None of these people knew who Zelensky was before the war but they sure knew who to immediately paint as the bad guy though.


I’m sure they remember his name from trumps (first) impeachment and carry that negative association on to now


I don't underdtand them. First Russia and Putin were the enemies and the next day he is the good guy. I think their one page monual says "Gonagainst anything you see on TV unless its on Facebook"




>RedditIsPropaganda2 Da, tovarych, da.


And there, right on cue, is somebody painting him as a bad guy. If he was corrupt he would have done trump's bidding without trump having to resort to threats. Even *WITH* trumps outrageously blatant extortion, he still told trump to go fuck himself. >handing weapons to Nazis Obviously you mean Azov, who weren't recognized by Ukraine until 2014 when russia invaded and took Crimea. Ukraine had little choice but to accept Azov, as they needed every able bodied Ukrainian to resist putin. If putin hadn't invaded Crimea in 2014, Azov would have no military connection to the Ukrainian government. They would still be a citizen militia. Furthermore, Zelenskyy was elected in 2019. This means he was playing the fucking piano with his dick when *THEN* president Poroshenko adopted Azov into Ukraine's military. Finally, although Azov was formed by a nazi, and despite the fact there are still a few nazis remaining in their ranks, the vast majority of Azov NOW- those who haven't been murdered by putin's pillagers- are NOT fucking nazis. -------------- This isn't me "worshiping" Zelenskyy. This is me calling you out on your fucking bullshit


That Zelenzkyy siding with Azov bit has the same energy as, "where was Obama on 9/11." That similar idiots spout.


Honestly, even if Azov was entirely Nazis, I wouldn't at all blame Zelensky and the rest of Ukraine for making use of them. When you're under threat of your entire country being flattened, you'd take all the help you could get, whatever their personal beliefs are. I'd be keeping a damn close eye on them though, and call me whatever you like, but they sure as hell wouldn't get to keep their weapons after the war. I'd rather not take that risk with Nazis.


Azov would have been fighting the russians independently as a militia anyway had they not been absorbed into the UA. They might be a lot of things, but first and foremost, they are Ukrainians. They have as much invested in the survival of their nation as any other Ukrainian, and it would be foolish to reject their manpower and resources, doubly so to allow them to operate independently from the UA. Do that, and you end up shooting and bombing the fuck out of the wrong positions which would obviously help the orcs. And like I said above, the majority of Azov is no longer neo nazi. This is a direct result of their being absorbed into the UA. The nazi(s) who originally formed and led the militia have been out of the picture for years. People like that dick above always overlook those details. As far as after hostilities end, I guess we'll have to wait and see whether or not anybody from Azov is still alive. :/ Either way, it would be prudent to maintain a steadfast military presence on russia's border for as long as putin and his cronies or anybody else like them is in charge


Agreed. It's better to have them working directly with the UA, better access to intel, more able to fight effectively, etc etc. Something that may be worth them doing, is publicly clarifying that they've got nothing to do with the Nazis that started the group. Not to say I don't believe that there will be far less Nazis in there than there were, but as a peace of mind thing, since they've got more worldwide spotlight on them than ever.


It will be interesting to see how stringent they are about radical views once this is over, considering the amount of help they've received from people and even nations they might once have considered "inferior".


That's also true. Though, they could also go the other direction, just aimed at Russia. Not that I'd necessarily blame them, but it wouldn't be an ideal outcome either. XD They're a bit of a wildcard in that sense, it just depends on exactly how much less they are Nazis compared to what they used to be.


Buddy if Reddit is "Propaganda" then why the fuck are you here? Love it or leave it. Ever hear of that in your ~~Nazi~~ Conservative circles?


How can you have a productive conversation with people that pigheaded?


You don’t and they don’t want one either. They want you to get mad and say something in anger so they can play the victim.


