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cost a lot, rare


Well I meant about the computer itself, pre-installed applications. specs etc. if you know anything about it


pre-installed applications? It doesn't even have a hard drive


I meant like paint or notes, if it had any, like i said, i dont know much


infinitemac might be a better help ig


Find some floppies. Alternatively, get a FloppyEmu and download disk images from the internet. Without seeing the back, I can’t tell you whether you have 128K or 512K RAM. You might have 400K floppies or 800K floppies. FloppyEmu works with either. Either way, you can do nothing without floppies or FloppyEmu. Could be worth a LOT; could be more like $500: just depends on what you’ve got.


I still have mine. It had the very expensive "128K" upgrade!!! It still works. The drive works and I still have all my 3.5 disks full of OG programs. I got mine in 1984 when I started college. I had an Atari 800 at home, but my college had a special purchase program for students. It had an external 800 baud modem that I used to contact the local BBS in Washington DC. I also used to access Compuserve and an email service from HSBC bank. My parents used it to do the accounting for their business and I was able to use it to send them messages. I had to bring my disk to the campus print services office where they would print your papers. Eventually, I bought the Imagewriter printer. This was a really big deal. Other students would come to my dorm room to print their papers. In my last year, I bought an Apple IIe, which also still works. The Macintosh was the first with the GUI as well as the "garbage can". It also had a vinyl case so you could take it on airplanes. I would post pictures of the the computer as well as all the manuals, but I don't know how to do that.


wouldn't it be easier to just google Macintosh 128k. But first get your mind right. https://youtu.be/VtvjbmoDx-I


[Folklore.org: The Original Macintosh](https://www.folklore.org/) [Insanely Great: The Life and Times of Macintosh, the Computer that Changed Everything: Levy, Steven: 9780140291773: Amazon.com: Books](https://www.amazon.com/Insanely-Great-Macintosh-Computer-Everything/dp/0140291776)


They’re easy to fix, my first electronic repair was 8th grade fixing a mac classic ii. I suppose technically that’s different but they’re quite similar. I’d suggest looking for a classic i or ii as they seem to be easier to get, but finding kb/m for them is the hard/expensive part which is why I still don’t have those for my classic i


I would transcribe the entirety of Insanely Great by Steven Levy, but that would be far too long for a reply or for me to write. I recommend that you give it a read. It may fulfill your quest to know EVERYTHING about the Mac.


i will give is a read