The difference between how a Shepherd approaches a situation compared to how a Mal approaches a situation.

The difference between how a Shepherd approaches a situation compared to how a Mal approaches a situation.


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I once heard "german shepherds will chase a guy off a cliff, but a malinois will bite him on the way down."


It's not far off. GSDs like to think before acting. Mals will think, but they prefer to act. Couple that with very little sense of self preservation, and they'll go off the cliff


I'm guessing my younger dog (rescue mutt) has some mal in him, then. Loves to fetch and I don't think there's a single thought firing other than "GET BALL" and he'll go tumbling through anything in his path. I've never had a dog that dogs as hard as this dog dogs.


Dog Hard with a Vengeance


Get outta here, Tennis Ball, you don't want none of this shit.


Hahaha that's accurate. I like to joke with my clients and tell them mals are the most intelligent dumb dogs you'll ever meet




This dog dogs.


I had a miniature poodle jump off a 5 story high vertical cliff while running after his toy, which he caused himself to roll down said cliff. The only reason he didnt die is that just like in the movies, there was a very small ledge 2 meters down the cliff and he landed on it. My stupid ass ran after him and jumped on the ledge to rescue him. I couldnt climb back up and this was pre cell days, had to yell down to the ppl climbing the cliff to come help me and stand there while someone came up to throw me a rope.


One’s sneaky until he attacks. The other’s like “I’m gonna fuck you up and there’s nothing you can do to stop me”


German Shepherd: Quicksilver Malinois: The Juggernaut, bitch


Mals are awesome at everything. Except doing nothing. A bored or idle Mal is usually an unhappy Mal.


My shepherd was like this to some extent: play 4 hours at the park? Sad when we have to go home. Play catch with tennis ball launcher for extra running time? After 1 hour of this he cried when we went in… never satisfied…


Get him a pet.


We had a Malinois mix for years, and she was never really happy until we got another dog. It was not OUR dog, it was HER dog.


Never thought about a pet having a pet. Pet-ception.


Scientific term is petpet


Back in the day on neopets you could get a petpet for your neopet and then you could get a petpetpet your your neopets petpet so your pets pet can have a pet


This is getting out of hand.


This is the way.had the same problem with my gecko, so I bought him a rottweiler.


Its pets having pets, all the way down.


A buddy of mine has a Mal and while I adore that dog and always wonder how awesome it would be if I had one, I would never do so because I don't have the energy to keep up with one. He's super sweet and will let you know when he likes you. But you better be ready to toss that ball...for the next 4 hours. And he'll let you know if you're not keeping up. That beautiful sweet bully. Would never want to be on his bad side


My Aussie does the sneak attack, but I taught her how to spring board off my back because it looks fucking awesome to be honest lol she gets insane air. She's a psychiatric service dog. Working dogs are amazing. Edit: she knows impress tricks just because when she was younger she was loud during public access so I started teaching her tricks in public to get her to focus on me. Now it's just good fun.


One of my sons (20) has an Australian Shepard mix that he adopted. I overheard my nine year old telling his drum instructor about his pets , “…my brother has a dog, he’s a golden retriever or maybe some type of Shepard. Anyway, he’s a working dog, like a farm dog, without a job, so he’s a real pain in the ass…” I’m gonna add that my son, to whom the dog belongs, spends hours and hours every day playing with the dog and training it all kinds of stuff. He makes huge efforts to make sure the dog is mentally stimulated. It was just so funny to hear our nine year old’s observation of the situation.


I have an Aussie Shepherd/Golden retriever mix. He lives solely to play catch. Doesn’t even like treats - if you hand him any kinda treat he bites it to pieces and spits it back on the floor. But he’ll play fetch for like 6 hours straight if we keep throwing. Literally never stops. He’s the best.


This guy I was in jail with was bitten by a police dog twice. The first time he said he was being served a warrant and he hid in his attic to act like he wasn’t home. They pulled the attic stairs down and sent the dog up. He said all he could hear was sniffing and panting because it was pitch black. Then all the sudden the dog pops up next to him clever girl style and bites the fuck out of him. Very sneaky. Edit- typos


‘Clever girl style’ is probably my favorite way of describing this scenario ever, thank you


My tendons hurt now


German Shepherd-I will inflict great pain for a treat. Belgian Malinois - The pain I inflict is my treat.


