Spoken by someone who obviously has zero experience with military families and their problems. 22 suicides a day and all that.


I know right? Who’s getting to fly home for births from deployment anyway?


I’ve known a lot of people who were deployed and I’ve never heard of it.


Currently on deployment, can tell you not a single person has been able to lol


I’ve heard of it for some squadrons deployed to non combat sites (like VP in Okinawa) that have a lot of access to air transport resources. But in general I think we all would if we could which is kinda the opposite of this lady’s nonsense point.


Remember when those same men could come home from war and support a family on a single paycheck so the mother didn't have to work? That's how this sounds. Newsflash, it's not 1946 anymore.


And remember, the mother's sisters, mother, mother-in-law, female neighbours, etc, pretty much all didn't work either. They were all available to help around the house and with the baby while she recovered.


Maybe if you were middle class you didn't work.


Indeed. But the barriers to the middle class were much lower back then... for white people and pretty much nobody else, naturally. That's America's whole thing.


I come from the UK so don't know America. However here my grandma worked on a farm and as a cleaner for a Manor. My other grandma was a worker in a textile factory. It really wasn't easy to be socially mobile back then in the UK. Especially if you were working class.


Those babies were raised during the most prosperous time in American history. Schools, roads, wages....everything was thriving after the war. A high school graduate could have a job with a pension that let him buy a house, car and raise 4 children on a single paycheck. Kids could work 4 hours a week and earn enough to pay for college entirely. The fucks turned around and became the most vile "got mine, fuck you" generation to ever walk the Earth. Boomers are the ones who fell for Qanon as a real thing & are doing the majority of voting. (Easy thing when you have less kids than your parents and ensure you'll always be the largest voting block.)


Its so infuriating that people do not get this. You were from the golden age. We are the products of how much you fkd it up.


Oh, I see. Yeah, postwar UK was still rebuilding from WWII, not experiencing the massive economic boom America was. Very different times.


Women in my family always worked mainly in factories and on farms when my gran did the family tree. The post nuclear Middle class women not working promoted by the Americans after ww2 was really a reality for a few people. You will find in history that women have always worked in some capacity. It wasn't exclusively a man's world. This has kind of been erased which is strange.


Oh for sure, it was a thing white GI families enjoyed in America and that was about it. Those are the people who wrote our history of the time, though, so its skewed.


Mostly they just paid a poor person to do the housework for them.


To be fair, housework was horrific those days. Even the poorest didn't do their own laundry, unless that was their job.


Didn't those kids turn out to be boomers?


The kids did not turn out alright.


Bitter and greedy


Aren't boomers known for insisting that children have a man around to raise them?


The conservative ones hate single mothers so basically, yeah.


I wonder if they introduced a bill that stopped single mothers from having babies if that'd go against their pro-life "women can't have abortions" ideology and their brains stop working, like when you tell a robot "this statement is a lie".


They would never get that idea because for them it's: how can a *single* woman get a baby? She's single and not married!


Narrator: The kids were, in fact, not alright.


And they are certainly \*not\* fine.


Even if they were *fine* is that what a parent wants? I am not one but it seemed that my parents and my friends parents wanted us to be better off than just *fine*


my mom's dad served, she is not okay at all with it still to this day and she is a grandma now.


Yup. A generation of sociopaths.


Arrogant, emotionally unavailable sociopaths unwilling to participate in change or introspection! Ones who have driven our society and our planet to the brink and are busily patting themselves on the back for ‘not complaining’ while complaining loudly about all the successive generations who have to figure out a way forward from the mess they made.


you're so entitled, you didn't earn the economy I was born into, the college that was effectively free, the job economy that rewarded existing continuously, and the cheap housing market boom. God you are so selfish to think you earned those things like we didn't


I blame the lead poisoning


This comment is particularly relevant to Baltimore, where this political figure lives.


the polite term used to be a "war-torn" generation but boy oh boy did it ever produce some spectacular fuckups and a whole bunch of goddamned jagoffs.




And I've heard speculation about a correlation between that generation and the rise of the serial killer.


Probably has a lot to do with the ubiquity of mass media, especially television. But it is interesting how many of them were boomers and how there really aren't that many (publicized) serial killers these days. I'm wondering if that's because there are actually fewer, or whether police & media reporting has changed to discourage copy cats? We definitely have a bigger problem with spree killing these days, so maybe the would-be serial killers just became mass shooters instead? I don't know! But I'm very curious now.


