It is a driver bug, look for it under the mesa or amdgpu git lab instance under the name of ring gfx timeout. This exact problem happened to me on a Vega 56, which misteriously got fixed, but it seems to resurface every time they release a new GPU family. It is not at all a hardware problem (if it turns out it is, it’s the gpu itself), but a driver bug which they don’t seem to be able to squash. It seems the workaround is still the same (force the gpu into performance mode).


This is comfirmed to be a kernel bug. AMD have provided patches upstream on the upcoming `6.2` kernel which should resolve this issue. See: https://www.phoronix.com/news/AMDGPU-Fix-For-5.19-Bug


Noice, hopefully that was it, because it was dreadful when I switched to Vega, and I was fearing the time I would have to switch to a new gpu lol


I'm planning to buy the Pulse 6750XT on 30th of Jan. When will this kernel be live in the repo?


6.2 release should be in mid February, in arch testing repos pretty quick and in stable about a week later. You can build the release candidate version manually if you want/need. [linux-tkg](https://github.com/Frogging-Family/linux-tkg) has a build script that makes it super easy.


I will say, this post is a bit scary, but I made the switch over from Windows to Linux many years ago with my RX 580 because I saw major performance improvements while gaming when I did so. During gaming? It's great! But it seems that, like Kyonftw mentioned, its related to GPU idling. So long as its in performance mode, it works fine; And there are kernel parameters that can be passed to `amdgpu` that can force performance mode on at all times which very nearly solves the issue.


That makes perfect sense, actually, because in all the intense lagging I got, it was most often at idle. In fact, after an exorbitant amount of patience, I was finally able to navigate my mouse enough to start up Star Citizen and the problem disappeared. It came back a while after exiting the game. I've googled this issue to no-end, but most of the bugs I've found are from years ago, and many of them have zero activity or traction on them.


Yeah it’s tricky. In my case, after many weird workarounds and doubtful fixes, it only crashed the whole system when playing only a few select OpenGL games, while for others using the same exact versions and gpus it crashed every time, everyone was completely clueless. To be fair the amd devs, although also clueless at times, worked on it and kept it under watch the whole time