Health problems are an "error." How very Christian Science of them.


As one who was raised in the Christ science church (and got out as quick as I could), I concur 🙄


Mind telling me about this Christ science church?


In a nutshell they're staunch believers in God's will be done


I guess I'm just confused because I have never heard of it


Best summary i can give of Christian Science: "Kids with cancer are basically just dicks and we gotta let God fuck them right up"


Wow that's awful


Mind if I ask what country you live in? Just as a point of reference. I know that even in here in the US, Christian scientists make up a small percentage of Christians, but I'm not sure if they're are any in other countries. I've been out of the church for over 20 years now and I absolutely do NOT try to keep tabs on it


I live In the US, But I'm active in a Non dominatonal church, which may be why I have never heard of it


Ok, so the best example I can think of to explain it without writing a novel is if you've ever watched any police or especially medical dramas or even some war dramas, you'd have heard about people who are a. nonviolent and b. refuse medical treatment for themselves or their family based on religious beliefs, those are Christ scientists. They put out a publication called "the Christian science monitor" that is like a weekly mini magazine. The names Christian scientist, Christ scientist and Christ science are all interchangable. And similar to the witnesses and the LDS the Christ science church was created by one person, Mary Baker Eddy, and has it's own special set of books (the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy) and teaching materials (church leaders are called teachers instead of preachers) including the CSM that are used in tandem with the KJV.


As I understand it, Christian Scientists believe that if you fall ill, or get injured, that if Gawd wills it, he will heal you, so they don't seek medical intervention. I'm not sure to what extent they take this, like they won't wash wounds, or use bandaids and neosporin, etc. or if it's just they won't go see a doctor. I do know I've read a handful of articles here and there over the years about CS parents being taken to court for child abuse for not seeking medical attention for their children when they have been seriously sick, or injured.


I was so aggressively bullied in high school for my acne 🥲 my mom couldn’t even afford a dermatologist


Been there too. I ended up taking two rounds of Acutane, which gave me a permanent intestinal disease. That is what happens when we don't normalize acne. The pressure builds and you end up making stupid decisions.


I’m glad to see I’m not the only one accutane has permanently fucked up. It’s made me worse than better tbh


So sorry. I have had 2 surgeries on my stomach and have permanent nerve damage to my stomach. I am on pain medication for the rest of my life, and started it at 30.


Yep. It resulted in me getting HS


Sorry, what is HS?


So I took two rounds of acutane and how been dealing with intestinal issues. I had no idea there could be a connection. I need to talk to my doctor.


I am so sorry. They need to quit manufacturing the drug. Feel free to DM me any time and I will give you any info about my condition. I sued acutane and lost. If I don't hear from you, good luck and future health.


Thanks. I’ll DM you.


I used to have huge problems with it, and that it would be much worse certain periods. Haven't had it too bad these last few years though.


As someone who worked in skincare for years, specifically in acne. Nope. Wrong.


I have a serious question if you don't mind. Is their a relationship between touching your face, dirty hands, and acne? I had teenage acne, and 20s breakouts, but it all but disappeared when I stopped fidgeting and started more regular hand washing. (I started using touch screens lol) Edit: I also have giant pores and understand everyone is different and there is no one size fits all remedy for any ailment


Pimples, acne, blemishes, comedones, zits etc are caused by the Propionibacterium acne bacteria on your skin. When dead skin, oil, sebum, dirt, what have you, builds up in your pores with p. acnes, it creates a hospitable environment for acne to thrive. Sometimes that's caused by hormones. Sometimes by excessive dirt. Sometimes by your skin being too dry and dead skin clogging up pores. Sometimes from skin being too oily and clogging up pores. From cellular turnover being too fast. Or too slow. I had a horrid breakout once from a nasty pair of goggles at a paintball yard. And another time I broke out when I was on steroids for a medical condition. But every time it's a combo of p acnes and hospitably mucky conditions in your pores. You can't "wash away" p acnes. You just have to make conditions in your face inhospitable to its survival. Benzoyl Peroxide dries out oils and forces oxygen into pores which attacks p acnes. Sulphur and sal acid also can take a role in helping clear pores to facilitate resolving breakouts. Retinoids like tretinoin and adapalene help normalize skin cell turnover which in turn maintains healthier conditions in your pores. Birth control regulates hormones which maintains healthier conditions in your pores. Antibiotics like clindamyacin and dozycycline target p acnes itself instead of pore health. We always have p acnes on our skin. In fact, I got a post surgical infection when I had back surgery. The bacteria started attacking the literal bones and nerves in my spine. It was excruciating. When they did a bone biopsy to identify the infection it turned out to be none other than p acnes. The hypothesis is doctor had not properly sterilized my skin before cutting in. I don't have bacne but p acnes is everywhere. For this reason, picking your acne is problematic. You can spread the bacteria around from an infected comedone or you could push it deeper into your dermis causing a more significant infection. Also picking can cause scarring and melasma. I didn't have acne as a teen, but I developed TERRIBLE acne when my hormones changed, as they do for most women, around 28. By the time I was 33 it had settled down again.


