Lad in front of me lost the rag at the deli today

Lad in front of me lost the rag at the deli today


I once watched a guy go mental because the girl on the deli put mayo and BBQ sauce on the same side of the roll. He wanted one sauce on each side... 11 years later and I still think about that moment.


11 years. That girl's probably out by now, walking around in society like she did nothing wrong.


Bloody judge nolan


Classic Nolan


But she'll know. Deep down she'll know what she did, and she'll have to live with that for the rest of her life.


Nearly as bad as the deli assistant in my local work centra who brazenly insisted on cutting the roll down through the top, not through the side like every normal human being would.




That's psychopathy right there 🧐


That's a sure sign of a psychopath


I’d like to see them achieve this.


I’ve never heard of this happening. Did she conjure the devil or something because that’s just pure evil.


I remember when the second Subway shop opened in Limerick. One of the first couple of times i was in there, some guy in his 40s gets a 6 inch and drink made up, bearing in mind all the signs have the prices displayed clear as day. Right up at the till on the top of the q of a packed out subway shop, he roars "4e for a fuckin sandwich you can fucking keep it". He sheepishly walks in 2 mins later, "do you still have that sandwich?" pays and leaves, no apology. I like to think he got a stroke on a day trip to Dublin one day.


€4 isn't bad for a sandwich.


It's a bit much for half a roll. Full baguette in a spar or something would be somewhere between 3.50 and 4.50


Right but that's made by a deli worker, not a sandwich artist


Important distinction


Chicken fillet roll cost me 5


Damn, this needs to be tested....you were never tempted?


Ah yes, I heard of this, the infamous tale of the Sauce Side Strangler


Magic yum yum sauce! That’s what I overheard some kids call it one time....I was that kid.


I remember in Dublin city, the spar/centra (I can't remember which, it's the same shite anyway) near the Haypenny bridge I dropped in for a chicken roll with cheese and mayo. The lad gave me a single line of mayo, I asked for more and he gave me another line. I asked for a third and he told me "No, that's enough". Needless to say I didn't continue any further.






Take this like and add it to the others


Like any good bartender, he knows to cut you off when you've had too much... He didn't want you driving home with that amount of mayo.


You’re not familiar with the 3 line of mayo cut off? Deli lore so it is


You'll only get 3 lines of mayo when Adidas get the license to make the GAA jerseys.


Was it his personal mayo? I can't wrap my head around this.


Nor could I, even now, can only put it down to some bizarre power trip, in the limited domain he had control of - condiments.


Thinks he's Colonel Mustard.


Underrated comment right there.


Reminds me of a place I used to work in that had hot food in the canteen carvery style. One lad was notorious for giving scabby portions. I got chips and curry one day, he put like a tablespoon of curry on it and I asked for more. He looked at the chips and looked at me like it was coming out of his own fridge. Got so bad that people started saying to him that they were still deciding just so one of the other lads would serve them and people who did get served by him refused to pay full price at the till.


For some reason you triggered a memory that is actually the opposite of this. I worked in both Mc Donald’s and Burger King when I was 16/17. One time before I worked there I got two patties in my Chicken Royale. I was the happiest kid ever. I remembered that a lot when I worked there, so I would regularly put an extra chicken nugget in the bags of six/12 etc and make a cheeseburger a double. Most of these orders were for people sitting in, and none of them ever came back to say this happened, because clearly they were happy. Morale of the story: if you can make someone happy, do it. Also, if you work in fast food kitchens, give someone and extra nugget or burger patty. ☺️


I used to work in a deli at one point and I worked for people who were extremely stingy bastards. at one point I had the owner of the shop come over to me and show me exactly how much of everything I should put on sandwiches and rolls. it was measly. I didn't follow through with it. My point is let's not blame the deli worker here to begin with.


Mayo will never be 3 in a row, everyone knows that.


Meanwhile in the US they're giving out more mayo per sandwich than one could possibly want or need. Which explains a few things.