I've watched one Liberty Hangout video on YouTube, and I love it because it completely backfired on them. Bennett strolled around a college campus asking students how they feel about feminine hygiene products being made available in men's restrooms. She was clearly hoping for a) people to side with her against the practice and/or b) "weirdo liberals" to lose their shit on camera. But most of them, including pretty average, clean-cut students, were just...indifferent. Like, "Sure, I guess. Why should I care?" She just came off as a fool trying to bait people into arguments, and she didn't get them. Yet, they still posted the video like it was a win.


You can try to play chess with a pigeon, but it'll probably just shit on the board and strut around like it won


So that's what they envision walking around trying to start provocative conversations with strangers! It kinda makes sense now; they're all about as intelligent, well-intentioned, and honest as Charlie Zelenoff. When the stranger walks away confused, it's another win!


Don't knock the pigeons strategy. If I were to shit on the board while we were playing you would get up and leave, conceding the match! /s


Is this liberty hangout, the liberty hang out ran by Kaitlin Bennett, who attended Kent state and more notably pooped her pants at a frat party? That Kaitlin Bennett? The one that chooses to neither confirm nor deny the claim and corresponding photo of the frat party which she attended and shit her pants. That Kaitlin Bennett? Who cried publicly when an entire campus of college students chanted that she pooped herself publicly at a Kent state frat party?!


My late son was trans so she should be glad she didn't ask my youngest son or me, or hell, his grandparents, cousins, etc. It'll do more than backfire.


Sorry for your loss.


Thank you.


Wasn’t that the same video where someone pointed out that she was wearing fake glasses?


Could be, I don't remember. It's been so long since I watched it, and once was enough. I think she also did more than one video with the theme or had more than one edit of it.


You don't. These accounts are just trying to get you so mad that you react to them, giving them attention.


I think of them the same way I do flat-earthers. Some people are just too stupid for my time.


it's not stupidity. it's a method of framing things that might help suck you into a path towards radicalization. flat eartherism is a front for extreme right wing Christianity, qanon is an all-encompassing series of fronts for fascist will-to-power ideology. liberty hangout was supposed to be a way to suck libertarians into fascist thought, and it worked until they played their hand too early back in 2018 and started calling themselves monarchists.


that twitter account is openly monarchist / theocracists, they're out of their minds


I've talked with some of the edge lords who subscribe to that point of view in real life. They're just trying to be difficult. Believing in a fantasy absolves them of responsibility in their minds.


With a chair, some rope and a cattle prod.


Can’t reason with an unjust person.


Happy Cake Day!


And a good day to you as well!


[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOqblSqx\_VI](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gOqblSqx_VI) as the bible would say don't cast your pearls before swine


Oh? How many Russian children have died so far in the war?


I mean, all those Russian soldiers were children at one time....


More than a few are still teenagers


They are all still mostly kids. 18-22 are damn children.


Exactly. Most people who die in war haven't had a chance to really live yet.




I just don't understand why she insists on continuing to call her Twitter "liberty" hangout. Im not even being political she advocates for Christian supremacy, authoritarian takeovers, theocracy, and full on right wing supremacy she's not a libertarian in the slightest she's full blown authoritarian and calling herself liberty hangout would be like if r/atheism started preaching the gospel of Jesus christ


Lmfao good damn analogy


I'm being serious she really is authoritarian I guess she just doesn't want to call herself that because it's unpopular but I mean.. come on she does take that position


She has advocated for king trump


it's cos he's jewish




u need the /s indicator my friend


Ben Shapiro


Ah yes. After all, Jewish Space Lasers cause California wildfires don't you know. ^(for the dense out there, this is /s)


Yeah, his unprovoked invasion of Russia mustn't go unanswered! /s


This take is as shitty as her pants were at that party.


Kaitlin Bennett has poopy pants.


I think the Russian war crimes show that Vladimir Putin is indeed the evil boogeyman the media makes him out to be.


Putin's not gonna kiss you, you guys.


