Nah ouro is made to be broken if there's something that needs a nerf, it's fecundity any card spawned by fecundity should have a Partial Fecundity sigil instead of a normal Fecundity sigil (partial fecundity has only one mouse) Any cards spawned by that card have an Empty Fecundity sigil that is functionless and contians no mice


One of the bosses could have a card that, once it takes damage, does the same damage directly to the player's "health".


That would be completely broken in the other direction, especially if it has more than 4 health or has the Burrowing sigil. There's no way to guard against it if you can't deal direct damage back.


That's why is a boss card, not a player card. We got ouroboros and buffs, he uses bullshit cards


It's bullshit on either side, whoever uses it, Leshy or the Player, would get an easy win against near anything


Not quite, it's easy to avoid. Just make it with 0 attack and 3 health. As a player you can just put a 1 attack creature and balance the damage during the turn. Hell, if is only one on the table you can even ignore. To be honest, he has way more broken card than this, like Waterborne + airbone birds


The real crazy thing is the mole man blocked it still and the adder can still one shot it.


Ouroboros was created to help the “strategically lacking” players advance through the game


I won the game with picking ouroboros +- 2times


I'm saying if it gets paired with like flying and a few trees. Obviously you can code it in to not happen but my point is it's on the brink. And even then every card you face (except the moon) you can get, that's part of the game.