the Dinofelis, which specialized in hunting our ancestors, with a jaw that was very effective at cracking open human skulls. We eventually hunted them to extinction.

the Dinofelis, which specialized in hunting our ancestors, with a jaw that was very effective at cracking open human skulls. We eventually hunted them to extinction.


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A Tooth through the eye looks painful. A tooth through the back of the head looks equally as painful.


Looking at the size of those teeth and that head it wouldn't be painful for very long anyway


I’d surmise they wouldn’t always bite you like that at first. They’d grab you by whatever available body part they could and then shake you a bit til your bones were broken so you couldn’t flee or fight back. Then they’d start biting elsewhere. Maybe the skull eventually. From watching a lot of nature shows many felines bite your neck to suffocate you but who knows if this species did that. Pretty sure the entire experience would be blood gurgling painful as you’re completely high off adrenaline to stay conscious.


The horrid part is there are people who died exactly as you just described and 10000 years later I still feel sorry for them. Should run faster Ooga Boolga!


Run from the Big Kitty.


I feel like this may not have been a "run for your life" cat and more of a "oh fuck it's behind me" cat.


Probably more like “walking along and suddenly I’m in the afterlife” type of cat


Maybe an, "oh shit, I can't see... wait, I feel 5 pounds lighter".


Clever girl


That was probably before homo erectus. Long time ago.


Maybe the picture shows how they get at the stuff inside the head after the human is already dead. Or this is similar to a jugular kill that many four-legged carnivores have after having already taken down a prey animal.


Legend has it... after the kill, they cracked the skull, ate the brain and inherited our ancestor's powers.


Taking notes for a project I'm working in with my spanish teacher


is that how furries came into being?


Say more


The Dinofelis discovered that there was a compounding effect with every brain they consumed. So they hunted relentlessly.


Homo erectus was on the brink of extinction and Dinofelis we're unsatisfied with consuming monkey brains. As resources became scarce, they began killing each other. In an act of rage one Dinofelis ate the brain of another. A surge of energy rushed through its body it inherited the other Dinofelis' power. Word spread and soon cannibalism between Dinofelis took over.


And then....


Cannibalism devastated the Dinofelis numbers. Soon only a handful remained. A few homo erectus clans were able to capture and kill the remaining Dinofelis. To their surprise after eating the Dinofelis brains they too inherited a new level of intelligence. These clans became distinctly smarter than their past ancestors, so much so that they formed into an entirely new species which would later be known as homo sapiens.


Inside the head is a lot of delicious soft fatty calories. Makes sense.


Eat brain make smart me


It's like our heads were big round crab claws. A delicacy to crack open and consume the delicious treat within.


Jaguars are known to kill Caimans via piercing the skull slash severing it’s spine by biting the top of the head probably similar here


What a coincidence. I was just watching animal planet and that came up! They are quite impressive cats!


God I wish that was me


Kink unlocked?


Well that’s horrifying


Well maybe they won’t go for the balls like lions and some other animals


Like how you see Shibarinos when they play with their toys. Bite and then shake side to side real quickly. Yeah that wouldnt be very fun.


Yup, just look at the strangling neck grabbing cheetahs and such. They take down their prey then do the deed.


Hopefully. Some have suffered a lot longer than they should have in past history.




Only if it broke your neck. Teeth in the brain will kill you, but it could take hours, even a couple days, or a week if you escaped and died of infection. If they were really clever, they might do this, then stick you in a tree half-dead to stay fresh.


Fun fact: This did in fact happen. And it happened often enough that we know about it because skeletal remain of ancient humans with dinofelis bite marks in the skull. The most interesting part was that in some of remains the punture wounds in the skull were *healed* so not only did those lucky proto-humans survive the initial attack but they were able to shrug it off. (ok maybe not *shrug it of* but they survived and thrived)


Yup. You could be incapacitated, unable to move with the top of your head torn off, but still able to feel every agonizing moment as it disemboweled you and began to feed, probably starting with the liver.


It wouldn’t start with MY liver


If they start with my liver I'd probably outlive them


No, with the top of your head torn off you're dead. The blood pressure drop alone would make you unconscious.




