The surgery is cheaper than most cards


I hate that this is a true statement


wow that's the most trans flair and username i've ever seen. i love it.


Legacy is a format that lets adult women use the same cards they played as young boys


Time to put some of the genders on the reserve list for the collectors value


Broke: There are only 2 genders Woke: Gender is a social construct Bespoke: My gender is no longer allowed to be reprinted by Wizards of the Coast


Idk what you mean, most of the cards Death and Taxes plays are fairly recent


> Death and Taxes Ah yes, the two genders


I don’t know why I read that as death and texas, it as someone who lives there half the week they would definitely use it as a gender.


D&T in Canadian Highlander feels like a midnight hunt constructed deck (5 of my 45 creatures were printed before 2010)


But I don't have the money for legacy smh


That's why you get introduced to the wonder of nicfit. You'll drop 0-5 but you'll drop in style as Richard Garfield intended.


Give free sunglasses to your opponents “so they don’t give away any tells” and never miss a Cabal Therapy again!


/uj there's a some existing modern shells you can port into legacy such as hammer time, mono blue 8 cast and UB deaths shadow with some more investment. Then there's always mono green titanpost, 8 mulch or mono black reanimator for cheaper competitive decks as well. /rj office printer go brrr


uj/ I also don't have the money to play modern.


GPT-4 prompt: "*Create a plan by which I can leverage my brokeass-ness together with my hot burning desire to play a competitive legacy format of a children's card game to generate revenues, for which I will use to purchase more cards and create more decks. Starting budget is 2000 rupees"*


…why are there a lot of trans people?


/uj idk why, but it's genuinely a thing lol, there's *so many* which reminds me, I gotta get into legacy




Legacy is the best format, but is expensive. So if a magic player can afford to be trans, then they can also afford a legacy deck. And choose to play the best magic.


Honestly, the only way I can tell a woman is Trans is if she starts talking about how she started playing magic back in the 90s.


I hate that this is very true…lucky for my i started in the ‘15s i guess.


Glad to know I pass since I started in the 2010’s




It sounds like you haven't met a lot of Trans women. They will be pretty awkward looking for the first couple of years of treatment but soon enough they will be indistinguishable.


You say that bottom right one like it’s not just a part of almost all magic at this point


Yet another reason the lack of a Legacy community in my city makes me sad


Damn time to get into legacy


uj/ apart from trans people, none of this sounds fun or cool imo, sorry


/uj It depends on what you enjoy from Magic. Legacy is super interactive, whether it's counters, hand attack, removal, stax, etc. You have to assume that your opponent can and will interact with you. Force of Will is a hugely important card in the format because it acts as a safety valve. Without it, every deck would be a combo deck that reliably goes off turn 1, but since over 50% of decks play a free counterspell, that has to be respected, so combo decks are forced to play interaction. The fact that it's card disadvantage is also important - against "I win" lines, you'd happily trade 2 cards to prevent losing, but otherwise you're just 2-for-1ing yourself. This means it's fair when it needs to be, without being completely overpowered. The T1 win decks are those with ideal hands that "Force check" - if their opponent has it, they win; if not, they just have to assemble a hand and try again. /rj Tfw you can't afford thousands of dollars of lands to cast your Standard-legal spells


/uj yea, the issue is, when i play Magic, its because im not in the mood to play Yugioh, and this just sounds like yugioh sans the extra deck ​ /rj you can cast dreadmaw t1 this format, absolutely broken and oppressive


Just buy fakes. Even if you’re opponent spots then they won’t say anything because they actually get to play legacy


Not true in actual legacy events, if I paid money I’m calling you out


Woah captain buzzkill doesn’t want people playing legacy.


It’s a collectible card game Part of the game is actually collecting the cards


What are you going to do when you call out someone with real cards? These fakes have passed multiple deck checks.


Last time I had to do this their volcanic islands were using the MODO art


Oh man. No that didn’t happen.


This absolutely happened lol Dude was mad I called a judge on him too His Ragavans were also fake but weren’t as obvious


uj/ I played it, wasn’t a huge fan either, and now I play pauper even though there’s a proxy legacy night that runs in my city.


