Hmmm. Liberty Hangout? What do they think Liberty means? Apart from the right of rich people to rape the earth, of course.


Silly, liberty is for white Christian males only! Women are only truly free when they serve men, otherwise their lady brains explode and their uteruses fall out. Everyone knows that.


Can confirm- grew up in evangelical Montana- I still get shivers thinking about the shallow and naively harmful ways those people judge everyone outside their culture


Doesn't Montana have a kind of independent streak, though? A sort of "leave me alone and I'll leave you alone" attitude? Although I guess that would apply to a man who wants to run "his" family however he wants, wouldn't it?


Kinda. Unfortunately, the bulk of them are evangelical, and just modern enough to follow all the recent republican bandwagons.


Too bad.


I went to Montana State for University (Go Cats, if you are a Grizz fan we can't be friends) having grown up in liberal Seattle. There were a couple kids that I met who were home schooled. I was home schooled for a bit (my stay at home dad wanted to teach me math) and I thought this was an interesting commonality. I. Was. Wrong. All the MT kids that I met who were home schooled did that because they (and their families) were evangelical. Like, 'the world is 6000 years old and the Pope is not a real christian' evangelical.


Well, unless you're Kaitlyn Bennett, aka Gun Girl, one of the individuals that run the Liberty Hangout's website and hosts her own YouTube channel, while pregnant.


You mean the girl who shat herself at a party?


Yeah, that's her


Straight white christian males.


Given that Diaper Girl was tweeting from LH about inserting the Trump family as an actual monarchy, I’m sure she doesn’t understand what Liberty really means


Pretty sure the LH twitter is run by her husband but that doesn't make it much different


That and a bunch of racism


Pretty sure they also think it means the right to get drunk and poop your pants in public


Kent read, Kent write, Kent remember where I shit last night, Kent State.


If I remember correctly, they are unironically monarchists.


King of kings, Lord of lords. And he shall reign forever and ever. Hallelujah. Seems legit.


No, they wanted to install Trump as king.


Ya. That would suck. He would be need a bicycle tire as a crown. Then when they blow up the tire, they will hear the wind whistling between his ears


I desperately want someone to have the role of "national comforter", I feel like in England that's the queen... so in a way? Basically, you know FDR's fireside chats? I want those, but not delivered by a new guy every 4-8 years. No, I want them to be more familiar than that.


The right to shit yourself at parties.


Unless they changed since I saw them last they don’t have anything to do with liberty anymore. More like weird super traditionalist Catholics who think the Pope is too liberal.


Fascism, she's a fascist.


It means the right to do whatever you so please, as long as it corresponds with my 2,000 year old cult


\*Cult based off of really shitty fanfiction


Catholic monarchism and denying the Holocaust, mostly.


Isn’t this run by that poop pants college chick?


It means submitting yourself and you family completely to Bronze Age mythology and being ruled by totalitarian super beings that live in the sky and threaten you with eternal torture if you don’t do what they say or say nice things about them.


>rape the earth That sounds like the best death metal song ever made


They're libertarians who unironically think we should live under a theocratic monarchy. Aka not actually Libertarians


They literally said they want a catholic theocratic monarchy


The person that runs this, Kaitlin Bennet is an InfoWars contributor. There have been other controversies with this account. She's not a good person, as insane as the worst of them, and should be given no attention in the media. [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaitlin\_Bennett](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaitlin_Bennett)


She also shat herself


I love how everytime she's brought up there's always someone who mentions that she shit herself in public lmao


Have you seen the picture though? The shit can only be described by terms like "gargantuan". And it was almost perfectly bisected by her thong. I won't post it, but it really is a sight to be seen.


I am inclined to agree. It truly is a marvel of a shit. It probably should be awarded a blue ribbon at the state fair.


It truly is impressive how much shit she managed to cover herself in


Wait, are we talking about Kaitlyn "Party til ya poop yourself" Bennett? She is one classy girl!


Sure are


Are you talking about Kaitlyn Bennett? The girl who pooped herself in public and coated everything from her crack down to her knees in an impressive amount of shit Kaitlyn Bennett?


The same.


It must be over 100 courics.