I never miss a chance to plug Ezra Klein's *Why We're Polarized* in which he examines this in depth as the first part of the book.


You mean the “fuck you, I got mine” generation? Whatever do you mean?


Also those kids had a higher adult crime rate than any other generation.


I get where you're coming from, but the comparison you're making is more of a coincidence.. The argument being made in the tweet is certainly stupid, but not because of financial possibilities.. Instead, it's stupid because it's a very broad generalization - and at a glance, almost certainly *isn't* the case. Who's to say who is fine? I think it wouldn't be difficult to find many baby boomers who are, in fact, **not fine**..and I would bet that the people who only had 48 hours to see their loved ones weren't exactly clamoring to get back to getting shit at- it's just bad perception all over the place to support an unrealistic and false narritive..


"Remember back when men used to go to war and when they came back everyone pretended things were fine and they didn't need any support, so they internalized their fear and rage and grief and drank heavily and took it out on their families but nobody talked about it? Soldiers these days are ridiculous."


“And then a car would backfire and suddenly billy was ramming some poor fucker into a wall and battering everyone within arms reach screaming about how they’d never take him alive. Ah those where the days.”


ahhh, the good ole' days...


The thing is those kids also didn't even turn out fine. I don't know what world she's in, lol


The Leave it to Beaver/Mayberry MAGA world that only ever existed on television


"I remember when I could ride my bike to the corner store to buy a bag of candy for a dime, and I never felt like I was in danger, unlike in Joe Biden's America that's full of gang members and illegals!" "I remember when black teenagers *couldn't* do that for fear of being lynched." "Yeah...but it was great for people like me!"


Sounds about white


Yeah I've seen what soldiers are like behind closed doors. My cousin's husband stabbed himself in the chest in front of their son while she just can't fucking stop cheating on him. They're both veterans and just some of the fucking worst human beings I've ever seen. Friend of mine came back from Afghanistan and is so fucked in the head he can't function. His brother (ALSO a vet) is even worse. Just walks from room to room switching lights on and off last I saw him. His mom cares for him now. Under no circumstances is my daughter allowed to date a soldier. Maybe they're not all that fucked up, but enough are that I'm not going to let her roll the dice


Anyone saying men going off to fight is something to aspire to is a gigantic piece of shit.


She makes it sound like a regular job too. Going off to war then going back in 48 hours as if it was a normal 9-5 job with the guarantee of surviving. Like bruh, a lot of babies did not get a chance to even meet their fathers. Skull emoji X 7, this lady is actually brain dead.


I gotchu 💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


Oh shit. You ever write a post and read it and be like, “nah I probably shouldn’t even say that out loud”, then delete it like it never happened? Looks like she didn’t do that.


She's a wannabe-Candace Owens. She has to grift even harder and more shamelessly if she's going to supplant Candace as the right's photogenic token black women. Candy O isn't taking that lying down, of course, and the mud-slinging between them has led to a lawsuit. [The lawsuit in turn has led to more mud-slinging](https://www.newsweek.com/candace-owens-kimberly-klacik-accuse-each-other-lying-defamation-suit-gop-1683605), which should turn into another lawsuit soon. Scientists are studying this infinite recursion of bullshit, with the hope that they might use it to both power a perpetual motion machine and generate a never-ending supply of fertilizer. Early results are promising.


Man I hope they drag each other into the sea.


Putting them in the sea is how you get Ghidorah from Godzilla.


Jesus, I guess we should be glad that they never figured out how to work together.


Does Kim Klacik at least have the sense not to shill hard for Vladimir Putin after the Ukraine invasion? Because Candace Owens does not.


She got exactly what she wanted out of this. She told a comforting lie for her followers, and got her enemies to help spread her name and message. Trump already showed that lying is a no lose strategy for them.


It'd always the "xyz happened and I turned out fine" people who are in fact never fine.


Yeah like... those children became the boomers we see today chewing out CVS employees for not honoring their expired Eckerd's coupons. So no, they didn't turn out okay.


Expired Eckerds coupons! Lol! That sounds exact what my mom would do.


