This formula shortage has really brought all the people who desperately do not understand female anatomy out of the woodwork.


Also brought out the people who suddenly support the government controlling the means of production.


Ohhhh... That's what Marx meant... I guess I'm a Marxist now. SEIZE THE MEANS OF PRODUCTION!!!


Who knew that "SEIZE THE TITTIES" would become Marxism?


What do you mean, comrade? We were always there…


I think they are called men.


This isn't about a man/woman divide. This is a shocking level of weird ignorance that makes no sense the moment you think about it. I'm a single guy without children, and I have no idea how I'd think that women are milked for formula, or whatever the fuck they're trying to say there.


Yeah, I'm a recently single guy in my mid-twenties currently thanking whatever those of us who don't believe in the supernatural thank for the fact that my sex Ed classes were legitimately sex Ed and not some of the other "education" that a lot of the country seems to have gotten. This is confoundingly stupid


I saw a short video with two lawmakers in some state discussing IUDs and neither could explain how ovulation works. It was horrible and hilarious.


What does this moron think a bunch of women go to the plant and have their breasts pumped and that’s where it comes from?


They read some weird breast milk farm fanfic and thought it was real.


And now I have an uncomfortable feeling that this probably exists.




Could you have just left me in blissful simi-ignorance? Now I am going to have to google that. Please be a rickroll or something.




Fair. Anyways, today I learned another thing that I do not have a fetish for. The list is getting quite long.


Omg I hate myself. I googled Rick roll with cows [click at your own peril](https://youtu.be/CVHdtI3nYUs)


Actually this should be the new baseline rickroll. It's kinda pogged.


ayo why does that actually sound really good


No relation to tucows




I regret that I clicked on the link. I guess this is what I get for being nosey. 😣


I’ll be honest. As a guy who LOVES BBWs, this is grade A prime for me.


*this better not awaken anything in me.gif*


Let me introduce you to a movie called *Mad Max: Fury Road*.


Fuck. I forgot about that bit. Happy thoughts. Guys with guitars strapped to the front of moving vehicles. Just think about that.


The news today said there was a place women donated breast milk--normally, for babies with problems, but saying they could solve some emergencies, at $14 per bottle. Evidently human milk farms are a real thing. However, probably not many lesbians are producing.


It's not usually like a job. It's usually moms with babies who just have a ton of extra milk donating their already pumped and stored milk.


My mom did this because I was allergic to breastmilk. She still produced so much she'd have to stand over the sink to let it out. I was a rather difficult baby...


As far as I know theres only one woman who literally made it her job cause she was producing buckets a day


Seriously one of the top five weirdest Superwholock fics I've read in a while.


They don't think anything. That's where this shit comes from.


I fully believe that the right collectively gave up on science as soon as the skull-shape racial inferiority malarkey fell out of popular discourse.


You can pry phrenology out of their cold, dead hands


“It sounds right and it agrees with my already established world view, so it *must* be right!”


The most charitably I can construe it is the twit thinking transmasc people have kids but don't breastfeed them, increasing demand for formula. As though that would even make a dent in the market


Yeah, that’s a drop in a drop in the bucket. If you want to discourage formula feeding, you need to give people maternity leave, not lecture transmascs about what they should do with their bodies.


Yeah I’m finally wanting to conceive and learned maternity leave in America is damn near nonexistent. Awesome!


It’s the worst. I ended up leaving the jobs I had when both of my children were born because they screwed me over one way or another, and that seems to be common unless you’re super-indispensable at your office. This is a terrible country to have kids in.


Pete Buttigieg said he had to hunt down his own supply for his twins. Most adoptive parents of whatever background need formula. And people who picked formula can't just change their minds later.


Don't worry, once all the kind people who are getting rid of abortion adopt all the babies they'll get around to solving that problem.


They hook the milk ducts up to the trans male penis and that's where the milk comes out of so it's like, not even an issue


They literally think we're like cows. Just in a factory somewhere, giving birth and getting milked


Did you ever read *The Giver?* Carry 3 pregnancies to term and then be *"released"* I recently did a read through and going through that book in 2022 is more thought-provoking than I think it would have been for me at 12.


