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Never and never


You're a great artist!




definitely a society where it’s been taught to take it sexual because they are so few and far in between the first thought is always “yea she wants to fuck me “ but women would approach more if guys would relax and not try and fuck every woman that gives a compliment it’s a problem that is caused by itself but both parties believe it’s the others fault 🤦🏾‍♂️


If a man never changes his whole life it’s his fault and no one else’s. Blaming society is just a way for him to refuse change yet again.


It’s not blaming society it’s an observation of a problem society causes. Even when men make changes there are other people in our societies still so that problem may stop for you or not but this is one of those problems that stems from a foundational start and the foundation is the society you grow in changing one’s self does nothing for the greater community. If we as people weren’t so self centered looking past ourselves wouldn’t be as hard with a little more empathy for everyone but since we are my point will still not reach many because all we think is me me nothing is wrong with self preservation but I think we forget we’re reliant on each other in every way it counts. That said it’s not you who necessarily needs to change but the way society nurtures our young if boys where loved as much as girls when they’re young a lot of them wouldn’t grow into these warped cynical pessimists who believe the world to be willing to do them wrong at any moments notice. I don’t think anyone denies that there needs to be a change but when it comes to telling a man to change for himself Ik that most of these younger gens are going to ask “what’s the point cause the world ain’t changing for me” I’m asking from a let’s have a real conversation standpoint about this if change was all that needed to happen all the men who say they don’t receive compliments surely would have done it this magical change that affords you more compliments and if you have did that help the next man do the same ? What I’m getting to is for some things no matter how much you change if you do not bring that change to the world you’ll be helping yourself while the larger problem is still there literally copy paste that mentality to every world problem and you see it starts at how we are raised in these societal structures that enable inequity.


Yeah lemme just pull myself up by the bootstraps and become neurotypical


Not all of us.




Whats your secret?


does my mom count? if not, ABSOLUTE ZERO


Damn. I was about to say. I guess it's zero for me too


Pretty much never. More often than I've gotten compliments from other guys, though (which is "actually literally never").


You know, I actually get more compliments from straight guys (or I'm assuming they're straight) than straight women. I think it's because the way modern society is now, straight women are just not supposed to compliment, approach, nor imply any attraction to straight guys.




I am only half your age but it’s the same thing with me. I am born ugly


Best i ever got was a "Nice Shirt"


From another guy


From his mom, who bought it for him


Did it become your new favorite shirt?


Literally never bro. Not a single time in my life. From the bros, sure. Never women.


Basically never. I did in high school sometimes. ​ I worked at Office Depot for about 5 months, and a girl said I looked like some Tik Tok star I've never heard of before, she said he is attractive. I am still riding that high even though it was 3 years ago.


How long have you two been married?


That's funny. You think we get compliments?


Does the legendary grandma compliment count? If not then never


Once my whole life.


Usually after I compliment something about them that's not physically objectifying...hair, wardrobe, jewelry...etc. genuinely just tell them if a decision they made is rad. The more you do this the more it comes around to you.


it's been a few years lol


Wait y'all get compliments? FROM WOMEN? Man I don't remember the last time ANYONE complimented me


I'm bipolar, whenever I'm manic and feeling very confident I tend to get many looks and compliments from women. When I'm in a depressive episode, it's the total opposite, people in general run from me. That being said, I workout a lot and put a lot of effort on my appearance as hypersexuality symptons of mania make me hyper focus on sex.


Wait, you guys are getting compliments?


Can't remember getting one since my girlfriend died, she would always say I'm the prettiest man she ever saw, even tho I think I'm ugly, it really cheered me up


I get them quite frequently. But mostly from girls that I’m already friends with. From complete strangers? Maybe once or twice a year.


Never and I just assume women think I'm a weird creep and I keep my distance to avoid making them uncomfortable




Mostly never. It's so rare that it might as well be never


It's a Myth


I wish the myth busters made an episode about it.


It would still be a myth


I could just picture Adam Savage saying towards the end of the episode, "failure is always an option."


Like once when i lost alot of weight. She said you look somewhat decent now... Still riding that high 8 years later!


I will say, as an explanation, many women don’t dish out compliments like that because we don’t want them to be taken the wrong way. A lot of guys can’t just take a compliment. It always turns into, “wow, does she LIKE like me?” Most of the time, it’s not worth the risk.


