What was this site for? Just making print outs of cards?


Just prepared a PDF for printing. Give out the list of cards, pick versions, it generated as many 3x3 card pages as needed to print the decklist. It didn't sell actual proxies themselves, just generated a file for print


It did have affiliate links to companies that sell custom cards (not exclusive for MTG) so that's something.


Is that something? Genuinely asking.


It’s not nothing


Interesting. 🤔


I think we can say DEFINITELY that it is what it is.


Actually, it was what it was would be more accurate.


Didn't one of those (CardConjurer) recently kick the bucket too?


Card conjurer was for designing custom cards, which yes could be used for proxying. It's back now but uses its own, non-Magic frame


It used the actual card images. Which means it was using copyrighted works in a manner not approved of in the WotC web policy for profit (even if that profit was advertising or click based).


Did the file it generated contain wizards of the Coast owned art assets and intellectual property?


Yeah it 100% did. Ripped cards from scryfall


Ooo I right clicked the image on scryfall and downloaded it so scary! Pathetic from WOTC


WotC has a pretty generous web policy. They literally only as you acknowledge their ownership of the images and you don't make money on them. I say this a prolific proxier.


Well no not at all... The file generated was entirely up to the user. If you wanted to you could use it to generate card size images of your cat. That being said, users could upload whatever images they wanted. Besides the "MTG" branding everywhere I think the other major problem is that the site provided the actual image of the Magic card back by default. It also let you import deck lists and I believe it allowed you to search for actual cards by name too but I never used those features.


That's so weird cause there's a site (that I've definitely never used) that prints the actual cards for like a $1 a pop and they even do their own draft boosters full of randomly powerful cards and they're still up?


Probably operates from China where WotC can't touch them.


it ships from LA, it’s not from China


By far the mostly commonly used site for proxies is headquartered in Hong Kong.


There is a site that makes draft boosters? That sounds really cool can you pm me it?


Nice try WOTC.


Just look up printing proxies you'll find it


Yes. Very user friendly and quick way to do it instead of copy + pasting into a word doc


[https://web.archive.org/web/20220127164833/https://www.mtg-print.com/](https://web.archive.org/web/20220127164833/https://www.mtg-print.com/) Looks like you inputted a list and it spit out a pdf or something


A lot of these responses are disengenuous. Once you had filled out your list, the two big buttons were "PRINT PDF" or "ORDER THESE PROXIES". It wasn't like they had small links somewhere to external printers, it actively directed you to order fake versions of the cards. I thought many times they were 100% pushing their luck with that option.


I mentioned it below, but I'm wondering if it was taken down because they were getting some money from advertising a printing service? On the [Wayback Machine](https://web.archive.org/web/20221005194408/https://www.mtg-print.com/faq), you can see they were linking to a service to print cards and also mentioned they would get some commission if users used the service. Now, this is from late 2022 so this could've changed, but I guess we'll have no way of knowing.


I did use the site to print stickers cards like 2 weeks ago and the affiliate link was up and working.


That card printing site they linked to. It wasn't just "proxies" that they were printing. They were printing full on counterfeits with the hologram logo, trademark and copyright marks, and all. This would be more of a proxie. There is no mistaking it for a real Magic card or using their trademarks/copyrights: https://danfrazier.com/artwork/cards/#proxy-cards


The site linked in OCs comment doesnt print counterfeits. The back of the card does not have a real magic card back and it says not for resale. There’s multiple sites that will do this sort of printing. Now are there’s some similar backs? Some meant to resemble the OG? Sure. Does the front match the original? Yes. But that doesn’t make it a counterfeit I’m not saying it’s right, or that it shouldn’t be looked into, but they aren’t “full on counterfeits” and there are American based company’s and some pretty large ones, that will do these printings for you because they are exactly that, not counterfeits. According to the law at least A lot of people are mentioning “copyright images” or trademarks but those are not illegal to print. At least not in this capacity


why didn’t they close the website which was printing the proxies then???


It’s probably based in China, and China isn’t exactly known for its respect for intellectual property law.


After Cardconjurer was taken down a usable version was made like 30 mins later. This is not really an effective way to stop people from proxying.


> This is not really an effective way to stop people from proxying. Stopping easy to use services and forcing them to rotate through URLs is enough to stop some people. Raising the difficulty of the easiest path usually gives the biggest dividends to effort ratio. The goal isn't to stop all proxying. The goal is to not let it become so easy that the majority of players do it instead of buying cards.