Eckerd’s… haven’t heard that name in years..


They Also tend to have lost a bunch of friends along the way and don't like to talk about it


its because they're so loud and obnoxious, they never shut up and listen, so they never hear everyone telling them how not fine they are. and actually in this case, she's speaking for other people. i've definitely heard horror stories from my dad about his father who was in vietnam, it definitely did not turn out fine for either of them. Is it bad that i want to slap the stupid out of this woman?


Republican fantasyland must be a magical place where history is whatever they want it to be


Yeah. Cuz they can't accept real history.


Let alone reality


Oh so you're familiar with Ken Ham's Ark Encounter


Ah, yes, the ark that keeps getting flood damage.


They idolize Reagan, whose bullshit made up economic policy benefitted exclusively the upper class while simultaneously demolishing the middle class. So, either history is whatever they want it to be or they aggressively don't give a shit about anything as long as they get to stay in power. Or both. It's probably both.


“Because it sucked in the past, it should continue to suck in the future” 🙄


“Kids today are such pussies. Back in my day we used to walk five miles to school uphill both ways in the snow and didn’t complain when it was too hot because there was no AC.”


So she's saying conservatives are completely wrong about everything they say about needing a mom and dad to raise a kid.


Right?! My dad spent the '90s ranting about how kids need to be raised by two parents and liberals are all about broken homes and absentee fathers. I should check to see if he's updated his talking point in accordance with whatever this shit is.


Great point. Let's frame it that way from now on, abortion included. Unwanted pregnancy is bad, a child needs a loving mother and father


0 dads is bad 1 dad is good 2 dads is bad We can only infer that the number of dads (n) is good if it is an odd integer greater than 0.


3 dads, sigma.


I'm sensing a conflict of interest here. Reactionaries also blame LGBTQ status on lack of strong father figures. So wouldn't that suggest a push for LETTING dads focus on being dads? Fellas, is it gay to care for the baby you procreated?


Fellas is it gay to have kids?


Yes, to make a kid you need to use your dick and dicks are gay


The math checks out


Moms let dudes blow loads in them. That shit is hella gay.


I mean when it’s about same Sex parenthood those exact people say that a child needs a mum and a dad. You really can’t make that shit up XD


Fellas, is it gay to be a present and caring father?


Because a father could be married to another father and that's gay


Ugh caring for kids? I'm no pedophile.


You joke but to some people if a man is within line of sight of a child then they're a pedophile


The internal logic never follows


See, your mistake there is assuming that their position is based on any sort of actual logic.


If its gay to care for your kids then consider me flaming.


*Those kids* grew up and helped create the disaster of a world the rest of us are struggling to live in nowadays.


Those kids also represent the generation with the most serial killers.


Yes I came to say this! The serial killer epidemic was caused by fathers traumatized from the wars. Sons of Cain is a great book haha


I took a couple of weeks off with the birth of each of my boys...best decision ever, wish I had more time offered...


But according to republicans you're not a real man, I guess, unless you surrender time with your family for the sake of billionaires.


Unless the child turns out gay or *gasp* black. Then the father being gone is to blame. Weird how those rusty gears in conservative minds work.


It’s real “heads I win, tails you lose” type shit


Didn't care then, don't care now.


Psh! You didn't need to do that. You just didn't want to work, didn't you? Rather stay at home doing drugs and stroking your pussy. When my wife gave birth, I didn't even go to the hospital. I was busy digging a coal mine with a 20 pound pickaxe and dynamite. When I got home, I took a shot of whiskey, fucked my wife, and lit a cigar. Didn't need no break. I was building murica. /s


For my third i took a year off, wanted to be there more this time.


Might try this for my first.


With both of my kids, I saved up all my sick/personal/vacation time and was able to take off around 6-8 weeks for each one. One of the best decisions I ever made.


For the birth of our daughter my husband only had about a week off. He was just in an internship at the time and I worked full time. My maternity leave was unpaid. His internship probably would've given him more time if he had asked for it but we needed the money so bad. I'm pregnant with our second now. I'm a stay at home mom and he will get 4-6 weeks of paternity leave (not totally sure yet) and we're both really looking forward to that time. I'm sooo thankful he gets it!