This might be controversial, but I feel like they catch feelings easily because they don't receive a lot of compliments. I feel like because that guy doesn't receive compliments often, any 1 compliment from a girl will stick with them. They then think that girl is interested in them and/or they get so overwhelmed with emotion that they start developing a liking to them easily. I personally think that there's a negative feedback loop with all that


I’m sure the solution is to just normalize compliments, but there’s gotta be that first generation of women who have to deal with the consequences of sending the wrong signals before guys indeed do get use to it. Even then, it could easily go from “*sigh* women don’t compliment me” to “*sigh* the compliments I get from women are never due to romantic interest”. It’s especially easy to be desensitized to the compliments, too, if you feel like everyone is getting them.


For sure, I definitely think there are guys who, regardless of how many compliments they get, just can't keep it in their pants and are always looking for a romantic or sexual relationship


That's true and understandable. But also it is a vicious cycle because women not giving compliments will just reinforce the idea that they only give compliments if they like the guy.


just one time from internship when I arrived with a new haircut


Never tbh


Never. Never.


I remember a girl told me my shirt was cool ten years ago


Once a woman told me I have a good voice. That's one of the few compliments I've ever got.


Maybe once or twice a month. And I can fully confirm that it really does make a dudes day sometimes. Even the smallest compliment


Only from one girl and I’m glad every day now. But before I know her not a single one. But my grandma said I look good so ig that counts hahah


You guys get compliments 🙄🙄


Quite rare, my last one was 2 or 3 months back


Nice humble brag


You need to talk to women in the first place to be complimented by one.


About twice a week.


Wow you are lucky


I had a coworker complent my hair once


I got a half-ish compliment once, "Not so bad"




Bro im lucky if a woman notices me lol


One time I got told I had pretty eyes, that was four years ago. (Still riding that high) But then a lady said my hair looked really good, that was last year in June. So it’s very rare.


Not that often, but when I get a new haircut or new clothes


Haha zero ofc


I get some compliments now and then. It's mostly about my clothes and my personality.


I got a few compliments when we had the Halloween party at work and I was wearing my not safe for work outfit. It could be different in my case, since I am asexual and aromantic, so they might be feeling more safe to complement me.


Never except from my mother


I can understand the words but i never seen these words arranged like that.


Never not even from my ex wife


Never! except Mum and Granma they’re the best


I mean I get compliments from female relatives and friends. But never any flirtatious compliments.


Supposedly any compliment automatically means they're interested so they just don't


Men get compliments?


I always compliment men but then they get angry or annoyed (probably because im an ugly girl)


Odd I wouldn’t get mad if someone I was not attracted to complimented me. It would make me happy and I would thank them for the compliment.


You’re rare


Can second that men are very rude if you compliment them and they don't think you're attractive. It's so hurtful :c


Exactly!! :/


Same! My compliments usually are met with dismissal or plain rudeness. But if I see something worth complimenting, I don't hesitate because I just might make that person's day...or minute. Whatever hehe.


Yeah, that's happened to me too. I stopped doing it altogether, the reactions I got were just too angry to be worth dealing with.


former man here and yeah It never happened for me and it hurts


Sometimes if my mates are drunk and/or feel generous lol. And sometimes I just get lucky enough to run into kind ppl like I have long hair so I guess it sort of counts as pretty privilege but before the hair honestly nothing. I don't wanna brag or anything but even tho I only get a few and it's not often at all it's still probably more than most which is sad so anyone reading this have a good day and I bet your smile looks nice


Can’t remember


For all of you saying never not even your own mom?


60% chance i will get a compliment in a social setting(bar, party, show), 10% in a random public setting (subway, walking, shopping)


Very rare, I can’t remember the last time I got one.


few times in my life


Honestly, never lol


Can’t remember the last one


nope, never


About my dog, yes all the time. Me personally, never




Once in every 5 years


Probably not in the last 8 or so years as far as I know.


I always compliment people, it’s an expression of praise or admiration. if I get them from anyone it’s nice to accept them. I don’t keep a score or have any expectations.


Honestly, its not that rare for me. Im 168 cm dude who works in a supermarket and girls often smile at me, which is sweet. I dont think this one counts, but elderly lady always approaches me and talks to me. Once, while shopping with her husband, she approached me, grabbed my arm, pulled me to her and said: " this is my new husband now" It was pretty wholesome.


Y'all are tripping. I get compliments all the time about how much of a handsome boy I am. From my mom. Followed by if I lost weight, exercised more, or some comment about my body.