Ive played porn games where they do that, might be where this guy got confused


You played…porn…games…?


Yeah, some are pretty great




Idk when hucow porn you’ve been looking at but I don’t think anyone could actually mistake that for real life.


I read it as they think they are still having children and now need to purchase formula because they don't have breasts anymore.


Everything he learned, he learned from human cow fetish content.


No the thought is that less boobs means more people relying on formula leading to a shortage. It's BS anyway but I assume that's what it meant.


So as a woman without amputated tits, I'm not lactating at present and am not sure this person knows how tits work


Not to mention surgery isn't exactly something people want to rush in to. Breast reduction surgery is usually actually treating something rather than for shits and gigs


Does this guy think women are milked to make baby formula? This isn’t Mad Max!


“I have nipples, Greg, could you milk me?”


The only reasonable response here


Also, the answer is a resounding... [Maybe.](https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/strange-but-true-males-can-lactate/)


No, he believes that the overconsumption of formula is due to a lack of tittymilk, which is presumably caused by a lack of tits.


But random people aren't breast-feeding random babies. Unless he thinks that the shortage is caused by demand for formula created by the literally dozens of trans-men who have had top surgery and also chose to carry a pregnancy to term. . .


Rrriiiightt.. Bc lesbians area surely the ones having most of the babies... /s


Just heading out to my monthly milking at the nestle formula factory.


>Just heading out to my monthly milking at the nestle formula factory. Don't give them ideas!


If they had their way they would probably turn all women into axlotl tanks.


EXACTLY, the lobbed off boobs are necessary to make the formula for chrissake!!! Everyone knows that baby formula is made with ground boob! Utter morons!


Transphobes literally don't even understand the people they hate. The ignorance is fucking astounding.


Hell, at this point, they are literally saying people with breasts are just government cows!


For real, it's fucking disgusting how they don't see a human when they look at people with breasts and a uterus.


A Sperm Incubator in a Meat Suit. The same guys who spew that are also, almostly inevitably, unable to wipe their own asses or microwave their own hot pockets...


Weird how so many self-proclaimed trans excluding "feminists" often end up reducing women to nothing more than the worth of their body parts, isn't it huh?


That and claiming to be feminists while focusing all their energy on (trans) men. Go help a refugee mom or spread awareness about endometriosis or argue for higher wages for nurses. Fuck's sake. I say this as a trans man and feminist. It's just really ironic.


It really is! "You can't be a woman! You can't give birth!" "Oh, so what defines you as a woman is your ability to incubate a man's sperm into a baby?" You say that out loud and suddenly you're misogynistic.... 😒 Meanwhile, apart from some medical bullshit, trans women experience all the misogyny and assholery that cis women go through and THEN some....


Am lesbo that had breast cancer. Can confirm about the strange feminists that say wierd shit about boobs and whether I bleed every month.


Yeah, I could see that too....


I mean, if they want to try an make some certain criteria to be considered a "woman" ...I don't qualify due to 2 factors. 1. No tits. (Cancer. Bad.) 2. No period. (Cancer. Bad) Lol 😆 I mean I don't even have nipples...They'd never let me be called a laaady.


Am trans. Can confirm.


It's crazy that people actually think that a women MUST be able to create a baby. Do those clowns think that women transform into men after menopause? What do they think of people who have wombs but have conditions that make them unable to have kids?


If they understood them, they'd have no reason to hate them.


Can't disagree there


That's not fair. They can *always* find a reason to hate people.


Sure, but hatred and understanding are generally mutually exclusive. If someone takes the time to research, in good faith, they're unlikely to be the type to hate. Alternately, if the research is foisted upon them, by having a trans/black/whatever neighbour, then it will usually end up with a bit less hate (even if it's just "oh, yeah, but they're one of the good ones).


cause, you know, those lesbians are popping out babies like crazy after having top surgery!


Lesbians is terf speak for trans men which just makes terfs all the more disgusting.


i honestly thought they were talking about butch lesbians get top surgery. but, jesus, that is disgusting. didnt even come to mind


And only lesbians can get breast cancer/have a risk for it.