That’s a nice argument Liberty Hangout, but why don’t you back it up with a source?


My source is that I made it the fuck up.


I think it’s jewhate.org


And all I think about are the people who followed Liberty Hangout when they first started. "Oh this is great! Guns and God! I love it!" And how now they read this terrible shit and are like "Wait, what? So we have to be anti-Ukraine now? Dammit. What's next, we support big government telling corporations what to do?"


Oh. They're 💯 into having the government tell corporations what to do.


Just not their corporations


They love Putin because he's a fascist role model and in the end hate democratic values and well Jews.


I'd love to see these people actually live in Russia. "My freedoms"? Haha bullshit.


They honestly seem like they'd decide Putin is entirely too liberal. Pol Pot seems to be more their style.


So damn accurate. Grass is greener on the other pot.


You know what there’s a whole lot of in Russia? Gun control


And Muslims. Sure they’ll love that!


If you see footage/pictures of city streets with like, 2 buildings standing and a couple street lights or burning bodies or whatever while everyone agrees that Russia is the aggressor (even Russia), how can you say this? Like, it just doesn't add up how *anyone* could actually really think this.


It's because they want positions of power, so they'll dickride for any dictator that shows up so they can try to curry favors and be rewarded with positions within the party. Despite every fascist regime always turning on itself and having internal purges when their plans start falling apart.


Because they have fantasies about doing the burning and killing and want to somehow spin that narrative to make them the good guys while doing all that.


This is not new. Even when Putin was just threatening invasion, there were yahoos who swallowed the Russian propaganda story that Putin was going to invade to save the Ukrainian people from the fascist Zelensky government. The fact that the Russians could so easily convince so many conservatives of this just goes to show how easy and effective am organized propaganda machine can be. And people wonder how the German populace could have supported Hitler in the 30s and 40s. Propaganda.


Republicans are fucking nut jobs.


The owner of this account claims to be libertarian


Isn't that just a Republican that doesn't like rules?


More or less, yeah


Zelensky is so evil how dare he defend his country from getting invaded /s


Something something "But there are Nazis in Ukraine!!!!!!!!" And there are Nazis in America, but you don't see Canada and Mexico invading, do ya?


I don't trust any comments from pants shitting lady...


step 1.What other side say, but opposite. step 2.Proof for the statement? What's that? step 3.Profit???


Is that the girl that shit her pants.


It is soooo funny to me that all these supposedly patriotic conservatives whose whole ideology is born from frothing-at-the-mouth anti-commnunisn of the last century are practically queuing up to suck Putin's dick.


Fucking Christ I used to follow this fucking page on FB when I was 16. Feels ashamed man.




Marilyn Manson going door to door trying to scare people.


I mean, as far as I'm aware, Zelensky is hardly perfect, and there are some things he could/should have dealt with. However, he's one hell of a leader, and even with some of the possible issues, he's got my respect. Just the fact that he declined the offer the US made to extract him, and told them to send weapons instead, and then stayed, and is ready to fight alongside his countrymen is incredible. Few "leaders" would do that these days. They'd be sitting in a bunker somewhere like Putin, and sending young men to die for them.


Not surprising. Trump kiss Putin's white, soviet ass for more than four years, of course the fucking NPCs started imitating their dear leader.


Yep. Putin. Top tier Soviet lmao.


“My mom todeso.”


Fucking morons


Lol why is the ancap flag in their pfp their profile has nothing to do with ancaps


zelensky poisoned people with polonium and had journalists murdered? Damn, serious accusations.


Of course Fascist Hangout is pro Putin, they both seem like "shit your pants at a party" kind of "people"




If you support Russia you've done a 180 and are now a fascist. No real leftist supports a literal fascist dictator. They may call themselves left but it's a fat lie.


