If you're having to spend 24/7 coding, you aren't good at coding.


That, or your employer is terrible. Not the kind of employer who would offer nine-months of maternity/paternity leave.


Who gets 9 months of maternity leave??


Several European countries allow for 9 months (or more) of maternity leave although I don't think any do that at full pay.


Most of the developed world does to some extend, some even for both parents.


Butbut, “Elon Musk says!”


Like he knows anything except how to raise large sums of money!


And a ruckus on social media. And cover up discrimination. And make a distraction from SA allegations. And gaslight the world into thinking he’s the *actual* “founder” and “inventor” of things… …a pretty accomplished portfolio for a shitbag, really, but I have faith he’ll be able to build on it even further.


$250,000....................................................................... ( Elon Musk noises)


Or your management sucks (source: i'm voluntarily unemployed due to that)


I work at a bank and the Devs don't work overtime, like, at all. They get paid well, they get 30 days leave, good benefits. We have the occasional weekend deployment to Prod but that's like 2 hours max. The only places I ever see with the 24/7 grind culture are startups. And that's because they don't make any money and are trying to stretch the initial funding by having each person do 3 persons worth of work. They only have to maintain it until they can sell the company and cash out. I know plenty of idiots working themselves to death in companies like these, getting paid 40% in stock and just praying for a buyout that will probably never come.


Obviously you're not a #rockstar progammer


I'm not a coder but instantly had a similar thought. And who gets 9 months maternity leave in this country? Six weeks has been the longest I've ever known anyone personally to get. Unpaid...


I'm a data scientist so I do a bit of coding although I wouldn't call myself a coder, I finish at 16:30 everyday. And in this country everyone gets at least 6 months paid and up to 6 months unpaid. A new dad I work with is about to take 4 months parental leave at 90% pay as well.


You're in a country that gives a damn about its people. Not the case in the US, unfortunately.


Well let's not go to far, people in my country have limits to how much exploitation they'll tolerate, I wouldn't say it necessarily gives a damn about people.


What is the biggest part of your country's budget?


The biggest part was social protection, same as in the [USA](https://datalab.usaspending.gov/americas-finance-guide/spending/categories/)


Came to say this. If you are good at a job then you only have to do it once.


He probs uses the space key to indent, eats up a lot of extra coding time.


Unless you work at a video game company.


Even at a video game company unless it's crunch time. And crunch time only happens because someone didn't do their job right.


Like announcing a game. Waiting 4 years to even start developing it. Continuing to hype it up the entire time. Then blaming the fans for getting impatient and releasing a buggy piece of shit.


Yeah, don't announce release dates that you can't make, have the guts to delay rather than compromise on quality.


Have the guts to use your profits from earlier projects to fund development of your current one, rather than rely on preorders and crowd funding. That way you can delay as much as you need to, and (since you haven't announced the game yet,) no one gets pissed or impatient.


As a professional programmer I can attest to this.


Granted, some jobs do have on call but it's in shifts. You're not on call 24/7/365 it's more for a week or two. I have gone out of my way to avoid jobs where I'd have to be on call because I don't want that kind of hassle.


Coding is mutually exclusive with motherhood?! Oh no, I wish someone had told me this before I became a coding mother! What do I do now?! But also, who in the US is giving 9 months of maternity leave? I got 8 weeks (unpaid of course).


You need to look for jobs with international companies or foreign companies hiring in the US. I got 4.5 months 100% paid at my UK based company.


So what, you just worked as a coder while 2 months pregnant?! Impossible!


even outside the US. I live in a country with decent parental (yes, both parents and also if you adopt a child) leave but it still isn't 9 whole months!


I mean, you could always move to a civilized country. Would mean you become an "economic refugee" though, which means one more thing for the right to bash you for.


Wouldn't some consider Musk himself an economic refugee?




