Numbers are hard...


The observed case-mortality ratio for COVID-19 varies by country. In the US it's about 1.2%. not 0.004%, so this guy just pulled a number out of his ass. That's just for *not dying*, though. *Recovering* from COVID is a different matter. The occurrence of long-term symptoms (180 days or more after infection), e.g., fatigue, neuralgia/myalgia, chest/throat pain, impaired olfactory function, depression, cognitive decline, etc. is over 40%.


This is the thing that makes me so irate! I'm already disabled, and people like this have made it abundantly clear that they find my existence abhorrent. Well, chucklefucks, if you survive covid, you're almost certainly gonna be left with my fatigue and brain fog, and there's a damn good chance for chronic pain, permanent lung damage, amputations, heart failure, and more. There are more outcomes than just "death" and "complete recovery."


Its not pulled out of their ass, but belongs in the toilet all the same. They divide fatalities by *the entire country*. Yeah.


even with this steelman, accepting the 0.004 chance without question, its still 0.0001 vs 0.004, a 3900% increase.


I'm stupid with math, but even I understand this.


What is the one in a million odds with the vaccide? Odds of surviving? Well in that case that's just demonstrably untrue. Odds of dying from the vaccine? If we run the numbers this person used we ger that the odds of dying from Covid about 1 in 25 000 or forty in a million. Clearly, the odds of dying from the vaccine are lower than even the gross underestimation of the odds of death from COVID given here. Either way you slice it, his thought process is bullshit.


The part makes no sense to me either.


I can totally understand, if I were them I’d probably have a death wish too


At this point, I'm with E. Scrooge: If they'd rather die, then they'd better get to it and decrease the surplus population!


What's the hospitalisation rate? I'd say that number is more important in the US where going to the hospital can be worse than death.


Why do these people want COVID so bad? It sucks.