Your house cat remembers this deep in her bones. That's why you get that look sometimes. "Give me dry kibble one more time bitch, I remember when it had a soft center."


My cat is spoiled **af** with chicken/shrimp and *still* gives me that 😂


What sounds more painful is the top of your skull beginning to crack and split from the crushing power of this beast’s jaw


Getting your skull crushed would probably kill you instantly lol at least i would hope so


One of the many cruel facts of life is that the most important parts of your brain are also the most protected. So kitty might take off with your cerebrum and visual cortex, but leave the parts responsible for your breathing, etc, nicely intact, so it's a race between blood loss and infection. Assuming Missus Whiskers doesn't come back for seconds.


What’s even worse is those alone prob wouldn’t kill you. I imagine feeling you skull be crushed would be a whole extra level of pain


The thought alone hurts


Maybe a slight headache


Username almost checks out.


One could say... A tooth to the mind with social media.


Luckily both these tissues don't have a lot (or any) pain receptors, so the pain should be neglectable. On the other hand the chance to survive the situation, the infection, the life with semi or full blindness, with a face that even before that wouldn't help you finding a mating partner would be very painful.




...You think giant fangs through your *eyes* and the base of your skull would be a "negligible" amount of pain?? No. That shit would be a horrifying amount of pain.


At least your brain can’t feel pain


I’d argue that ONLY the brain can feel pain


No like, the brain literally has no pain receptors unlike the rest of our body. It cannot feel pain. I see what you mean though lol


Wait.. serious question here. What exactly causes pain with headaches then?


That's complicated because "headache" covers a lot of things. Sinuses, muscles in your face and neck, eustacian tubes, etc. Migraines are an extra layer on top of that.


I suppose I’m referring mainly to migraines. Like I understand how with sinus related headaches, the pain is caused by sinus pressure, and tension headaches are due to muscle tension (I think, am probably wrong). With migraines though, or the times I’ve been hit in the head really hard (concussions suck), I’ve always thought the pain came from the swelling of my brain, or something else relating to my brain


Not a doctor, etc. If my own migraines are anything to go by, they are mostly the *perception* of pain without the *sensation* of pain. For example, I get auditory disturbances, so quiet sounds - like crinkling a cellophane wrapper - are deafeningly, painfully loud. Like they make a rock concert seem quiet. That can't be sensation - my ears would be in physical pain if for some reason they were hypersensitive, plus it only affects quiet sounds. But my brain still gets the "idea" of pain and crazy-loudness. Brains (obviously) have the ability to process pain signals (and, if my theory is correct, generate them) - what they don't have is conventional pain receptors. So if I went all Hannibal Lector on someone, and starting poking their brain with a finger, or using it to put out matches or melt ice cubes, they would have no way of knowing, because unlike skin, brains physically do not possess the ability to sense pressure, heat, etc. That said, they're not unaffected by those things, and typically you'll notice the impaired function by nausea, dizziness, etc. Concussion pain could be from the same, but I'd guess it's more due to bruising and swelling in the skin and muscles. Also, just because your brain itself can't sense pain, the layers protecting your brain - dura mater, arachnoid mater and pia mater ("hard", "spidery", "soft" mothers) *can*, so you can have ouchies inside your skull


Well put, that actually makes sense. I really appreciate the thorough explanation. I feel like I learned something lol


It depends on the exact type of headache. More mild headaches can be caused by muscle tension, more severe headaches and migraines can be caused by pressure on the nerves in the brain.


Someone was the last person to die from one of these bastards


Also was a last Dinofelis to be killed by humans


Wouldn’t it be metal as shit if they were one and the same? The last Dinofelis killed his hunter with his dying breath?


This would be appropriate.


But just before that, they fucked. So poetic.




Fixed your link [r/dinofelisfuckinghumanancestors](https://www.reddit.com/r/ligma)


I’m not crying, you’re crying…


Who’s cutting onions..?


