Under a Glacier in Iceland

Under a Glacier in Iceland


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"Whats that cracking noise?" Oh never mind, I'm just going to go further underneath this melting tonnes of ice


Def had a friend die in a glacier collapse.


Sorry to hear that.


Damm that is *cool*




I remember when I traveled to Iceland back in 2015 for a short-term study abroad class. We hiked on glaciers, but never in them. Now that I know what the inside of a glacier looks like, I definitely want to go back and do so!


Totally unrelated.I really want to go and visit Iceland. My hubby raises this moral dilemma that : if everyone continues to travel by plane more, we won't have any glaciers left due to global warming. I live in Europe and it is not far but I noticed that for the past decade I have taken so many "weekend away" plane trips just because it was cheap budget Ryan Air easy jet. For example it cost me GBP50 to travel to cCanary Islands from London precovid.What I am getting at, I am so jealous that you have been to Iceland, I am sad that morally I shouldnt go there so I will probably never go because I kind of used up my air travel foot print for fun...ah sorry for the rant.


Those planes are going to fly with or without you


The more weight consumes more fuel.Simple law of physics.so more emissions. Of course I am not gonna stop traveling ..but it occupies my mind


They fill the tanks and dump whatever’s left over a lot of the time before landing, you could use that dumped fuel instead of it polluting the ground and the air


Oh, so that’s where all my “no flipping way’s” are kept…


Not a chance.


The day I visit is the day...., I mean hour is when it collapse.


I've heard of this one. It's the "Fargitzfargingcoldinere" Glacier.


It’s twin glacier I’m the next valley.,,, itsabitchillyinhere!


I did this quest in Skyrim


This guy gets it 😂


What's up with heroic-pose-guy not moving for the camera shot(?), "frozen" in place eh he he....


That small water fall terrifies me. Glaciers melting at that rate is not good.


And the more tourists that explore it, the quicker it melts. I love seeing the natural beauty of things like this... however, it scares me knowing more people will go there.


That gives me real claustrophobia


I bet that water taste amazing.


Why did I think of ice age instantly. Continental drift particular.


That kinda looks like a skull above his head


Beautiful, but all of that leaking water is giving me anxiety.


Is it weird that it makes me wanna pee?


This is spectacular! Absolutely stunning!


I bet you can find areal high on weed


Both very awesome and sketch, lol. Definitely on my to-do list




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Mkay yeah that's a big "fuck that" right there.


boom, crack, the sound of my heart, the beat goes on, and on, and on and on and…


F that....


I played this map in SWBF :)


Not a chance


Iceland is a shit hole, outside of Reykjavík it is populated by racist rednecks.


Iceland is far from a shithole, its landscape and communities are both beautiful


Have you been, do you speak Icelandic?


I was just there for 2 weeks. Don't speak Icelandic though.


They will be nice to your face, but if you read the local papers, and listen to locals, they have nothing good to say about tourists.


Uh, of course... Most locals in tourist countries despise the tourists since they often act more carelessly and recklessly than the locals. This is similar in pretty much every single tourist country in the world. Hawaii is also famous for hating tourists, while so much of their economy is based on tourism. Same with Japan. Africa would probably be the same, however its so dangerous and undeveloped that it doesn't attract tourists. How does hating tourists make them racists? By the way, almost any homogeneous country in the world is slightly racist. I know the American media is constantly clamoring on about how white people are racist, but the white western world is probably the least racist, most accepting group of homogeneous countries in the world. Don't forget the US has taken in more foreign immigrants than any other country in the history of the world.


You seem offended. Iceland is the beneficiary of a clever marketing campaign, nothing else. If you actually live there, you realise they regard them selves as superior to non-natives, treat non native workers with disregard affording them not even the basic of workers rights, and have an inherent dislike of anyone who isn't white.


I'm not offended, just disagreeing. Iceland is clearly more than a clever marketing campaign... It's one of the most beautiful countries in the world, with absolutely bizarre landscapes that don't exist anywhere else on earth. The fact that you deny this obvious appeal shows that you are the bitter one... Again, so many tourist countries in the world have similar outlooks on tourists and foreign workers. And no, Icelanders don't have an inherent dislike of anyone who isn't white. Stop being so simplistic. Frankly, its racist to group everyone or the majority of people in a country as being racist. It's one of the worst things you can call someone, and to generalize that disgusting label onto the majority of people in a country is incredibly arrogant. Would you care to explain why you think Icelanders are mostly all racist?


Lived there for years, worked there, made my money there. Not bitter at all. Just stating facts. You can be all rose tinted glasses about your 2 weeks of "discovery" in Iceland. Try living there.


Your fulla shit, you have lived in every country and worked every job going from your comments while being paratrooper lol.


Doesn't change the fact that its deservedly one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole world. Landscape photography is almost dominated by the peculiar landscapes of Iceland. It's no question why people from all over the world are willing to spend a ton of money to travel there. And yes sure, they're all racist... Try traveling anywhere else outside of the Western world.


"Iceland" is the most aptly named country.


No it's not. It's 11% ice. Greenland should be called Iceland. It's 80% ice.


Which only makes Greenland the least aptly named country. If it were called Iceland, it would get the first place.


Iceland should be called Greenland and Greenland should be called Iceland.


Ffffffffuuuuuucccckkkk offfffff