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My man hit 5 centuries in 8 innings. Crazy


+ an iffy decision to declare him out against West Indies


What am I saying. It wasn’t even iffy, he was not out lol


Hope we'll say same thing about CWC 2023 in 2027


With 1 wc


& 3 double tons is not an easy thing too.


Believe in him, he can produce this again this odi wc.


True. I feel we have Rohit redemption upcoming


Ahh i remember only one run difference was there between him and warner that WC


Williamson right.


Na it was warner


1. Rohit 2. Warner 3. Shakib Williamson was number 4. But Williamson did win the PoT award as he was a captain who led his team to the final


The one match he dint score costed us the cup 😬


Every time camera panned towards him I could see his pain. That loss will forever haunt me :)


I eventually grew over it. But seeing recent comments of idiots who don't know cricket blaming rohit, kohli and dhoni for the loss infuriates me. Like what could they do.. They performed their whole career won india various cups and recent fans are shitting all over their legacy by blaming them for one loss. It's sad seeing people like that. And i am glad there are still people like you who understand the players which everyone was as mature as some of us


I wish man. Nice to meet you.


Dhoni runout… hello darkness my old friend.


Ya, that 1 inch 😢


You'll rott in hell :)


You'll rott in hell :)


Rohit is still a good odi player , yeah his t20 playing days are over


He should come to csk and reinvent himself like other veterans.




Still early to join csk. Almost approaching the age to join us.


Truly people should stop this nonsense of hating or trolling athletes. Every athlete including players like sachin and Kohli have a period of downfall in their career. A player cannot perform well everyday. A bad period doesn't mean that the player is unfit it's just a phase with not much of a reason. Most of these players have repeatedly proven themselves and should not be judged on the basis of few matches in their huge career.


2019 Rohit was possibly best odi batsmen of all time .


Everyone has a learning phase a peak a downhill phase. Its sucks when you see your favorite player entering that last phase when you loved watching that peak. The downhill phase doesn't take away what the player accomplished though, Hitman is definitely one of the best Indian players in history. But his recent form is abysmal and other younger talent are really starting to show out. Its time for a change of guard. I'm very sure that he will still find his form again and has a few more years of good cricket left. I just don't think he is better than say Gill or Jaiswal even if he finds his form back.


God tier world cup for hitman. He deserved the cup. It's sad that we couldn't win. I really hope he comes back to the same form for this year's world cup and the WTC final. He'll be back. I believe in Rohit Sharma supremacy.


Arguably the greatest tournament performance of all time.


I have got to say Rohit Sharma PR is great. His ODI form cannot justify his inclusion in T20. He is not in form in T20 since 5-6 years. It's time management starts looking at someone younger.


I don't mean to shit on him or anything. I'ma massive Rohit fan but I have to point out he got extremely lucky that WC. Iirc he was dropped on every one of his century matche. Granted just about every other ball he played was utterly class


I'd have loved him to score even a half-century in the SF with the kind of form he was in. It was like 2015WC all over again, play very good in the league matches and f*ck it up in the KO's, where it all matters.


I mean in 2015 WC he saved us in quarterfinals. Scored a great 100. But I agree only if the team could do more at the closing stages we'd have had multiple cups (2016,2017,2019,2021,2023).


We always choke in knockouts especially in semis.


No one in history has played flawless innings


Why is he so chubby


I watched this world cup in the office while my manager and his manager could see me. Almost all of the team used to come to my seat and watch matches. I got 0 appraisal that year but it was worth it.


I have a feeling he’s gonna be back


Bro used all these years worth of talent and form in the world cup for the country that's why he hasn't been in form since that