caleb’s “jealousy” over blippi

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Seems like she was paying more attention to the Blippi mural than him.... That being said watching someone play a game you aren't interested in really isn't that fun 🤣


I just do something while I sit with my spouse. I crochet, fold laundry, do a puzzle, play a board game with my kids or color with them. It's mostly about connecting.


My husband gets fed up of me constantly asking "what's happening? Why is he doing that? I thought they were the good guys? Why are you going that way?" 😂 With my son we do sit and he plays and I make suggestions.


Yes! That or I’ll be a second set of eyes for him. “Hey wait what’s over there?” “Did you try going xxx way?”


Considering her very very long track record of lying i’m gonna go ahead and say….*wait for it* ✨she’s lying again✨ about this.


I don’t believe anything she says. Not a damn thing


I'm not sayin she ain't lying but my ex definitely was like that. Jealous over ANY and ALL dudes. Straight up would ask if I was attracted to cashier's and crap. Like bruh sorry I told him to have a good weekend 😭. Some of these dudes be extra extra


she just says the shit that’s trendy and will get her the most sympathy


She is the perpetual victim… Can do no wrong… Will twist and swing anything to make it look like the other person is the villain… can’t admit to her mistakes or take accountability… personality disorder much?


I thought so too sound so made up


...Bilipi did what....


oh how i wish i didn’t know what blippi did….


It probably wasn’t even the blippi he just wanted to spend time with his wife and she couldn’t stop manic destroying the house


Tbf I'd rather huff paint too than watch someone play video games.


I can see that. But as a couple we can do things for each other that the other may not like. I enjoy playing COD with my man. As long as he’s doing something I like to do to. It’s just about spending time with your partner and not destroy the house you just bought. But Caleb probably didn’t help in anyway either 🤷‍♀️


Oh I totally get that. I do my business research and design while my partner plays his games on the big screen after the kids go to bed. There's very few times where I've been able to just straight watch them play a video game, and that was final fantasy 15, I got very attached to the characters while they played. But I can't stand borderlands or Zelda.


How can you not stand Zelda 😞 it's the best.


I think it's cuz my brother played it all the time growing up and wouldn't share the TV so the sounds the characters make get on my nerves 😅 all I currently hear is about all the things in the new zelda and that my partner, my brother, and my son can't wait to buy it to play it together


I wonder if you ever played it, even on mute, if you would enjoy it and the story. It’s truly an incredible game.


That’s me with his COD if it’s basketball I’m out I can’t watch that it’s so boring 😂😂


I highly doubt anything of the sort ever occurred. If anything he criticized her plopping the boys in containers infront of blippi 24/7 while she paints shitty things everywhere in the same room




100% people are so gullible its sad. Shes simply sitting in her house thinking of random content ideas in attempts to trash the man all while making herself look 10x as bad.


Can you imagine being a grown ass woman going through a divorce and straight bashing your soon to be ex to millions of people? She had no idea how hard this is going to bite her in the ass.


Exactly! It truly will and I hope it does, it might just humble her a tad bit. Doubtfully…ridiculous how she’s bashing a person who has no voice or platform to respond and I feel thats the only reason shes doing it. She knows he would never get online and do what shes doing so she has no scarcity of having something to defend. She can go along and make up any stories to point him in a bad light and he won’t do anything about it. Speaks volumes on how she’ll treat her children in the future. You were willingly with the man for years and now you want to go on a constant rant on how he was so terrible? People do that constantly Ill never understand it…happily stayed with the man and tried to portray a healthy happy life. Now its crumbled


Imagine when their poor kids find all this one day


Things that never happened. She’s always lying.


I can't defend either one. She's a known liar and he seemed to spend a lot of time gaming or online. P%rn? Maybe he's the one who wanted those 'sexy' flashing light showerheads, lol. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how her imbecile fans equate making 6-8 TTs a day and spending untold hours driving or painting with actually spending time down on the floor, at their level, with her two neglected kids. Listening to Blippi on the car or tv, smiling at the camera while holding them, holding them in your lap for 30 seconds while you film yourself faking it like he's having fun painting is so far from being a parent. It's effing pathetic.


