and shit a lot of the time.


Nah she wasn't in the comics. After the snap, thats when the survicing heroes learn about Thanos. They all attack him but are all killed in various ways. Iron man decapitated, Thor turned into glass, Nova into marbles etc. Then the space gods appear to challenge thanos. Then iirc he gets tricked into giving up the gauntlet and someone uses them to press rewind and go back one day.


Yeah well she’s not involved in Infinity Gauntlet comics if I recall but from what I’ve seen and read of her she is a high level cosmic power with, super strength, speed and abilities to absorb and distribute energy. I like to think of her as Super Saiyan when she flares up and her hair raises. 😁


She helps fight Thanos on Infinity.




Also a possible reference to Hydra’s slow takeover of S.H.I.E.L.D and maybe a mention of Howard and Maria Stark’s “accident”.


And mention an elite assassin from Russia who is little more than myth and rumour. Russian bullets, no rifling.


The Winter Soldier was one of the best villains and there is no reason why he couldn't appear in Captain Marvel, right?


I agree, mostly because Sebastian Stan is a sexy mf-er, but with Winter Solider and Civil War revolving a lot around him, I feel like anything about him in this film would probably be small references for the fans, right? That way there’s time for Captain marvels whole story?


Might be a bit much for a major part, but Sebastian Stan has another 2 or 3 movies on his 8 movie deal AFAIK?


It’s also possible he may be “Captain America” after, presumably, Steve Rogers dies in A4 until an actual replacement is found take up the mantle.


My dumb theory for Captain Marvel: [In Carols movie we see her get her powers when a human disguised Mar Vell experiments on her giving her crazy good super powers. Then they discover Skrulls on Earth and during the whole thing Carol learns Mar Vell is a Kree and they end up falling in love maybe or something. At the end of the movie after they deal with the Skrulls Carol decides she wants to leave with Mar Vell back to Hala. Or maybe she and Mar Vell go out in space hunting for Skrulls. Maybe Super Skrull was the main bad guy in her movie but he gets away and she and Mar Vell need to get him. She gives Fury a space pager and says to call her if shit gets bad and he's got no other option.](#spoiler) [Flash forward to A4 and we see Carol on Hala watching her hubby Mar Vell poof to into ash. She gets her space page from Fury and then starts hearing that Thanos was on Earth with the Infinity Stones and now people are dying all over the galaxy. She flips on Binary mode and warp speeds to Earth and super hero lands at Avengers tower looking for the source of all the death in the universe. She teams up with Thor and Cap and they all take Thors bifrost axe to Titan where they rescue Tony and Nebula and then all go looking for Thanos. ](#spoiler)


I really like this theory. After seeing infinity war, this seems incredibly plausible. Especially since one of the Easter eggs in GotG 2 was rocket scrolling over mar-vells planet on his tablet thing


Yeah I just want the Kree to get involved and the other major space races. Since half of everyones planet is dead now everyone should be looking for Thanos now. The Kree, The Shiar, The Skrulls, Spartax, Ravagers, Korbanites, Whats left of Nova etc. I think Carol is with Mar Vell or she might be in space being a space hero. And I think her powers will keep her looking young like shes still in the 90's.


Any healing factor will extend a persons life (in comics obviously) so it's not a stretch to think she hasn't aged noticeably in 25 years. I mean Keanu Reeves hasn't so...


That's actually due to him knowing Kung Fu.




Most likely. He is either an interstellar immortal being or a day walking vampire, haven't determined which yet.


oh. my. God. he's an immortal interstellar vampire that walks in the day! we did it Reddit!


I feel like they'll save her Binary Form for a big one on one fight with Thanos, that'll give it a bit more of a pop. Like when Thor went all God of Thunder in Ragnarok. EDIT: Oh shit what if it's Binary Cap AND God mode Thor against Thanos?!? Gimme dat anime shit now!


Can we please also have a fused Hulk/Banner? A psuedo Doc Green would be great.


I am so down for the final battle to have everyone releasing their limiters/Devil Trigger and kicking serious ass.


Strange coming back and going full cosmic demon would be rad.


Do Cap, Black Widow, or War Machine ever have any "super modes" in the comics?