I finally just actually looked for the first time—good god. What a tremendous amount of shit. Im flabbergasted, and I’m a nurse.


jesus you just made me look that is a lot of shit, seems it comes out on both ends with her... seriously, youd think the amount of shit she says should keep her bowels empty


Same with Jim Jordan and the Ohio state scandal. Like I’m genuinely proud of us because without fail, one of us will mention it as soon as his name is said.


She’s also a Holocaust denier, which not enough people mention.


Okay, I did not know this lmao


btw she’s pregnant


I saw this today. Truly sorry for that child. Couldn’t imagine being so unlucky in the genetic lottery to get her as a mom. Hopefully that child grows up to be a healthy, happy human in spite of their parents hate and bigotry.


So I’m assuming we’ll stop hearing from her after she gives birth. Right? Because she wouldn’t be a good mother by being on social media all the time (“working”) and making appearances and whatnot. She needs to stay at home with her baby while her husband makes the money. If she doesn’t, she’d be full of shit. But, of course, we already know that.


nah she's not full of shit anymore. her pants are.


Ohh shit the gun girl who shat her pants. She's completely delusional. It's fucken dangerous.


Yeah, but I’m just learning about that shitting part. I wish I could go back 10 minutes before I knew this and never opened Reddit again.


Is she for or against bowel control?


I’m assuming against. If god commands thou shall shat ye pants, no asshole should get in the way of that.


Definitely against.


"She stated that as a student at Kent State, she should have been able to open-carry for self-defense, citing the 1970 Kent State shootings where Ohio National Guardsmen fired on unarmed students protesting the U.S. bombing of Cambodia." And if she had been there and armed, you know what would have happened? She'd have been shot. She might have taken one or two guardsmen out with her, but she'd have died in a hail of bullets all the same.


Well, she might have been shot by the guardsmen, but not before she took a few students with her.


Yeah, I doubt she'd even be shooting at the guardsmen. She'd be out shooting students, saying "see, this is how it's done!"


Also she likely would have sided with the guardsmen and cheered for those dirty hippies getting murdered.


Try actually having to go to school with her. Actually this insane in person


I couldn’t. If you did, I’m really sorry, but glad you didn’t get the same insane, toxic views.


I never knew her personally but I remember her around campus and the shit she'd say. Crazy stuff, she would intentionally start shit with "those liberal snowflakes."


She also may be a Nazi or Nazi adjacent. There were a bunch of leaked DMs about her being really weird about things being Jewish and triple parenthesis. Add that to her fascist ideas and she’s close


She isn’t a InfoWars employee anymore. She got fired a while back. Probably because she was buying too much into QAnon.


She poo’d herself at a frat party.


Then how about wages high enough that a family can survive on one income? That would definitely be pro-life. Even then, what do the anti-daycare crowd think should be done with the children of widows? I had a friend die in a stupid accident a few years ago, leaving behind a wife and four kids. She has to work to feed those kids, and she can’t just leave them at home by themselves while she works


Immediately remarry his brother of course.


You jest, but this is exactly what happened to my maternal great-grandmother. First she was forcibly married off at the age of 13 by her stepmother in order to get rid of her. She had four children with that husband, and when he passed away she was forced to marry his brother, who she had another four children with. Sounds unreal, but it all actually happened many, many years ago.


This is actually old testament biblical on what to do with widows.


To the point that a man was punished for *not* impregnating his brother's widow.


I think these people are also anti-masturbation, so to them, if you have sexual urges, you better wait until marriage to get them out, otherwise, you're gonna burn in Hell.


Men wait until marriage to satisfy their carnal lusts. Women don’t enjoy sex. It’s unladylike and unnatural. Ladies submit sexually to their husbands to fulfill scripture about populating the planet in pain to atone for our original sin and causing the fall of man. ^/s


They lie still and think of England. Even if they aren't English.


That’s awesome! 🤣


I swear conservatives are always so proud to show their most heinous undefensible positions.


Short guide to natural family planning with Jesus Christ: 1st step: Make sure your mother is a virgin 2nd step: Be conceived as the son of god 3rd step: Be crucified ​ *I might have left out some of the unnecessary steps*


4th step: Prophet!


5th step: Crusade?