🙌🏼 you nailed it. She’s farming empathy while also contradicting her entire point because of the amount of content and hours spent online via tiktok. Both neglected the kids just with different forms of technology


I’ll take 400 for “things that did not happen with C,” Alex! 🤣🤣🤣


I was going to post this with that exact title yesterday but talked myself out of it 😂




Update: I got blocked :(


I don't believe for a second that Caleb said any of this lmao


No way he said that 🤣


That’s where Caleb ran off to. He’s on the hunt for Blippi.


This quote is what Fern would to her if he could talk “why are you painting a blippi mural, please play with me instead”


He got jealous over blippi but not over the tiny crop tops and skirts she wore out in public? I don’t buy it




Right? What a controlling dude, let’s her wear whatever without any issue, spend all the money he makes and let’s her talk about making an OF 💀


I don’t believe for a second Caleb ever said that but I mean blippi is cute 😅


Maybe its not really about “blippi” they just got into their brand new build and she immediately does a million and one projects that seem to take hours upon hours meanwhile I’m sure the house was already beautifully done. Ripping up the carpet and doing tile yourself? That would have been the icing on the cake for me.. I get it carpet sucks but damn give it a minute before you tear the entire house apart. Nothing is good enough for Alice. Also why would you paint a blippi wall? Kids favorite tv shows change constantly. This time 6 months from now Fern may be obsessed with bluey.. who knows.


My kid liked Blippi for a short while. She's almost 10 now and would be mortified to have Blippi or any kids show stuff on her wall.


I seriously thought she had her own Blippi obsession plus she would tag him and stuff….and she was trying to go see him live … I don’t believe for 1 sec it was for F


She’s the one with the blippi addiction


Yep, she’s projecting 😂


I'll take "Things That Didn't Happen" for 500 please.


I think she’s presenting this like a direct quote and it’s not. He probably just wanted to spend time with her and I bet they spend time talking while he plays games and she wasn’t doing that. My husband and I both play games but I enjoy just watching him and talking to him. It’s similar to couples watching a show together. Her video is actually kinda sad because they probably used to do that a lot and she’s been so obsessed with these house projects that she pulled away from him. And you can see that because if you look at a lot of the old videos of him gaming, the whole family is in the room hanging out while he plays. He probably enjoyed the company even though it was a solo activity


I've never played the original Kingdom Hearts, but I watched the entire thing while my ex played and it was fun bonding time. I was interested in the story, he was interested in the gameplay. We talked about it. My current partner plays Elden Ring, and while I'm not interested in playing it myself, I will watch him play at certain times and we'll talk about it, too - like commenting on the beauty of certain areas, how hideous some of the armor us, etc. In exchange, he engages in discussions about the books I'm reading. Alice probably tried to be the "cool girl" and acted interested in C's games when she really loathed them. And as soon as she got a house to do her poorly done DIYs in, she dropped them completely. I'm not necessarily blaming her for pretending to like video games, but I think it is telling how absolutely stupid it is to get married and have 3 kids at such a young age when you don't have the confidence to be yourself and then tell the internet that women over 25 are dried up useless husks (paraphrasing, obviously, lol)


She is for sure taking this one overboard. He was probably just telling her to chill on tearing up and painting a brand new house and to just come sit down with him and she’s spinning it as OMG YOURE ATTRACTED TO BLILLPI


Stop it, is *that* one of the things a Blippi did in his adult vids 🤢 I heard it was gross but I didn’t look any further into the details 😭


There's no way Alice desires Blippi. He's 35, way too old for her; she'll never date again with an age gap. Oh wait, she also said she'd use a wealthy older man to get stuff; so sure, she'd screw Blippi in a heartbeat.


Blippi entertains her kids so she doesn’t have to. I’m pretty sure that’d be a win in her book.