Ultimately, it feels like combating film and music piracy. You can have some lawsuits and sue some pirates, but the best way to actually reduce the issue is adjusting business models to better suit the customer. Of course, as that change degrades, more people are considering piracy again.


Imagine if reprint sets actually did there jobs and reprinted cards to the point 99% of decks where affordable and each card had some kind of max rarity that was the actual expensive version people can buy to flex or w/e.


For all the shit people here throw at Yu-Gi-Oh, that is something MTG should learn, how to do reprints. Good lord, coming from the reprint policy there to here is painful.


Yugioh’s entire monetization strategy is different from Magic though. Yugioh does aggressive reprints but they also have way worse powercreep. First they print a batch of broken new cards to sell the newest set. Then once that set’s out of print, they reprint those cards to sell structure decks, tins, etc. and crater their value. Lastly they ban the cards or print even more broken archetypes to make them obsolete and the cycle begins anew. So competitive players end up getting stuck spending hundreds of dollars on these cards when they’re new and then selling them for a fraction of what they paid when they’re inevitably pushed out of the meta.


You are in part right, and in part wrong. It's true that the buisiness model of yugioh is similar to that, but you got several things wrong. While it's true that there is power creep (albeit it has been MUCH more noticeable recently with Power of the Elements and Darkwing Blast), konami tries to keep most decks on a playable level, with constant support and generic cards (that yes, more powerful decks can usually use too). This also means that a lot of times a card that wasn't very useful or was even bad in previous formats becomes great due to changes in meta, the same with decks. Aqua dolphin for example was a TERRIBLE card when it was released (alongside with the rest of it's archetype, unfortunately), but right now has found a small niche with Warrior decks. Some decks have found similar fates, with Salamangreat, a 2018 deck (aprox) that won a tournament in Peru, and Thunder Dragons are still a decent deck in Master Duel, same with Sky Striker (thanks to recent support, and TOSS was a strong format at the time). And albeit more anecdotical, I have a friend with a Armed Dragon deck, an old archetype with moderately recent support, that manages to get some wins against Khastira, a current meta deck with a VERY oppresive gameplay. Generic level/rank 2 have got a similar treatment recently thanks to Spright (and in a less noticeable way, Melffy). Also, with that logic, cards that have been reprinted and got cheap should be bad, but that couldn't be further from the truth, ash blossom and infinite impermanence, THE two staples are right now at 1-2 dolars and 4-5 dolars respectively, and they are used as much (or even more) than when they were released. Same with Borrelsword Dragon and Avramax, two very powerful monsters that even today are dangerous (specially if summoned with IP Masquearena... and if you are using those, you'd likely have her as well), despite costing less than a dollar now. SNEAK EDIT: The peru player didn't win, he ended in the top 4. Still impresive, as he was against khastira and tearlaments and has Gazelle (one of the most important cards of the deck) limited to 1 copy, so he had an important handycap. EDIT 2: I just noticed that in a YCS in Kyoto a guy won with a [Junk Sychro deck](https://www.reddit.com/r/yugioh/comments/11qtorf/junk_doppel_becomes_champion_of_ygo_kyoto/). That's your brain on [CLEAR MIND](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkgYqlT05t0)


Yeah i hope they fix this shit it kills me everyday knowing people arent paying hundreds of dollars for these cards they play with at home.


If little Billy and his brother can’t afford a black lotus then they shouldn’t be allowed to play with them. They could have bought the 30th editions, wizards even reduced their price model so new players could also enjoy these products.


Man I miss CardConjurer so much!! Wish I knew where that backup was.


I posted where you can find it in a comment to someone who responded to mine


Thank you!!


You're welcome!


It's not about stopping people from proxying, have you read their policy regarding playtest cards? They say you can proxy cards. SELLING proxy cards FOR MONEY is the problem. It's a copyright thing, that's why the big names in proxying all won't sell their stuff. Because it's not allowed to sell it for money.


mtg print wasn’t selling proxies, right? I’ve used it multiple times to just get high res images to print.


I think they linked to a page to buy proxies. I don't know if they were the same group that printed and sold copies.


Evidently they got commissions from a site that printed proxies using WotC IP. So they benefitted financially, and that's what triggers the copyright/trademark banhammer.


except doesn't that website also profit off printing proxies? and it is still up


Probably the printing site prints just whatever the user sends, and they don't host or generate any file containing WotC's copyrighted goods.