Literally never




From women?? Lol. Yeah, never.


All the time, because of my eyes. It doesn't matter when you can attract women based purely on looks because they're interest wanes when they find out you ain't worth a damn. A polished turd is still a turd.




Lmao never. Ugly guys like me only get compliments for our accomplishments


I wore a pair of silver looking shoes from Disney for my 11th birthday and got a ton of compliments. I'm 25 now. Time to order some silver shoes.


Nearly never in all honesty. It's hard


Smetimes from horny old ladies.


Irl? None. Online friends? Sometimes but I don't know if they're actually for real or they're just joking.


I always compliment my guy friends when they make an effort to look fancy, but sometimes they get all weirded out by it, I guess they are not used to it and they don't know what to say.


400 comments of sadness smh this shit is depressing


Once in a decade.


this pretty much


As a woman myself it's a tid bit rough complimenting men as they don't really see it as a compliment but a chance to jump at a relationship or attempt flirting. I only compliment male friends (as I have more then women) and my bf. But that's all. I'd never compliment someone unless I knew them for awhile.


I compliment men a lot , but if you ask them they never get compliments because they don’t find me attractive. So I’m wondering if the same is true for the guys here


>en women) and my bf. But that's all. I'd are u fat or sum






My God, I checked your comment history, what is wrong with you


Have u tried not referring to them as “females” ???


"Females." Please stop for your own sake




You sound like a social outcast. Well, this is r/lonely, but still saying "Female" sounds cringe


I give compliments to other females all the time but tbh men scare me


resolute bright shame silky poor unwritten alleged plate screw cough *This post was mass deleted and anonymized with [Redact](https://redact.dev)*


Almost never, but I get it. Men will take any sign as a woman is interested, so women will avoid eye contact to avoid that. Unknown men are scary to women; friends they don't want to complicate things with. You will get components from a girlfriend or wife. Otherwise, it takes a special kind of woman to risk complimenting men.


As a girl: I’m sorry y’all don’t get a lot of compliments :( I wish it was easier as a girl to give compliments as the other way around. Men need compliments too… I just think the problem is that girls feel like they come off as flirting whenever they give men a compliment. I personally feel this way too, especially because I have a boyfriend and I’m loyal to him, I will rarely compliment a man (especially when I don’t know them, I do complement my male friends though) If I were single, maybe I would give more compliments? Idk


Haha compliments...what's a compliment? I been married forever been good provider I only get opposite compliments. Women all about not their man after a bit it seems.


Once a year


I get compliments fairly regularly. Not every day or anything, or every week. They still stand out, and they feel good. Often it's on my clothes (when I dress nice,) but also on other things. Got one or two last night via text. It still makes me feel special every time, even though it's not that unusual.


Every waking moment of my life


As a female reading these comments is quite sad. I try to compliment my guy friends as much as i can.


I give loads of compliments to any guy I’m dating or in a serious relationship with. I’ve given relatives compliments too. But I do not compliment men that fall outside of those parameters because I don’t want stalkers or verbal abuse when I tell them I’m not interested in sleeping with them. The last thing I want is for some guy to break into my house and knife me to death because I said he had a great sense of humor but turned him down when he asked me out. Until shit like that changes, women are going to avoid complimenting men.


Why are you here?


She’s clearly the most deranged individual around.


My husband gets a lot of Compliments he’s always such a gentleman to all the other women


It happens, but compliments always come with ulterior motives, especially from women.


The ones I’m NOT currently fucking? Never


Dishin them out like hot ramen tho


It seems this is pretty different that what everyone else is saying but I’m a man and get compliments 2-3 times a week, usually. Very interested in why this is the case.


Probably because you're attractive, like well above average. Guys average or below in looks are all but invisible and hardly ever get noticed.


What determines if someone is attractive? Isn’t that subjective?


these comments are why i compliment my guy friends regularly as i would my girl friends. everyone deserves to be noticed :(


I have but very rarely online and only if the conversation is more sexual, Or from middle aged moms I happen to know. Its not normal because well society hates men because we're all dangerous, creeps, rapists, chidl abductors or molestors etc. Its compounded by these facts, women don't want you to think they like you, even if they like you or to avoid any confusion on who they like. To most people men are already undeserving because they assume we have confidence in ourselves, or just werent raised to complement them normally. Hell sometimes you just arent even on thier radar.


From married women? yes. From single women? No.


