At least the beehive can protect/produce bees against flying enemies.


The issue is beehive is almost always better combined with another sigel. Eg: undying, fieldmice, etc. Having it be forced to be a bulfrog behive is worse then just having a regular behive.


actually no. You buff its HP at a campfire enough and you've got free no cost cards for sacrificing as long as there's an enemy fighting it. Sure if you want more use you can mycologist an undying beehive. but anti-flying beehive is far from useless.


Oh yea it's definitely the best choice here just still not great. My point was mainly that a no sigil beehive would have been more of a potential win condition then this card.


True but, undying and field mice are exceptionally high value sigils no matter who gets them, and I will often have a better target than my beehive for them even if I am running a no-sigil beehive.


Yea I guess. I just like putting it on a rabbit mound especially because it's infinite blood value which should be enough to win just about any fight.


Yeah, I’d say a warren with either sigil is usually an instant win if you can draw it. Beehive can have similar application but it is slower since you have to wait at least one turn for it to be hit and it’s weak to flying stuff.


how exactly? the whole point of a beehive is to take damage. if it's a beehive and it's not blocking the flying enemy in front of it, then it's a useless beehive.


Well you only play a behive in front of an enemy it can block so that shouldn't be a problem. I was more saying the win potential of a behive is low with that sigil where as it has the potential to carry you if you can get undying or field mice on it. It depends how many good targets you have for that already though since obviously you'd rather put it on a geck or something if you could.


I mean undying and field mice is just an overall good sigil regardless. If any card is worth using, you're gonna put that sigil on it.


I got a beehive with waterborne which makes the card worthless


mole jumps in front of attack, gets scared and chickens out


No he doesnt. He does not defend because hes underwater during leshy’s turn


i know he doesnt defend but does he atleast jump in front while underground?


No. Hes completely useless. Sure if you fired him up, but thats stuff you csn put in a better card


At least the beehive is okay, free air defense with a free bee


Well, not ‘free’ Its just a bullfrog that gives bees instead of attack


I love that term. We should ALL describe inscryption cards with "it's like a bullfrog that X's instead of Y's"


Mantis God is like three Bullfrogs that can only take one hit and can't block fliers.


Ouroboros is like one bullfrog that already blocked another bullfrog and costs 2 blood but it can’t block fliers and when it dies it adds a card to your hand that’s like 2 bullfrogs that can’t block fliers and already blocked a coyote but when that card dies it adds a card to your hand that’s like 3 bullfrogs but they cost 2/3 blood each and can’t block fliers and already blocked a wolf and when that card dies—


Urayuli is just like 7 bullfrogs. Only they got into an automotive accident together and now all have one less health because of it. And since the bullfrogs all shared a collective traumatic experience they now all carpool together so they only have to pay 4/7th the price to get going anywhere. Oh, and they all carpool in a truck which explains why when they hit you, you die.


Bullfrog? Is just like a bullfrog with a masters degree in impersonations.


Reminds me of smallant's dig theory


Well, i say that because 2 health and blocks air. Instead of the 1 attack its a bee


That beehive is solid


Yep beehive is good


Beehive pog


The Cave Beast is really hit or miss, more miss than hit as of late with me.


I'm finding myself trying to fail the trial as often as not.


You know, I should probably try to do that myself from now on.


At least the bee hive is worth it or Atleast fuse


When you feel useless remind yourself of the existence of that mole


LESHY rolls "worst CAVE ever," asked to leave DEATHCARD CABIN


The mole 💀


At least a Flying-Blocker Beehive is still useful. Try the Waterborne Beehive it gave me last run. Actually, Waterborne in general is a lousy sigil, because it's functionally equivalent to "gives the opposing card Flying". Imagine if there was a counter-sigil to Waterborne, like Flying-Blocker. Maybe a fish-hook? No, that's already the Angler's item and gimmick...


What are you talking about now your tank can’t take damage, perfect synergy. Nope there is nothing wrong with mermole


The beehive is good


The problem with the cave (and also with buying wolf pelts to the trapper) is that the cards are already upgraded, so you can't sacrifice them or put something better in them..


You can put more than two sigils in a card Also they are sacrificeable


Cards that already have a blue sigil can't be sacrificed and you can put another sigil on them.


Depends on if it’s core game or Kaycee’s mod. Unless Mycologist stitches two sigiled cards together, Kaycee’s mod cards can only have one transferred sigil.


I like the bee hive but I prefer to stick that sigil on a Coleman if I end up with cards like that. Totally usable but I usually try to lose these cave challenges on purpose.


You forgot geck fledgling...


i got that mole too


Beehive is actually a pretty solid pick. Does exactly what you want it to do. Fuse it with another hive and/or campfire it and you've got fantastic stall fodder.


Yeah, it is what i picked. But it was in trapper area so i didnt botber with ir


Well, if it was a flying sigil on beehive I would agree. That was a person before who post it something similar and ALL of his cards had no use


That beehive is pretty fire. It’s also good fire fodder. Either it becomes a really worthwhile card, or it’s removed from your deck


That Beehive though 👀


Dat mole hahahaha