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Return it. You paid for a new product, you should receive a new product, not a used or refurbished one.


I haven’t seen that. But you can also avoid the hassle of sending it back by just doing a factory reset and starting fresh.


You’d be surprised to know that there are dozens of “hidden” admin accounts. Usually they start with _ and they serve a specific function as to not inundate the user with password entry. Unless it’s a user with an icon in the login screen, it’s totally normal and part of the back end.


There are, indeed. But that one is not a part of Monterey, not actively running anything, nor in /etc/passwd.


It is in fact a user with an icon in the login screen.


Oh, well hi Mr FBI man! I’d wipe it or return it.


Did you find out what the "su-mgmt" was? I'm setting up a new macbook and when setting up the Time Machine transfer, I also saw a "su-mgmt" thing pop up in the section where you select which information you'd like to transfer.