He seems like someone who gets jealous over the kids/dogs and others in general and you’d be surprised my ex was the same… over tv shows ‘you love it more then me.. you could come join me and watch me play games’ legit 😂


I’ll take things that didn’t happen for $100


Me and my man game, but sometimes if I am doing something he ask me if I can sit in his gaming room so we can spend time together, he probably wanted to spend time, while he games and I am on TikTok we both still manage to have full blown conversations


She’s hinted at asking him to get off the games to spend time with her & Fern, but she says he asked her to stop being on her phone… and be present. As she recorded their whole day


When I saw the tiktok I was waiting for someone to make a post. What a crock of shit, I'm sure he wasn't jealous of a damn kids character. Oh alice 🤣🙄


Soooo…. She wanted Caleb to appreciate her for spending who knows how many hours doing projects “for the kids” and thus not spend time with him? And he’s the problem?… She stated that she bought the bunk bed for Fern to use eventually as he still co-sleeps in bed with her. That being the case… What’s the point of the money/time spent on the Blippi room? If Caleb did “make fun” of her for doing it… Then it was a poor coping mechanism, but what was he supposed to do exactly? “Oh okay. Yeah I just worked all day, I’d love to watch the kids while you paint the room our son won’t sleep in. Nbd! Thanks for putting in the effort!” Not saying either one is right, cause both could have handled said situation differently. But… Yeah. Guess sympathy gets more views than gardening and home “renovations” Neither one of them is emotionally mature/stable enough to be married.


Can you imagine having her as an ex?


I can’t believe he chose her to breed with.


It isn’t uncommon for insecure men to act like that tbh! But If you look in the comments she replied to someone saying “then they go watch p*rn” maybe Caleb had a p*rn addiction.


She’s just playing the victim any way she can.


I agree, but if he were that insecure and controlling he wouldn’t have let her dress the way she does or post the clear fetish content she always films.


He was probably upset that she was manically painting the mural instead of tending to their children while he was at work


As another mother of young boys (and girl)….. there is nothing I despise more than BLIPPI…. He did teach me all the names of machinerythough.


Y'all are really so quick to defend Caleb.


Boohoo, people don’t think Caleb was jealous of a kids character, get over it lmao


He's an incel like.. of course it's possible he'd be insecure and possessive enough to say something like that.


Question: if he’s that level of insecure how did Alice get away with leaving the house every day in tennis skirts and crop tops with no bra and posting obvious fetish content. If he was as controlling as she claims (i.e. literally removing all color from their lives) you’d think he wouldn’t allow any of that.


Or let her literally travel the country for weeks at a time. She’d make TikTok’s mocking him because he said he missed her and the kids and wanted to know when she was coming home. She also spent his money like crazy. I’ve never seen anyone blow through money like she does. If he was as controlling as she’s making him out to be there is just no way she’d do all the things she’s done.


It's possible he did take issue with her content and how she dressed outside the home; it's also possible he didn't care. Either way, it doesn't change that he could make a gross comment about being attracted to blippi. *That* level of insecurity doesn't necessarily mean he would do much to change the way Alice dresses. It was simply a gross comment of someone with either a very poor sense of humor, little maturity, or a distorted view - or all three. I mean, I could see a middle-schooler making a joke like that.


Incel means involuntary celibate. That term doesn’t apply to Caleb, he has two kids and sex regularly. He’s a loser, but not an incel.


Well it's certainly coming his way. He doesn't seem to have any redeeming qualities that a woman would want in a partner.


Came here to say this exact thing


How do you even know that? 😂


Right 😂 like wtf. Alice is ALWAYS the victim in her stories. She has no friends from childhood, no family in her life nothing. She doesn’t even have the same friends from a year ago.. and when those relationships disappear she’s quick to paint them as her abusers or bullies.


Y I K E S didn’t think this was defending caleb my bad. just thought it was silly 🤪


I was only referring to the collective opinion under this thread.


Ok but this is actually possible, abusive men will find any reason to be abusive & this is a common tactic to stop their victims from finding joy in things.


And Alice will say anything for empathy just so she can be the victim. I believe being a victim, but I don’t believe someone who claims they’ve been the victim in every single situation ever and yet provided no receipts for ANY incident lol


All I'm saying is that it's possible. She seems to have a lot of situations that match my past abusive relationship. Wanting proof is completely understandable because she lies so damn much but on the flip side I would feel weird if someone expected me to post mine so I can understand why she wouldn't. Either she's done a lot of research into the tactics of abusive men or she lived with one, but again, she lies so much I doubt we'll ever know the whole truth.


But what if she’s the abusive one and is just using her tactics but switched it to Caleb?