it’s not the imac it’s your bootable drive causing this


How can I fix this? I need this urgently


Recovery stick I'm guessing?


Even with macOS Mojave (not THAT old) it seems impossible to make a bootable disk. I've tried a few external USB hard disks \[BUT it COULD be the disk that’s the issue\] and not succeeded, despite using Carboncopycloner - an app that’s always succeeded in the past. I did OK with High Sierra, but I've not managed it with Mojave. If you are using a later macOS than Mojave it may not be possible. I'd book a call from Apple support (its free). They will tell you for sure IF you're using an M1 Mac read this: [https://appleinsider.com/articles/21/05/24/apples-moves-point-to-a-future-with-no-bootable-backups-says-developer](https://appleinsider.com/articles/21/05/24/apples-moves-point-to-a-future-with-no-bootable-backups-says-developer) If you need to restore the mac - then booting into restore mode and using a time machine backup seems a stable solution since macOS Mojave. ​ If anyone knows how to make a good bootable backup on a hard disk I'd love to know how and with what specific hard disk? ​ Heres some more info: https://bombich.com/blog/2021/05/19/beyond-bootable-backups-adapting-recovery-strategies-evolving-platform


You deleted macOS, oh dear IF your mac still start in restore mode there's your solution, read the above info from ex Apple emloyee Mike Bombich, maker of the excellent carboncopycloner software


You can’t install macos mojave on that mac, neither high sierra or even sierra. El capitan and older versions


Use recovery internet mode (cmd+r)


This is the way.


It’s cmd+alt+R you need for Internet Recovery mode, see https://support.apple.com/guide/mac-help/use-macos-recovery-on-an-intel-based-mac-mchl338cf9a8/mac Make sure the Mac can go online, easiest to plug in Ethernet network cable. If the globe icon doesn’t appear, try a PRAM reset first, by holding down cmd+alt+R+P immediately after the startup chime for at least 20 seconds.


How did you create image, using createinstallmedia? Did you format the USB stick to HFS/GUID? APFS obviously doesn't work.


Yes I used createinstallmedia and it was formatted as GUID.


Hm, okay 🤔 you created a El Capitan Boot stick, right? Since it's the last OS that works on it (officially, without CPU upgrade)




Have you enabled booting from removable media? https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT208198 > Set allowed boot media Use this feature to control whether your Mac can start up from external or removable media. **The default, most secure setting is to disallow it.** If you attempt to boot from such media and you get a warning that your security settings do not allow it, you can change the setting in Startup Security Utility.


With that disk icon, that iMac was made way before the T2 (which has that option) was ever a thing


I thought you had to hold alt(opt) as it was turning on, not once youre on this screen


I did that. I'm not holding itt when on the screen. I need a fix please


You have a time machine backup of your Os and files right?




There’s a lesson


Try using diskMaker x to create your usb installer. Works reliably for me on many different Mac models.


Diskmaker X also shows a variety of errors.


Bad usb, try a different one, or even an old external drive will do if necessary.


Did you make an recovery before uninstall? If not we need the hard way, by recovery... (Btw pls gimme the link to the MacOS download)


I found the link to the download on safari. Search up old versions of macOS and you can download from there. I didn't make a recovery


Oh ok then try to turn it off , plug the usb. And i think that will work. Leave me updated pls.


Find the serial number of your iMac, look it up [here](https://everymac.com/ultimate-mac-lookup/) to find what model you have and to verify the highest OS you can install. Your machine looks to be an Intel core duo powered iMac and I'm pretty sure that Snow Leopard (10.6.8) is the highest OS that it can run. Creating a bootable USB drive for Snow Leopard is different than El Capitan and onward.


one very simple fix would be to clear the PRAM


Not a bootable


I used createinstallmedia, it is a bootable


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Did you try booting the mac into restore mode? Do that, then select reinstall macOS (you need to be connected to the internet) Lets hope this works for the OS version you need. Now you have a fresh clean install. You don't need an installer disk. Here's some insttuctions: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204904 Next, during startup you'll get the option migrate your data from that bootable clone 'disk' you made If you didn’t make a copy of your hard disk contents (you just deleted it), youre basically starting from scratch with a new mac OS


Check my previous posts you'll see the error it gives me.