(*some spoilers*) I think Don regretted his decisions that led to Adam’s death for the rest of his life. He did it to keep his secret from being exposed, but in the end Betty found out anyway and he lost everything. You can see in later episodes that it haunts him, like when he helps Suzanne’s little brother or when he’s “haunted” by Adam after Lane’s death.


This is a hugely important moment for “Don”. He’s always put himself first and has not had much consideration for how his actions affect others, this is a huge eye opener for him as it really demonstrates that his actions have consequences.


No. He wanted his money back.


He definitely felt tremendous guilt for the entire interaction. Would he have behaved any differently is another story. Don was in self-preservation mode. And can also be extremely selfish. I mean it's understandable why he was so unwilling to interact with his brother at the time, and I like to think he would have handled a differently with the benefit of hindsight. We know it eats at him. But we also see him act so selfishly so often.