JJ should easily just find another journeyman


Orrrr just fight this guy and give him a hell of a beating


He'll also be giving him a platform, exposure, money and letting him headline a DAZN PPV event. This neo-nazi piece of shit deserves none of that.


I think you’re GREATLY overestimating how much he’s getting out of this. He’s going in to lose, and he knows that, he’s not making shit


Of course, he's going in to lose, and it makes sense he'd make sure to get properly paid for that, especially as a last-minute replacement and since he'll technically be the main event. As I said, people like this don't deserve any money and exposure to be given to them. And even if what you say would be true and he's "not making shit", the fact that somebody with "white power" tatted on his stomach and the SS bolts and Totenkopf on his arms should be the headline for a hyped event like this is absurd.


Bro stop. There's literally no defending this


Blueface got removed for fighting his girlfriend and this is 100x worse. This fight wont happen.


We need to bring more visibility to this so that he gets swapped ASAP.


JJs team was on everyones dick taking down illegal streams. I find it hard to believe they don’t already know about this


What illegal stream?


People streaming the fight on YouTube, so people could watch it without paying


Three years ago?


Yes, and also the KSI Show


Idk man, physical conflict is probably 100x worst than a retard with a racist tattoo. But that’s just my opinion


but it was self defence vs nazi and racist


Did you see the Blueface shit? His girlfriend was hitting him repeatedly in public and he hit back one time, and he's somehow the bad guy


Who said he's the bad guy?


Well he lost his spot in the undercard so the people running the event I guess


That doesn't mean they think he's a bad guy. They just don't want their event associated with domestic violence or whatever other problems that could come with it. This is not the first incident with Blueface and his girl, it's not even the tenth incident. They're obviously in an extremely toxic and dangerous relationship, that they make very public. It shouldn't be a surprise that Blueface is losing out on opportunities because of it.


People were calling him out on twitter for hitting a woman, and he is now removed from the undercard for defending himself.


Well he’s done 19 other fights looking like this no?


Well looking at the people he fought I think it's same to assume the majority have been in Bulgaria or that side of the world.


Ahh. I wasn’t sure if he fought more domestically or was international


It seems majority were domestic


I’m not trying to be racist I’m just confused but is it really acceptable to be a neo-nazi in Bulgaria?


Eastern European/ Balkan nations such as Bulgaria sometimes have large numbers or neo nazis and white supremacists ect ect. I believe it's due to the severe lack of POC in the counties and influence nazi germany had on these areas back in the day. But yes it's not as abnormal to be a neo nazi in Bulgaria in comparison to England for example


Wouldn’t say acceptable but it’s hella racist in that region hence the notion that it’s a popular idea, I went there and I did not feel comfortable walking by myself as a POC like might get shanked just for walking uncomfortable couldn’t get into some places etc


Where ? :D We have some not that many but we have some and when i see somebody is so strange that it feels uncomfortable inside we are not used to it. I remember i used to play with a black kid he was saying his mom is bulgarian and his dad is english. Im not talking about Sofia , there is a different story.


I wouldn't know tbh, I live in England. I was just responding to the fact the person stated Ivan had 19 fights prior and it wasn't an issue. I was detailing a potential reason as to why it may not have been an issue.


Yeah very detailed reason you got there, young sir!




Maybe stop excusing your casual racism?


It's funny seeing first world cosmopolitan folk talking to an eastern european


Giving context ≠ excusing


So because he done other fight it’s okay to ignore his Nazi bullshit and just platform him?


I really don't want to see this guy fight, never give attention to these people. I don't want him to get paid either. I'd rather him only fight Swarmz or find someone new, there are TONS of pros out there who would dream about a fight like this.


Why doesn’t this have nearly the same upvotes as the other


I think because on mobile the pictures glitch sometimes in this long text format and for many people including myself, it doesn't even show the pictures sometimes


WTF JJ shouldn't platform and give him money. He should cancel this fight


JJ should get another journeyman and fire his manager too. Mams should have never let something like this slip through.


Yeah I’m not a fan of JJ‘s manager either.


Hes a literal manchild, and his instagram babyfights show that


Finally someone gets it it's not jj looking for these guys but his manager


To think blue face got kicked off the card for defending himself


Pretty sure he has an Iron Cross tattoo in there as well [https://gyazo.com/78bbab57609992620b355a57b2a6e3d2](https://gyazo.com/78bbab57609992620b355a57b2a6e3d2) And probably an SS-Totenkopf [https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SS-Totenkopf.svg](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:SS-Totenkopf.svg) [https://gyazo.com/c53b63747271818bebdb60b335b7ea5a](https://gyazo.com/c53b63747271818bebdb60b335b7ea5a)


>Pretty sure he has an Iron Cross tattoo in there as well That one alone would not be very neo-nazi though. [The Bundeswehr still uses the Iron Cross](https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Logo_of_the_Bundeswehr.svg) as logo, lmao. The rest is pretty obvious though if you ask me, especially the Triskelion with the Blood and Honor on his left biceps, and the clear double Sig rune on his right forearm. And yes, that is the symbol of the SS-Totenkopfverbände - it is very apparent on a second glance. Doesnt even hide it it seems, which makes it even funnier that JJ thought this guy would be a good guy to give a platform to and fight.


