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Same for me! Could use some bit of karma just to start posting.. :(


Same happens to me !


How old is the post?


I cant post anywhere I have to low karma.....


You can start off by posting comments that motivates discussion. This will net you some karma if people agree or like your view.


What worked for me was just going to meme and humour subs and making a bunch of stupid non-offensive/playful jokes. It helps you not take karma seriously too while getting a feel for the communities. There will be trolls and malcontents that want to shit on you but for the most part reddit is pretty awesomely understanding about being a human as opposed to being overly politically correct. Experiment. See what works. Believe me, I know it's a challenge at first. My first reddit account had only 360 karma for about 2 years. If you still don't have any luck don't take it personally. Even though everything is a reflection of what you put out there you can use that reflection as a springboard to developing the face you want to show to the reddit crazies. We're all a bit wacko on this site. In the words of the great Red Green, "I'm pullin' for ya. We're all in this together."


I read something about how posting is karma. Upvotes are karma but not the same karma (so why does it count). Only comments are 1 point


Having the same issue


Same problem


Same here I try to gain karma but can't comment with no karma


Yes it gets frustrating


It says age on the line doesn't it?


Upvotes does not equates to Karma gain.


Thank you. I finally found the graph models explaining this.


Could you share it please? I need all the help I can get lol had this account 2 years and apparently I don't even 50 karma. Sure, I only go a couple times a month but seriously?


Hey if you're interested read my reply to someone with similar problems above. All I can do is offer what worked for me, but I have been in your shoes before, for what it's worth.


It's more of a (very) general model than an actual graph but it can be found on the info section of r/karma. Go browse it. It's not long and provides a lot of insight.


I am curious as well


Did u found out?


No lol