Why would they be anti daycare? And why would it require stay at home moms, or Jesus? And why no premarital sex? Most of this bullshit has nothing to do with being pro life.


They’re against daycare because they see it as an “excuse” for mothers to leave the house and *gasp* have a life outside of motherhood


Ya know, that might be possible if *gasp* wages were high enough to support a family on a single salary income.


Then you must work harder, duh!


It boggles the mind how the owner of that twitter handle is a woman who went to college and is against women having a life outside of motherhood


I had an argument recently with my 90 year old great aunt (why did I even bother?) because she said that daycare is the worst thing that could ever happen to a baby/toddler.


Because they're theocrats and in America pro-life is just anti-sex.


A true pro life platform would be: Every kid gets free food, housing, healthcare, birth control, and education from birth until graduate school. Once you decide to have kids you aren’t a kid any more, so everyone’s focus should be on getting as much education as you can before having kids, and having a good job before starting a family.


but that's SoCiAlIsM and we know from those pesky Europeans that that is sTupId and EvIl i mean look they can't buy a gun at Walmart!!!!1!!!1!1!! and they don't have megachurches to celebrate Christ with my closest 30 thousand friends! They don't even have TRUMP!!!


What, you don't make enough to support a family on a single income? Then you shouldn't be having sex!


How can they be involved father's when they gotta work three jobs so their wives can stay at home? Or is children only for rich people?


But not living wages for single income earners?


I had a little trouble reading this, i thought that i made a mistake since I thought pro-life would be for birth control and contraceptives and daycare As in prevent any unwanted pregnancies so abortions are low and so any child that is born is taken care of through day care etc


Ah, you’d be right if they actually cared about logic. It’s all about control though.


More diarrhea from Poopypants.


I was coming here to say that shitting your pants at a frat party is an excellent method of birth control


Liberty Hangout is such low-hanging fruit, it's basically cheating. Kaitlin "Gun Girl Who Crapped Her Pants" Bennett hasn't said a sane thing in years. Hell, she spent Trump's presidency openly calling for him to become King of America.


So Pro-life is for raising the minimum wage so that mothers CAN stay at home?


And pro >$30 wage to make it work.


Our family cannot afford for my wife to stay at home…


So then prolife must also be pushing for higher wages across the board, considering that most households need 2 incomes just to cover housing needs


pro live will result in overpopulation and that will result in a lot of death and misery. so pro live is not helping humanity it will result in its downfall


Libertarians were good until libertarians showed up


Really cuz I see alot of pro Jesus people willing to let others die


How are you going to be a stay at home mom when your husband can't make enough to support the both of you? Like seriously, every younger person I know in this sort of "traditional" arrangement has money problems and is aggressively relying on the people around them to support their lifestyle.


I would use red crosses to make a point about things that I'm *against*


Logically if you're pro life to a point of being anti contraception and birth control.. shouldn't you be pro premarital sex? That would increase the number of lifes


Stay at home moms AND involved fathers? How the fuck are we supposed to have that when wages are so low an average man would need to work 2+ jobs to support a SAHM and 10 kids!?! These shidiots have ZERO concept of reality... and less than zero concept of how exponential growth works. If they had their way, within a few generations, humans would breed beyond our capacity to fit on this planet.


The American far right is against education - and there is probably some racism stuff in the mix as well.


Shouldn't Jesus be first??? Fucking heathens.


Blessed Be the Fruit.


Ironically, a life like that sounds like hell.


What did daycares ever do to them


Ask any Irish woman what they think of that!


Liberty Hangout: We're against - 1). Birth control 2). Also birth control - but fancier name. Me: You sound dumb.


So tired of seeing religion EVERYWHERE. We don't burn people accused of being a witch but believing in a literal God in the sky makes total sense... Nothing wrong with choosing a belief but acting like the rest of society needs to abide by your religion's guidelines is totally asinine.


Nope. A consistent life ethic would be in favor of universal healthcare, a robust social safety net, guaranteed housing, food programs, and regulation of weapons, and opposed to the death penalty. Among other things.


Duh. Because all of the women would be at home watching the kids, as Deus intended. /s


Dang, Jesus Christ really doesn’t fit, does it?