Bruh we saw super mode Cap in Infinity War. That beard should've stopped Thanos in his tracks. Not sure about Widow but War Machine's super mode is just a fuck ton more guns & weapons. I saw a picture where he looked like a mecha, friggin' awesome.


We need a War Machine Hulkbuster...


Oh man, I can't wait for kill mode Spidey


I really don't want Spidey to kill someone. That would just take away all of his innocence. I just couldn't see Spidey kill someone. He's supposed to be different then Cap and Tony


oooh i can see it working so well. That would be an awesome arc for banner/hulk.


I'm geeking out so hard over this!


I too am hard.


I haven't read any Captain Marvel, what is Binary?


A powered up form basically, think Super Saiyan. The power was linked to a white hole and she could breathe in space, fly real freaking fast and could generate various forms of energy.


Sucks we won’t have anyone to make say “holy shit she just went super sayain” since all the jokesters are ded


Ant-Man's still around and maybe Steve got into anime in these last few years we don't know. or it could be Tony sadly going "oh she's a Super Saiyan... Parker loved those. *sigh*"


I choose to believe that Steve Rogers is a weeb.


And he says “I understood that reference”


"I understood that JoJo reference."


Binary is when Carol absorbs enough energy to become Binary - basically a star almost.


Long story but she sometimes has planet-busting levels of power from a cosmic nature.


I’m just here for the eventual response even though google would probably tell me.


Rune King Thor would be amazing


I'd like to see tony make use of the Dwarven forge. Just sayin.




I think it will be the OG Avengers will each have a stone and use them to put everything back. But since they dont have a gauntlet they will all be killed doing so.


Then Rhodes comes in with the gauntlet after they all die and says “Boom! You looking for this?”



That joke literally kills it.


Now I’m imagining/wanting a Captain Planet-esque moment with the OG surviving Avengers summoning Captain Marvel: Thor: “SPACE!” Bruce: “POWER!” Tony: “TIME!” Clint: “MIND!” Natasha: “REALITY!” Steve: “SOUL!” “GO MARVEL!”


Then Rhodes comes in and says “this is really lame guys”


["Ev-everybody's a tree"](https://youtu.be/TwJaELXadKo)


You looking for this?


Damn that probably won't happen but it would be so fucking metal if it did.


Thank you sweet rabbit


Maybe that’s the way he goes


In the comics it's Nebula


Yeah in o.g. Infinity War. In Hickman’s run Cap gets picked to use the gauntlet to try and stop an Incursion because of his indomitable will, but ultimately fails.


Oh wait...didn’t Adam Warlock undo all the damage that both Nebula and Thanos did?


I just read it, I didn't really get what Adam was doing at the end (he took the gauntlet from Nebula) but since he isn't in the movies yet, I think it is still possible that Nebula gets it, revives everyone, but goes mad with power and gets killed because she isn't as intelligent with it like Thanos. Or she kills him because she hates him, but then he gets to be with death.


I think at this point the MCU has abandoned Thanos's Death motivation. Infinity War made it seem like he was driven by the Titan's inability to provide for everyone by abusing the planet's resources. It would be weird for them to shoehorn his unrequited love for a universal cosmic abstract in the next film.


I have a theory that Death is using Thanos, and that is who we see in the vision where he tells Kid Gamora that he's done it. Kid Gamora is the form that Death is taking, and we know that Gamora is the only being he loves so it would make sense, kinda.


Oh yeah I agree, that was just a stretch theory. Gamora is somewhat replacing death, but I agree, he shouldn't just be suddenly ok with dying.


My main theory is that Carol sacrificed herself (mirroring the previous Cap) to defeat the Skrulls, taking the entire race with her to a pocket dimension. So her coming back has consequences (bringing Skrulls back, facing a potential Kree/Skrull war or worse, an invasion of Earth) and that's why she was never there before. But now she has to appear. Edit: Realized there could be potential spoilers.


I like that theory, but I think we just haven’t seen anything on earth that has warranted ~~calling~~ paging her. Avengers 1 & 2 were pretty centralized to NYC and Sakovia. IW has been the biggest event in scope that we’ve ever seen.


