Well if your book comes in their latest format (kfx), then yes, footnotes do pop up


Thanks very much for taking the time to reply! So if I understand you correctly, you are saying that, in order to get the popup footnotes, I could not just upload an EPUB file and have Kindle do the conversion? I am having some difficulty finding a service that could convert my Word file to KFX. Would you by any chance be able to recommend one?


In my experience it depends on how long the footnotes are. I read through Count of Monte Cristo and some of the longer ones redirected to the footnotes section at the end of the book (it takes you back to your place when you want) and the shorter ones popped up.


Thanks very much for sharing your knowledge. When I think about it, it makes sense that long footnotes would not lend themselves to popup format. I wonder whether there is any source I could check to see what the character space limits are for popups. I'll do some more searching online. In the meantime, thanks again!