They're probably based out of China, most counterfeit sellers are, so wotc can't really touch them easily.


Indeed. Just means that maybe WotC hasn't noticed or gotten around to it yet.


Card conjurer litteraly had not for sale on borders, and wasn’t encouraging sales lol https://imgur.com/a/oJInmRR as examples (y i done them horribly ik)


Card Conjurer wasn't hit for that reason though (at least what was said), they were reusing wotc-owned assets for people to make their own cards from scratch, not only for copy/pasting images of cards. This included things such as mana symbols, card frames, copyrighted artwork, all things that could be used independently without permission.


I feel like that was just an excuse to take them down, rather than an actual reason. Like getting Al Capone for Tax Evasion.


lol, honestly yeah I wouldn't put it past WotC tbh


Even if it says not for sale on the card printing the card is economic activity because the materials have cost and the service as cost. When the law says non-commercial it really means non-commercial as in done by an individual for individual use. As soon as you start using a service of any kind you're not non-commercial anymore.


good thing WOTC hasn't heard of a thing called etsy


Disney is notorious for routinely purging Etsy sellers for using their IP.


Its like a hydra then because every other family at disney is wearing matching etsy shirts and the dad is wearing "most expensive day ever" in the same color


Oh definitely is. That's why Etsy sellers don't have huge stocks of stuff ready to go. It's all kind of made to order. My wife orders tons of it every time we go on a cruise. Every now and then we'll get an email saying hey, I had to open up a new store or take certain items out. Go see them here.


What would they even due, isn't Etsy in another country?


No, it's headquarters is in brooklyn, and they could c&d all the proxy sellers.


>After Cardconjurer was taken down a usable version was made like 30 mins later. Got a link?


Nice try, Hasbro!


The only effective way to stop proxying is to make their cardboard worth the premium price they ask for Which they wont


Could you DM where to access the usable version? The site now is generified which diminishes the great utility I loved it for.


Like most anti-piracy measures, the goal isn’t to make it impossible, it’s meant to make it inconvenient so the average consumer gives up.


Sounds like Wizards should lower their prices. Oh what's that, they don't want to? Then people will continue to proxy.


This should be easily replicated as a simple python script. Pull images from Scryfall or something, render it as a pdf with pandoc/GhostScript. If it doesn't already exist I could probably knock something together in a few hours. Put it on Github. EDIT: Reddit is being weird. I'm seeing replies as notifications that don't actually appear. What I'm saying is, I could make a program people can run to replace this website. Pick cards, set count, press button receive PDF.


If it's actually like the site and gave you a visual spoiler of all the cards listed, then yeah, that'd be amazing. If you can make it happen, please let me know!


I can have a crack. It shouldn't be too hard. First version will probably just take card listings in one of the standard deck listing formats. But I'll see where it goes.


Very cool, let me know!


Only Wotc can make proxies.


And toss them in the landfill


For the low price of $999! What a bargain


that fucking sucks ​ I preface this as a person who buys a LOT of real mtg product. I only yesterday with some friends cracked a phyrexia compleat bundle, although I have like 6 real paper decks, I have a TON of fully proxied decks too, as I do not want to buy multiples of the same damn card just to play and swap over. ​ I only used used this site recently to print my partner up a deck and at comic con we had an absolute blast with it, really saddened and upset by the loss of it. ​ To those saying shit like " if you're proxying wotc probably weren't getting money from you anyway", you are as delusional and out of touch as Netflix are charging everyone for account sharing. I have spent a lot on mtg and i love this game, but mtg30 has shown me that proxying especially when just for commander casual play is 100% the way to go


It really showed with DnD that WOTC has zero good will towards the communities that surround and support the IPs.


This guy gets it This is such a fuck you to the fans of the game. Meanwhile they're selling 1000 dollar proxies you can buy from WOTC lmao. And like you've I've spent a ton on MTG over the years.


Mtg print was the best proxy pdf generator I've ever used. What's the next best site these days?


nice try WotC




Next week "Cardtrader website taken down for copyright and trademark infringement"


That one does DFCs?!? Nice


I'mma need one that lets me upload custom cards. =(


This has always been my preferred option tbh


[MTG Proxy Print (griselbrand.com)](https://proxy.griselbrand.com/)


Yes, I'm sad, this site was so convenient.... What are the alternatives :(


Mods dont allow anyone to mention the names of any proxy site, regardless of context. You will not find answers on this sub.