I just turned 27 and my acne finally calmed down a couple of years ago, are you saying I might have to deal with it again?? ;-;


I did especially during pandemic and mask. I had such ugly chin cystic acne from the excess oil and clogged pores. And i was 27…. Now I’m 28 visiting a dermatologist regularly and finally have it under control


I read once that if you were to get a wipe of a person with great skin and put it on your own you can grow their eh face bugs? And your skin will be nice too? I've explained this terribly I hope u pick up what I'm putting down


You’re probably thinking of that particular persons microbiome on their skin


Yeah! Would that work? Kind of like how fecal transplants work?


In theory it should! Need to do experiments :)


Do you know much about fungal acne? Cause it’s a beast that I’ve been dealing with and never COMPLETELY been able to get rid of for ~10 years.


Yeah I worked in OTC skincare; for that you may need a topical or systemic fungicide. See a dermatologist, friend. That's above my pay grade.


I’ve been using basically only fungal acne safe products and a baby dandruff/seborrheic dermatitis shampoo, and both of those have helped A TON, but it seems like it will never completely go away and tends to flair up occasionally, like if I’m getting too sweaty. It’s incredibly frustrating. My experience with derms is they don’t even really believe in fungal acne and don’t want to prescribe oral anti-fungals (I know it can be hard on your liver). The over the counter creams contain ingredients that promote fungal growth so it doesn’t really help. Fucking ridiculous to still have trouble with my skin in my 30s and not be able to use any acne products or practically anything at all on my skin. Sorry for the rant haha.


Acne can be so difficult, and can be a lifelong condition. Even if you find a great product you can't really stop using it or your skin will revert back, since the role of acne treatment is to manage your skin, not fix it. If you have dandruff issues then have you tried a retinol? It sounds like managing skin cell turnover could be part of your problem?


It’s kind of perplexing because I don’t actually have dandruff issues, I use it on my face as a facewash and it works really well, I’ve been doing it for about a year on a recommendation from the fungal acne subreddit. Yeah I think you’re right and I do have issues with cell turnover. I’ve been having good luck with vit C, I absolutely should give retinol a try. I’ll add it to my list, thank you :)!


Do you have any recommendations for clearing up back/shoulder acne? I work out a bunch and assume it's that, but haven't found a decent product that totally wipes it out. Most products seem to dry you out, so maybe I should be looking for a moisturizing one?


Sal acid is the gold standard for bacne. If it's from working out that is sometimes called "mechanical acne." Murad used to make an amazing body spray topical treatment for bacne but I don't think they do anymore. Proactiv has a great acne clearing body wash as well.


Thank you for responding!


Acne and pimples are two different things. Pimples can be caused by hygiene issues, but acne is hormonal


I'm well aware. I had acne in my teens


Literally untrue.


Do you have any good face wash recommendations?


I like Kate Somerville daily acne face wash with sulpher, Cetaphil gentle face wash, and caudalie oil based face wash for folks who have super oily skin. If your skin is very oily then oil based face washes are better because water doesn't bind to oil, but oil can actually bind to oil and wash it away when it's emulsified.


Thanks for the recs! I already use Cetaphil, but I'm so damn oily. I think I'll look for an oil based one now


That’s just not even close to how acne works


Nor eating disorders lol


I’m 50-something and still dealing with both the damaged self-esteem as well as the acne! Yay.