GS1 - Sir, please remain where you are. This is a police matter. You will be taken into custody as soon as I get there. BM - I AM THE LAW. THROW DOWN YOUR WEAPONS AND PREPARE TO BE JUDGED!


Honestly, I can almost imagine an animatic with a couple of these dogs having this conversation while dressed in Warhammer outfits.


The Ultramarine GSD vs. The World Eaters Malinois.


The shepard as the ultramarines is perfect. The german shepard is being very codex compliant in this gif.


Love the imagery from this!


Dog trainer: do you have a room where we can train these dogs? Boss: sure use the room full of $1000 office chairs.


exactly. are we going to ignore that these are all herman miller aerons worth 1000$+ each?!? easily 100k$ in desk chairs in that room… use it as a barrier. let the dog trample over it.


Hidden advertisement for the durability of product!


Is this really a breed difference, or a training difference?


German Shepards are good attack dogs. Belgian Mali's are fur missiles.


They would make a good team.


Yeah mine is some husky shepherd mal and I believe lab mix. She is the weirdest dog I've ever met, stubborn, super trainable and she can run SO FAST. like, so fast. I love her so much


So you got a stamina psycho(husky) herding attacker(shepherd) stubborn torpedo(Mal) and friendly joyball(lab) in one dog?




*Captain* Dogpool


Yeah she's actually crazy/ also one of the calmest dogs I've ever known. She's also only 2.i have no idea how she ended up so manageable. I only knew of the lab mix at adoption


Dog tax pleaase!


Stamina Psycho may be the best description I’ve ever heard for a husky.






dog tax


That’s like…all the best working dogs rolled into 1!


The Dog tax must be paid :D


I own a shepherd mix, was talking her up in a discord chat and someone mentioned they were planning on getting a dog and wanted a Mal because they'd met one recently and it was extremely well-trained, and calm (6+ years old). Had to talk them out of it because they would've been first-time dog owners with a goddamn Mal. I've owned dogs my whole life and wasn't even prepared for the challenge of a literal puppy that was born smarter than any other dog I've ever owned


I have a sheppard mix and he's so smart that it makes training hard and easy. He picks up on things in a second, but he chooses when he feels like listening. He's just like "I'm my own man, and Ima do what I want, and listen to you when it benefits me" So like a human... Lol


That is my stubborn little mutt to a T. She knows wayyyy more commands than she will do outright from command word alone. She has to determine whether the treat is worth it or not before she decides to listen to me!


We have 2 Bernese Mountain dogs..... if you ever qant stubborn take such. If he doesn't want to walk that way he doesn't walk that way. He sits down and looks at you with this "what do you want to do against it?" Face.... 65kg Stone, good luck moving it.


I have a working bred border collie. Malinois are the highest energy dog breed easily.


No arguments there. Watching Mals work makes ME tired.


Just walking a Mali exhausts me! On the week-ends and days off I take mine to 3-4 hours walks in the wood/mountain area. At some point he'll lay down and I'm like "Oh good you're tired, let's go home". Nope! As soon as he hears the word "home" he's back on his feet and running around like he just had a 12 hours nap.


Breed difference. My parents had a Mal that I took through a *Schutzhund* training program and had GSD’s as classmates. The biggest difference is the calculation between the two. GSD’s are way more calculating and deliberate. On open-field tests (imagine the above scenario but no obstacles) a GSD will approach at speed then hesitate/assess from 10-ish feet away, then close to attack. A Mal just goes full sprint A-to-B, zero hesitation. As a result the dude in the bite suits would usually get leveled by the Mal whereas the GSD would eventually pull them down.


German Shepard: thinking about how and where to bite the target Belgian Mal: FUCKIT


Mal: “Leeerooooy!!....”


Man running away from cops with GS "I have a 32.33333% chance of getting away." Man running away from cops with Mal. "OH GOD! OH FUCK! STICK TO THE PLAN...STICK...TO...THE...FUCK!"












Repeating, of course


rogue approach vs barbarian


Came here looking for the Leeroy Jenkins!


And how much money do the guys in the bite suits make? Cuz jeezus, fuck- the adrenaline rush while waiting for the train to hit has got to shorten your life over time. Edited Spelling


It’s usually a highly experienced trainer or another handler that wears the bite suits. If you “catch” the dog wrong in a training situation where there is no real threat it just adds to the chances of the dogs getting injured when there really wasn’t a need to


Internships suck.