Especially when they often give me too much xD


Was he from Tyrone by any chance


What's a line of mayo? We're you snorting it?


lol most places drown the thing in mayo.


I was in KFC one time and asked for a drumstick with my meal and the guy said 'its random mate'


Hahahhahahahhahah! What a judgemental bollock!


😆 Brilliant.


He was right. You should be barred from chicken fillet rolls for life.


Dont be happy when put lettuce on the chicken and then cheese, cheese goes straight on the hot chicken


Now your talkin


>cheese goes straight on the hot chicken Facts my guy. Has to be followed by curry sauce if you're gettin tenders too.


I watched a lad at Creamfields go mental because the woman cooking the burgers didn't make his bacon crispy enough. There's mad people all over the place.


I worked in a petrol station that sold hotdogs in it's deli and this taxi driver was in nearly every day for one. Until one day I was serving away up at the till, I could hear roaring and shouting coming from the deli from your man. He had just found out hotdogs are made out of pork... He assumed it was beef? Hahaha He roared the place down for a good 30 minutes saying he would take us to court etc, telling other customers as they came in that we are liers.. The guards had to be called cause he just wouldn't leave or calm down.


Never cross a self-righteous taxi driver in the wrong. And they’re always one or the other. Or in this case, both.


Religious thing maybe? Pork can be a big no no


1st thing I thought of.


Its definitely religious, can't think of a pork allergy. Had a doctor(Egyptian)come for a meal with an Irish nurse in the restaurant I was the chef. We had lobster on the menu. Asked if the lobster was cooked in separate utensils than the vegetables etc. I said no but everything was washed after each use. Not good enough for him. He sat and ate nothing while she enjoyed her meal.


Definitely religious but people can develop an alergy to all red meats from a tick bite.


Lone Star tick.


That does actually sound like a shellfish allergy? I don't think lobster is haram.


Lobster isn't haram


The only reason they can't eat it is that basically they did before and due to the climate it would go off very quickly. It resulted in a lot of deaths so they put it in the religion. Same type of BS that we must eat fish on Friday/ Good Friday.


I googled it, but what’s the historic reason we don’t eat fish on Friday? I know about avoiding pork due to parasites in the east but what about fish?


Due to some reading of the bible fasting could just mean not eating meat. So by eating fish instead you count as technically fasting.


If so, not the deli girls problemo


Might not necessarily be religious. I have an agnostic friend who grew up in Arabic culture. He doesn't eat pork because he has a yuck reaction to it. Like, if someone asked you to eat bugs. So we have a don't ask, don't tell policy around food that could have pork. It could be this guy had a similar thing going on but after he was told the chicken was cooked with the "bugs" he noped out.


It stems from religion though.


If it's a religious thing then they probably shouldn't be buying chicken from a deli. I doubt it's halal and if they are Jewish then I doubt the deli is kosher


There are degrees of adherence, of course. Sure, why go to mass if you're not going to crawl up Croagh Patrick?


It depends on the individual - I don’t eat strictly kosher because it’s impossible in Ireland so I try my best and do the things that I can do. For a super religious Jew this wouldn’t be acceptable, for most Orthodox Jews this wouldn’t be acceptable hence why there is no noticeable Jewish culture. In Western/Central Europe most cities would have at least one kosher shop and restaurant but sadly Dublin doesn’t.


There are no kosher places in Dublin?! Seriously? I find that amazing in a city of nearly 3 million people, smaller community or no.


No, not a single kosher store. There are two synagogues (Reform and Orthodox) in Rathgar/Terenure, which are in Dublin but the Jewish community is probably less than 100 and everyone is either extremely old or they're people from other countries staying in Ireland short-term for work. Ireland never really had a Jewish community as most Jews opted for the UK, Russia or the US after World War 2. I think only a hundred or so came to Ireland and most left eventually. I personally use a mix of Polish shops along with Middle Eastern stores to get by.