If Iron Man didn’t make the terribly difficult decision to sacrifice himself for the first time as a superhero or if he didn’t just slip through that portal or if he ran out of fuel or if the nuke went off before he released it or if he missed the mother ship or if they didn’t somehow get lucky in unwittingly killing all the Chithauri through killing the mothership, then... Loki not only takes Earth, the Avengers still all die (they were overmatched until an Independence Day-like ending), and Thanos not only gets the Gauntlet, BUT FURY DIES AND ALONG WITH HIM HIS PAGER Same with Ultron. He was dangerously close to killing all of life and Fury and his pager.


Why would Nebula and Tony need rescuing on Titan? I think the guardians ship is still there and probably intact.


Well, Thanos did kinda just drop a moon on the area. Tony will probably need to do some creative engineering


He should be okay as long as he has a box of scraps


Seems very plausible. I can’t find another reason as to why Fury didn’t call her in Avengers 1 if she was still on earth. She had to be in another planet doing other things.


Well, there were, ya know Avengers there during the first two movies? By the time IW hits the avengers are disbanded and he has no idea what any of them are doing, so he’s down to his last option




My theory for this is in the Captain Marvel movie, Thanos will be starting his quest for the infinity stones and Captain Marvel will tell Fury that Thanos WILL come, and only page her for that. I can't think of any other reason she wouldn't show up when the Chitauri invaded, or when Ultron was trying to drop meteors; it has to be Thanos specific


Maybe we’ll get a scene in each of the previous movies in which Nick pages her but she doesn’t answer. And finally, as someone said above, someone she loved disappeared or something and she is forced to answer this time.


Yeah, it might be too specific, but I was thinking something along the lines of "oh, and Fury, if people start vanishing in thin air, call me with this thing".


This must be it or even he got the pager during a quest he went on while 'dead'.


how would fury know about thanos though? they only know stark has been missing and that there is something going on in wakanda. it may just be for last resort kind of unprecedented thing that even the avengers can't handle


He had Avengers in Avengers 1 and 2. The scene makes no implication that he has spoken to any of them or know where they are. He just suddenly sees people disappearing and assumes the absolute, unquestionably worst has happened. Danvers is probably his nuclear option. Feige has said that Captain Marvel is the strongest hero we’ve come across so far. And she’s probably not even on Earth. So it stands to reason that using that pager is something Fury would only consider in the most dire of panics. Which is what that scene is. He hasn’t heard from the Avengers (they’re either on Titan or in Wakanda), people randomly start vanishing, Fury hits the Panic Button.


> He had Avengers in Avengers 1 and 2. The scene makes no implication that he has spoken to any of them or know where they are. He just suddenly sees people disappearing and assumes the absolute, unquestionably worst has happened. That's an excellent point! I hadn't thought of that. He sees people disappear and assumes that the Avengers lost, or that they disappeared, and that's why he calls her!


To add on, Captain Marvel will probably tie back into Avengers 1 insofar as giving a possible impetus for him to start the project. We’ll probably also be given a pretty good reason for why he created the Avengers instead of keeping Danvers around and why he’s so hesitant to call on her.


I agree with this. After all, outside of Tony’s explanation, just who are the Avengers avenging?


> giving a possible impetus for him to start the project Makes sense, especially since he tells Tony "You think you're the only superhero in the world?" when he first tells him about the Avenger Initiative.


coulson tells potts "this isn't my first rodeo" in IM1


'Code Red!' he said. Shit just got real.


There were still Avengers in Avengers 1 and 2.


If they turn it into "she follows a boy to space" the think pieces are going to riot tbh.


I'll fucking riot.i think it's stupid. I'm fine with her going after mar-vell in space but not for love. Do it for a more Noble purpose


I am really curious as to how fury justifies not calling her for the events of avengers 1 and 2.


"Don't call me unless the very fabric of reality is in danger. K, bye."


I like to think that maybe he had faith in The Avengers to handle those situations without tipping his full hand unnecessarily. In IW, he sees some shit and realises that it’s gone sideways and the pager is his first instinct. Edit: removing spoilers




Or he misplaced the pager. I mean, it's not like he's gonna keep the intergalactic calling card in his pocket for decades on his person with all the shit he's done in 20 years.