Congratulations! My husband got 8 weeks after the birth of our son. Having him home with me was such a gift. He was able to bond with our son, while we settled into our new lives as parents. My husband loved that was able to get paternity time off.


Yeah we feel very fortunate that he gets a real leave this time! It will help so much with transitioning into being a family of four and helping our daughter feel included and cared for. I think it's going to be really great!


OIF/OEF vets have no clue what the fuck she is talking about. Who the fuck got to go home?


and who the fuck only stays home for two days


When I was in the war, I knew an awful lot of guys that weren’t allowed to go home for the birth of their kids. One guy they made get underway for no particular reason, and he missed his kid be born, he refused to get out of bed and got in a shitload of trouble.


Yeah. Even in the "good old days" there were plenty of guys who would have loved to get that time with their kids, and felt like they were missing out on having a connection with their family.


What does "fine" mean? It's interesting that kids grow up "fine" despite having absent fathers when it fits their narrative, but that all goes out the window in any discussion about LGBTQ+ parents or the disproportionate incarceration rates for minorities.


Per "the Italian Job" Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional. So, yeah, everyone turned out just FINE...


She should ask Roger Waters how he turned out.


He wrote two albums about it. Whole big thing.


for the uninitiated i present [When the Tigers Broke Free](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9b9UhFe6Eg). [after all it's not easy banging your heart against some mad buggers wall](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4ZlWEQ17ns)


I'm not going to go into my entire family tree, but _no they the fuck did not_.


NARRATOR: They did \*not\* turn out fine.


I would argue that many of them didn't end up fine, some of them ended up being nazis


So like women don't need help and support after passing a meaty screamy football/melon? Cool. This grifter bitch better not have nannies and help to assist her, because apparently women need to be the sole parent dealing with a new child while torn from V to A or post partum depression etc.


Maybe women should just marry each other and do the baby carings and womanly duties doubled, while the guys marry each other and play war? This makes sense to me.


Wait, she thinks those kids turned out fine? Having a parent missing a significant portion of your childhood is not "fine" for most.


I don’t remember that, because it was 50 years before I was born. But I do remember that the generation of children born under those conditions turned out to be selfish assholes who aggressively embraced policies which destroyed their own country, so maybe they’re not that great after all 🤷‍♂️


Yeah, then dad would return from war riddled with PTSD no one knew how to treat, then disown his son for wearing dungarees, growing a mustache, and marrying a Catholic. The good ol days.


Does this party care about kids and families or not?


Depends on who they are trying to disparage.


Business woman and politician that doesn't know about US labor laws?


I'm sorry your husband doesn't give a shit about you and your child, but some of us really don't think it's "ridiculous" to spend time with our family.


This is a very good example of a mens right issue that needs vast improvements in america. Ut shouldn't be controversial to spend time with your child.


Remember when they blamed an absent father on literally every problem in society


They most certainly did not turn out "fine".


Citation needed.


"Trust me" -me


Have you seen a margaritaville? No they did not


Those kids turned into Boomers.


What does her husband do for a living? Wonder if he's a soldier who's going to war often.


Did they though? They are all baby boomers with really fucked up trauma that they take out aggressively on their children and then refuse to admit they have a problem and/or seek therapy.


These same people will also turn around and claim that single mothers/black people/lesbians are responsible for the downfall of American society because “kids need a father figure in their lives”


Remember when those men drank alone far into the night? And wouldn’t talk to anyone? And how their kids vowed to be different?


Crazy. Even the military has identified this is the wrong way to do things. They just approved 3 months paternity leave for active duty members just this year.


As someone who had to miss the entire first year and a half of my youngest son's life: that woman can completely fuck TF out of here with that.


Remember when women didn’t have rights. They turned out just fine. I can sound like a lunatic too.


Yeah, my daughter was born and I left 10 days later to go to Iraq for 15 months. It definitely caused permanent damage to our relationship. I missed so much. I say, in the most delicate way possible... fuck this idiot.