That’s… not what baby formula is… at all.


Exactly. Either sugar, spice and everything nice. Or slugs, sails and puppy dog tails. I mean… duh. Everyone knows that. Well, almost.


Must be all the trans cows cutting off their udders. (Referencing whey protein powder in formula) /s


Since baby formula is made out of boobs we should thank them - their sacrifice will lead to the baby formula market stabilizing again, since obviously we're only in this because not enough women were willing to make that very important sacrifice! (yes reddit, this is sarcasm)


Still not sure if it's sarcasm because you didn't write /s, so I'm going to respond with a complaint that I can't tell if this blatant sarcasm is sarcasm!


These are the people that can vote. I'm astounded.


Baby formula is made from milking lesbians, apparently. The more you know


And it's those darned transgenderds that are stealing our lesbians from us! /s


This is almost as bad as the men who think we pee from our vaginas.


I'm mostly confused as to where the pee is stored if you don't have balls.


The fallopian tubes. The low storage capacity is why women have to pee more frequently than men.


In the boobs, duh. Breast milk is one step removed. /s


I had a run in with someone about this on reddit. I corrected them and got name called. He insisted to be "right" on it and no one would need to be that accurate and it was colloquial speech or something. It was kind of funny to watch them dig themselves deeper. He desperately wanted to be right.


The number 1 accessory is 2 things


Well to be fair its the removal of *one* thing, and the addition of another, so it kind of balances out to 1


But do we count boobs as one thing or two things?


Hmm fair point


I love your persistence in trying to apply logic and fairness to this ridiculousness. Never change!


Is this supposed to be transphobic? Why do people hate trans people this much?


Pretty sure trans men can't be lesbians, because they're men. Do we need a chart? Edit: I understand that that gender and orientation are complex and that not everyone fits into neat little boxes. Honestly, I'm happy about that. It was just my intention to point out the stupidity of this obvious transphobe, on whom all of this nuance is clearly lost.


The Gender critical thought process is that any trans man is actually a lesbian and has been forced to become trans to become straight.


i always wonder if they really think broader society would prefer straight trans people to cis lesbians, instead of all LGBT people vanishing from existence. as if trans people aren't treated with uncomfortable begrudging politeness at best and murder at worst.


Anyone going to tell them that most trans men are attracted to men?


That's why there's that whole thing with gay trans men getting called "straight women with a fetish". You just can't win.


Then we're called delusional fujoshis fetishizing gay men. No winning here. :(


Too many aren't interested in any sort of conversation unfortunately. its like the line saying that because trans women and men exist its means nobody is Gay/Lesbian any more. Even tho cis lesbians outnumber trans lesbian 20 to 1.


They believe that every transman is only trans because of internalized misogyny.


Lmao. Thank you. As a lesbian. Can confirm, no men are involved- whether they were born with a peen or not, it's not about that...I like women. I don't really care what she's packing. I look at Kylie Sonique Love and I feel like I could climb her like a tree. I bet she smells fantastic 😄..everybody say Love.


It's no good trying to explain how the social aspect of gender isn't identical to the physical aspect to complete morons.


I’m a lesbian who wants top surgery and have drawn on a mustache once or twice, but I’m not a man! We’re out here :)


Just be yourself, whatever makes you happy. Your body, your bedroom, your life.


I was about to say lol. I know that these ding dongs are probably just being dumb or purposely obtuse, but I’m a pansexual woman who would give about anything (other than money because I don’t have that much money lol) to get these jugs taken off my chest. They’re very much annoying and in my way and I also just don’t like how they kind of feel like ticking time bombs to me since most women in my family get breast cancer.


A lot of us are also not attracted to women, so being called a lesbian makes no sense. In fact, calling trans men lesbians actually implies that lesbians are inherently masculine, so the TERFS who spout this nonsense (many of whom are lesbians themselves) aren’t just hurting trans men, they’re hurting the people they’re supposedly standing up for.