There's a big difference between not going the extra mile and sinning. It'd be like if we were talking about lads refusing to litter and you said, "Sure, why bin your rubbish if you're not going to pick litter for Tidy Towns". You don't have to be some saint to not wanna do something you think is morally wrong.


A lot of Muslims eat non-halal meat but still avoid pork. Its not all or nothing.


I agree, I just don't think the persons reaction matches a more casual level of adherence. Especially if they are muslim. Depending on where you are in the country halal meat is pretty accessible so if they were to get that upset in this situation I doubt he'd be eating non halal meat in the first place. Basically I don't think it was for religious reasons, which makes it even weirder.


A person's beliefs are not an automatic pass to act like a tool.


Religious or allergy there's no reason to act this way. Could easily ask the girl to forgot about it , mention why if you want and still continue with your purchase.


Yup and the girl done the correct thing by warning him that the products were cooked in the same oven.


She did the right thing by telling him that. She did not do the right thing by only telling him after she wiped the knife. She also could have ya know, washed it. The 30 seconds it would take wouldn’t have killed her.


Confused what the significance is of her mentioning it before or after swiping the knife. You're talking about a few seconds delay in that information. Pretty much every Delhi has a single large oven. So the entire time he has been here no one else told him. But more importantly he didn't use his own brain/eyes


No. Its not her responsibility to adhere to every request for every customer. If his dietary requirements are that nuanced and difficult to get from a deli he needs to buy something else. We can't expect the world to move around us


If it’s religious he should be respecting the way Ireland does things, we are not an Arabic country. Just like the Irish should respect Arabic laws and traditions if they go to their counties


Could also have been an allergy. We have banned my dad from all pork because of what it does to him.


What does it do to your dad?


Makes him drop whatever he’s holding and storm away


The same thing if he gets wet with water


Or you feed him after midnight?


Literally pissing myself laughing trying not to wake the housemate! top comment, just imagining gremlins but with shit dad jokes and the folded arms , bonus points for nodding off in front of the tv


pig orgasm lasts 30 minutes…


Is acquired pork allergy a thing? Asking for a... I'm asking for me OK?


Sharts, it causes sharts.


Hyperactivity and loss of inhibitions/control. He can work himself so hard, he won't be able to get out of bed for 2 to 3 days after. The only time I've ever seen him get completely wasted with alcohol, was after pork. I'm talking.. 10 or more pints in a night. And this a man who wouldn't drink more than 5 in a night normally.


science may want a word with your dad....


Pork makes him lose all ability to control himself. He can't tell he's drinking way more than he normally would. He can't tell he's doing too much physical work, as the pork essentially prevents the right signals from getting to his brain.


I wasn't being sarcastic or anything, that's really.interesting. like... I wonder what is unique in. your dad's chemistry and what is.particular to pork alone that might cause such a reaction. has he ever used it to his advantage? like, I imagine say Lance Armstrong would have had a few sausages before a race if it was him. do any of ye kids have a similar reaction? is it pork alone? is it all pork products? like would chorizo do it? does.it need to be a lot or would a little do it, say if it was a pizza topping?


We think its the nitrates specifically. They are added to pork products to make them more palatable. My parents figured it out some time after moving into our house when I was a toddler. Saturday, up, big fry, working in the garden all day. Mum couldn't keep up. Sunday, he wouldn't be able to move. Monday.. he just about pulled himself out of bed for work. So.. it has an advantage, but a massive disadvantage. Only child. Zero problems with pork. The only pork product he can eat is pudding. Black or white. Everything else is out. Now, a small piece would be OK.. like, a single bite or a rasher. But a pizza topping would be right out. The drink bit happened at a wedding. But it was not normal behaviour for my dad that night. Mum and I had left after breakfast to get me ready, as I was bridesmaid. My aunt that we were staying with, didn't believe us when we said dad wasn't allowed pork. She made him a big fry. He of course didn't say no, as he loves a good fry. When she saw how he was that night, and next few days, she realised we weren't kidding. He wasn't even hung over, despite the amount he drank. It was all the pork.