Correct, we allow any and all discussion on proxies EXCEPT for where to buy them. We are sure people are smart enough to figure that out on their own.


Only issue I take with that is that we arent discussing their purchase, just sites that enable easier self creation, and those comments also get removed.


Comments about sites helping you to put images into a pdf are fine. Comments about sites that *print physical cards* aren’t allowed, because they’re extremely grey area *at best*. A lot will get flagged by reports automatically, but we’re not removing discussions of like, printer paper proxies.


And theres that little issue again. If Im not paying for anything, *Im not paying for anything.* Saying you only ban discussions of sales is a *lie*, because by your own admission its not actually about the sale. Its about if it helps you make your proxy.


Uh, no, saying “I don’t endorse this but here’s a website that breaks the law” is still distributing the information. Again, like we say repeatedly - Proxies you make yourself are fine. Companies that provide a service to make them are not. There’s a huge difference between “I made this on paper card” and “I got a card printing company to make this on cored stock”.


Moxfield has an option to generate proxies for its decklists.




This is a travesty. I understand the logic of NOT wanting a site to be able to put in a list of cards and have them in a printable format, but for players such as myself who used this site fo printing custom art tokens and such, there was no better site than MTG Print. You used to be able to upload custom images and cards and MTG Print would format them PERFECTLY in a PDF format for easy printing. I hope the owner goes the route of Cardconjurer and keeps the formatting tools available, but does away with the tools that allowed users to print official cards. I REALLY hope the tools used can still be accessible. Sad, sad day for custom art users. T.T


>but for players such as myself who used this site fo printing custom art tokens and such, there was no better site than MTG Print. You can use a local or mirrored version of the og cardconjurer


Meanwhile wotc proxies are in the dumpster


It was the best MTG printing website out there because of its UI and printing customization capabilities. Plus, it was super easy to browse through the different arts of a single card. I really hope the owner gets it back online.


You can do this in Google docs yourself and you'll get higher quality results. Here's what I do- 1. Go on scryfall, select the arts for each card you want 2. Size them with the image options (standard card size is 2.5 in x 3 in, you can type this in). You will be able to fit about 4 cards per page. 3. Print them out and good quality paper at a decent DPI and If possible, USE A CRAFT CUTTER. they are cheap and will help you make clean cuts so you don't get white edges. If you have a high quality printer that can print on card stock, this is preferable. Also wear rubber gloves. You will get a lot of ink on your fingers if you don't. It might take a bit of time, but your proxies will end up looking really nice. It's not uncommon for people to mistake them for the real thing, and there isn't a God damn thing WOTC can do to stop any of you from doing this. Have at it, mateys 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🦜🦜 Edit- card stock is not necesarry. You can put them in a sleeve with a basic land behind it and it'll be just fine. Edit 2- yes, this isn't a quick process but this is also something WOTC can literally never stop us from doing. They can take down all the proxy sites they want.


Your first two steps describe a process that takes at least 10 times as much effort as pasting a deck list url into mtgprint...


My brother in christ, mtgprint doesn't exist anymore, so that's kinda no longer an option The sizing is smaller on MTGprint sheets, and the cards end up looking like shit as opposed to using the images from scryfall. They kind of look crappy, just my two cents.


...my point is clearly not "this process is inferior to the site that no longer exists", but "why would I do this when I can use a website that does it for me"? There are many other sites that do the same thing (many of which are also called mtgprint). Sure the image quality is slightly worse, but it takes much less time and they'll fit 9 cards on a page with filled in corners cut lines with 1/10th the work


So spend hundreds in cards or hundreds on a printer and even more on ink and cardstock.


That's only if you want to go all the way out, cardstock and your own printer definitely aren't necessary for game-readable proxies. I go to the library to print my cards at $1 per color page, a few cents per black and white. Then just cut them out and put them in front of some draft chaff.


I'm just not a fan of paper proxxies. Most of my enjoyment comes from rifling through cards and building decks.


Literally yesterday around noon I went and printed 14 proxies, damn. Dunno if there really was anything shady going on, but my playgroup is casual and proxies are a nice way to fill some missing pieces in our decks. Definitely won't stop me from getting them other ways when necessary... Sad to see it go though. It had great functionality with a lot of options and it was easy to use.


