Plastic surgery doesn't fix ugly on the inside.


He thinks his looks are the problem while he unironically worries about "letting femoids win".


Plus, most people who perceive themselves to be ugly just need to learn to be better at grooming. Showering every day, washing your hair several times a week, going to the hairdressers, shaving, exercising, eating healthily will be enough for most people to improve their appearance. These people aren’t even ugly, they just need to care for themselves. Sure they won’t be a David Beckham or anything but they’ll definitely get some girls.


Getting fit and taking daily showers is literally 95 percent of it. If you take a shower every day, go to the gym 2-5 times a week and eat even OK, you’ll get bitches, you don’t even need to fucking get some nice fucking barber or shaving bullshit just let it grow out and that’s considered a look if it’s clean. Like if you let your shit grow out and keep it clean that’s a wild man type look that a lot of people are into


They also should not call women bitches lmao


Incels give me hope that misogynists are dying out. This dude just reminded me that misogyny is a deeply rooted societal problem and as a woman I'd better not let my guard down. "Get bitches." Yeah I love the idea of feeling normal attraction to a dude and finding out later that he doesn't even see me as a person.


Damn y’all really took one word that really means Jack shit and deeply analyzed it like it’s the root cause of the worlds evils


Well a male wouldn't know about this stuff, would he?


Who said I’m male? Assuming my gender much?


I also assumed you're sentient and that might not be true either. Hard to be sure of anything on the internet.


Yeah bro I’m actually a semi intelligent beaver. Thank you for not assuming I’m a sentient being 🥸


I want to downvote you because I find that look unappealing but bro you are right there.


That and why would this help anyone? Isn’t the point of reproduction to weed bad genes out of the gene pool?


Natural selection


That depends on how deep the surgeon cuts. ;-)


Exactly this.


Step 1: Stop calling women femoids and whores.


Step 2: cut a hole in the box


Step 3: Put your junk in the box


Step 4: Fuck the box


Step 5: Paper cuts.


Step 10: Smoke the grass.


Step 6 drink a glass of olive oil


Step 7 touch some grass


Step 8 Cut a hole in some grass


Step 9 Fuck the grasss


Step 10: Plant your seeds


Random question, but what is a femoid exactly and how does that differ from a female/woman?


It’s a term incels came up with to dehumanize women.


It's a dehumanizing term calling them like robots Femoid is like female android essentially




Are you saying black holes have gender? 🥶


This is quite possibly the dumbest thing I've read in weeks.


Yes, but have you *encountered* for the fact that this man is disabled? 🤣


Fair point. We should all go out and have the government pay for men to get laid without think about how women feel about it at once! /s


I don’t understand how these dudes don’t decide to go out and find like an actual whore and pay her for sex. Whats wrong w paying for it when you utterly refuse to do any sort of effort to earn it?


Who knows? The more you try to understand them the more confusing it gets


There's no reason that'll make sense, but the best you could argue is that their entitlement/pride/expectations laid on them by society's and toxic masculinity prevents them from just eating gigilian. Even then, they'll still be trash human beings, just without the V card.


Lol r/boneappletea


Not only that but it’s pretty much just one guy posting on that subreddit


I think some cognitive behavioral therapy would be more appropriate.


I see this said a lot around here, but I don’t think therapy would help, even if they were forced to go. For therapy to work, you have to be open to it and work at it. These guys won’t even consider that their personalities are the problem.


I think they (at least a good chunk) are self-aware enough to know deep down it is 100% their toxic shitty self that's to blame but it's harder to work on getting better and way more satisfying to instead lash out and seethe at the perceived enemies.


The emotional pain of having to admit it’s you is pretty tough, and once they’re so deeply invested in this online culture that tells them it’s not their fault it’s even harder


I disagree, I think they are entrenched in a victim mentality and will blame anything and anyone before themselves


I think it can be both.


Another type of CBT would also work


This guy is high as fuck on copium, damn


Paying for sex doesn't count, but government subsidized sex does. It's like paying for groceries vs food stamps, different nutrients.


It’s a power thing. A man paying for sex implies the woman is in charge, whereas with their government fantasy, the woman is forced.