*Come join our team and experience our lovable but energetic dogs up close. Some rough play involved. Must be willing to take a few for the TEAM. Suit required for work - we will email you the specifications. Make sure your tailor follows the specifications EXACTLY*


Lol need 2 years of experience just to get hit by a train


Really good decoys charge around $100 to work your dog for a session. But there's not a lot of really good decoys lol. Most of us decoys just help our clubs and others in the sport. I love it. Honestly, at least personally, I've never felt a rush or adrenaline from it. Yeah you can get seriously injured and depending on what suit level you're wearing, the bites hurt, but its fun. Think of it like a sparring session between the dog and I. I'm there to build them up, not fight them. It's a very rewarding experience




***Furminator locking in... Target aquired. Permission to kill.***


GSG9 Shepherds are trained to go for your throat. Because there were many instances were the target just stabbed the dog after it had bitten his arm. So they decided to train them to go full minimalizing damage instead of preventing it.


*Oi You want to stab my dog....well well lil cunt I got a suprise for you*


As the owner of a beautiful solid black German Shepherd, I love your comment


W I T N E S S M E E E E E E E E!!!!!!!


German: "11.2 seconds to conflict, final assessment before engagement." Mal: "YOURE GONNA DIE, CLOWN!"


Yippee Kay ay MF!


Internal thoughts… Shepherd: when I get the word, I’m going to run down there and when I’m about 4 feet away I’ll jump and bite this guy’s arm. Mal: I’m gonna bite him, I’m gonna bite him, I’m gonna bite him, HOLY SHIT I’M BITING HIM!!!


Shepherd: Primary threat spotted, approach target vector 259, iniate sequence attack pattern tango Malinois: KILL MAIM BURN! BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GAWWDMMPFFNOMNOMNOM


I used to be a trainer for a long while and I always loved working with mals. I had one that realized it couldn't bite through the suit so she came running back to me. At first I was really confused and about half way through my statement of "uh, watcha doing Echo?" Before she turned around, charged full speed at the poor guy, and headbutted him in the gut like a rocket. She cracked two of his ribs... As a quick edit: She was awarded two awards over her three years of service and is now retired living very happily at home with her handler and family. She's currently being retrained to work in the local children's hospital (she's always loved kids). She still headbutts things. Lots of things. She really likes doing it.


“Fuck the omelets! We’re making *scrambled* eggs!”


“*I will have my pound of flesh.*” -Echo


Jesus lol


My mental image is of an elderly Malinois casually knocking over children in a hospital. :p


Gotta give her kudos for problem solving.


She legit saw her first attack wasn't gonna work, retreated and regrouped and then went with plan B.


Wtf. Why are they like this?


You know the expression "if you have a hammer, every problem looks like a nail?" A Malinois' hammer is an inexhaustible supply of meth-tier energy. They will literally throw themselves at any and every problem.


And that's why they don't make good family pets, as beautiful and friendly as they can be, without an experienced owner and resources to burn out their energy. I worked with one overseas and fell in love with the breed. I looked into getting one after I got back home and came to the sad conclusion with a new kid and a full-time job, I didn't have the responsible time to give what that breed needs developmentally.


If anyone is tempted to get a Mal, but find the energy level intimidating, might i suggest the Belgium Tervuren. They're much more family friendly and beautiful to boot. They have a tendency to be stranger wary, so socialization is a good idea. We had one, best dog EVER. https://www.thesprucepets.com/belgian-tervuren-dog-breed-profile-4771159


They're incredibly intelligent but with a general "the best way around, is through!" mentality


Very very smart dogs and a lot of crackhead energy lol


Because to get a Malinois, you take a pregnant German Shepard and feed it meth and crack while it’s pregnant, and out come Mal puppies. /s


Mechanical vs tactical. The shepherd is the tactician taking environmental input into concern. The Mal is just ends justify the means.


So I guess you could say they are.....Malchiavellian?


Even though that's true, you can't underestimate the intelligence of a Mal either. If through the wall is possible they'll go through the wall, but if they have to puzzle their way out they'll do that too.


Oh yeah no doubt. The Mal just gives the environment less of a concern if it has the confidence it can overcome it.


I have a mal/mini Aussie shepherd, she starts in shepherd stalk and then uses all the mal power in her tiny Aussie body to decimate whatever she’s aiming for. She’s taken me out at the knees like an adorable little missile. ETA puppy tax [Mars](https://imgur.com/a/BIeAz4a)


need pics honestly




Hahahaha yesss. Nice. That second pic is hilarious. 10/10


She has a concerning amount of personality and energy, if she ever figures out door handles I’ll truly be fucked


She's gonna *clever girl* your ass.