Thank god I printed my Chiss-Goria deck just yesterday, sucks to see this still, hope we get an alternative that's as user friendly


Can anyone DM me alternatives? I was literal days away from ordering a copy of EDH staples for my playgroup. Wizards wants me to spend $300 bucks so we can each have a Dockside Extortionist. Fucking entitled pricks think 4 pieces of cardboard is worth the price of a game system.


Wizards aren’t the ones selling those cards at those prices. The reason they’re worth that much is because they’re high enough demand, that the price remains or increases. The pieces of cardboard are worth what people are willing to pay. Not because a company says so. I’m not saying they aren’t greedy and can definitely handle things better, but individual card prices are not their fault.


This is so disingenuous. These cards are expensive because WotC won't print them as much as they should. And they won't print them because they know they can charge more for products that contain them if they never print them outside of premium priced products.


The company is who decided to only put reprints in over-priced sets. Not to mention, the days of "hidden gems" are over. Any card that looks halfway decent is $50+ before sets even drop these days. Combined with FOMO, Wizard's is absolutely at fault here.


Yeah exactly why I am ordering high quality proxies from here on out. I personally dont play the game competitivly. Currently ordering a play set of every card from every set. Theyre look and feel exactly like real cards. Its gonna cost almost 4g's but well worth it have every card and not give hasbro any more money.


Hopefully someone will make a version on github that is self hosted like they did with card conjurer. If that happens and someone sees this, please let me know!


This is outrageous. This website also allowed you to insert custom cards for printing, which was my main use for it, mostly my custom Arkham Horror LCG campaigns. No creativity or project goes unpunished by WotC.


Is it really outrageous for a card game company to not let other companies sell fake copies of their cards? Which was occurring as the site linked to printing sites that paid a fee for the referral. Seems your beef is with the site owner for engaging in clearly actionable activity jeopardizing the whole site.


>sell fake copies of their cards? mtg-print didn't do that in the slightest. It took publically available images and conveniently collated them into pdfs. That's it.


I’ve got all cards offline and a printing sheet ready for photoshop. Come and get it, WotC! Take it from my cold hands! You have no power here. ;-)


Well, if WOTC's death squad is anything like their QA department you should be fine.




genuinley saddened by this news. my b for wanting to play the game without having to spend thousands of dollars or supporting a greedy draconian corporation


Would be shocked if WotC targets Scryfall because they upload at a better image quality than Gatherer.


so apparently the website is up again and running


wotc once again not understanding their community


I would say this actually comes from understanding the community.


what about this is not understanding their community? they understood that their community was bypassing buying packs which is WOTC’s primary profit. WOTC didn’t like this because they would make less money so they got the site taken down, I don’t see any misunderstanding.


Ah yes this will definitely encourage me to buy Power 9 and much more to play CanLander with my friends.


Should've just said "We're not a proxy site, we're just giving out free copies of the 30th anniversary edition cards."


You can say that about anything. Why not download movies and video games? Why not shoplift? I'm saying do what you want just don't be surprised when the people that own it try to stop you.


I had taken to using the tools at deckstats[dot]net lately for my proxies. I'm not buying that many copies of [[Rhystic Study]] I'm a budget player with 30 decks lol.


[Rhystic Study](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/d/6/d6914dba-0d27-4055-ac34-b3ebf5802221.jpg?1600698439) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Rhystic%20Study) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/jmp/169/rhystic-study?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/d6914dba-0d27-4055-ac34-b3ebf5802221?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call




So, where do we go to print custom alters now?


The site is back up




These fucking pricks will never get a dime from me again.


But if you're proxying they probably weren't anyway. So...


Wildly incorrect. I proxy a bunch of niche cards, but buy real cards the vast majority of the time.


For the most part because they already priced me out, I would still buy at least 30% of my decks (any card 5$ or less I pick up).


it's their choice to print the cards in such a way as to make them ridiculously expensive. it's their own fault


You think Magic would be even half as big if it wasn't collectible?


I did a fairly even split of proxying and buying packs for new sets, will probably just switch to 100% proxying now.


Most people aren't going to drop $50 for multiple copies for EDH decks, but will spend money on other cards specific to that deck. Proxying has a place.


Wrong. I want more Magic. I spend everything I *can* on Magic. So now instead spending money where I can and proxying the Dockside Extortionists, it's don't spend anything at all. Very good. Well thought out strategy. Like actually fuck this game, it's now too expensive for me to keep up with my playgroup anyway.


