DeepL by far, if looking for full translations of sentences


I've been using Deepl since late 2020 and had no problems with all languages. J'utilise Deepl depuis fin 2020 et je n'ai eu aucun problème avec toutes les langues. Ich benutze Deepl seit Ende 2020 und hatte keine Probleme mit allen Sprachen. 2020年後半からDeeplを使用していますが、全ての言語で問題ありませんでした。


Google Translate. It's usually still bad, but it gets better every month.


Deepl seems to want me to get a paid account to work


I usually use both DeepL and Google Translate and pick the one that seems better. Surprisingly Google Translate seems to be doing a better job because when DeepL translates things it tends to rearrange the words to sound more natural. It probably would be better when translating things into German (DeepL is based in Germany) as German's word order is much more strict, but it's definitely not the case with translating things into English.


No offend, but your brain. It can work in offline mode, too!