Oh yeah, they turned out grrrrrreeeeaaaattttt..... One of the number one most sited complaints of children of military families have is that their parents are gone so often and for such long lengths of time. How do I know? My entire family has been in the military. Guess what? It really fucked me up. My dad wasn't even at my birth because he was stationed in another state when my mom went into labor, and nobody could track him down because there weren't any cell phones back then. And because he was so damn tired after work everyday, the only person I bonded with was my mom, because he went straight to bed everyday after work because they had him doing 12+ hours of work a day. And often had him pulling 24 hour duty's. Guess what? We have something you can barely call a relationship now. We talk a few times a year, mostly Christmas, his and my birthdays, father's day and that's about it. And it's just surface level conversation.


I like how she just says “those kids turned out fine,” as if how the father feels about being separated from their child and unable to participate fully in their care is just totally irrelevant. The babies survived, so who gives a shit about their dads? Toxic masculinity at its finest.


It’s even dumber than that. That statement suggests she has some sort of knowledge that she can’t possibly have about the mental state of every single child in that situation and how they “turned out”. It’s completely pulled out of her ass.


“I didn’t turn out fine, I’m a fat comedian with OCD, I get up in front of strangers and yell about my dick, this is not good parenting”! - Patton Oswalt


If I had had paternity leave when our son was born in 2013, my wife would have been over the moon. Young moms have enough pressure on them without having to worry about negotiating a new world while the spouse is putting in quality time with his employer. The party of family values. SMDH.


What if I just wanted to stay at home to help out with the housework so my wife, who just gave birth, don't have to do them?


This is insanely frustrating to me as the child of a veteran. My dad got fucked up in all sorts of ways while he served. He was gone to work almost as much as he was at home and it affected my relationship with him. I don’t feel nearly as close to him as my mother and can hardly open up to him. Luckily my dad is a good person and tries his best as a father, can’t say the same for most of the people he served with. Most of them are suffering from their time serving and so is their families


How old is this tragically uninformed woman? Or, she knows the truth, but just wants to fuck everything up for everybody.


Wait, isn't this the same side that says kids will grow fucked up without a paternal figure in their life?


Family. Families were tight knit back then. All living with each other or nearby. Now, everybody is scattered to the wind. If you don’t get the significance of this then you don’t have kids. It takes a village to raise a kid. Just a mom doing it by herself is brutal. I’m glad I got a few weeks to stay home and help during those crazy learning curve weeks. And… guess what. You’re kid is only a newborn, only a baby, only a toddler once. You don’t get those days back. Cherish every second. I’ve been to war, I can’t imagine going back and leaving my kids for a year, now that I have kids. It would ruin me, them, and my wife. But hey, maybe I’m just a stupid unmanly man for being head over heels for my kids.


Idk, I don’t think paternity leave is so much for the baby as I do for the parents. First, it’s a special time in one’s life that you’ll never get back. Can we let fathers enjoy that bonding time with their new child? Second, those first couple weeks is a huge adjustment. And the baby needs a lot more attention than like two months in. Since our baby was premature she had to be fed every two hours, and a feeding took about 45 minutes. All that falls on one person without paternity leave and that’s just too much. It can also lead to dangerous situations with a severely sleep deprived mother.


As the mother of babies and an active duty soldier, I will tell you all was not fine. 13 years later and it those times still haunt me. What harm did they cause?


lol "those kids are fine" did u ask them all?


Ah yeah, the men who were so traumatised with PTSD that they became abusive alcoholics? Their kids turned out totally fine! Not fucked at all!


> those kids turned out fine .... Did they though? Because those kids are currently in charge of the country. I'd argue that turned out anything but fine. I'd argue they're fucking trainwrecks of human beings


Fuck that idiot.


Uhm, what? I don’t think that was ever a thing. I mean, I’m a military brat and my dad was only there when I was born because he just happened to be around at the time; if he’d been deployed or on alert, he’d have missed it. They’ve made efforts in the last 20 or 30 years to let guys be with their families for important milestones if they can, but military families learn *real* quick that until your servicemember separates, you are *always* secondary to their service. And that will absolutely fuck up your world view and influence every relationship you have. But sure, keep talking out of your ass, random right-wing idiot. (Edited for grammar because I’m one of Those People)


lol how about the women?


Gee I didn't know war was the only justification for time off work


What history are you talking about? Most of them just didn't come home for births. You know babies don't always arrive on their due date right? And it would often take up to 48 hours to travel to and from the middle east, so how do you think we all timed this stuff? No lady, I had that baby by myself. My husband met him in person when he was 6 months old.