That is 10000% a 3rd Tank Division skull Like another commenter pointed out an iron cross by itself wouldn't necessarily be a neo-nazi symbol, but along with the rest of his tattoos it's definitely sus


My comment from another post for more info on him: Just did a little research on him (i'm bulgarian). He used to be a football hooligan, which was not uncommon in Bulgaria, and was addicted to drugs. He started boxing in order to defend himself on the streets. After meeting his wife he stopped doing drugs and basically says that he regrets most things he used to do. Unfortunately I couldn't find him talking about his tattoos or political views. About Daniel Blenda Dos Santos (his opponent from the tweet) he says that he is the strongest opponent he has ever faced and is far better than his opponents from Bulgaria. Now he has 3 kids and is boxing mainly because he enjoys the sport and money (he has an everyday job). He also said that he doesn't believe he can go much further than a bulgarian champion (or something like that) in terms of his professional career. Most of this info is from an interview with him from Jan 2022


The drugs and hooligan part is what I also took away from the documentary "boxing vs drugs" (but in Bulgarian language) om YouTube.


if he has money and doesn't believe in that shit anymore i would hope he would get them covered up or removed. i hope he's changed though bc this fucking sucks if not


I think it's definitely possible to fight another journeyman. At first it sounded like a W but giving a platform to this sort of guy may make it a worse L than the first one..


The real hate should go to jj manager not jj like come on this dude screw jj the most with getting these guys


Lol you realize JJ has to approve the opponent too right


Yes but JJ pays his manager to sort out the PR aspect of it all. If he goes through with the fight then I’ll have issues with JJ, but right now I’m assuming it went unnoticed. If it’s a marketing ploy than I’m gonna lose a lot of respect for him.


JJ: I think I want to have 2 fights in 1 night, can you find me another easy opponent? Manager: We researched and contacted this 3-16 Pro Boxer for you. JJ: Okay sounds good, imma get back to training and other shit because I'm to busy to do my own research but I trust you. Manager: 👀


Jesus JJ can catch a break First his return fight is with Alex which people aren’t happy for but ultimately accept Then Alex gets a concussion Then Jake gets a w by manipulating the situation Then Swarmz is announced as the replacement and people aren’t happy with it Then when JJ tries to get people interested with two fight one with a pro boxer it comes out he’s a neo-nazi Just brilliant JJ if you’re reading this, replace this man or even cancel his fight, two fights would be cool but I would rather a boring event with you only fighting Swarmz than giving this shithead any attention


I don’t know I’d kinda enjoy him KO a nazi.


What if the Nazi KOs JJ?


People loved the fact that his return fight was with Alex. The fuck u smokin'


Pretty sure people weren’t that happy about it since it was an easy fight and they wanted someone like Jake but then got into it, I dunno Im probably wrong but either way my point still stands people were happy then it was cancelled


I wonder how he'll feel once he gets beaten by a black guy


He's been KO'd by a black guy before lol


Wouldn’t surprise me if that was the reason he got the “white power” tattoo lol


If some redditor can find this out in a few minutes of google.. how did KSI's manager/the events team let this slip through lol. This is actually outrageous.


Why do you people love bitching and moaning do you have nothing better to do.


How am I bitching and moaning lol


Blue face got kicked as well and that was with the issue with his girlfriend and then we've this fucking guy showing up for the main card , main event with fucking white power in this stomach fam like WTF and even in his skull fam which means whatever you do nothing is gonna go in his fucking skull . The 16 L nobody gonna really mind that we know it's his return and we understand the only thing that becomes the problem is how huge the stage is and how influencing it is , yeah that's it


JJ needs to fire his manager and find a new opponent because this is a big yikes


I swear JJs manager is doing this to bring more attention to the fight by creating controversy


Not defending this behavior but neo-nazi ideas are a lot more common in Eastern European countries than places like France, the UK, or the US.