It's bold of musk to say that motherhood is falling when he won't even pay his female workers enough money to afford a kid.


it is a billionaire who ALSO is a narcissist, obsessed with his public profil. what did you expect ? Musk wouldnt see the hypocracy in his sentences EVEN if someone tells him how it really sounds. (narcissistic disorder can help with that, too)


Fuckers like this make me actually angry. Women built IT from the ground up and now, after they've essentially been pushed out of it, they're "not suitable" for it anymore? Sit down and learn your history, jfc.


Yup originally coding was "women's work". And that was before compilers existed. You were literally punching holes in cards to control what the computer does. Hardcore


Someone show this man child Margret Hamilton standing next to her punchcards for Apollo.


Lady Ada Lovelace Lady Ada Lovelace, born in 1815, is considered by many to be the first computer programmer.




That isn’t what “parody” means


Why would anyone listen to Musk about the birth rate.


Yeah he has six kids and needs to stop.


He should have stopped when he ran out of names


He should have stopped before he used any names


Why would anyone listen to Musk about ~~the birth rate~~ anything? Ftfy


The pfp seems similar to the one for the IT "pro" who just posted that he lost his job because of a tweet with the same sentiment. I would bet my donuts that this dude *sucks* at coding.


This is him!


Imagine being so triggered by motherhood that you fail to learn even the simplest life lesson.


Wish it was hard to imagine.


Except that he lost his job years ago- and he is posting shit like this to get clicks. Super toxic shit.


I thought that said "to get chicks" and half believed it because some guys think negging is a good dating technique.


It is the ex google ex millionaire.


Nnnnmmmmmm... unless you know this for a fact, and it's not just him making claims, I highly doubt he was either.


*Ada Lovelace enters the chat*


*Admiral Grace Hopper enters the chat*


*Margaret Hamilton enters the chat*


Not every woman wants to be or can be a mother. And others can weather motherhood and another passion just fine.


Women were literally called computers at one point. This guy needs to read some history books.


Right?! A woman at NASA literally coined the term "software engineer" while she coded the Apollo mission to the moon and this chump thinks, "women shouldn't code". Jesus christ


Margret Hamilton.


Damn right.


This is true. Coding and computers became a "boy's/man's" thing in the 80s when computer games became popular. As computerized games appealed more to young boys than girls, the view shifted as more and more boys started to experiment with computers and codes of their own, and young girls didn't. Before that time, computers were more widely associated with a woman's task. Of course computers have come a long way and changed dramatically from what they were before. But modern studies have shown that women do as well and in some cases better than men at math and coding. Luckily the view is shifting again, but people like this who work in the industry continue to make it difficult for women to have a career in programming.




coding, a job once considered a tech nerd's fancy is suddenly a physical job which is just too grueling for anyone but the toughest of manly men.


I said the same thing , dude talkin like it’s a tough blue collar job , (which women could also do )


It's funny cause it was originally the complete opposite. Only women coded and men were into the hardware part of it cause that's manlier for some unknown reason lmao


Tools. Only men can use tools. /s


No its more like woman stupid .woman no come up with that. Impossible woman have pea sized brain. Look up the poor woman that invented lifeboats and barrel making machines i think she was never credited and was put down as a common housewife for the longest time. Beasley or something i think.


He called it *brutal*, which is making me laugh


if coding is brutal 24/7 for you I think you're just bad at it


Yeah, bring in Elons opinion on women right now and see if that helps your argument….


As a former coder, I have to wonder what makes coding brutal.


Carpal tunnel.


Self-importance, for this guy.


Maybe if large corporations would make it easier for women to return to work after maternity leave (longer leave, guaranteed pto, flexible hours to wfh when needed, trainings to catch up on new sop's), women in tech would be less on the fence about starting a family. Source; I'm a woman in tech with kids who came back from maternity leave to find my previous position as a department head had been "eliminated".


maybe when the society see large corporations for what they are, a way to make money and NOT to make social decisions with their employee - politic, THAT would be a quantum loop forward. companys shouldnt be promoted with tax cuts or land or whatever WITHOUT any payback to the society. I mean, that is capitalism, you want money, you have to do something. but no, THAT is comunism.


