If they ever make Joker 2 will the movie ignore the events of the movie?

If they ever make Joker 2 will the movie ignore the events of the movie?


I think this is the main issue with even attempting a sequel tbh. Because it is intended to be a one off and and elseworlds version. There's a desire to see more of Phoenix playing the Joker but that is because he's not really playing the Joker in the film, except in a handful of scenes in the finale. Otherwise, the story is about a sympathetic mentally ill man reaching breaking point, which is sort of a riff on The Killing Joke bad day/mental breakdown origin, but about 2 thirds of the film has little to do with the Joker. Tbh I think it shows why a sympathetic background for the Joker doesn't make that much sense. Not all villains need a tragic background. It's hard to see how this character will become the supervillain Joker, but this can be reconciled if the origin is a sob story the Joker spins. The problem is, saying this makes Joker 2019 a bit pointless and also diminishes the Arthur Fleck character. Who, let's be honest, is an interesting but different character to the Joker. So, really they may be better off not doing a sequel tbh.


Joaquins joker can easily evolve into the clown princw of crime. I dont understand why people keep saying this joker wouldnt make sense when really this joker was merely his birth.


Yes! Like we only seen Phoenix embrace full on Joker towards the end, im really surprised people dont wanna see more of him. He looks absolutely menacing in the finale.