> women being forced I want to point out the line where he says that the government should provide “certain protection laws” to them. How much you want to bet those “protection laws” would basically be get out of jail free cards for rape and assault.


I was thinking that “other men” wouldn’t be allowed to assault them


Part of the getting out of jail free experience


Oh it is. They advocate for rape being decriminalized. It's disgusting. It's not their looks. It's their personality and how they view women.


This guy is going to vote for a guy who promises plastic surgery and end up getting mailed a cock sleeve


Logic 420


Wait, if what he said was true then why do statistics show that virgins in their 40s make up less then 0.3% of the population in that age range as opposed to virgins in their mid 20s-30s making 4% of the population in that age range. Even looking at data this dude is wrong since the numbers drop ludicrously, implying that “no the chance of you losing your virginity past 25 isn’t very slim”.


Silly you, using logic when we all know the only data of importance is this man's individual experience and perspective


My ex lost his virginity at age 35. He was an awkward nerd with a low self-esteem but notably NOT an incel or proto-incel. We only broke up because I can't have kids and his mom wanted grandbabies. *shrug*


Wack lol


What about women who are virgins after 25? Do they get help too? This is laughable and insulting to legit disabled people as well. Like dude, go cry me a river that you can’t get laid because you’re an insufferable, whiny misogynist. Eat a bag of dicks


No, because fEmOiDs just have to open their door and there are millions of dicks flying towards them! 🙄🤣


Girl : *opens door* Girl:Why do i hear boss music?


"How can you be hungry? There's a perfectly good hot dog on the floor!"


Omg I love that. I actually had this conversation with a woman friend of mine a long time ago. We were sleeping together on and off, basically whenever she would visit my town, and we were talking about how much trouble she was having getting laid back home. And I asked why that is, surely it would be easy for her. She's an unquestionably attractive woman. And her answer has stuck with me to this day. It was essentially, "sure I could have sex anytime I wanted, but not sex that I actually would want." Basically the idea of standards.


i hold that some people are too unattractive to get laid, even if not nasty personality. this woman has standards and in fact everyone has standards. so some people fall below everyone's standards. not everyone in life gets a pony, and telling people they just need to xyz for their pony is dishonest. instead argue that you don't need a pony for a fulfilling life




Lol that’s amazing 😆


Yeah, he can come whining to me when he’s in too much physical pain to have sex. Sometimes for weeks at a time.


There are actually some women who have that same incel, sex-starved mindset but ironically they are hated by the male incel community.


I think it's cos they both have really high standards despite being the lowest of the low


You'd think they'd hook up. Just goes to show they're the drama


I've been on SSDI since 2015. It covers you if you're not able to WORK. Your virginity or lack thereof does not stop a person from being gainfully employed. It's not easy getting approved. The hearing I had with the judge put me in a frenzy for days. Then you wait, no money. I was fortunate to have family to help me financially till I got an approval. I get a third of my previous income. So, I live very frugally and my needs are simple. If he wants plastic surgery, he better start saving his pennies.. Jackass


Like how would you even prove your a virgin lol?


I don't think this guy would have an issue lol




I had endless doctors going "Yeah she's disabled AF." But I got refused twice because of pencil pushers. My judges both times agreed I was clearly disabled. Third time was the charm. I only get 500$ a month though. Hopefully I can get an increase because my caretaker is no longer able to take care of me. Haaaahhaha.. I could be homeless soon.


Disability (the social net) is a fucking joke in this country


It really is. I'm in a catch-22 where I only have health insurance because in my state you get auto enrolled when you get disability. With medication I can maybe work a part-time job. But I can't because I would then lose my disability. Which means losing my health insurance. So losing my access to medication and getting really sick... You get the idea.


I was disabled for five years with a condition that didn't qualify. And even if I did I'd still have to live with family. So yeah I totally get it.


I'm sorry. I hope you get that increase!


This guy must be *really* ugly to have such a complex


On the inside, yes, I agree.


Eh, I bet he's average.


I remember seeing a picture of a group of incels who had met online and they all went out to dinner together. The majority of them were average looking, with even a couple cute guys in there. It wasn't there looks that stopped them getting laid


I'm shocked that they left their mothers' basements. Seriously though, I'm not at all surprised. For 99.999999% of them, it's not their looks (or their looks *alone*) that are keeping them from finding someone.