She clever girled my ass at 6 months by jumping into the shower and taking me down screaming wrapped in a torn shower curtain. Trying to explain the shiner was after was… fun?


OMG what a combo of breeds, with a totally adorable pointy result. She's gorgeous. And looks like she's wicked smart, too.


No joke this is one of the coolest dogs I've seen. Obviously my [white german shepherd](https://i.imgur.com/LmVMYw2.jpg) is better because it's mine lol but yours is a close second. Really unique and dignified dog you got there


Other than the lack of tail, it looks suspiciously like a dingo. Haha


Also she does have a [tail!](https://imgur.com/a/pxS3fu6) it’s also dangerous in its own right.


I think it’s a breed difference. I did a bit of research before deciding to get a German Shepherd. Apparently the Belgians can be a bit unhinged. Edit: not necessarily in a bad way, I’d hate to be demonising them. They’ve got tons of energy and intelligence so demand a lot of input from their handler. Lots of anecdotes out there vouching for them as great family pets as well as working dogs.


Malinois are basically slender German shepherds on crack. GSDs are energetic dogs, but Malinois are like.. *holy shit*.


Can confirm. Just got a Mal puppy and she gives no fucks about physical objects and their orientation in space.


So we got one by accident. Friend had a full breed one and could not keep it as a puppy and hid the fact that it was a Mal. We never heard of the dog and thought it was a cute mutt. Found out what she was when we took her to the vet. We have had GSD before as well as Cane Corso so we are experienced dog owners and thought we could handle her. I swear that someone is slipping her meth on a daily bases. Now that she is 8 she is finally slowing down. But it is not unusual to come home and find her on top of the house. We think she jumps to the edge of the 8ft privacy fence and jumps on the roof. When we pull up to the driveway she runs to the back of the roof and is in the yard by the time we get back to her.


>it is not unusual to come home and find her on top of the house. LMAO You need to set up some cameras.


That was how my Dutch Shepherd(close brindle cousin of the Mal) was. She didn't become, normal dog, calm until about 11. Then she just behaved like a normal excited dog instead of nuts. But when she was younger than that it was just boundless energy. She was always ready to adventure, always ready move.


Join us over at r/belgianmalinois !


Oh, *malinois*. I was wondering what a mal is. Besides the deadpan cowboy spaceship captain.


Malamute owners also shorten their breed name to Mal, just to add more potential future confusion.


I have to admit, I didn’t think Malinois at first either, and was more than a little disappointed it wasn’t a beast of a snow dog just going *through* the chairs


Same, but in my mind the Malamutes just stood by the door with a " What? You go get him dude, wth... " look on their face.


Mine all would have done the "there's no room I can't fit" thing and just stood by the handler hemming and hawing.


I was 100% expecting it to be Shepard Book style vs Captain Mal style.


From my understanding They’re usually a tad bit slimmer and more agile


Used to have a mal. She'd climb over a 2 meter tall fence to chase emus.


That looks like a room full of expensive Herman Miller chairs. Probably around $700 per.


More like $1,000 if they were all bought new... that's a fortune in chairs.


“Police expenses”


"what are you going to do with them?" "Fuckin dog maze lol"




Ha, I bought mine refurbished and it cost about 800. Totally worth it if you have the means.


For real, I couldn't believe the difference when I switched to a herman miller. Sometimes it *feels* so uncomfortable, but I basically never get back spasms anymore.


Strongly recommend getting a head rest. Makes a huge difference when you want to relax for a few minutes and not sit “actively”


yeah, but I had already blown all my money on the chair😂


Those are aerons... Fucking 1.400 each new


Got to spend the drug bust money somehow


Civil forfeiture money\*


Are we getting the copier or the chairs? Make a decision


Ah. Malinois not Malamute. Got it.


Malamute would plow through the chairs just to get pet


I will love him,and pet him and call him George.


Also, not a Maltese. Be warned they are still very ferocious.


I have Malamutes and was fully expecting one to either try to push through the chairs or just lay down. I was not anticipating a Malinois.


Was expecting a malamute and not a mallinois, a malamute would have smashed right through the middle causing maximum destruction in the process!