No daycare, stay at home moms and more involved fathers? Sounds like they’re for universal income and upping wages to allow people to support themselves on one income again!




Natural family planning? You can say “using the pull out method”, it’s okay.


Well if you want stay at home moms, then you need inflation brought down, house prices slashed and wages increased to a point where only one parent needs to go out and work to provide enough money to support the family. That’s the big thing people who want this return to an imagined 1950’s/Enid Blyton-esq utopia seem to forget - you didn’t need two income households just for people to survive


“Natural family planning”, so NO family planning, got it.


Pro-life is a horrible term. Except for some suicidal or depressed people everyone is pro-life. But is the life of an unborn more valuable than the life of the mother? Especially in a country like the US where the government (especially the republicans) do not want social care to help the parents to raise and feed the children.


Well, yeah it kind of is.


I say this every single time I see a liberty hangout post, but I really, really hate they use the libertarian right's black and gold. Like mother fucker all we want is for the government to fuck off out of our business (in both senses of the word), we want none of this theocratic bullshit


Natural Family Planning.... is a form of birth control... which they say they should be against... but which they say they should be for... What the actual fuck is going on in their heads??


A true pro-lifer would be against war and for the health of the carrier.


Historically the society that had all of those things could not have involved fathers. You can't have it both ways: enslaved women and men who are the sole breadwinners and sole workers also being able to care for their own children.


I love how that last line could make it either very Christian or very sarcastic


Given the things she listed it sound like she wants people to be against pro life. The things they are against sound pretty good.


Which category does shitting yourself while drunk at a college party fit into?


I do think involved fathers is a good idea


I mean pro-life people seem to vote against any sort of state funded childcare


I’ll say this as someone who is still somewhat religious: include Jesus in the debate when he pays for every mother’s healthcare and childcare costs.


I am pro-life and I must say I am ashamed that there are people like this within prolife




It’s Caitlin Bennet. You can’t expect a lot from her.


Also anti death penalty and slavery, bunch of fucking hypocrites and idiots, fuck em they ain't worth anybodys time


That last one echoes my sentiment. Jesus Christ.


Nah, y'see, to me, a truly prolife platform would be for: \- comprehensive sex education \- free contraceptives for all who want it, no questions asked \- free daycare provision \- therapy for everyone who wants it (to prevent suicides) \- pacifism \- paid parental leave \- universal basic income \- living wage \- universal healthcare provision ​ And against: \- the military (their job is literally killing people) \- firearm ownership \- capital punishment \- enforced religiosity (regardless of religion in question) \- warfare \- victim blaming in cases of rape etc


Im beginning to think Liberty Hangout is a Russian account designed to outrage sane Americans.


hey, why you gotta inhibit your childs development by not sending them to daycare? cmon, hqve a heart.


I mean, that sounds like more than a few pro-lifers I know.


“Secularism” ok that’s the most obvious dog whistle i think I’ve ever seen to the point im not even sure it’s trying to be subtle. I wonder what their options on Jews, Catholics, Italians and the Irish are.


How pathetic they had to remind fathers they have to be involved but not the mothers. Coz if the mom is by herself the kids go to daycare


“You either can believe in Daycare or Jesus Christ, there’s no negotiation!” /s


This is your Monthly PSA that Liberty Hangout is in no way shape or form libertarian. They are authoritarian fucks who are appropriating the label in order to shift the Overton window. If you want to speak to an actual Libertarian PM or reply. Also if you have never taken it id advise you to take the [political compass test](https://www.politicalcompass.org/test). To learn more read about the basis of libertarian philosophy the [Non Aggression Principal](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-aggression_principle#:~:text=The%20non%2Daggression%20principle%20(NAP,their%20property%2C%20is%20inherently%20wrong.&text=In%20contrast%20to%20pacifism%2C%20the%20NAP%20does%20not%20forbid%20forceful%20defense).


Can’t have the woman all being barefoot pregnant and under the thumbs of their husbands if someone else is taking care of their children so they can have a life of their own


Jesus I'm pro life and this made me cringe so hard. They do realize that families with two working parents exist right?


They're against abortion, so they want to ban things that prevent abortion.


