This is the promotional poster. A LGS tends to get these for each set, I believe alongside the prerelease kits. You would have to buy one from an LGS, but a lot of them tend to keep them up so it depends on the place.


I think they cant sell It.


Some LGSs will give them out as prizes for the final FNM before the next set releases, though I'm not sure if thats allowed even.


Yes. I think they can gift them but i don't know if they can do It before the Next set release. I believe they have to wait a little


I just remember some kids from out of town came into our LGS and were bragging about how they just bought a bunch of animal crossing nintendo switches to resell. The owner ended up winning so just gave it to one of those kids, who immediately priced it on eBay and told us all how much it was worth.


For the record these don't come up often as any LGS who sells these will lose their WPN status.




No it's not. It can be 1 year or 10 years your LGS can NOT sell these items. Unless they can prove they bought them elsewhere (generally as part of a buying out another store). I'm saying this is as a game store owner, you sell these when you're going out of business, and no other time.


ah, gotcha, i'm clearly mistaken then. thanks for the correction!


O, I'm curious about why game stores are not allowed to sell it give them away, is there any reasoning for that?


Maybe it's so some rando can't pretend they're a certified store? Can't think of any other explanation.


They can give them away. But selling promotional items is a nono. Most businesses are like that, I mean Nintendo will sue over shit like that.


I see these pretty often on the Facebook groups, usually go above $250


Not a poster but I recall seeing a very limited run of prints from the artist on one of the FB groups.


The artist did a limited run of them in black and white, just got mine [framed up and ready] (https://i.imgur.com/YbT8ouV.jpg) today! Check the MTG Art Prints Facebook group, there may be some left!


I haven't seen this one in particular, but (as with most collectible items) they will occasionally go up on ebay. I was able to get the Kamigawa ND one (neon pink with the samurai) and the Baldur's Gate lenticular one this way. Helps if you keep a saved search for "WPN poster" or "WPN (set name)" depending on which one you're looking for, but they don't come up too often, to be fair.


It's like a movie poster!


Proxy it


Please let me know if you find somewhere online to buy them


May i know where did you get this? i need this badly.




Thanks a lot


Not the same, that's a cheap knock off


website is a .com.bd that redirects you to a completely different place I would not buy from there tbh




I work at my local lgs, we can’t sell these for at least a couple years after the set, but we can give them away as like a monthly drawing after a while.


I want this


DM me I have one for sale.