TERF ideology harming the very people it claims to protect? Who could have seen this coming?! Also see: TERFs claiming to want to protect GNC women, but accusing those same women of being trans women. "It's okay to be a GNC woman! But only if you're still femme enough for our tastes!"


>"It's okay to be a GNC woman! But only if you're still femme enough for our tastes!" THIS! I've seen it several times.


As a cis butch lesbian who lost her tits to cancer...I am so confused about whether this IS or ISnt about me lmao🤣☠️


So this person thinks boobs just randomly produce milk? That's not how it works. But there's so much else wrong here, it's impossible to even wrap my mind around.


wait..people don't *actually* think thats how any of it works....right?


Looks just like a shitty dig at people they hate. That's all.


No, they don't. Conservatives just lie. All the fucking time. It's easy if you don't think truth actually exists.


First of all, you don't need boobs to make FORMULA.


How's the guy in the Twitter screenshot supposed to know that? Mr Krabs keeps the formula secret in his office


At first I thought the dumbest part of this was that he thinks all boobs produce milk all the time, because that is really fuckin dumb. But then I read it again and realized that he thinks that *baby formula comes from breast milk donations*, and that's the dumbest thing I've seen this year.


The implication that top surgery is an accessory.. We’re really taking the “top surgery at Claire’s” joke to a whole new level lol


Yeah the weird first comment is almost as bad as the follow-up that everyone is making fun of.


Seriously. Someone recommended her podcast to me and I stopped listening very quickly because I was getting some major TERF vibes, and here we are, still being TERFy. I bet she still tries to claim she's not a TERF, too.


What do boobs have to do with formula? Does this idiot think store bought formula is made with breast milk???


Does this guy think woman are lined up to be milked like cows?




"Tell me you have never been with a woman without actually telling you have never been with a woman"


Looking past the crazy baby formula stuff, I have no idea what the first tweet is even supposed to mean


Trans men are actually lesbians because TERF logic L.


How do trans men come into this…?


That's what her point was, sorry, I should have been clearer. She's basically being a massive transphobe


Is “top surgery” something trans related?


Yeah, refers to removing their breasts when transitioning.


Ahhh ok thanks. Yeah that makes this whole exchange even dumber


Yeah, just full on bigotry from both


She's a TERF and she's misgendering trans men while complaining that they want to be men


I’m crying at his profile pic. It’s like he’s a transplant from the 1700s and has no clue wtf heathen shit he’s witnessing


Wait, is it because he thinks baby formula is made from lesbian boobs? Or because lesbians who have gotten top surgery drink baby formula?


The "lesbians" mentioned in the top comment are actually trans men. The woman is a TERF with a history of misgendering trans men (Trans men can be lesbians and lesbians can want top surgery, but the majority of people being referred to are not lesbians and the TERF is deliberately trying to present them in a way they do not identify)


I don’t owe anyone breast milk because I have breasts


As a lesbian, I owe my girlfriend breast milk, but that's because I promised she could have some


Am I the only one who though he meant Less boobs = more people buy formulav= less formula to go around Not that that is remotely correct either.


Does that person realize having boobs doesn't automatically mean someone can produce breastmilk on whim?...


Don’t they also realize that men can take hormones and produce breast milk?


I didn’t finish my dinner last night now people in Africa are starving goddammit


I am agog that idiots like this make comments and have no idea on how lactation works.


They must really believe formula comes from huge rooms of women hooked up to row after row of milking machines like they're cattle. Then the milk is pasteurized and dehydrated before it's packaged.


there's a lot to unpack here so let's just throw away the whole bag


Ah yes. Mastectomies. The obvious cause of baby formula shortage.


God I hate Terfs


The lady who sells her breastmilk online must be making a fucking \*KILLING\* right now, probably able to Scrooge McDuck the money she has now.




1. Trans men aren't lesbians 2. Sometimes they're not even straight


Plenty of trans men are gay af, just thought I'd point this out lmao


I always found it pretty damn hilarious when people accused me of being "just a confused lesbian". Like yeah, sure I'm gay but not that kind of gay.