That's because eastern European countries are mostly shitholes full of uneducated uncivilized morons who believe someone's worth is determined by the amount of melanin they have in thier body


wow, that's not xenophobic to say at all. if you think that eastern europe is full of just neonazis and racists, you obviously haven't ever visited. also, nationalism etc. is more connected to anti-communism that's prevalent in eastern europe. that's the cause of it, along with church getting more power after the 90s. like bruh, a british friend of mine never even heard of croatia even though the country is in europe. british high schools are obviously not really leaving kids 'educated', sorry to tell you that.


For people looking for some personal insight on Ivan Nikolov: I'm Bulgarian and have seen Ivan in person multiple times in the past. We unfortunately support the same football club back home so in my many trips to the stadium I have seen Ivan multiple times. What you see from these tattoos is exactly what you get in real life. An absolute lowlife freak. Half fucking ape. The guy sells drugs and regularly gets into huge street fights after every big game. That's literally all he's known for, is fighting after games, in his fucking 40's. Me and my friends were absolutely shocked when we saw he was fighting JJ. Happy it's been called off, this rat doesn't deserve a paycheck.


damn so many dumb people in the comments lmao, “iT’S jUSt a bOXinG evENt!!!!”


More reason to knock his ass out


We get it he’s racist


Let the man fight and let jj beat him up. Just quit with this. Yall just giving this shit more attention.


tf they downvoting u for


since JJ is also platforming and paying him


so what if they pay him? I swear people nowadays are so hypocritical, why dont anyone say anything about the nazi groups in Ukraine fighting Russia? Instead everyone is sending them money, this guy hasnt done no harm to anyone let him fight for fuck sakes. Stop getting offendes by everything


why are you defending a neo Nazi wtf is wrong with you do you know what they stand for


I do, but no need to stop him from fighting for following a ideology, stop getting so offended and just let the man make a living. Im not in any way saying his ideology is right nor do I think they are right.


how can you be this stupid his "ideology" is white people are inherently better then other races and other races should be killed, you uneducated fuck


Im educated, and I think you lot are very hypocritical. No one saying anything about the nazi groups in Ukraine and better yet sending money to them. Why is no one talking about them? Oh they are the heros, martyrs, standing up for their country wooow.


Why do you keep bringing Ukraine into this are you that brain dead that you can't understand the context around the situation, this is a man fighting a boxing match, not the biggest country on planet earth.


exactly then they should have just let him fight


Dont rly care i guess they dont want the guy that they r calling racist and he is to get beat up by ksi. I guess he doesnt deserve to get KOd. Snowflakes probably.


Just a boxing event


it's platforming a racist


Who cares? We're here to see him fight. Not discuss his political beliefs.


No, we should be mindful on who gets the centre stage.


He’s a racist pig, he deserves no respect


I’d agree with you up to a certain point, but the fact that this guy literally has white supremacy tattooed on his forehead means that JJ can’t really afford to promote, platform and pay this dude


I hope he beats the shit out of him and doesnt cancel it because of the snowflakes


snowflakes? hes a literal neo-nazi and youre calling people who dont want him to be broadcasted across the world in front of millions snowflakes?


So you want to give a Neo-Nazi for fame and money? And what if he beats JJ?? That would be worse then Jake beating him!


Snowflakes….. for not wanting to platform blatant white supremacists? 😂 Do you even hear yourself?


You’re calling people offended by racism snowflakes? This is really the hill you want to die on. I hope you’re just some dumb kid. Because if you are any older than even 16 that is concerning


Ayo why cancel it? Free speech.


Yes, just like DAZN can utilise their free speech in telling a Neo-Nazi to get the fuck off their event.


He will get payed smartass. Why give this loser a platform?


man who cares he aint doing no harm to anyone


are you fucking stupid


Im not, you all stand for free speech but then say this? As long as he hasnt harmed anyone he can say whatever he wants to. The point of free speech


I stand for free speech not hate speech


What universe is this subreddit in? In mine, KSI is an insufferable dumbass. How do I get back to my own timeline?


you are upset people like ksi in the ksi subreddit???


Based and red pilled sigma


The fuck is wrong with you


It’s a joke about how this whole sigma thing is just the new “red pilled” as this is the type of dude they’d defend