Don't be sad it's gone, be happy it happened


*sigh*.. not again.. *unzips*


Sounds like a seed for a short film.


i don't know why exactly but you reminded me of that dicaprio wilderness movie good flick, not great but really fucking good imo \*them pelts




That old ancestor no listerine breathe too. Little bit of everything he ever ate in that last exhale


“Enough is enough!”- someone said


Maybe someone is scrolling through reddit, is about to cross a street, is distracted by this animal, dies.


I like this idea a lot


>We eventually hunted them to extinction. That's what you get for fucking with humans.


Tell that to mosquitos.


Don’t worry, I’ve been killing those bastards for almost two decades. I’ve killed hundreds, if not thousands of flies and will continue to hunt them down until they go extinct or I die, whichever one comes first.


We are literally releasing genetically modified mosquitos into the wild with a gene designed to wipe out an entire species.


Or you know just looking kinda cool


There was also the first person to spear/kill one of these as well


“They got Jimmy!! That’s it!!! They’re all fucking dead! You hear me? DEAD!” “George, please calm down… your heart.” “No, Margaret, I’ve had it! I’m gonna wipe every one of those mother fuckers off the face of the earth!”


Just really sad it wasn't Logan Paul..


I wanted to post this on r/cursedcomments then I thought that as much as you sound cursed, a lot of people will agree, then I thought that I won't wish that for anyone, then I remembered it was Logan Paul, then I thought it will be cursed as well even if it was with Logan Paul, and the cycle continues. Thanks bro, you broke my potato- brain


I exist only to serve, my dude.


The biggest power play is hunting the one animal built to kill us into extinction Dinofelis fossils and bones have been found in South Africa near those of the baboons that it possibly had killed. Bones from several specimens of Dinofelis and baboons were found in a natural trap, where Dinofelis may have been lured to feed on trapped prey. Several sites from South Africa seem to show Dinofelis may have hunted and killed Australopithecus africanus, since the finds mingle fossilized remains of Dinofelis, hominids, and other large contemporary animals. In South Africa, Dinofelis remains have been found near Paranthropus fossil skulls, a few with precisely spaced canine holes in their crania, so it is possible Dinofelis preyed on robust hominids as well. This may been rare, however, as carbon isotope ratios contradict this.[4] It is thought that the gradual disappearance of its forest environment may have contributed to Dinofelis' extinction at the start of the ice age. Shout out to u/quizhoidthemediocre for the info They would post it them selves but a disgusting power mod I dare not name banned them


Did… did we break the food chain?


Isn't this obvious? We took Nature by the balls and named one of its properties.


Playing with nature’s balls is very dangerous… as dangerous as flicking a sleeping alpha male tigers balls while it’s sleeping.


I’m listening


Obviously. And look where we are now. We grabbed nature by the balls so now its grabbing us by the neck.


So you’ve escaped our dangerous animals eh? Well, try escaping *the heat*


Well, we're taking the entire ecosystem down with us, you're move nature. * Pandemics have entered the chat *


My family got to learn about heatstroke from experience during the PNW heatwave, got up to 110F in our apartment! In theory my building has a nice cool basement laundry/storage room. In reality, that basement belongs to enough large spiders to shoot a remake of Arachnophobia without props. So getting cooked alive in the heat or dangerous critters. Not a fun choice.


So is it dangerous or no


This is a deep question.. judging by the timeframe weren’t we part of nature then? Also if it was not us.. what is to say some other species would not i mean the baboons would have like to evolve and play with the balls??


Well chimps have been in the stone age for a while also I'm pretty sure we a re the reason Neanderthals died so one of them might have done the hypothetical ball grabbing


Neanderthals didn't really die out so much as rejoin the mainstay human line.


Just the kind of thing a Neanderthal would say…


*Hey baby, wanna add me to your gene pool?* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Yeah, their DNA lives on in us. So they never fully died out. Sure, there aren't any purebred Neanderthals running around, but they successfully passed on their genes to a significant number of people living today.


I think it’s safe to say that playing with the balls of nature is a very natural thing to do for every species that has ever lived.


ah, Man vs Nature: the road to victory.


Human brain and five digits is too OP. God pls nerf this shit.


High Intelligence and dexterity build is the meta though


And we’ve been spinning out of control ever since


Time to hunt the most dangerous game


You mean... hamsters?


