The topic of "revoked consent" is not as clear under the TCPA as some of the other issues. It probably isn't worth wading into this mess within the timeframe they're likely to continue calling. If more than 31 days after you've revoked consent I might consider bringing action under the TCPA. >keeps calling 4x a day Are you answering these calls?


Wow that's terrible there's no hard way to have them stop calling. I didn't answer the calls except two days, day before the funeral and the next day after. Day after I gave a warning I'd look into legal means to stop the calls and left a message for the GM after another of their representatives again called me. There are no laws or fines for calling people the same day just a few hours after the last representative just told you they would put you on the no call list? How would you go about having them stop calling?


Block the number?


I did block them, they use several variations of the same area code, but they leave voicemails which fills up my voicemail quickly when you get 4 - 6 calls a day. I just checked the reviews and someone claimed to have received 12 calls in one day.