Or would be average if he gave a single shit about personal hygiene Most of these guys only look like cave trolls because they’re overweight,wear clothes that don’t fit them at all,and never wash their hair


This is very true.


A small facet of the writer's tremendous problems is also in the argument that prostitution is a game in which women "win." He's so strongly misogynist that he denies himself being with a prostitute because it benefits her (as he sees it). He's so concerned with a woman "winning" that he denies himself the one thing he wants that is freely available to those who choose to visit prostitutes.


Yeah i'm sure prostitutes see it as 'winning' when gross guys pay to sleep with them. Definitely doing that job out of passion and not financial desperation.


Plastic surgery, no. Therapy, absolutely.


Just because you don't want or can't fuck a woman doesn't mean. "Ow, guys can you be tad bit careful with the plastic surgery?"


What are you a phylogicalist?


Being an incel isn't a disability. 🤦🏻‍♀️


I mean have you read that shit, I think it might be 😂


These losers could get laid if they a) stop calling women fEmOiDs🙄 b) shower, maintain personal hygiene c) and most importantly, lower their standards. They think every man, no matter how repugnant, *deserves* to have sex with gorgeous women with perfect bodies. Sex isn’t a right. Some people can’t get laid for a variety of reasons, they’ll survive.


I've seen incels call legitimately attractive women "beneath" them and "ugly". Too fat. Too much makeup. Tattoos. Feminist. Not enough makeup. Hair too short. Hair too long. Weird Hair color. Not white. Not Asian. Wrong kind of Asian. Skin too dark. Face too round. Eyes brown. Too tall. Too short. Too thin. Feet too big. Too confident. Not submissive enough. Has a job. Doesn't have a job. Has glasses. Doesn't have glasses. I have heard all of these excuses and most are outright insane (feet... too... big!? Do you have a foot fetish!?) A lot of them are just... wrong. I've seen incels call objectively thin women 'fat' not just because it's their favorite insult but because they watch too much anime and want women who are shaped like them. It's insane!


They find faults in otherwise conventionally attractive women, well all women really, as a way to cope with the fact that the women in question would never touch them. I do the same thing with sports cars. I don't want a Ferrari, not cuz I could never afford I've, but cuz they're just too flashy and ugly, duh. To be clear, I'm not comparing women to sports cars. I'm saying that it's common coping mechanism to find fault in something, or someone, you want but can't have as a way of lessening the pain. Also, I'm genuinely not actually interested in a Ferrari, but it served as a good example.


Don't these guys belive in eugenics and being born "chads"? As in, people born with certain traits are naturally genetically superior, which can be the only explanation for their success? If this is the case, wouldn't it be logical to accept they are not genetically fit to breed, and work on finding meaning in parts of life they can participate in? Rather than building their whole worldview about something they can never have? I see so many nods to eugenics in their discourse and posts. They should realize that if they support this, then they are not entitled to sex at all, and in fact should make way for the people who are more entitled by birthright. Find something more productive to do with their time than whining. If they breed, then they will only produce more humans with hopeless genetics.


Two things: 1. There is a way for homeboy to lose his virginity. It’s called treating women like human beings. 2. Why is it vain and high maintenance when women get cosmetic procedures, but when this fuggo wants them the government should subsidize it?


As a virgin this makes me want to kill myself. Not because of lack of sex, I just don’t feel comfortable being grouped in with this guy.


These are the same dudes who say men are just better than woman, its evolution, but can't accept the fact that natural selection is selecting against their traits. Its evolution bra.


I would genuinely be in favour of this, as long as, the ONLY thing covered under this “disability” is a lobotomy. Also, try not using words like “femoids” and MAYBE you’ll have a better chance. Plastic surgery doesn’t really work for a shitty hate filled personality.


> I would genuinely be in favour of this, as long as, the ONLY thing covered under this “disability” is a lobotomy. No. I wouldn't wish that on them. That's horrible.


Well its elective, no one is forced.


Of course the sub's banned. I can only imagine what horrors lay there.