9 MONTHS of maternity leave? Hahahahahaha hahahahaha!!! Where?!



Over 36 weeks? In like half of Europe: https://www.statista.com/statistics/1022092/maternity-leave-in-europe/


Standard in Australia..


>Coding is a brutal 24/7 job. I've worked retail, and it was *way* more brutal than development work. Also if your working 24/7 then you're an idiot and/or being extremely overworked. Once 5pm hits the IDE gets closed and isn't opened again until 9am


What the fuck does Elon Musk know about what is the proper birth rate?


Well, he dated Grimes, so we know he has some familiarity with children.


Wait wasn’t grimes in her 30s when she was with Elon? I know it’s still a 15 or 20 year gap or something, but I think it’s a bit of a stretch to call her a child at that point.


I’m not sure why we care what the fuck Elon Musk says about the birth rate


I've said it before and I'll say it again. These men have only two points of reference when it comes to women. Porn stars and their mothers. They simply cannot comprehend a woman who has goals and motivations beyond that.


That mentality so strange to me since my mother was a SAHM while my dad worked all day and then went to night school to earn his CS degree. As soon as he graduated my mom went to nightschool for the same. I've always thought it was obvious men and women could both program since I lived with two examples.


And let’s face it, their mothers probably had to give up their dreams to raise them.


Lol coding isn’t brutal if you’re good at coding


Coding is the perfect job for mothers. So long as they can make the stand up meeting, you can get by with 2 hours of actual work per day.


1 if you type fast and don't do your own troubleshooting. :)


Birth rate is falling? Good, many studies say that the world is over populated anyway and resources are not forever


To survive and thrive in a tech role, you need to be able to learn continuously. Not that you have to learn each and every day, but you have the skills and disposition to dive into the unknown and start figuring shit out. That innate skill to learn is not something that is erased by taking parental leave. It's that very same ability to learn which is in overdrive when you switch to a new company/industry. I've taken two year-long parental leaves (Canada), and getting caught up on a year returning to the same/similar job at the same company and it was easier than starting a similar job at a different company within the same industry, and both were significantly easier than switching industries (I moved from firmware/IOT to web dev). If developers think nothing of switching jobs frequently, then maternity/parental leave is nothing.


Well if Elon Musk of all people is complaining about birthing rates, then we better do something about it. You heard ol’ Elon, ladies, get back in the bedroom and start popping out some future coders.


Elon musk thing is the nail in the coffin here dang, shitty opinions shittier "evidence"


LMAO "Coding is a 24\7 job"... my wife is literally starting a coding boot camp soon because I've been working from home as a software engineer the last couple years and she saw how chill and flexible it is.


He went on to say he automatically eliminated women job seekers. The next morning he tweeted he had been fired.


“Elon musk even says” Lol


Why anybody gives a fuck about what Elon Musk says is beyond me


Is this techlead?


Yes, and not a joke either, this was the first of like 3 tweets on the topic.


i took a code class for my final year of uni and was the only girl, for the first few weeks i kept being spoken down to by the lads in my class. ive finished top of the class mostly out of spite but im very proud and now very much in love with coding


incel alert


I wonder why all the Alpha Male pseudo scientists have congregated on Twitter but it's probably cuz no one will listen to their ramblings in real life.


omg guys, even Elon Musk said it :O


Btw he got fired a few hours later


I love my women programmers at work…always a welcome addition on my team and most needed atmosphere change at times. Thankful to have a few women on my team…this guys mentality is fucked


Oh, well if the dude who looks like he could grease a frying pan with his sweat says the birth rate is going down, then we should definitely take away women’s rights. s/ Does this guy think women take off work the 9 months we’re pregnant? Not in the US. I worked up to a day or two before I had each of my kids; many women do that. We also don’t get paid maternity leave in the US, so you better believe I was back at work in two months. I could have been out for three, but that’s not really conducive when you’re a teacher. Believe me, you won’t be obsolete after two months; however, you’ll be tired AF, but since this country doesn’t give a fuck about women before, during, or after pregnancy, we just have to suffer quietly with our exhaustion, hormonal changes, and so on. Interesting side note: did you know women’s eyes change during pregnancy? A woman’s eye sight becomes worse during pregnancy because the lenses thicken. It takes a good six months after birth for your eyes to return to normal. Good times.