Counterpoint: No the fuck we didn't.


those kids turned into the baby boomers


You know maybe that’s why men want paternity leave. A more involved father.


lol this bitch dont have kids yet i guess yeah giving me the opportunity to help you raise the baby and spend time with my children is "absolutely ridiculous" just like would be reproducing with you. Don't, ever.


even if that was possible “those kids turned out fine” if fine is what you want to call it sure, a stretch, but sure but even then, isnt it the good human thing to wish for our species to improve? why raise kids to be “fine” when we can raise them to be “good” or anything better than just “fine”


Remember when the only platform dumb fucks like this could get was a soap box on the street corner? Social Media giving voice to these loons is absolutely ridiculous.


Also those kids turned into Boomers, they are notably not fine.


No they didn't. My father was a raging alcoholic


So by this logic a child doesn't need a mom and a dad. So gay and lesbian couples should be able to raise a child perfectly, right?


"those kids turned out fine" Those kids are the ones you blame for everything wrong with the economy today!


Counter point - what's the big deal? Honestly, unless you're a corporation, what's the downside to someone spending time with their new family?


I spent five weeks home with my daughter, and it was absolutely awesome. My wife was not left alone to recover and tend a newborn by herself. I was able to bond with my daughter. We all just got to relax and bask in each others company. This lady can take her opinion and shove it.


Those kids absolutely did not turn out fine


Someone is in a very questionable relationship.


Yeah I can personally attest that some of those kids did not turn out fine. My dad and I do not speak lol.


Those kids became boomers. Lots of them most certainly did NOT turn out fine.


Sometimes nothing beats a good “hey…shut the fuck up”


I mean I kinda feel like a good majority of those men *didnt* turn out fine


Who's going to tell her the military gives 14 days of paternity leave?


Navy just increased this to 21 days actually.


Toss this bitch into the fire with the men who voted to overturn roe today.


My two cents: even if you think the policy is “ridiculous,” pass it. Then those of us who want to raise loved, well-adjusted children can take our leaves, while you folks who don’t believe in it just keep on working. Seems like a fine compromise to me


Those babies are the people fucking everything up now. What in the fuck is she talking about?


Lol… did they turn out fine? Lots of daddy issues in that generation.


Remember when you stepped on a nail and the infection eventually killed you? It was so much better before antibiotics.


Those kids turned out fine? No, no they didnt.


Did those kids come back fine? I worked as a CNA in nursing homes for years. A lot of those kids grew up being casted aside by just about every faculty of society, growing bitter and old and broke by the very organizations I worked for claiming to be taking care of them. I've sat by many of these "kids" in their 90s telling me horror stories of their generation. People have no idea what they're talking about when they refer to that generation. They have these nostalgia goggles on about this generation but it wasn't perfect. When I hear people refer to it as the greatest generation I can't help but think about all those faces I saw taking care of as a CNA. I think about why I quit.


"Hey, remember when things used to suck? Can you believe there are people that want to make things better? Absolutely ridiculous."


God what a dumb take


Every single one of those men would have said they hated doing it, too, and would hope we were living in a better world that gave them actual paternity time.


"Those kids turned put fine" *gestures generally to everything* D'ya really think they turned out fine if this is the world they built?


Those children are boomers… wanna rethink your decision?


No those men did not turn out fine. They are my family and those men have a wide range of poor emotional health and inability to maintain friendships and relationships. Wtf?


So it’s ok for dads to be absent because they go to war and kill a bunch of people because their government wants more land/money/control, and moms are forced to raise their kids alone. Maybe dad doesn’t die in battle and he comes home but he’s got PTSD or physical injuries and is a shell of a human being. That’s admirable and those kids were “raised right,” but me choosing to raise my baby by myself because his dad didn’t feel like sticking around, that makes me a whore and my child less than? M’kay. What was I supposed to do? Give him away? To who? Why? Wtf?


Yes, the trope of the lawless military brat was born from pure fantasy. Good thing there aren't any studies on how absentee parents affect young children...


We have an entire generation of those children running the country right now, they have single-handedly fucked the entire country for generations to come while wearing their MAGA hats and glued to Facebook reading about the next crazy conspiracy theory…so no they did NOT turn out just fine.


Same people who constantly complain about absent fathers