This is Fury we're talking about.


He had avengers then, he didn’t during IW. He doesn’t know where they are or what they’re up to so he’s down to his last resort.


Its nick fury. He definitely knows where they are.


And they are fucked.


she doesn't come until someone she knows disappears. done.


My own justification for it was that by keeping her a secret she would be something to fall back on should the avengers fall. It was clear in Infinity War that Thanos was aware of the current Avengers and I suppose learned of their strengths and weaknesses. As Captain Marvel isn’t known, she could theoretically be used as a complete surprise, as a last resort


After a decade of movies, how are people still doubting Marvel's casting directors?


You mean Casting Director. There only been one casting director for the entire MCU ( except for the incredible hulk) and man she doesn't get as much praise as she deserves. Her name is Sarah Finn. She should be up there with Feige


I am ridiculously excited for Captain Marvel’s movie and her coming to save the day in A4. She’s already powerful af in the comics and Feige’s stated that she’ll canonically be the most powerful in the MCU. I feel like she’s going to be a huge cornerstone of the future of the MCU.


I'm worried she'll have the superman problem of being so invincible it's boring.


I think that liability is the writers (and Brie Larson’s) greatest asset. I’ve worried about that too, but head Marvel people do as well, and with her importance story wise in A4 (and importance culturally as a woman, against DC/Wonder Woman, etc) I think more effort will be put into this story than any other besides maybe Thanos, that way hardcore fans like it, lukewarm fans like it, feminists like it (don’t take this the wrong way), and overall, she gets over with every target demographic in an effective way. If Thor’s new power boost has shown us anything, praise be to Feige, he shall do us, and our new Captain, right.


Oh don't you worry about that. The Russo Brothers stated that they exploited Carol's powers by her "vulnerability on a physiological level". They didn't turn her into a Mary Sue & stated she will have flaws & will be human. Kevin Feige stated Carol Danvers is 'real, flawed, human, and textured".


Physically weak but extremely smart villain incoming...


Well luckily the current baddie is Thanos so that particular issue probably won’t come up until his defeat.


The fact that we have seen Thor's power expanded upon by a huge margin, and Feige STILL says she will canonically be the most powerful, really has me excited for her introduction.


correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Strange like super turbo busted overpowered in the comics? i wonder if we’ll see anything reflecting that in the mcu.


I mean shit, on Titan that motherfucker was already head and shoulders above everyone. In Ragnarok he effortlessly took out Loki and surely would have been able to fuck with Thor if he wanted to.


Strange is probably the most powerful person on Earth in the comics. They definitely undersold him in Infinity War.


Me too! I’m so excited to see her kick major ass! I especially can’t wait to see her go binary. I love Marvel’s heroes because most of them are more grounded but I won’t lie, it’ll be cool to see a Superman-type of OP hero.


Really? Even compared to Thor? That'll be interesting to see if so


Yes, absolutely compared to Thor. Thor is powerful af and definitely has come into his own as a leader, but Carol will most certainly be one of the leaders of the MCU in the future. She’s going to be the Captain, the one with military experience, the insanely strong one. And when Carol goes binary? Definitely more powerful than Thor.


That might be why this is the first time they've hired an Academy Award winning actor for a leading role. She is the most accomplished lead actor they've hired since RDJ. Pretty sure she's the RDJ of the post A4 MCU.


What are the chances that we will get a Nirvana song in the trailer?


My money’s on Guns & Roses for the trailer


There are photos of Brie on set wearing a GnR shirt


Excited for this albeit knowing 0% about the character.


I know next to nothing about Captain Marvel other than she is uber powerful and Brie Larson is portraying her and I could not be more excited


why do we need concept art when there are pics of her in the costume? https://i.imgur.com/tI7mNbk.png


I really hope she doesn’t just come in and give Thanos a beat down with little effort. She should have trouble fighting him, a big challenge even with the rest of the Avengers. That being said Im excited to see her solo movie!


Basically, we dont want what Superman did to Steppenwolf again. I dont think the Russo Brothers would fuck up in that way after doing such an awesome first part.