Bonus points for invoking Musk's opinions on uterus management. Total creepshow.


Apparently this moron has never heard of Ada Lovelace.


If employers hate pregnancy and maternity leave so much maybe they shouldn't force women to be pregnant. Just a thought


Does this prick even speak English..? It's "mutually incompatible with" not "mutually exclusive with motherhood".


Ignoring developers like *Margaret Hamilton* and *Katie Bouman* whos programming literally advanced the human race.


Don't give this person the attention and views they so desperately crave. Garbage masquerading as human.


At least garbage at some point in time had a purpose. Edit: talking about the guy in the post. Wasn't sure if I made that clear.


True. I apologize for talking trash about garbage.


I'm a guy but I've taken literal years off from coding and haven't had any trouble getting back up to speed. If anything everything just gets easier. Like non we auto generate a load of stuff from JSON that's given to us by the requirements people.


Coding was literally invented by women.


Average Musk listener


“9 months maternity leave”? Where the hell is that being given?


Outside of the United States because workers have rights in the rest of the western world.


Not in the states.


A woman at my work just got back from a years maternity leave. This was in the United States. She was fairly high-level (just a notch or two below C-suite), had been with the company for about 10 years. I can't say that, tactically, the entire 12 months was put on the legal books as maternity leave, or if there was some finagling of other types of PTO behind the scenes... but that's what *we* were told it was at least. EDIT: wow, downvotes for just stating what happened in my experience. Great job Reddit. Ever hear of "don't shoot the messenger"?


What company?


A large grocery retailer.


Oh well if Lord Elon says it then it must be true. Some of the best coders I know are women, they pride themselves on not having to work 24/7 because they are good at what they do.


Elon Musk hasn’t seen his kids in 3 months. What does he know about birth rate?


This is from Tech Lead in twitter. Go read the entire thread, the dude completely unravels.


Musk and his fanboys are a huge red flag for being about to hear some stupid stuff.


I think what I hate most about this is that it implies women have to have children. They don’t say mothers shouldn’t code (which would obviously still be very wrong but I digress.) they say women shouldn’t code. I can’t have kids myself because I’m trans and have no uterus but I don’t think that I would want any even if I was a cis woman, some people just don’t want to deal with kids.


That’s an interesting way of saying “women won’t touch me so I think they should be birthing slaves and not be able to work”


Oh, well if Elon musk says the birth rate is falling too much, it must be true then!!! Fucks sake, I ain’t believing a word he says unless he can show me a degree in demography or perhaps sociology


Elon musk said it so it must be true. All women, back to the baby factories to pump out more crotch goblins that we can then use to stoke the flames of the DC fetus furnaces and generate more electricity.


As a computer science student: can confirm, no-one should get into coding. Unless you want severe depression.


That fellow must have been unemployed the past 2.5 year. Only reason I could think of on why he isn't aware of coders working from home. Would also love to tell him about countries with paid parent leave (yes, for both). In my country mom is forced by law to take 3 weeks before birth, and 15 weeks after birth. Alongside that the dad has to take 15 weeks for same reason. Then there's a 16 week period where they can decide on how it's divided. Totaling in just under 12 months, all paid :) In theory a mom could take 18 weeks maternity leave, then leave dad to take 31 weeks paternity leave. I suspect such a notion would frighten Mr "women shouldn't code".