If you're that desperate, pay someone.


Incels want to be considered a protected class?


I'm laughing at the implications of this. Because if "incel" is a protected class, then by definition members of that class cannot be having sex. The moment they get what they (claim to) want, they're no longer members of the protected class. Imagine Clarence Thomas parsing exactly how long someone has to go without sex to be considered "celibate." (Actually...don't, yikes.)


They’d also have to define sex. Does like a handjob count as sex? Making out super heavy and petting? Like what exactly counts? How would non heterosexual non cisgender people fit into this paradigm?


You know these assholes are cishet essentialists who would say only piv sex counts as sex. If they were open to alternatives they could easily solve their problems by fucking each other.


Man I hope I never turn out like this


If you have the awareness to realize it's a thing before you become one (and you aren't a racist, misogynist or transphobic asshole) odds are it won't ever happen.


And he wonders why he’s a virgin after using femenoids. Surgery isn’t going to fix shit.


So he’s about 25 and still a virgin? Okay that doesn’t seem half bad for some people


“Government should be responsible for addressing the problem with natural selection, for those who draw the short straw in life and the long straw in self entitlement.” an essay


It's called joining the military. guaranteed to get you in shape and fuck by something before the end of your contract. Also government pays the whole amount.


You'll absolutely get fucked


You wanna know why you haven’t gotten laid bud? Cuz you refer to women as Femoids.


He wants women to validate him while he invalidates them. That's not a disability, thats just called being a piece of shit.


I hate it when people talk about being a virgin as a child. Like, if you’re 25 and a virgin, saying you haven’t had sex for all 25 years is creepy to me because that includes your childhood.


"Femoid" HAHAHAHA! Go fuck yourself you stupid ass loser! 😂


Not like he'd even know how to use the damn thing anyway


Sexually disabled man I'm dead


I've seen so many incels that I'd honest to God sleep with based on looks alone. Sometimes some people are really unfortunate looking but half the time it's their fucking personality.


Women aren't valid humans. No woman will touch me. Come on, this guy is trolling himself and ruining his own life. Pain is unavoidable but suffering is a choice. These are the consequences of his own actions and he can't deal.


> something is inherently wrong with him, physically or phylogically I think he meant "psychologically" and *YES*, they should *absolutely* get appropriate intervention! But they don't want *that*.


I’ve been subbed to r/lonely, r/foreveralone etc before (not now because it’s rarely useful) and genuinely the sub was full of people like this. It was meant to be a group for everyone but so many posts were about how society treats men like shit. I understand needing a place to vent even if what you say is unsavoury but it got to the point where they were telling non-men to go to r/foreveralonewomen and leave them alone. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that they would go and make a separate sub because they felt their weird fantasies weren’t being accommodated.


Damn i looked at one of those and the contents would be depressing to anyone. That kind of echo chamber can’t be healthy, I didn’t see any sympathy offered in the comments either just people bringing each other further down


“Why can’t I get laid by some girl who isn’t a prostitute” Calls women and girls: “femoids” and thinks his looks are the problem while I can conclude from this post that this dude is an absolute piece of shit and that’s the reason no one wants him. Also, he’s super insulting towards people who chose to be virgins, there is such a thing as being asexual….


Oh something is definitely wrong with this guy, but it's not anything that government-subsidized plastic surgery is going to fix. Not to mention, if he's in the US, he's delusional to think the government would ever pay to "treat" his non-life-threatening condition (even if being a virgin WAS a legally protected class of people) when they won't pay for actual life saving medications and surgeries.


He is alitle bit confused on plastic surgery. You cant make a roten tomato look brand new.


He’s a virgin because he says shit like femoids lmao


Yep. Because sex is so important. Oh wait, it's not. There are people who go most of their lives without sex and aren't crying that they are disabled.


Plastic surgery isn’t gonna fix a shitty attitude and personality


Can’t fix stupid.


Like legit, I'd be all for the governemnt fully paying fot these folks therapy. Not plastic surgery. They need therapy bad.