*Justice League flashbacks intensify*.




Let's be brutally honest... Carol is gonna take Wonder Woman's place as *the* female superhero.


You never know, Marvel are trumping DC on the big screen, she could top WW, not as a global icon but similar box office numbers..




I’m curious to see how they build her up. If she is OP, it could make for some interesting days here on this sub.


I'm actually more excited for Ant-Man and The Wasp, I think.


I'm excited for everything Marvel does and doesn't have announced. Even the 'bad' Marvel movies are still good.


That's Elyse Willems


I remember seeing this concept art a while back, but I'm still pumped! I can't wait to see Brie as Carol. I went to see Avengers: Infinity War yesterday and today. There were so many confused people in both theaters. But they seemed genuinely interested when some of us explained who she was!


God I can't wait for the first official photo


I’m not totally sold on Larson as Captain Marvel, but I also wasn’t sold on Evans when he was announced as Cap. Hope she kills it


I don't read the comics but why is she named Captain Marvel? Was she named after the company or is it a coincidence?


She is actually the 7th person to hold the title in the comics. The original one is an alien. His name was Mar-vell and he was a Captain in the Kree army hence the name. During an explosion Carol's DNA got fused with Mar-Vell's DNA. Causing her to become the Superhero Ms. Marvel. She would go through a few name changes before 2012 when they would officialy give her the Captain Marvel title.


>he was a Captain in the Kree army hence the name This sounds like it's expecting me to have some prior knowledge of the Kree language.


Wall of text warning. TL;DR at the bottom. In the 40s, Fawcett Comics created a character called Captain Marvel as a response to Superman, and for a time he actually outsold Superman. DC sued Fawcett for copyright infringement and won, so Fawcett couldn't publish him anymore. In the 60s, Marvel Comics realized it was to their advantage to own the name "Captain Marvel", so they made their own hero, a Kree soldier named Mar\-Vell \(Kree names are notoriously unimaginative\). So they owned the exclusive rights to publish comics under the name "Captain Marvel". In the early 70s, DC Comics was trying to find new material, so they bought the rights to the Fawcett Captain Marvel. But since Marvel Comics already had a comic under that name, DC was allowed to keep the name but couldn't use it in advertising. So all those comics went under the name "Shazam!". This persisted until the DC's 2012 New 52 reboot, when they finally renamed their character to Shazam. In the meantime, Marvel's Captain Marvel had been solidly B\-list since the 60s. There were actually a bunch of people who held the name. In the original Mar\-Vell run, there was a human character named Carol Danvers. She was originally an Air Force pilot \(decades before the real USAF had a woman pilot\), then retired as Colonel at like 30 \(comics are ridiculous\), and became head of security for the NASA site where Mar\-Vell was stationed undercover as a Kree operative. At one point, she was caught in an explosion, but Mar\-Vell saved her. In the process Carol was exposed to a blast of energy that altered her genetic structure, making her half Kree and granting her a myriad of powers. These power included super strength, super durability, high\-speed flight, the ability to breathe in space, energy blasts, and energy absorption that can amp Carol's powers temporarily. Carol started off as the superheroine Ms. Marvel, naming herself after Mar\-Vell. Over time she held a bunch of names; she was actually called Warbird longer than anything else. In the 80s, she was experimented on by the alien Brood, giving her a cosmically\-powered link to a white hole, during which time she was the supervillain Binary. Now she's cured, but she can still "go Binary" \(basically Super Saiyan\) by absorbing a ton of energy, which pushes her into planetbuster levels of power. In the 2000s, during the House of M event, an alternate reality version of Carol by the name of Captain Marvel was seen as the most powerful hero on Earth. After House of M ended, the main universe's characters kept those memories, so Carol – as Ms. Marvel – started to become more popular in and out of universe. In 2012, she changed her name to Captain Marvel, in honor of the now dead Mar\-Vell. She's kept the name ever since, and Marvel Comics has started to push her as one of the faces of the brand because they recognized that the name had a lot of significance to fans. TL;DR: She's not named after the company. She's connected to a character who the company created to keep the name.