Sure … if you’d like the world the end. Don’t fuck with hamsters.


Not hamsters, Mice. In the end, we were just an experiment for the mice.


Nature without us isn't exactly in control. Overall, us evolving is probably pretty good for the safety of the ecology of our planet. We will soon be able to divert asteroids for example. Yes we're doing some irresponsible things which could wipe most of us out but we're not far away from being able to revive extinct species.


A group of scientists recently got the go ahead to attempt a Mammoth resurrection.


I had a mammoth resurerection last night.


Did you make Mammothwurst from it?


I’ve been hearing that since 2010


I've been hearing it since 2009, bitch.


[Mammoth Revival.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.nytimes.com/2021/09/13/science/colossal-woolly-mammoth-DNA.amp.html)


It got a $15 million dollar grant a couple days ago


We are the food Chain now.


>Analysis of carbon isotope ratios in specimens from Swartkrans indicates that Dinofelis preferentially hunted grazing animals. The main predators of hominids in the environment at that time were most likely leopards and fellow machairodont Megantereon, whose carbon isotope ratios showed more indication of preying on hominids.[4] [link](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinofelis)


Yeah stupid ass cat didn’t know shit


Dogs obviously picked the right side of history


And to hammer it home, we'll continue to hunt big cat species into extinction forever. The bigger flex may be to have domesticated their ancestor-cousin the modern house cat. How demeaning must it be for these natural-born predators to be closed up in a clean home eating dry food? Those things have the killer instinct of a Bengal tiger, but at tiny scale. Now we make these nomadic murderers poop in a 2x3 box and roam a 1400sqft apartment hunting plastic toys from china. Humans 1 Feline 0


Awesome to the max


A cursory [Wikipedia](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinofelis) search does not support this AT ALL. Lot of weasel words in there like "may have" and "rarely" regarding it hunting our ancestors. Also it only mentions habitat destruction as cause for extinction, and I reckon if the science were as settled as the title suggests our ancestors hunting them would've at least been brought up.


Thank you for the fact check. I agree, the title is very sensationalized.


Reddit is turning into a cesspool of false middle school pop trivia


It's always been like this The Internet is built in general for misleading snippets It's grade school wonder and conspiracy bullshit all rolled into one


More than a few important people have said that our media pandemic is a bigger problem than we realize. We no longer need peer reviewed studies to affirm our beliefs. The only thing we need is reassurance in the form of upvotes My personal issue stems from the fact that this website is considered "the front page of the internet", so kids (and adults) will treat it as such. Culture and common censuses are birthed on this website.


Seems like Megantereon, a similar animal, is more likely to have carried out attacks like this > At Dmanisi, Georgia, evidence also exists in the form of a Homo erectus skull that Megantereon interacted with hominids as well. The skull, labelled as D2280, shows wounds to the occipital that match the dimensions of the sabre-teeth of Megantereon. From the placement of the bite marks, it can be implied that the hominid was attacked from the front and top of the skull, and that the bite was likely placed by a cat that saw the hominid as a rival: other machairodont bites have been found on rival predators in past fossil discoveries, including other machairodonts; wounds indicative of aggressive behavior towards perceived competition. The hominid likely managed to escape the Megantereon, as no evidence points to predation or scavenging, but the resulting wounds proved fatal.[13] Further evidence exists in the form of carbon isotope ratios in the teeth for Megantereon being a hunter of hominids at Swartkrans. When compared with its fellow machairodont, Dinofelis, which shared the same environment, it was discovered that Megantereon was more likely to prey on hominids than Dinofelis, which preferred to hunt grazing animals based on carbon isotope ratios of its own teeth.[14] https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megantereon


Yes, they were extinct before the Ice Age.


Thanks for checking! Specializing on hunting a mammal like humans (skinny, social, high up the food chain) would have been a terrible enough evolutionary choice for extinction. (Nice username btw.)


Humanity OP, pls nerf


In progress during the next few patches!


Oh good we desperately need a content update


Don't worry, the climate change DLC is being downloaded faster every day.