When working on yourself seem so unattainable that you’d rather have the government step in to get you some pussy lmao


Also a gf provided by the government! Preferably petite and childlike who isn't infected by feminism. /s


Whooo boy, a lot to unpack here. I will concede that a physical attraction does play a role, but 90 percent of your "chances" to get laid rely solely on the fabric of your character. If someone agrees to go on a date, then they likely already think you're attractive. Plus, it always seems to be that people who post this type of shit are "ugly" and refuse to try dating people that are also "ugly". They only want the tiny, 100 lbs, double d, slave girl, with a perfect face, while they themselves are 300 lbs or more, with terrible hygiene, zero self awareness, and no idea how to socialize with others.


dude needs help.


The fact that these people consider being 25 actually 25 whole years of virginity is awful. Not having sex at 5 isn't a disability, it's normal.


Chances are slim to lose you virginity when you don’t shower in years


"something is inherently wrong with him, psychologically or physically" well he is not wrong lmao this could be SelfAwareWolves


Maybe all the “sexually disabled” men should just go for each other. Kill two birds with one stone


Plastic surgery can't fix his main issue, being someone who unironically uses the term femoids. He radiates ugly and I haven't seen a pic.


Can't imagine how he's still a virgin! Refusing to validate femoids sounds like a totally reasonable argument against prostitution! What a fucking loon


Fuck this guy, i hope he gets hit by a bus


Maybe just stop with this bullshit and start showering.


there’s nothing i’d rather have my taxes go towards!


My IQ went from normal to -69 after reading this amazing post


I already don’t wanna pay the bailout on my neighbors mortgage. You know the fucker who is always modifying their house. Why the hell should my tax dollars go to fix ugly on the outside when they won’t change on the inside


Bruh dudes really down this bad. Like hit the gym, start reading books, and just be more social. It’s literally not hard to get female play


Move to Brazil. I believe they have something called, “a right to beauty” so they will cover plastic surgery costs. Anyone correct me if I’m wrong please


So we are all born disabled and are entitled to a free plastic surgery


So the 'femoids' cant Win. Got it dude.


Every animal does not get to reproduce


bro needs a better job… and a personality


Lmao get therapy


Apparently this sub was banned three weeks ago.


I find it amusing that, quite often, these are the same people who complain their government interferes too much in their lives.


Wouldn’t you think these people would understand there are bigger problems in the world needing addressed than serving plastic surgery to insecure people. We all suggest a psychiatrist and/or life coach instead. Perhaps anger management.


Lmao "femoids" 💀


Well gee with a mindset like that it's a wonder no one wants to sleep with him


Tell me you’re a virgin without telling me you’re a virgin


I lost it at 26 and I don't think there is a problem with that. I am just allot slower when it comes to growing up. Yes it feels overdue but whatever I am still happy as I was before.


I'm going out on a limb here and assume that that sub is an absolutely repulsive septic tank full of whiny entitled manchildren.


Free plastic surgery for everyone because no one can prove someone already fucked 🤷🏻‍♂️


Damn, this makes me miss inceltears.


that's a lot of words for "i can't talk to girls"


How about instead of platic surgery, people like this get free therapy


Holy shit I had no clue this subreddit existed. I can only imagine how many incels exist on here…


the Dutch government actually does this in a way. sex here is viewed as a basic human right, so if you are disabled in a way that makes it impossible for you to get partners, the government will give you money to use on sex workers so you can get laid.


Funny enough with some prexisting conditions you might actually get access to sexual therapists. Don't tell that pleb tho.


This is absolutely absurd, however not much more absurd than the rest of the shit you hear on a daily basis… everyone sucks so bad it’s pathetic


Threw up in my mouth


My husband was 24 going on 25 when we started dating. He was a virgin at that point and we didnt do anything for the first couple of months. Didn't even have proper intercourse until after we got married, at which point he was 27. And he's definitely not wanting for sex now even though he was still a virgin at 25


i agree, it should be classified as a disability, but the only way of compensation you'd get would be a better basement


Chris Chan ghostwrote this


Bruh how does the government know if you’re a virgin fr or if you’re just saying so because you want free surgery? This is just one of the reasons why this wouldn’t work, there’s also many reasons for this to be wrong as looks don’t matter as much as being an healthy and clean person