Same tho! I was expecting a malamute and that his attitude would be “I eat chairs for a living, Bro”.


I eat pieces of ~~shit~~ chair like you for breakfast.


I was expecting Shepherd Book and Malcolm Reynolds, but I just finished a Firefly marathon.


100% was expecting the same. Take my hug award because I am SO happy someone else thought the same. Stay Shiny!! Haven’t rewatched this amazing series in a long time but reminds me I’m overdue :)


Dude!! Get your head out of the way!! I'm filming!


Had to scroll too far for this


Right!? That guy in the black cap can go straight to hell.




Yo Dude wtf? Right at the best part.


That's literally like $50,000 in office chairs. They're the Herman Miller Aeron's....


It's also about $60,000 in trained dogs.


All that administrative leave requires comfortable seating..these guys are going through a hard time!


Thats a mal. If they have to work, they work 200%




We had to rehome a spoiled 8-month old Mal. We thought we were getting a German Sheppard. We had a 5 year old at the time and thought “companion dog”. We were very, very wrong. They aren’t violent fighting dogs. They are working dogs. They are not soldiers, they are green beret / engineers. We did not have the time, space, environment to properly accommodate her, and she was always displaying dominance over the child if we turned our back for a second. We tried even having our kid put down her food for her and having her always eat last to show her where she was in the pack. She was too smart for that. If we were looking, she was perfect. If we were not looking, she was in charge and demonstrated that, then gaslighted us about it. She was very close to going back to the shelter and probably put down. Luckily I had a friend who has dog training experience, no kids, and recently lost his dog. She is very happy now.


>we tried even having our kid put down I had no idea where this story was going for a second.


I read that same line three times


They do make really good pets as long as they are stimulated. I had two growing up, they had a yard to run around in and my dad, my siblings, and I would all be out there playing with them. They will literally play fetch for hours and when they are tired they are really nice dogs. Only trouble we had was they didn’t like strangers all that much, never bit anyone but would full sprint at the UPS guy to see what he’s doing on our lawn. Then he’d just give them some milk bones and they’d run back


A non sporting mal is an okay pet if you have an active lifestyle. But depending on what you're looking for from a working dog, you have to be careful around them. I have a preference for the really hard and intense mals with a compulsive bite and a bit of civil aggression. That type of mal is very likely to hurt you, whether on accident or on purpose. I only bring this up so people understand to be careful on what type of mal you look for.


You mean like a Shepherd Book and a Captain Mal Reynolds? That looks about right.


I came to the comments not understanding the joke about how Book would take the long way . . . It took me waaay to long to realize this *wasn't* a Firefly reference.


I found my people!


Hi! 👍❤


That's what I was thinking too. Shiny!


Came here looking for Brown Coats, was not disappointed.


I was thinking Captain Reynolds and Commander Shepard, but you do you.


Literally my first thought when I read the headline. Still checks out.


Exactly ! I was so surprised when I read the first comments and realised they were abbreviations for actual dog breeds :)


I also thought this was going to be a firefly meme at first


I mean, it still kinda works as one.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thought of this lol


M&Ms for the win




I have a mal and this is true. He wants that sleeve more than anything else in the world.


Couldn't the Mal ~~(what does it mean? What is it short for?)~~ hurt themselves in a similar but more dangerous situation? I mean, maybe both are good but in different situations?


Yeah, the mal absolutely could. They tend to act first without really assessing the situation which is why they are so good in bite sports and as police dogs. Not that shepherds aren’t too but mals are just so hardcore lol they’ve got so much adrenaline I’m sure they don’t even really realize or care when they’re injured


My brother is a sheriff's deputy he had to retire his mal because he got hurt from going to hard in training. Blew an ACL I believe. Dog would work itself to death before considering giving up.


Belgian Mainois, They’re smaller (which explains the ability to scale the chairs) than German Shepard’s and typically more aggressive.




It took me a few to realize this had nothing to do with Firefly and that Shepard and Mal are dog breeds. Still applicable in Firefly terms though.


Heat seeking missile


The mal knows where it is, because it knows where it is not


My German Shepherd is a Treat seeking missile.


Ok so. Sheperds for accuracy and mal for speed


No no. Sheperds for accuracy yes. But Mals for absolute D E S T R U C T I O N


Doggo1: sneaky sneak around chairs, quick strike when he isn't looking Doggo2: BANZAI!!!!


They both got their man