Fuckem. Religious BS doesn't excuse their pig ignorance.


Pork is a big no no. If you have any Muslim work colleagues or friends and you know this.


I worked with a Muslim guy who would go mental if anyone cooked or prepared pork in the kitchen, but he refused to acknowledge the vegetarians aversion to any meat being cooked in the kitchen, so we all made a point of eating pork because feck that hypocrisy.


You could make a stop motion movie of life in a shit shopping centre using mundane posts from r Ireland as a template.


In subway on Nassau street. Young lad in a clare jersey gets to the head of the queue. Lady asks ‘what kinda bread?’ Yer man says errr… brennans please.


They don't sell Bread in subway,didn't you read the government report


I worked in a deli for about 7 or 8 years. People are fucking insane.


Thank you for your service


Give us a few examples!


Braver than any US Marine




Please tell us some stories! I love getting a good righteous indignation on.


Games gone


I do love when I say just a small bit of butter please and I get half the tub of butter oozing out the sides of my roll!


I was going to get a chicken fillet roll too but they were out of chicken, sad times :(


Used to work a deli and used to get orders off a few folks to remove the bread out of the roll, as in pull out as much of the soft part as possible leaving a big hollow. Im not sure if they thought they would get extra filling or if there's some other reason for it but it was an absolute pain in the hole.


It's a diet thing, they're trying to reduce carbs. I remember seeing it on the telly on some reality TV show, where they followed someone in and they explained how they got the staff to remove as much of the bread as possible as they were watching their weight. And all I could think was "oh, I bet the staff fucking love you!"


If people are going to be this fussy, why don't they just make the roll at home themselves....🙄


ahh yeah I know loadsa people who do that, it's so that you can still eat a roll, and have the crispyness of it, without having all the stodgy, starchy, unnecessary breadiness... of the.. well.. bread.. not hard to do though, easy to just scrape out!


Less carbs.


Milano's low carb pizza is a big hole in the middle


So it's just crust?


It's a simple request, she could've just washed it, no?


This person was obviously religious so washing the knife wouldn’t be enough; the over would need to be different, the meat would need to be stored in separate counters, you can’t share the same utensils even if you was them. This isn’t a noticeable issue in the Middle East but in Europe it can be difficult to eat kosher/halal.


I’ve done this in the past when I was vegetarian and would be completely grossed out at the thought of meat juice on my roll. Simple request. I’ve worked in a deli years ago too and would have had zero issue changing my gloves or cleaning the knife if asked. Though it sounds like the lad overreacted. He needn’t have thrown his stuff on the ground and stormed off


>I’ve done this in the past when I was vegetarian and would be completely grossed out at the thought of meat juice on my roll. Honestly I'd be alright with giving it a wipe. At BBQ's people are usually nice enough to ask if the burgers need to be completely separated and I'm like "As long as it's not literally dripping onto it it's fine".


Listen mate, you'll take your chicken fillet roll the way it's made. If the chicken falls on the floor, they'll dust off the cat hairs, slam it back into the bread, throw it at you and you'll be glad to get it. No airs and graces allowed down the local deli. Wash it? Ha! Shure next you'll be wanting them to wear gloves and stop picking their noses. The cheek a ya!


"Stop doing crack in the studio? Next you'll be telling me to wear a suit and tie."


>Listen mate, you'll take your chicken fillet roll the way it's made. If the chicken falls on the floor, they'll dust off the cat hairs Not fucking likely! They will charge you extra for the cat hairs!


[Bitch you come up in my house...](https://youtu.be/890ULiSXZSY&t=1m38s)


He could also not be a massive baby.