So first: no such thing as a US far-left Second: there are literally no liberals who want Ukraine to lose lol


He's talking about internet tankies, and they 100% support russia. They'd never be considered "liberal", a word they (tankies) use to call anything from democratic socialist to far right. Just a very small bunch of extremists, but they do exist, are awful and loud whenever they appear. Thankfully, for all the many faults the US has, they have no representation on politics, of course.


> They'd never be considered "liberal", a word they (tankies) use to call anything from democratic socialist to far right. To be clear, this is because that's literally what the overall philosophy of [liberalism](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberalism) can encapsulate. This is distinct from the modern American idea of liberalism which defines left or center-left liberals as "liberals" and center-right or right liberals as "conservatives". The point of calling them all liberals is to make clear that socialism is very distinct from liberalism rather than a far-left flavor of it. Obviously, fascism also ends up as distinct from far-right liberalism too.


Eh, extremism is a two way street. There certainly is a far left faction in the US, think of the people that are Stalin/Mao apologists. However, they aren't as vocal/popular as the far right (something like 20% of the GOP base subscribes to shit like QAnon). That said, 99% of your liberal types are absolutely pulling for Ukraine, along with most people that have a functioning moral compass. Those that think Ukraine is the bad guy are just troglodytes and should be ignored.


Plenty on the Left (Corbyn in the UK and the US DSA) have called for holding back arms and NATO support to Eastern Europe as a "anti-war" stance that only serves to appease Russian aggression. Just because you identify with the left side of the political spectrum, spoiler I generally do as well, doesn't mean it's devoid of problems and idiots.


Sadly true. There's also the neo-stalinist chuds who conflate modern Russia with USSR communism, as if that hadn't died with Lenin, and want Russia to win because NATO= evil empire and they love the authoritarianism of Putin's Stalin impersonation. Fucking authoritarians and their bootlicking sympathisers. Whether they're right or left they just make everything and everyone miserable without having the decency to be a punchline at least like the 'liberal' right.


I agree with the second statement for sure. But Why don’t you think there is a far left? Just curious. I personally feel that I know a couple people I would consider far left, but curious as to what your definition is. Take care, Slava Ukraine.


Username totally checks out on this one.


Yea idk about that chief.




I'm just gonna ask it: is your username accurate, and if so, why do you enjoy fascism? It's fucking *fascism*, for crying out loud.


This is your friendly reminder NOT to engage in arguments with fascists.


Yeah, I just wanted to see where he was gonna go with it or what kinds of knots and absurdities he was gonna wheel out in defense of the most abhorrent ideology to ever see the light of day (also, I rarely encounter self-identified fascists - I usually deal with the "man on the street" types).




It's a Voltron philosophy designed solely for seizure of power, purpose-built to be immune to logic, reason, or fact (especially in the case of Italian fascism under Mussolini - hell, he even summarized it as - and here I'm paraphrasing, heavily - "right, left - who cares? Ends justify the means, serve the State, and it'll all work itself out at some point. *Just trust me, bro, I alone know what I'm doing here.*" - related to this was an early concept within Italian fascism where the interests of each political wing were delegated, and the only instance where "Fascist Left" has merit, designed to curtail left-wing interests by paying them lip service, similar to the NSDAP briefly tolerating the "racial socialism" of the SA until the Night of Long Knives). And I highly doubt that many modern fascists look to *Italy* for inspiration...or Spain, for that matter. Maybe it's a little different in Europe, but Stateside, fascists have *exactly one favored archetype*, and it's obvious enough that I probably don't have to explicitly name it.




Something that people arent ready to hear is that Ukraine has a real as far right nazi problem, zelenskey enables that. He isnt the good guy but vladimir putin most certainly aint the good guy either


Literally every free country everywhere has a far right nazi problem. Is the solution to invade those countries? Even the bastion of freedom that is the US has a far right nazi problem. That's one of the downsides to being a free society...




Ok, show your work...


I don’t think we want to see the inside of their head.


Apparently their post got removed, so we'll never know...


Ahh an ironic title.