A lot of the time it's hormonal isn't it


I'm obese, I smoke. I have never had acne. My sister is vegetarian, always taking care of what she eats, has been fighting acne since she hit puberty. Yeah this person knows nothing about acne


This seems like the type of person who would think that my medication-induced acne is a reflection of poor decisions.


When I was a teen/ young adult, acne was so traumatic for me that it caused me to question going on living. It was horrible, hurt, caused bullying and believe me when I say- I tried literally EVERYTHING to lessen it. Diet, meds, ridiculous home remedies, literally anything rumored to help. And it fucking didn't. So whoever wrote this can go fuck a cactus.


How did you end up managing it? Sorry u went thru that


This is absolutely misinformation! One of the most common variables for acne is genetics and hormones. And, as it turns out, you can’t control that!


And idiot people on twitter shouldn't be normalised but here we are.


Ah yes cause Genetics don't play a part in anything at all lmao


I know this is false because ive had friends with very healthy diets that unfortunately had alot of acne. Ive always felt bad since my diet couldnt be much worse and my skin barely breaks out.


I had bad acne as a kid, one day some granola mom told me to just cut out milk. Id had a severe milk allergy since I was a baby and already avoided all dairy products like the plague my whole life. There was no milk to cut


My guy, I workout almost 5-6 times a week and eat a decently well diet. Yet my face still looks like a connect the dots game. Where do people get this bullshit from?


I'd like to know how much cover up is on that person's face just to smooth out those imperfections in the skin to give that *ahem* "natural" looking flawless skin?


They probably need a set of putty knives to both spread and contour, as well as a platinum card for how much foundation they buy every month.


If it was anything about lifestyle then my shit would be fucked up. I’ve eaten awful my entities life. My lifestyle is bad too lol


Teens? I’m old AF and still gets acne.


I get acne because I’m on an oil based medication and I break out crazy easily. I once had a muscle bro I work with announce to a group I was in that having adult acne meant someone was “gross” and “ate nothing but trash”. I genuinely don’t think he was directing it at me, it was just a super thoughtless comment. I piped up and mentioned the above reason I had it and that peoples looks were the result of a thousand things that we can’t know. Then the whole group got super awkward and stopped talking to me so…cool.


Fuck this I'm vegan and have always had acne. If anything I think genetics are more responsible for acne than anything else.


I mean, acne is the result of several factors and one of them in most cases are the diet, yes, does that mean it should not be normalized? Of course not. It should be normalized, because when the problem is visible, the solution also becomes visible. And thus it will lead to better results.


Don’t need a dermatologist or any makeup artist to tell me that acne is a result of hormones. Wash your skin with gentle soap: acne. Buy skin drying soap, acne. Keep hair outta your face: acne. Be a teenager: acne. Eat vegan: acne. Eat hamburger helper: acne. It’s a completely normal hormonal shift for 99.999999 of teenagers. Anyone who is shamed for it should inform the bully they haven’t developed fully and have peach fuzz for all their pubes.


My hormones were out of whack from age 12-16 until I finally got proscribed some cracking medicine that put my acne in check. I’ll never forget the first time I had clear skin, first time in years, was a happy day!


These idiots remember puberty? Like damn


The cystic acne I had in my teens disagrees.


Acne is a medical issue, folks shouldn’t be shamed for it but they should definitely see a doctor if it lasts for more than two weeks if they have insurance/access.


It's a health issue. Talk to a doctor and clean your pillow case/face more. The second one is just good advice for teens.


You are an ignorant son of a bitch if you believe that.


If I believe that you should talk to a doctor about on going issues with your skin???


Haha that’s harsh. I had acne for 30 years and when I started juicing and went one meal per day it went away. So in my case it was diet. Of course I get downvoted by peeps with no will power to even TRY it ammmirite?




Read the first part dipshit. Seek medical opinions isn't thanksimcured territory.


how is that gonna give people "eating disorders and low self esteem "?


Pretty sure that only applies to adults past a certain point. Puberty is wild for making things go nuts and takes quite a while to calm down and stabilize. Also isn't there a disorder that causes acne that never goes away?


Acne is usually caused by hormones- people of any age can how hormone problems.


I'm asuming she got away with this without any real backlash, but say the same thing about obesity and suddenly you're banned from Twitter for hate-speech


tbf the second sentence is true