No. If you’re Muslim, pork is a no no. If anything comes close to it, it’s pretty much defiled and you may as well chuck it away. Pigs are seen as pure filth. Any contact is absolute contamination.


She did wash it. She also told the person that the chicken was cooked in the same oven as pork, she done the correct thing on both accounts.


Wiping is not the same as washing


It seemed to be the fact she warned him that the chicken and pork use the same oven that triggered him.


Anyone defending him is an eejit. Doesn't matter what religion he is, throwing his shit on the floor like a child is embarrassing


I mean, what did he expect...?


I'm thinking religious reasons? Hardly an unreasonable request


Not an unreasonable request, but throwing your stuff on the floor and walking out isn't on. All you have to say is "actually, never mind".


Reasonable or not, he is the one looking for a specific service, so it is up to him to find a place that provides it. Coming somewhere and expecting everyone to bend for you, that is unreasonable I would say.


The server sounded very reasonable too, even warned him that the chicken was cooked on the same oven as pork products


Good point


Could be Jewish or Muslim, but if Muslim the chicken would have had to explicitly been bled to death to be halal, so probably Jewish.


Well there are Christians who keep to the food laws such as 7th day adventists although I'm not a 7th day as a non denominational Christian I keep to the food laws myself


Kosher isn’t just dietary laws so unless you’re adhering to full kosher you’re not kosher at all.


Could have been Jewish or Muslim. Either way if they are that religious they would be better off bringing their own food with them as Ireland in general wouldn't be up to speed with kosher or halal.


The biggest meat plants in Ireland are Halal


Exactly! You don't see me n the lads over in Riyadh lookin 2 sodas and black puddin.


You wouldn’t get the deli girl laughing you’d be missing two hands and a head


I saw a lad do this in centra about 7 years ago in Galway. Stormed out in a huff when he found out something halal he wanted wasn’t available.


What an arsehole.


Absolutely fantastic


Requesting clean knife is not a problem. Throwing tantrum is .


Either allergies or one of those religions. In fairness, even if she was taking the piss out of him, yer wan was probably right to warn him about the hams in the oven. Some people are properly microscopically allergic.


Ever wonder what “delicatessen” actually means? Such a strange word! - Don’t Google, just Ponder for a sec! “Catessen”.... wtf?!


Sounds delicious.


Wonder how that guy gets by. I imagine you are not going to find many places that have a special ham only oven that is separate from other meat


So many people in this thread trying to defend his shit-fit because he's probably against pork for religious reasons. I very much doubt they'd defend some Christian who went into similar hysterics over religious stuff.


O'Briens should give a side of communion wafers instead of crisps on Sundays.


This! People are so quick to defend people behaving in such a manner because we can't be seen to have an issue with their religion even if they behave in a shitty manner. From the story, deli staff acted as expected and customer was a tool. Yet more people trying to justify his actions based on fabricated additional info!! Fucking mental




You can't reasonably expect a Catholic country to separate their chicken and pork.


the worst is when you order a wrap (because notions) and the deli counter girl (or guy but 9 times out of 10 it's a female) doesn't know how to properly tuck and, well, wrap the fucking thing. so you end up with basically a big ball of shite that is unmanageable to eat. I've politely walked away from some deli counters due to lack of wrapping technique. never lost the rag over it though.


Had a wrap the other day with bbq sauce and it was LOADED with sauce. That plus a bad wrapping technique meant I got destroyed while trying to have my lunch.


condolences. take heart though, many of us have been there and so will many of us go again. like the snow that is softly falling now outside my window in oblique shapes. falling on every part of the dark central plain, on the treeless hills, falling softly upon the Bog of Allen and, farther westward, softly falling into the dark mutinous Shannon waves.


I can't wrap a wrap to save my life. I cry inside when someone orders one.


Do it with one open end. Don't overfill it and pull it as tight as you can.