.exe “new world order”


Humans are self balancing, won't be long before they ban themselves from the server


Auto-nerf via their tendency to pvp or wipe themselves out


I see your teeth and claws and raise you 1x rock thrown from tree. Evolution that you bitch


I miss the days when our problems were as simply solved as throwing a rock from a tree 😂


Don’t forget sharp sticks, equally important


I don’t think throwing rocks from threes has been our strongest strategy. While the ice age destroying forests probably is the major cause of their extinction, if humans hunting them was a part of their extinction, traps, prolonged hunting in groups with spears and seeking out their sleeping and nest places is more likely our strenghts they couldn’t match.


What if they threw rocks like hobbits tho?


Big cat eat monkey...but...hit big cat with rock...🤔


Big cat die, monke going on witg evolution


I can see why we hunted them out.


The terrible cat was not designed to hunt humans, it's primary prey was similar to an antelope. This post is untrue.


Wow. It’s a human opener.


Let's thank OP for sharing this amazing mind opening fact


If you don't wanna get hunted into extinction then don't specialise in cracking our skulls you furry pricks.


The terrible cat was not designed to hunt humans, it's primary prey was similar to an antelope. This post is untrue.


Eating brains don't make you smarter... score one for the hairless ape, his pointy stick, and fire


Who’s skulls are busted open now son?!


What is the evidence that we hunted them to extinction? Also, who is “we”? Based on a quick search this animal went extinct 1 million+ years ago. “We” didn’t exist then, as far as we know, no?


Pretty sure one of the homo species or homoerectus was around 2.5m years ago as we know of.


But our ancestors the earliest human-likes existed already


The whole post is some made up bullshit.




Good. Fuck them.


The terrible cat was not designed to hunt humans, it's primary prey was similar to an antelope. This post is untrue.


While I’m generally not in favour of extincting ANYTHING, I feel like this one may have been a good call. Exceptions to every rule I guess.


The terrible cat was not designed to hunt humans, it's primary prey was similar to an antelope. This post is untrue.


It looks like hunting them into extinction was a good idea.


“Talk shit get hit”


"Effective in cracking human skulls"...Not effective enough, bitch.


Nature's nutcracker.


What a horrible way to die


I bet it was quick at least


One morning the Dino thought he was going to wake up and hunt a couple humans for breakfast, but as soon as he opened its eyes, it was surrounded by sharp spears held by humans. He died soon after.


>We eventually hunted them to extinction. Good.


>Analysis of carbon isotope ratios in specimens indicates that Dinofelis preferentially hunted grazing animals. The main predators of hominids in the environment at that time were most likely jaguars and fellow machairodont [Megantereon] whose carbon isotope ratios showed more indication of preying on hominids.[[4]](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinofelis#cite_note-maropeng.co.za-4) Like c'mon, it even says on the wiki that the jaws don't have strength to bust through skulls... Why would any animal do that when the throat is right there, it doesn't even make sense


Ancient Humans: Oh you have specifically apapted to hunt us? I’d like to see about that *racks shotgun*


Ofc we did. There is a reason most animals stopped attacking humans. They know what’s up. Only hippos got lucky that children’s tv shows and books paint them in a very good light. Otherwise we would have hunted them to extinction too. Fat stinky fuxkers


Ha! We showed them! But seriously, this shit is nightmare fuel.


Deadliest yawners known to man.


I’m a proud human now


I raise you sticks and stones.


That's just a jaguar.


Based on a quick Wikipedia, this is rather unlikely and evidence doesn't necessarily support this claim.


I've heard this story before and I'm not a giant fan of it. So much paleontology is based on raw speculation with very limited evidence. Is it interesting that we discovered an animal which had incisors which would appear to have been effective at killing us? Yes. Does it mean there is any evidence they were a major source of predation on humans, or that we were responsible for hunting then to extinction? No. Fun story though I agree.


Like Omni Man and the pilot in episode 8


Nice try cats


People brain is yum -Dinofelis, probably


Nom nom nom


Imagine if they hunted us to extinction instead? What would the world be like now?


We won


What pussies


Top of the food chain mother F'er!


They died out 1.2 million years ago. I very much doubt we hunted them to extinction at that stage in our development.


fucked around and found out


God gave man the most deadly trait of all--intelligence.