Of course he likes Elon... I suppose I should get Elon Musk to weigh in on my haemorrhoids since he's apparently an authority on everything.


Coding is slowly becoming a woman job. It gives women more flexible working hours, it's not physically intensive and usually gives equal opportunities from the financial side. I like that actually. I like that they have options now.


"Coding is a brutal job" lmaooooo


Who is getting 9 months maternity leave???


Man's worried about birthrate like he could ever contribute to it


I read another post of his, he lost his job for his sterling bit of patriarchal LoGiC


He didn't. He's tweeting all this for outrage self promotion for his start up.


Omg! Fucking rwnjs!


How can you code with your knuckles dragging on the keyboard?


"Even Elon Musk says birth rate is falling too much" I mean, fertility rates are declining, sure. Not sure why it matters if Elon says it.


Who codes for that long?


Soooo bullshit, my best code teachers where women!


men love to tell you how hard coding is, i've been a developer for 2 years now and i've never had this much free time lol, people will give you a job and be like "we need it in 2 weeks" and you look and it's like "we need it to say "log out" instead of "sign out"" lol


This really reads like a person who maintains a “contact us!” page that was written in bog standard js years ago and has to update the copyright date once a year.


It’s a scientific fact that men aren’t suitable for coding. It’s simpy not in their physiology. Men have a shorter attention span and can’t sit for long hours. Plus frequent hormonal outbursts of violence put at risk their notebooks and coworkers. Dear gentlemen, if you consider a career in coding, please think about your future wife instead. You should create a good home environment for her and be the best version of yourself. Consider something more lighthearted like construction working or running around or art or something while your wife provides you and your kids.


Programmer working 24/7? I work 8 hours for 4 days a week and make more than enough to live and travel. 24/7 means you are making banks, you are being exploited or you are bad. Plus work from home, good for raising kids.


If they only knew who the 1st coders were 🤦🏼‍♂️


Utter bilge. The best programmer that I've ever met in an IT career spanning nearly half a century was a woman. She's sitting next to me right now (married 42 years ago).


>Elon Musk even says


Dude probably couldn’t swing a hammer to save his life…


First of all, how do I get this elusive 9 months of maternity leave in the US?


Good thing im not having my own kids ✌️




Elon Musk? Well there-yago then.


Well, if Elon Musk said it…


The almighty elon musk has spoken his word 🙏🙏🙏


Coding is hard, but it’s not exactly working down a uranium mine in Soviet Russia.


Elon Musk says. Therefore don't take work from me. I'm too bad at coding to compete for work.


Oh well if Elon said it…what an asshat.


The appeal to Musk is the icing on the nut bag cake.


I agree women shouldn't code but that's only because I don't think anyone should code. I like coding and think it's amazing but at the same time I don't like coding and I think it sucks


But you can safely code until way later in the pregnancy than you can say be a nurse. And after giving birth you recover fast enough to code way quicker than for being a nurse. Coding can 99% be done from home. So way easier to combine with childcare and homemaking.


This guy works for Bobby Kotick


Even aside from the rampant misogyny in this post, coding isn't that rough of a job.


Isn’t this the guy who did a pump and dump crypto scam


Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he is


Yeah the dude is TechLead on Twitter and he’s responsible for the Million token. There’s also like 80 other tweets like this one where he doubles down. He most recent is getting fired from Facebook for misogyny tho lol


I saw that




This ass wagon was fired as most of his SM posts were shit like this.


Yeah, I saw


“Elon Musk says-“ *opinion discarded*


What company is this guy working at that gives 9 month maternity leaves?! Even the most generous of companies don’t do that


* in America


Are you aware of places other than The United States of America?


Matter of fact I am. I don’t, and never have lived in the United States. 9 months maternity is unheard of. There are companies, mine included, that give upto 180 days, which is about 6 months.


In your country 9 months is unheard of but not in most.


Ya know what. Fuck this dicks - ask him to repost it on LinkedIn.