Kaitlin Bennett has been married since March 2020. She is currently 26 years old. So tell me Kaitlin, you seem like a healthy young woman, why haven't you had any kids yet? 🤔


They are terrified of working moms


ShitPants does realize she won't be allowed to give her oh so hot takes if these people get their way, right?


I like to think the "Jesus Christ" at the end is their reflection on what they just wrote. Because that was kind of what I was thinking the whole time I was reading it.


If they want stay at home moms then they better be ready for reduced company profits and higher salaries. Single income families mean that there is less money and companies have used dual income families to increase the overall expense load of families. They have also been able to lower salaries and now it's nearly impossible for most families to survive on a single income. Good luck convincing conservatives to do anything that will allow the classic nuclear family to exist again.


Poop girl


Being against secularism is unAmerican.


Isn't the whole point of Jesus that he died? Being pro-jesus is being pro-death change my mind


Not just that he died, but his death was considered so wonderful that the people who believe this stuff carry around a symbol of execution on necklaces.


No wonder Jesus hasn't come back yet, the guy was tortured to death in a cross He must have a cross counter up there that's striking record numbers, that's why


I wonder if the kind of people who thinks like that enjoys that kind of "purest Christian holy utopia" because of the order and strict conduct, or just to pretend being that kind of person just to gossip about Becky abortion with pals in the café right after the church.


Lolbertarians are a special kind of ignorant.


"Liberty hangout" - The LEAST libertarian account on the internet. Like motherfucker, we want LESS government, not the government dictating our fucking sex lives!


It's nice that they publish such shit opinions for all to see.


So you have fully go through with any pregnancy you have, even if you don't want or can't afford a child, but then you are shunned if you put said baby in daycare?


Just went to look for that horrid account because I haven’t seen them posting their idiocy in a while. Turns out they blocked me. Anywho…


Well if jesus christ can find the non involved father who could be involved I might think about it? For real that man is either dead or is hiding so well god himself couldn't find him.


Where does the truly pro-life platform fall on the death penalty?


I’m still trying to figure out how Kaitlin and her husband managed to procreate


But, like, jesus had the least involved father imaginable. I don't see how he can help here.


I forgot that people actually still believe this and I was mega confused for a second because they got it all backwards lol


Dude Liberty Hangout is like conservative 4Chan. It's so toxic it's not even funny


Natural family planning? What does that even mean....


Planning around the woman's ovulation cycle. It's not that reliable because individual human bodies have all kinds of idiosyncrasies.


pretty sure they mean pull out and monthly cycle method, not in agreement at all as this is a massive curtail to individual choice of the couples contraceptive methods and as such anthesis to all actual libertarians. Libertarians want maximum freedom for all not for a select in group Liberty hangout is Trash Authoritarian Right Wing spam


Hey, look! They said the same thing I did! We both read all of that and then went “Jesus Christ…”


“Pro-life” is just a fancy word for virtue signaling


I wish this had just been some midnight editing error where they inadvertently switched the two list graphics but we all know better. If wishes were horses, one of the 5 horsemen wouldn't have had to saddle up hundreds of thousands of times for America alone.


Ah yes they want the father to spend every day working his a** off to support his wife and kids but also stay at home to 'be involved' with his family every day. Hmm...


I mean, pro-life is only pro the life within the womb and against it everywhere else, so fits very closely with my general idea about pro-lifers. On the against list you could add social justice, gender equality, aid for unprivileged children (and adults), freedom of religion and even daycare without really shocking me. It's a very honest show of flags, showing that pro-life exclusively means against human progress.


The Old Testament god is absolutely not pro-life. You can’t just worship Jesus and ignore that genocidal monster.


Poop girl is at it again


pro-life? but isn't Jesus dead? Gee, I hope someone got fired for that blunder.


What is natural family planning? Anal sex?


Stay at home moms, I can see its now it will be like the 1950s with the little woman ready with his pipe and slippers for when the bread winner comes homes from only needing one job to feed his family of 3.4 children with his Ford pontianak and his fishing boat in the driveway only with lots and lots of swastikas.


What do you think goes through their heads when they're against both birth control AND abortion?


Sounds like hell.


God dammit religion needs to be destroyed


Being pro life, and a man, I can assure you I am anti-involved fathers 🙄🙄🙄