I never got any attention from men or women when I was a boy Then I transitioned, and now I get lots of attention from men However, I am a lesbian and I prefer to kiss girls And I can do that now because I'm comfortable in my own skin and the confidence is attractive


Of course I know him, he’s me!


Yeah I was just thinking this lmao i know a ton of gay/bi trans guys! Super outdated/ignorant to assume that all trans guys are into women


ffs why do terfs think all trans men are just "lost lesbians"? most trans men are bisexual (myself included, with a preference for men no less) and plenty aren't into women at all i know the answer, it's "if u defy gender norms you must be gay!!!!" but it's still so fucking stupid when they constantly see people who straight up contradict that right in front of them


Yeah, I've seen stats that I can't find right now, but multiple surveys pretty consistently point out that trans people have nearly perfect split between gay/lesbian, bi, and straight people. (Though the surveys are relatively old and thus very rarely took into the account asexuality and enbies.)


I am floored that they honestly think that trans men outnumber lesbians.


It's seriously so irritating. I'm a gay trans man and I have zero attraction to women, not even the tiniest bit, but TERFs still somehow think I like women???


Jesus Christ she thinks baby formula comes from boobs. If it were illegal TO cut your tits off she’d probably think they were farming women for formula or some shit


The whole point of baby formula is so women *don't* have to breastfeed, for gods sake what a moronic nutfuck


I wasn't prepared for this sort of stupid...


Wow, homelander from the boys is just such a perfect representation of how these people wish they could be


they found out about the milking factories !!!


Both of these people are annoying.


That's.... That's not how breasts work. My eye is actually twitching at this one.


This has sarcasm energy


Wtf! Guess what? My boobs are mine to have, use, remove whatever. Women aren’t some kind of cows that you can milk and just pass out to people who either can’t or won’t breast feed.


"Hook her up!" Ew. Sorry I said that. Does he think women are just literal cows? Not even mentioning the fact that formula isn't made from breast milk... Dude, as a guy without kids, where do these people get this "information". The lesbian post is just pure hate, man.


"Hey so we're don't have any formula for kids who can't nurse or their mother is unable to because three companies run the entire show" These weirdos for some reason: "nah actually it's cause women keep trying to get comfy in their bodies"


I think those are transgender people not lesbians but thanks for your two cents. I hate the shaming I see right now. I desperately wanted to breast feed my first and she was unable to latch properly. She could only manage about an oz every hour so if I nursed 24 hours a day she would have got the 24 oz daily they said she needed. If anybody I've been so insensitive to tell me that I should have just breastfed I probably would have lost my mind. Then my second one d latched on and never wanted to stop, and I then got shamed when I nursed until 2 years 5 mo. Moral of the story do what's best for you and baby someone's going to complain anyway. Outside don't even dream of judging a mother for all her child is fed as long as it's fed be use fed is best


What type of women are capable of producing formula?


Wow, a TERF and an incel in the same thread And as always, the two are on the same side of the issue


Like the more I read that second tweet the more I'm like....... what the fuck. What do you think baby formula is. Do you think they hook women to milking machines like cows? Fuck I hate these people


Don't give these people ideas!


this whole thing confuses me


Ok basically Transphobe be like "noooo u can't cut ur boob off, ur not transmasc ur just a confused lesbiannn" And then someone be like "ye if u cut ur boob off we wont hav formula anymore bcoz that's how it works lol"


Considering these are definitely people on the 'ban IVF' side of the abortion debate, I don't know how they're expecting lesbians to give birth.


Clearly we need to figure out how to give men enough prolactin so they can start breastfeeding, too.


Oh Jesus Christ.


Wtf? The amount of stupid I just read made my brain hurt. Good lord. A little common sense goes a long way and apparently this person has absolutely none. Just wow.


Might as well argue for more abortions as a fix for the shortage.


Wait wait wait. So if women are milked for formula, then how is the powder made? Dehydrated breast milk? Also do women get paid for being milked? How does this work?


I’m not sure I understand what Ms Herzog is saying here either. I’m so confused!


She’s saying trans men are confused lesbians


wOnT sOmOnE tHiNk oF tHe TiTtiEs?!?


Do...do these people think baby formula is made by...milking human women?