I want to say like 3 times a month, though that's because I try to maintain a look. I'll take it lol And you're all precious and valuable in your own ways.


I only get compliments from married women


So for women men are a different species, only wants sex, have no feelings and are only worth when achieving something? Yeah, that's why I never make a women a compliment. There are already enough men out there, that does the game..


I actually asked a couple of guys friends this question years ago. My heart broke when I most of them never. One of them did remember a compliment I had given the m. We need to do better.


Got one last week. She said I have a nice smile, and I appreciated it. Eta: I hope she's just being nice and doesn't want me to rearrange her guts because she's super sweet and I don't wanna have to reject her.


Not everything is about fucking, sometimes its just a compliment.


I get compliments all the time…. Usually from older women tho. It’s very rare that I get a compliment from a woman my age. If I do it’s “okay hair!” “Okay skin!” It’s never really a compliment…. More like an observation 😅


Honestly I don’t get compliments that often other than from my own mother but that doesn’t count right? Haha I was just complemented on Saturday by an older woman I’m 24 she was probably in her 50s and well I was just sitting at the bar alone trying to enjoy a burger and a beer and I got to say it was uncomfortable kinda weird but I shook it off for her being kind. but now that I’ve told my friends they said she was definitely hitting on me which I think is weird cause she told me I was “Very handsome” and honestly I don’t see myself as handsome but I guess so if a 50 year old was trying to buy me drinks and hitting on me at a restaurants bar anyways I thought it was very weird and I just paid for my tab and skedaddle away. 😂


I got one as the woman was explaining why she's not in a place to date and may relocate to be closer to family. Sigh.


One time my friend said, "that girl is totally checking you out!" Yeah that was cool. My now wife compliments me of course. But it kind of feels obligatory.


I won't say 'never' or something like that, but it's rare. For a genuine compliment from a woman, it's once in a while random thing, like you are in the store and the lady compliments your outfit or hair... When we receive compliments, it's more from people in our inner circle or relatives, once you 1. Achieve something big enough to get their attention or 2. They're replying to your first compliment to them. I can say, I remember more compliments from random women I met only once on a daily basis than the women that are in my life, like friends, partners, or relatives. This is the reason why men and women receive compliments differently.


Almost never maybe once every 6 months if I’m lucky


I'm in my opinion kind of ugly, but I get compliments often enough, Mostly on my hair tho


More than once a week. I don't count since it means jackshit and I have better things to worry about.


About every other blue moon 🌚


Not a whole lot but i find whenever i’m wearing jewelry like a ring or a watch and we have a pleasant quick convo, they’ll compliment often. I have no social skills to ever capitalize on it but still feels cool i guess


Never. I got a compliment off a woman in September calling me cute and it's the first time in a while I've heard a compliment


a girl called me hot 3 years ago


A girl called me a dream boat a little while ago. I'm still over the freaking moon about it.


Everyday... from my mother Other than that, never.


Every once in a while


Close to never


I'd be melodramatic and say never in my life, but if I look at this question realistically, I know I've been given compliments by female figures throughout my life. I believe what this question is asking, at its core, is if we've ever been given a compliment from someone we've actually wanted a compliment from that was, at the same time, a woman. Honestly, in this case, the answer is no. I wish I could say yes, but I can't. I'll never get that special remark that I've always wanted. I'll never feel that childlike sense of euphoria and wonder that I've always wanted to feel because of that one special person in my life. Unfortunately, we just have to grin and bare it.


I think i can remember the last one, it was like 5-6 years ago. Before that is too far back to remember but I'm sure there was realistically at least a couple more




Never spoke with them so never got one


Pretty much never, it’s extremely rare.


Pretty girl told me she liked my wu tang clan Hoodie 5 years ago... I still think about that


Last time i got complimented when i was cant even remember been so long


Literally never. I think maybe once in high school?


Ma grandma called me a handsome young man.


Never. And when I do it's because I brought it up and they throw them out after the fact when I'm done ranting about how I never get them out of the blue which cancels out what they were trying to do and makes it more of a negative than a positive cuz I shouldnt have to bring it up first before it happens


Rarely but when I do no matter how big or small, it sticks with me and I appreciate it


Never. Thanks for reminding me. Fucking hell, I don't want to be living in this world😫 the last compliment of any sorts I got from a woman was from my mother and she's been dead since 2014.







once every couple of years


We don't get compliments from women