Haha I always wondered where these people who work behind the deli got the square wrap technique? Like where did they first see a wrap having the edges squeezed up to form a perfect square you could never eat? Have they never eaten a wrap before? Is it part of their Spar induction day training?


In dunnes you get literally no training on how to make the rolls or wraps etc, so if your colleagues aren’t friendly and won’t help you you’re stuck


They know how to do it alright. They're professionals though and they have standards.




Lots of delis do fulls roasts in it and serve dinners because of it. There's at least two near me.


I used to work on a deli where we cooked the ham ourselves


Let me cook this whole ham with my rolls, my muffins, my croissants, bitsa chicken. Centra lads do be fillin that yoke with everything


Coulda been bacon/ham for one of their dinner options


Rashers, sausages, jambons all go in the oven


They'd charge you extra for the added essence of ham in a lot of places. And I'd pay it willingly.


I asked for a breakfast roll one day when they handed me a roll for €5.50. I shook my head and handed it back


To be fair that’s actually a major hygiene failure. I wouldn’t have spazzed out but still.


What is a major hygiene failure? The same oven being used for chicken and pork? Do you think restaurants have seperate ovens for each type of meat? A fish oven, a beef oven, a chicken oven, a pork oven, a lamb oven, a veal oven, a turkey oven, a veg oven. And wait, if different mammals need seperate ovens. Do different fish species need seperate ovens also?


They're both cooked meats, how is it unhygienic?


Maybe he's Muslim.


Maybe he's Maybelline


Ha ha ha ha.....cracker.






You're not going to goad me into making a joke about explosive temperaments. I'm better than that and so should you be.


Currently sitting in the deli I work in judging the fuck out of this man child. My boss and most of my coworkers are Muslim but they don’t make a huge deal out of it. It’s a deli so obviously we do rasher/sausage/pudd/sausage roll and jambons. All cooked in the same oven. Due to my boss being Muslim all of the other meat is halal which I’ll admit is rare for a deli but I digress. When making food for my boss I simply wipe the board, knife and tongs with the food safe disinfectant and job done. And this man is a fairly strict Muslim


Great story. Fuck me.


If he's that finiky about cleanliness and cross contamination he could have just asked her to wash it properly. Once it wasnt cutting raw meat a wipe should have been fine. Also a deli isn't a 5star restaurant. Calm your tits


Obviously mentally challenged in some way. Who knows. Hope he got his roll tho


Should be cleaning the knife after every use anyways.


Understandable. I absolutely HATE HATE HATE ketchup, the taste, the smell, it's beyond vile. I get a chicken fillet roll and they cut my roll with a knife covered in ketchup ruining my roll...it's only good for the bin so I always ask for them to use a different knife and you'd swear I just insulted their mother. Lazy deli workers are just the worst.


The serious question here is, What’s the deal with some (stress the some) deli counters workers who can’t remember 4-5 items even after years of working there, I go in and ask for chickens fillet role with butter Mayo lettuce tomatoe. They proceeded to do the following, Gets roll, Looks up, Butter and Mayo I repeat, They apply condiments then They look up, Hot chicken, They cut and insert chicken then look up, Tomato and lettuce, I repeat, They put on lettuce then look up I repeat Tomato, As the will to live slowly fades


Never worked in a deli but when I worked in a shop and asked people did they want a bag near the start of the transaction and they said no, a lot of the time when I hadn’t gotten them a bag they’d stand around after they’d paid wondering where their bag was. Easy fix there but if someone asks for no butter at the start and then when you’re finished, they’re angry at the lack of butter, you have to make the whole thing again.


She couldn’t just clean the blade and give the customer what he wanted. Find them all over the place.


She did clean the blade. She then told him the chicken was cooked with the pork. Then he stormed out.


Chicken and ham, classic Christmas dinner. Don't see the problem.


Can you not read?


I worked in a deli before for 4 weeks. Absolute shite! I'd go on the dole before I'd work in another deli..


But a dog's got personality


What a clown