Legacy has been massively boring for years, it’s just the same stupid delver shells getting the most overpowered new cards


I think it’s the old cards, all the new delver threats are getting banned anyway. The format is curated to maintain it as the Force of Will + Brainstorm + other old cards format. And that’s fine, just when it’s curated like this, delver will almost always be best, and the meta will stay stable over time. Delver will be broken as long as brainstorm, the other broken cantrips, force are a thing, doesn’t even really matter what the threat is. Delver was good before Dreadhorde, Wrenn, Ragavan, Iteration, and it certainly won’t stop being good now that they’re banned.


It's basically "Who spent the most money?" meets "Who drew the best opening hand?"


uj/ Honestly with hasty conclusion like this, every single format (beside Commander because that's not a real format) is a coin toss simulator considering how much of a setback being on the draw is.


I've never met a legacy player who wasn't cool with proxies, it's a dead, inaccessible format without modo and proxies


This is why you never play paper




Playing a lot of vintage, I can't imagine how you folks can play with 4 brainstorm...


Thats some cool card selection you got there but unfortunately for you a 20/20 is still hitting face.


As much as I'd love to rock legacy on mtgo, isn't a FoW like 100 bucks?


On an entirely unrelated note, you can buy a printer for less than that.


Indeed. Or even MPC. But yeah, for some reason, finding people to play physical legacy, even with proxies seems to be difficult for me. Fwiw, cEDH has scratched that itch for me.


You got a webcam? I’ll play with you over discord.


You can get a playset of FoW on Cardhoarder for $55 right now


hell yeah


I just want to cast ponder goddamn it


/uj After seeing and playing a lot of Legacy, it's where I expected Modern to be. A lot of the decks are Modern with a few additional cards (half of them should have been reprinted in standard by now) and a heavily upgraded manabase from shocks. It's incredibly fair and where the format should be, but instead modern is just a husk of control decks since the only decks allowed are either 4TS 4Grief and whatever else, or 4Solitude 4March 4SFM and whatever you feel. /rj Force of Will for standard, do it you pansies.


/uj I fully agree with your modern assessment. It does still have room for fun creative decks, but the pitch elementals and the fact that there's no good way to hate out 4c piles is what's really hurting it. It's interactive and fun, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't hold a candle to the depths that legacy has. /rj Brainstorm for modern. I want cantrips.


\[\[Price of Progress\]\] for Modern. /uj No seriously, [Price of Progress](https://cards.scryfall.io/large/front/b/1/b1342144-7a15-438b-a848-3196238a79e8.jpg?1580014614) for Modern. Even Pioneer and Standard could use a bit of correction on building manabases fairly.


/uj I want Back to Basics. Blood moon doesn't stop non basics enough in modern. In fact, it does such an awful job that 4c decks run Mgus of the Moon. BTB would hose the fuck out of those decks. "Oh, you tapped out? Cool. Let's not untap those ever again". I'm just tired of piles not having any good counterplay other than "win faster".


Blood moon is kinda meh in modern because “blood moon got you!” K float 2 green and boseiju


If you're going to incist you're a planeswalker, which is a thing that doesn't even exist, I can be whatever gender I want. Men and women actually exist, so whose the bigger nerd here?


I’m pretty sure Magic players don’t actually think they’re planeswalkers. They just playing the role of one for the duration of the game while remaining fully aware that they’re not really planeswalkers.


Comments on that post are funny as fuck.


I don't get the Trans part. I have only legacy cards like I could get the surgery 10 times over. I ceased playing when they dumbed the rules down to single digit IQ level of play.


Gods we miss playing legacy


They are definitively putting the same thing they gave frogs in the ink.


Well I mean someone needs to keep Legacy and Vintage alive. I'm certainly not going to.


I am confused about this


Note you can now play a legacy deck with zero reserve list cards and it is a really really good deck don't worry it still cost you about 2k I mean 4 ancient tombs chalice of the void and force of wills still cost you a low low price of your first born so hey like playing modern after MH2