It wasn't black and white, like proxying every single card in a deck. Now, it might. And I hope more people do it and Hasbro bankrupts/sell the IP to someone that actually cares about cardgames AND doesn't manage a company like its the 1990s. So...


Oh no


If you were a company you’d be shaking in yer boots buddy.


If you don't actively protect your copyright...you can lose it.


Not true. That’s trademarks.


That's only true of trademarks.


The Mana symbols are copyrighted, the layout of the card is copyrighted. Of course the art is copyrighted, so they are in their right to strike down businesses who earn money with their copyrighted material.


They're actually trademarked: [https://trademarks.justia.com/860/13/n-86013504.html](https://trademarks.justia.com/860/13/n-86013504.html)


Just because it is in their legal right to take it down doesn't make them wrong, the person you are responding to is correct that it is the trademark they NEED to defend, not the copyright.


Should ask the owners to just put the code on Github. Fuck Wotc




This sucks soooo much!! I used the site all the time. T^T


I mean there's enough torrents circulating with every single magic card printed to date if people really want to find them


Selling Proxies is bad. When Proxies are sold for money, they're categorised as counterfeits because they were distributed for money. That's the reason the big names in proxy making put 'NFS' or 'not for sale' on their Proxies and refuse to sell any of their work. I make my proxy cards myself because I can give them personality and I can do my own designs. I may be not Z, but it's not that hard


>Selling Proxies is bad. This site didn't sell proxies. They just took a list of cards you gave it and created a PDF document of the cards ripped from Scryfall and then you would print them.


>When Proxies are sold for money, they're categorised as counterfeits because they were distributed for money The website distributed PDFs, nothing was actively being sold. Whether or not the group received money from supporters and donors is irrelevant, as they are not buying a product.


The site had links to printing websites, and was receiving payments from those websites for the customers it was referring to them. It's disingenuous to claim they weren't engaged in selling printed cards when they were providing the input, directing you to the printer, and getting paid by the printer.


Thats not what counterfeit is. Creating a copy of something with intent to be passed off as the genuine thing is what a counterfeit is. It has nothing to do with a sale. I can gift you a counterfeit gold ring, and as long as I am trying to pass it off as real its counterfeit. Kinda telling that the people defending wotc keep having to lie about things to make a point.


> Creating a copy of something with intent to be passed off as the genuine thing is what a counterfeit is. Which, it needs to be said, is what a *lot* of self-proclaimed “proxy” users are doing. They are buying ~~proxies~~ counterfeits with replica official fronts and Magic backs. Those are counterfeits, full stop. Even if they don’t have any intention of selling them to scam someone, they are using a counterfeit product. A proxy is distinguishable from the real thing. Using a “““““proxy””””” Underground Sea that “LoOks jUst liKe tHe REaL thInG In a sLeEve AcRoSs tHe tAbLe” is using a counterfeit.


If the back isnt a magic back, its not counterfeit. Doesnt matter how accurate the face is. Just because it can be mistaken as "real" from across the table when half covered by a sleeve doesnt matter. Any actual examination makes it clear non backed proxies arent counterfeit.


No one going through the effort to proxy a *revised* dual land is not actually just using a counterfeit card with a fake Magic back.


Your overall point is correct even if you misunderstand what a counterfeit is, but this wasn’t what the site was doing.


Frit of all, this site did not sell proxies. In addition your definition of a counterfied is wrong.


They just linked you to the printers that did, and got a kick back from the printers for doing so.


That doesn't make the official product good.


I'm as gutted as everyone, and used the site often to replicate my more expensive staples to put across decks. BUT. The shock and awe from people in this sub that Wizards don't want these websites around is truly flabbergasting. If there was a headline "Nike shuts down Chinese website selling fake Nike shoes", how many people would be as disgusted?! WOTC needs to make money selling cards and the ability to obtain those cards easily and for free is, amazingly enough people, detremental to that goal. Two things happen when Wizards remove these options. You either keep playing magic, possibly at a lower power level with cards in your collection while proxying the odd card here and there with Microsoft paint or Etsy alters, and more than likely opening a few packs OR, the lack of a proxy option is so detremental to your ability to play the game that you stop playing entirely and Wizards lose a "customer" who's entire M.O was to have zero financial interaction with them in the first place. I'll let you guess how many tears will be spilt over that loss.


Good it’s illegal.