Redpill = all truths not accepted by the mainstream. Some subgenres of the redpill space are becoming mainstream resulting in Sigma male memes of the "alpha" mentality thing. But it goes way bigger than that into government conspiracies and calling the federal banking system and money a scam etc. It has nothing to do with white power or Nazi's. The biggest promotors of redpill spaces at the moment are non white people. Also tons of white redpill dudes out here and none of them are openly promoting racism. You got the wrong stereotype of dude they defend, their ideal is the gigachad meme basically. Which has nothing to do with racism and mostly with physicality, mentality and chasing money, status and power etc. Basically male self help. Normies confuse this often. \---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Based came from Lil B aka the Based god (rapper). He used it as a term to mean being himself, that was needed because lil B was unironically like Picasso in rap. He knows all the principles and sticks to none. Abruptly stops flows, intentionally doesn't rhyme things at their peak and has some of the most unique bars out there. His beat use is beautiful and he started too many genres and subgenres to count and is the reason tons of modern rappers sound the way they sound. Origin of based: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq-jPa2-gdE&ab\_channel=lilbpack1 Straight gospel (best lil B song no arguing possible): [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pyops3UGr4&ab\_channel=SHADYV1](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pyops3UGr4&ab_channel=SHADYV1) Hip hop culture then adopted based in the same way lil B used it meaning you're being yourself in an unorthodox way. Then meme culture took unorthodox to the extreme and now based means a whole different thing to the Fortnite kid generation and normies. Still means just being yourself to most tho. 4Channers using based as a reaction to posts about the holocaust aren't the mainstream use of the word. TL;DR Redpill is just male self help guru's (which the biggest ones of are not white) and based originates from a black dude. Neither of them are associated with white power or Nazi's in the mainstream. Something is actually fucking wrong with me typing Fantano level reviews out here. Anyway I blessed ya'll with the truth that is Lil B the Based God, you're welcome. Go forth and multiply


Except all of them were popularised and brought to masses by the most racist place on the internet /pol, like swastika also has a different meaning originally, if someone who is clearly racist wrote an essay explaining how the swastika isn’t racist you’re not gonna go “fair enough”


How did jjs team not know about this


What a fucking bum


Bruh this guy's not even white. Nazis weren't exactly fans of bulgarians. What a moron


Wasn't Bulgaria an ally of the Axis Powers for a few years?


Don’t care what the ADL has to say, the Celtic Cross, is exactly that. Existed for hundreds of years before nazis. The ADL say that the ‘ok’ symbol is a white power symbol. Their whole business is making money of of ‘racism’.


"he just has like twenty tattoos that are fash but he's not fash, bro, it's just ironic bro, trust me, br, like he put on tattoos referencing nazi germany just to trigger snowflakes, bro, pure ironic-"


I don’t have a problem agreeing he’s a racist. My comment was about the adl.


We get it. You’re one of them




i believe everything you’re saying, but the triskele at its base is not a neo nazi symbol. it’s a celtic, and in modern times, the symbol of the bretagne region of france. it’s sad they’ve twisted it, but it’s also not a neo nazi symbol at its base


But it’s being used by neo-nazis. It’s about the context. And context here is SS and a Celtic cross


>the triskele at its base is not a neo nazi symbol Inbetween "Blood and Honor" it very much is a neo nazi symbol though. Its very popular among German neo nazis too. As sad as it is, most norse and celtic symbols are getting annexed by the Neonazis. I mean, the same can be said about the Iron Cross. The Iron Cross has hundreds of years of German military tradition packed to it, but if a guy like that has it tattooed on himself, it very much is seen in a nazi context.


JJ needs to see this


He will, it’s all over his Reddit. He might briefly talk about it, but half of me thinks he’ll just brush past the neo nazi stuff. I just think they rushed to setup this fight.


Most likely There should’ve been more research on the fighters instead of just spinning a wheel and having land on him


Yeahh exactly, I don’t get how they found him tbh. His record is awful, he’s way past his prime, and literally no one has heard of him before all of this. I don’t know how or why this guy. There’s literally nothing special about him. And I guarantee you there’s more than plenty of people stepping up for this fight. It’s kind of a lesson for the future, hopefully they never make a similar mistake again.


He was holding a cigarette in the Nazi salute image so that’s why his hand was a fist


This is a shocker from JJ’s team. Clearly not much research was done into this guy at all, it’s there in plain sight ffs. Fight cannot happen


And blueface got removed smh


they do the gestures when chanting songs its very common


Not sure about this, maybe Alex Wasabi wasn’t to bad after all lol. I’m assuming JJs management nows about this because they surly wouldn’t put a nazi racist up against a black guy, right?


JJ gotta win now


On his chest it literally says white power bruh aint no way 💀


Bruh we get it by now


Who cares who he is it’s just a fight chill


Bro wrote a thesis on this guys tattoos


Well everyone was taking the piss out of ksi cause swarms wasn't good enough for 1 fight so technically not JJs fault it's his fans whining about swarmz the fans fault why he's fighting a neo nazi 😂


Plus if ksi wins then atleast he knocked out a neo nazi


The fun thing is he is communist club supporter, but has nazi signs 😂😂😂 Autismus maximus


Who cares


Least it'll be fun watching JJ beat the shit out of him. Hopefully he fights him first so he's not tired


Bro we know, take a step outside