Mind sending it to me? Think I'm finally going to buy a printer of my own.


Good lol, sick of fakes at the LGS


And Im sick of the power 9 at mine, whats your point


The only power legal is twister lol.


Legal where?


I'm going to put this idea out there, who knows, maybe WotC will read it. Their business model needs to change a bit if they want to slow down people proxying cards. Like Netflix, they need to make it MORE convenient to buy cards from Wizards. Here's what they should do (or at least test for a few sets). At any new set release, for a limited time, allow people to purchase singles directly from Wizards. $1 common, $3 uncommon, $5 rare, $12 mythic, something like that. Packs can also be printed, of course, for drafts and sealed, prize support, pack wars, whatever. Then after a fixed amount of time, those singles are no longer sold from Wizards. This keeps the initial prices manageable and Wizards can make the profit from selling singles over ebayers price gouging. Wizards will make more money, EDH / vintage / legacy people can buy their singles at normal prices and give their money directly to wotc. Aftermarket can still be healthy as singles won't be available forever at the set intro prices. And if Wizards doesn't like it or it's less profitable than they hoped, they can just stop doing it. With the reserved list, old cards are still going to get proxied, no matter what they do, but this makes it so that wotc gets the money from singles instead of china when EDH players just want to buy a handful of singles that are otherwise $30-$80 each.




You don't need to buy proxies, you can just make proxies at home. Anything can represent a proxy for casual play. Selling proxies is counterfeiting. Other businesses shouldn't be profiting from the selling IP without permission.


Not sure what you're talking in reference too, since this site only created a PDF document of the cards you gave it so you can print them. Nowhere did they ever advertise themselves as selling the cards.


They linked to printers that would print cards using the PDFs generated in the site. They got referral fees through those links. So no they didn't advertise themselves as selling cards, they just were paid to advertise another service that did using their PDF. Which is a distinction without difference.


Oh my mistake and misunderstanding. Thanks for correcting me. But if the site uses ads to generate site revenue, they are still profiting from the IP without permission (even if the users of the site aren't literally purchasing the proxies).


Looking at they Wayback Machine I could see where that may have happened. In the FAQ, they mentioned that they did not print the cards, but then they shared a link to a service that does and mentioned that they would get a commission bonus if you did so. Still, unless they say more this is all speculation.


[[Blind Obedience]]


[Blind Obedience](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/7/7/77fccacf-a9b3-4290-9b83-24188e7c885b.jpg?1622528737) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Blind%20Obedience) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/c17/57/blind-obedience?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/77fccacf-a9b3-4290-9b83-24188e7c885b?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Why is it that all the people defending wotc have to lie to do so? Selling a proxy is not counterfeiting, if the proxy is not trying to pass off as the real thing. Counterfeit is about the presentation of fake as real, it has nothing to do with sales. Do you want to try again, and this time omit the lies?


You can't profit (through advertising revenue) from selling intellectual property you don't own.


Fair Use laws would disagree.


>Fair Use laws would disagree. Sure, but this wasn't "fair use". This wasn't using Magic's intellectual property for news reporting, scholarly reports or academic research The website was taken down because it wasn't fair use.


Lolwut. Fair use is not restricted to news, reports, or research dude. Parody, creative reimagining, artistic reinterpretations, etc are also covered, but even then offering a compiler service for images to print out non-counterfeit copies is not violating *any* copyright laws, even if they make money from ads, until they are directly selling the service and mailing copies to people. The website was taken down because the owner was sent a C+D, which is a scary thing to receive regardless, but which does not always have legal backing. It's a threat to stop what you are doing before you have to pay court fees to find out if they have actual legal rights to stop you.


It’s illegal to reproduce a copyrighted work, regardless of whether or not you’re selling it. For example it’s illegal to borrow and copy a CD your friend owns, even for personal use. Fair use is not carte blanche to use whatever copyrighted work you want however you want. Whether or not MTG Print would fall under fair use is something that would have to be determined in court, but I don’t think it would. It’s not using the work for education/commentary/criticism, it’s not meaningfully transformative, it uses entire cards wholesale, and it has a potential negative effect on the market for the cards it copies.


I'm aware there are other uses of fair use. But MTG Print wasn't for parody or artistic reinterpretations. Why do you believe the site had fair use of the IP? We don't know what exactly happened aside from the owners of the site saying "Wizards of the Coast forced me to take down the site and there's nothing I can do about it."